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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Dan Tong Cup & Three Balls three phase routine, see p. 200 for reference
Related to Apr. 1968 174
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Twin Boomerang two cards "rise"/wiggle out of the deck in a hands-on handling
Variations 1981 111
Geoffrey Latta Fisting C/S visual change on back of spectator's hand, shell
Variations June 1983
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Dan Strange, Ronnie Ramin Introduction
1991 1
Dan Strange One Cup Routine routine using coffee cup and crumpled bills, lemons as final load, some details on the loading misdirection
Related to 1991 3
Dan Strange All Fair Copper & Silver half dollar inside spectator's fist transposes with copper coin on back of his hand
Inspired by 1991 5
Dan Strange Purse Palm change shell picked off of coin on back of spectator's hand into Purse Palm
1991 6
Dan Strange, Ronnie Ramin Visual mid-air coin production coin flies out of mid-air and lands in hands
1991 10
Dan Strange The Dancing Jokers before beginning a trick, the two Jokers pivot their way out of the deck in a mechanical-looking manner, brief mention of using thread to effect a third card being produced as in a Haunted Deck
Inspired by 1991 12
Dan Strange The Impromptu Magician on the power of spontaneous magic, includes small idea for Card Warp
1991 19