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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Jan Torell Full Deck False Shuffle shuffling off single card runs in batches, through whole deck, or set-up so after shuffle the stack is created
Related to 1984 Rund um den Zaubertisch 13
John Scarne 3-Second Stack
Related toVariations 1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 4) 39
Lew R. Brooks Foreword on stacks
1998 Stack Attack 2
Lew R. Brooks The False False Shuffle (FFS) short planned single-card runs that are prepared before the performance and shuffled off during performance, top stock or full deck or for small packet
Related to 1998 Stack Attack 5
Lew R. Brooks Order Out of Chaos packet of one suit arranges itself from Ace to King after cuts and shuffles
Related to 1998 Stack Attack 8
Lew R. Brooks The 4 Second Stack fast overhand stack demo with the four Kings, using thirteen extra Kings, inspired by John Scarne performance
Inspired by 1998 Stack Attack 13
Lew R. Brooks Bughouse Poker tabled royal flush production with some preliminary handling, pivot revelation
Inspired by 1998 Stack Attack 18
Lew R. Brooks Bughouse Blackjack Fourteen of Spades climax
  • Combined Handling (combining routine with Bughouse Poker)
Related to
  • Blackjack idea in "36 Tricks with FA-KO Cards"
1998 Stack Attack 24
Lew R. Brooks The Kangaroo Kid gambling demo with packet of sixteen cards removed from the deck, story
Inspired by
  • "From the Land Down Under" (Ken Beale, World's Greatest Card Tricks, Bob Longe, 1996)
1998 Stack Attack 28
Lew R. Brooks The LRB Stacking Demo overhand stacking demo, others get good hands
1998 Stack Attack 31
Lew R. Brooks Poetry Poker "(A Love Story with Cards)"
1998 Stack Attack 34
Lew R. Brooks High Card Poker poker demo with twenty picture cards & Aces
1998 Stack Attack 37
Lew R. Brooks A Red/Black Location one of several pairs selected, later found, red/black alternating set-up
1998 Stack Attack 40
Lew R. Brooks Invent Your Own Stack with numbered cards
1998 Stack Attack 43
Unknown Simple Shuffle overhand shuffle sequence of two five-card runs that undo each other
Related to 2000 Card File Two 25
R. Paul Wilson D-Generate Gamblers three phases, uses double deal
Inspired by 2001 Omerta 4
Terry LaGerould Royal Victory royal flush production, pivot revelation
Inspired byVariations 2001 Pasteboard Presentations II 8
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Stack Attack by Lew R. Brooks June 2006 Genii (Vol. 69 No. 6) 101
Ken Krenzel Suit Yourself packet of chosen suit arranges itself from Ace to King in spectator's hands
Related to 2009 Relaxed Impossibilities 217