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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Bill Jacobs Scoop & Sleeve dice scooped off the table into hand, with or without cup, credit guessed from issue cover and reference
Related to 1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 7) 82
Bill Jacobs Gravity Dice dice and toothpicks put in paper cup and turned over, some cling inside and fall out on command
Related to 2004 Charlatan (Issue 8) 91
Bill Jacobs Penny Pincher thumb and finger hold cup and move in seemingly impossible way around the cup, posed as a problem
2004 Charlatan (Issue 8) 93
Bill Jacobs Silver Slap coin bounced off bar to land into shot glass, coin slapped onto liquid in cup and it bounces out (posed as a problem)
2004 Charlatan (Issue 8) 93