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Marconick Gypsy Thread
VariationsAlso published here 1956 53
Der Nürnbergerkongress des M.Z.v.D convention report of gathering in Nürnberg, Kaps, Sitta, Marconick, Pollux, Edoardo, Weyeneth, Ilico, Musty
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 17 No. 3)
Ortsring Basel announcements of the magic circle Basel, Galli-Galli, Marconick
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 6)
Oscar "Oscarelli" Rey Aus aller Welt on Hilmar Krämer, Max Bühler, Sitta, Kalanag, Marconick, Graziadei, Fu Manchu, Maymo
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 20 No. 2)
Marconick Markonicks "Gypsy-Thread"
Also published here 1959
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 20 No. 6)
Hans-Peter Holbach Eine Schere die nicht schneidet report of convention in Utrecht, Al Preston, Ted Winkel, Jan Gol, Wenegini, Marconick, Henk Vermeyden
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 4)
Albert "Alwelli" Wetzel V. Internationales Festival der Magie in S.Andrea-Bagni brief article on the convention in S.Andrea-Bagni, Sitta, Albert Sala, Line & Jean Garance, Carlo Gorini, Gino Chetta, Tel Smit, Marconick, Alice, Nevio Martini, Aurélien, Philipp, Carolus
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 4)
Oscar "Oscarelli" Rey, Albert "Alwelli" Wetzel Oscarelli hat gehört... on Franz Braun, Max Giebe, Abra, Genii, Mayette, Vermeyden, Jean Feller, Marconick, Fred Kaps
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 4)
Willy "Tex Williams" Peter, Dr. William Weyeneth La Nuit de la Magie on a public show in the Corso theatre in Zürich and convention day, Graf X, Rudolf Fürrer, Albert Sala, Laterna Magica, Marius, Line & Jean Garance, Marconick, Robert-Robert, Alice, Leas Auréliens, Fred Kaps, Sitta, Chrsitian Balmer, Marconick, Les Andreals, Onkel Peppi, Freddy Fah
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 5)
Marconick Silks From Silk
1968 14
Marconick Fountain of Silks brief, flower / blossoming production of multiple silks
1968 15
Paul Maurer, Claude Pahud 20ème Anniversaire du Club de Neuchâtel - Réunion d'Automne du CMS / Herbstreffes des MRS on the 20 year jubilee of the magic circle of Neuchâtel, Dr. Vuille, Les Clauginos, Rilax, Berlany's, Ben, Les Andreals, Jean de Merry, Pierre Hall, Ivo Durox, Roger Alain, Les Rodgers, Marconick, Jean Garance, Edy Künzler, Hervey, Jemes, Roger-Alain
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 1)
21 Force shown to Garcia by Marconick, credited to Marlo in reference
Related toVariations 1972 44
Marconick Case Card card penetrated case, gaffed case with slit
VariationsAlso published here 1972 79
Karlheinz Krummel Kongress des Magischen Ringes der Schweiz on the convention of the Swiss Magic Circle in St. Gallen, Edi Künzler, Jean Garance, Martinos, Bob Stello, Orlando, Roger Jaquet, Marconick, Rico Leitner, Mischa mit dem Regenschirm, Roberto, Ralf Rolsn, Sonja, Yrus, Roman Brunschwiler, Pirelli, Hermanion, Walt Nelson
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 33 No. 3)
Paul Maurer Jahrestagung und GV des MRS on the Swiss national convention in Thonex/Geneva, Jean Garance, Ali Bongo, Andrea Tonella, Erwin Dörig, Martin Rutz, Klingsor, Edy Künzler, Pavel, Sitta, Paviolo, Jean de Merry, Marino, Marconick, Robert Danau, Mac Deller, Tim Balou, Jan Nostram, Alex Sauty, Werner Nussbaumer, Rolf Andra
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 3)
