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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Richard Vollmer Very Nice Oil+Water 4&4, all red kicker
Variations Sep. 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 9)
Rudy Tinoco Double Express Sandwiches black Kings placed aside, two selections lost, one found between black Kings and the other between the red Kings in the deck
Inspired by
  • "Express Sandwich" (Jean-Pierre Vallarino, DVD Rendez Vous)
Mar. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 3)
Ramón Riobóo Free Cut, Spell and Reinhard magician finds three freely chosen cards by divination, spelling and with sandwich
Variations 2019 125
Rudy Tinoco Another Nice Oil And Water 4&4, all red kicker
Inspired by July 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 7)
Rudy Tinoco Free Cut, Spell, and Swinford magician finds three freely chosen cards by touch, smell and with faro sandwich
Inspired by Dec. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 12)