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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Al Koran Double Thought spectator finds performer's card and the other way around, marked deck
Related toVariations 1967 Al Koran's Professional Presentations 89
Darwin Ortiz Sorcerer's Apprentice spectator and performer locate each other's cards
Related to 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 277
Pit Hartling Thought Exchange performer and spectator each glimpse card in one half, they locate each other's cards, half stack
Inspired byRelated to 2016 In Order to Amaze 70
Matt Baker Casablanca Spectator predicts which card magician will freely select, magician divines card selected by spectator
Inspired byRelated to 2019 The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 31
Harapan Ong Ryan Goh Short artist introduction
2021 Stylo 46
Ryan Goh Big Brain Brainwave type of effect - spectator remove any card from the deck themselves, card shown to have an odd-back compared to the rest of the deck
2021 Stylo 49
Ryan Goh Double Thot Spectator finds performer's card and vice versa.
Inspired byRelated to 2021 Stylo 59