Claude Pahud Réunion de Printemps du Cercle Magique Suisse à Genève on the Swiss national convention in Thonex/Geneva, Pavel, Marconick, Paviolo, Louis Marino, Jean de Merry, Marconick, Ali Bongo, Les Andreals, Robert Danau, Mac Deller, Pavel, Chun Chin Fu
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 3)
Werner "Walt Nelson" Nussbaumer 19. Oesterreichisches Magiertreffen in Krems report of Austrian convention in Krems, Kurt Baldrian, Reiner Teschner, Reinhard Müller, Gerwald Lehotzky, Jan Torell, Les Andreals, Peter Gloviczki, Mr. Cox, Heinz Boucina, Fred Sherry, Marconick, Argola, Phoa Yan Tiong, Pater Ewald Marzall, Nibo Figerio
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 5)
Marconick Case Card card penetrated case, gaffed case with slit
Also published here 1973 10
Gerald Kosky I Like Girls! variation of the Marconick Die, different numbers from die can be shown then card is opened to show domino and pin up girl, movable spots
1975 204
Marconick Cambio Marconick with paper tube
1977 53
Marconick 15. Paraguas color changing umbrella
1977 110
Marconick Free-Handed Silk Production rolled up and palmed
1977 7
Marconick Marconick's Gypsy Thread
Also published here 1980 10
Marconick Card Case Revisited deck cased and rubbed over hand, selection appears, slit in case
Variations 1982 45
Olaf Spell The Magic Hands Fachkongresse - Böblingen - 7.+ 8. + 9.1'83 Magic Hands convention report, Manfred Thumm, Davido, Ritsko van Vliet, Marconick, Magic Christian, Henk Driessen, Joro, Ali Bongo, Peter-Heinz Kersten, Maurice Pierre, Alberto Sitta, Henk Vermeyden, Jean Garance, Lo Button & Tamara, Les Bellinis, Brigitte Varga, Yogana, Jean-Pierre Stilli, Al Goshman, Tony Spina, Fred Simson, Peter Schwarz, Gerd Maron, Ron MacMillan, Primo Grotti, Jean Regil, Blackwits, Gerard Majax, Topper Martyn, Socrate
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 44 No. 2)
Karl Fulves Reference Notes on the Center Pull-Out, precursor Marconick
Related to 1989 35
Ken Brooke The Ken Brooke Coin Trick edited reprint from 1964, coin penetrates silk into glass twice
Inspired by
  • "The Marconick Coin Trick", ca. 1963
Jan. 1993
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Yuji Yamamoto, Marconick Dreifache Tuchproduktion auf Seil three handkerchiefs appear on rope
1996 12
Max Nelson The Gizmo Box case put on deck, card added to top, here as force
Inspired byRelated to Nov. 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Vanni Bossi "Card Case" Color Change card transforms when touched with case, slit in case
Inspired by 2007 22
Tom Stone Redneck Remedy sequence with red silk tied around neck of bottle
Inspired by
  • "Silks and Bottle" (Marconick's Original Magic, 1967, p. 52)
Also published here
2009 10
Tom Stone Redneck Remedy sequence with red silk tied around neck of bottle
Inspired by
  • "Silks and Bottle" (Marconick's Original Magic, 1967, p. 52)
Also published here
2011 61
Nick Trost The Deuce You Say! named Two is reversed and odd-backed in packet of Twos
Inspired by
  • "King's Choice" (Marconick, marketed ca. 1974)
Also published here
  • marketed 1974
2011 794
Vanni Bossi The Case of Mistaken Identity two selections, deck cased, one selection appears on palm, it changes into second selection
Inspired by 2016 84
Alexander de Cova Marconick Silk Trio silk flies visibly between two other silks, visual twentieth century silk
Inspired by
  • "And Yet Another Twentieth Century" (Marconick)
2016 76
Jörg Alexander Weber Miracle Thread thread marked with sticker
Inspired byAlso published here 2017 23