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Dan Strange, Ronnie Ramin Introduction
1991 1
Ronnie Ramin A Natural Ball Vanish false take
1991 2
Ronnie Ramin Retention Spider Vanish
1991 8
Ronnie Ramin Suspended Imagination a coin is produced and vanished a couple times from an "invisible hole" in the air
1991 10
Dan Strange, Ronnie Ramin Visual mid-air coin production coin flies out of mid-air and lands in hands
1991 10
Ronnie Ramin Impromptu Wild Card four spot cards removed from deck change to picture cards when touched to a picture card
1991 16
Ronnie Ramin False count three cards counted as three, order is displaced
1991 16
Ronnie Ramin The Rhythm Display Rhythm Count for only three cards
1991 18
Ronnie Ramin The Faces Display face-up five-card packet, three picture cards above two spot cards, packet shown to be all spot cards, "similar to Daryl's Combo Count"
1991 18
Danny Orleans (reviewer) Crooked by Ronnie Ramin May 2014
Genii (Vol. 77 No. 5)