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Paul Gertner That's Ridiculous four aces on table in different spots, coin appears from jokers and travels to under each card, then coin produced from under all cards, two more coins, two bigger coins and jumbo coin
Related to 1994 183
Jim Sisti (reviewer) The Web by Jim Pace Nov./Dec. 1996
The Magic Menu (Vol. 7 No. 38)
Michael Close (reviewer) The Web by Jim Pace Nov. 1996
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 3)
Jim Sisti (reviewer) The Restaurant Worker's Handbook by Jim Pace
with Jerry MacGregor
Jan./Feb. 1997
The Magic Menu (Vol. 7 No. 39)
Michael Close (reviewer) The Restaurant Worker's Handbook by Jim Pace (written by Jerry MacGregor) Feb. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 6)
Michael Close (reviewer) Inviso-Torch by Jim Pace Nov. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Jerry MacGregor 2. Learning to Entertain My Five Magic Truths
  • 1. The Audience Must Like Me
  • 2. I Always Use Ordinary Props
  • 3. I Work Standing Up
  • 4. I Have to Like It
  • 5. I've Got to Fool Them Badly
Also published here
  • The Restaurant Magician's Handbook (Jim Pace & Jerry MacGregor, 1996)
1999 33
Jim Pace Jim's Close-Up Miser miser's dream routine for close-up, starts with "flash paper to coin"
1999 154
Jerry MacGregor MacGregor's Vanishing Wine Glass pendulum pull
Also published here
  • The Restaurant Magician's Handbook (Jim Pace & Jerry MacGregor, 1996)
1999 178
Jim Pace The Tearable Trick torn and restored napkin in spectator's hand, does not work for performer
1999 208
Jim Pace Six Card Climax
1999 282
Jim Pace Coin Fantasy matrix followed by production of a total of thirteen coins
Related to 1999 291
Reed McClintock Scotch and Soda for Real Transpositions and vanishes of American half dollar and Mexican centavo.
Inspired byRelated to 2002 1
Reed McClintock Timing three coins appear, vanish, reappear at body, vanish, appear on table, vanish, reappear under three spectators' watches
Inspired by
  • Jim Pace, Tricks From My Lecture Video
  • John Cornelius, Creative Magic Video
2002 8
Wayne Dobson Webmaster routine for "spider on back of spectator's hand"
Inspired by
  • "The Web" (Jim Pace)
2003 12
Danny Orleans (reviewer) Hot Leads by Jim Pace Sep. 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 9)
David Blatter, Leeman Parker Web Software Update different way to get into Jim Pace's "The Web"
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Mar. 2012
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