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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Paul LePaul A Useful Acquitment spreading the deck with palmed card
VariationsAlso published here 1949 67
Bill Simon The Simon Card Control jog, insertion from the side with deck in end grip
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1952 93
Jerry Andrus The Twirl card spins between fingers
Related toAlso published here 1956 99
John Cornelius The John Cornelius Fan Steal right tenkai
Related toAlso published here 1971 38
John Bannon Shake Well Before Using red-black-separated cards instantly mix, faro fan
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1991 26
Jim Krenz TPC In Card Case
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1994 24
Meir Yedid Fake Faro Flourish riffling sound during unweaving
Related to 1994 29
Lennart Green The Basic Application stealing a card out of deck via Snap Deal
Related to 1995 8
Edward Marlo Marlo's Logic the center of three cards changes into selection, packet alignment move handlings, five methods
Inspired by
  • "A Dai Vernon Sleight" (Genii, Mar. 1957, p. 260)
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, July 1968
1995 13
Paul Cummins Spinning Double Lift showy
Related to 1996 19
Tom Gagnon The Versatile Spread Control bottom card rides under cards when spread on table
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1998 1369
Guy Hollingworth Regarding the switching of cards. Two lateral palm, two switches
Related to 1999 151
Arie Vilner Acknowledgements
2009 4
Arie Vilner Introduction
2009 10
Arie Vilner Underhanded Delivery stealing a card from the tabled card case to an in-the-hands spread above the case, reverse of TPC load
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2009 12
Arie Vilner Underhanded Delivery Application - The Mighty Force under-the-spread force from a shuffled deck using Underhanded Delivery steal from tabled case
Related to 2009 15
Arie Vilner Underhanded Delivery Application - Lucky Digits card at any number using Underhanded Delivery steal from tabled case
Related toVariations 2009 17
Ken Krenzel Four Aces at Four Numbers using four times Underhanded Delivery steal from tabled case
Inspired by 2009 18
Arie Vilner Card at Any Number Prediction card at freely named position predicted in shuffled deck, using Underhanded Delivery steal from tabled case
Inspired by 2009 18
Arie Vilner Underhanded Delivery Application - The Wide Open Prediction using Underhanded Delivery steal from tabled case
Related to 2009 20
Arie Vilner The French Open Larreverse
2009 21
Arie Vilner Underhanded Delivery Squared handling of the addition from the case to a squared deck or packet
Inspired by 2009 23
Arie Vilner Sensitive Fingers bottom card of freely cut and shuffled packet divined by touch, using Underhanded Delivery Squared from tabled case
2009 23
Arie Vilner Underhanded Delivery Upstream loading a previously lateral palmed card first to outside of case and then into case as deck is removed, also a second method of loading the case in the lap
2009 25
Arie Vilner Le Paul Subtlety - Under the Spread spreading the deck with palmed card and holding out while gripping one's other arm
Inspired by 2009 28
Arie Vilner Penultimate Placement replacing a palmed card to second from top, top card stays in sight
2009 30
Arie Vilner Wild Chicago Jazz Chicago Opener handling
2009 32
Arie Vilner Tabled Lateral Palm off the tabled deck, one-handed
2009 34
Arie Vilner Two Handed TLP off the tabled deck
2009 35
Arie Vilner LP Application - The Bent Card Switch using lateral palm
  • Ambitious Card sequence
Related to 2009 36
Arie Vilner LP Application: In-the-Hands Secret Transfer stealing top card of deck into right hand lateral palm as another card is displayed in the right hand
2009 38
Arie Vilner TLP Variation - Penultimate TLP lateral palming the second from top card off the tabled deck
2009 39
Arie Vilner TLP Variation - The Wallet Load top card of tabled deck is lateral palmed off and loaded into ungaffed wallet as it is opened and closed
2009 40
Arie Vilner TLP Application - Slow Motion Sandwich unknown sandwiched card turns out to be later selection
2009 42
Arie Vilner TLP Sandwich Switch sandwich switch with tabled lateral palm off the tabled deck
Related to 2009 43
Arie Vilner TLP Application - Palms Away using lots of lateral palm
2009 45
Arie Vilner Card Production from Lateral Palm tabled, reverse of Snap Deal
Related to 2009 46
Arie Vilner A Gambler's Dream using two Gambler's Cops
2009 49
Arie Vilner Packet Cop from small packet that has an out-jogged card
2009 51
Arie Vilner The Thumb-less Double Lift flourishy spinning action of double off the deck
Related to 2009 53
Arie Vilner Thumb-less Double Lift Application - The Quickie Vanish one of four cards vanishes
2009 54
Arie Vilner The Flip-Flop Turnover Pass
Variations 2009 56
Arie Vilner FFT Variation: Displaying the Top Card cover action
Inspired by 2009 58
Arie Vilner FFT Variation: Top Card Cover Pass
Inspired by 2009 58
Arie Vilner FFT Variation: A Color Change
Inspired by 2009 59
Arie Vilner The Reverse Turnover Pass reverse action to standard Turnover Pass
Related to
  • "The Slow Motion Pass Or The Card Pass I Use" (James Kater Thompson, The Berg Book, 1983, p. 219)
2009 60
Arie Vilner How Not To Fool Your Audience
2009 62
Arie Vilner The False Faro Shuffle with bridge into jogged packets and passive strip-out
Related to 2009 64
Arie Vilner The Cut-First Shuffle with honest cut to delay strip-out, shuffle can start in the hands
Variations 2009 67
Arie Vilner The CFS Version 2 - The "V" Shuffle riffling lengthwise
Inspired by 2009 68
Arie Vilner False Shuffles Applications: Rhapsody in Color deck remains separated into red and black despite shuffling, then the cards mix themselves, faro spread
Related to 2009 70
Arie Vilner A Few Words on Controls
2009 72
Arie Vilner The Quick Fan Control into right-hand classic palm as fan is closed, same action as in Cornelius Fan Steal
Related to 2009 73
Arie Vilner The Table Spread Control card inserted into tabled spread and controlled/culled as spread is gathered up
Related to 2009 74
Arie Vilner The Squeeze Control insertion from the side with deck in end grip (Simon Control), then card is stolen or lapped
  • Version 1 - One Handed SC
  • Version 2 - Two Handed SC
  • Version 3 - Using the Longitudinal Palm (holding pen as cover)
Inspired by 2009 77
Arie Vilner Wallet O' Plenty two signed cards travel into tabled wallet
2009 83
Arie Vilner Swift Transfer - One card vanishes from deck and appears among five cards that are in the spectator's pocket
2009 85
Arie Vilner Swift Transfer Two - Red, White and Blue odd-backed version, card vanishes from deck and appears among five cards that are in the spectator's pocket
2009 86
Arie Vilner Swift Transfer Three - Impossible Infiltration card vanishes from deck and appears among five rubber-banded cards, signed card version
2009 87
Arie Vilner Swift Transfer Four - Eternal Bond performer's signature travels from packet to packet, odd-backed
2009 88
Arie Vilner Your Favorite Heart verbal psychological force of the Heart suit, followed by instructions to remove a card with a lot of white-space, leads to force card
2009 90
Arie Vilner Notes on the Card under the Seat signed
2009 92
Arie Vilner The Smiley Solution signed
2009 94
Arie Vilner How to Fool A Magician
2009 96
Arie Vilner The Real Secret
2009 99
Arie Vilner The Statue of Liberty card travels into bread, torn corner verification
2009 104
Arie Vilner Final Comments
2009 108