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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Choice ten cards, card with odd colored sticker is selected
Variations 1976
Magick (Issue 159)
Eddie Fechter Be Honest - What Is It? two cards, one held by spectator and one by performer, change into two totally different cards, other two cards end up in performer's trouser pocket
Related toVariations 1993 132
David Redondo Introducción
2012 11
David Redondo La Cuenta Hamman Hamman Count handling, without finger switch
2012 17
David Redondo La Baraja Planchada complete flat card case is shown, then performer blows it up and it turns into normal and full card case
2012 23
David Redondo "Manera de Sacar la Baraja del Estuche" how to remove deck from case in an elegant way
2012 29
David Redondo Two Card Monte con Copa using a glass, with second phase
Inspired byRelated to 2012 33
David Redondo La Copa Adivina selection is found by placing a glass on spread cards partial forcing stack
2012 41
David Redondo El Ragalo signatures from two cards end up on one card, back and front, duplicate
2012 49
David Redondo Intuición Ganadora ten cards, card with odd card is selected, three phases, nine card monte transformation as climax
Inspired by 2012 53
David Redondo El Trilero six phases, with extra card
2012 61
David Redondo Transposición Crisalina "Two Card Monte Con Copa 2.0"
using a glass
Inspired byRelated to 2012 79
David Redondo Carta al Stop stop trick, cards removed from glass by performer
2012 87
David Redondo Sopa de Letras paper with letters is torn in pieces and placed on table, now pieces form name of selection, various patterns
Inspired by
  • "Manera curiosa de revelar una carta" in Padre W. Ciuró's "Juegos de Manos de Bolsillo, Vol. 4".
2012 93