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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Tony Slydini Cigarette Miracle
Variations 1951
Stars of Magic (Vol. 8 No. 1)
Eddie Fields Tripartite challenge card location, relatively hands-off, nail-nicking top card of tabled packet when pointing to it
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1968 41
Gary Ouellet The Infidel Change coin changes while dropped into other hand, lapping
Inspired byVariations 1990 111
Chris Kenner Menage Et Trois three Fly
Variations 1992 69
Marc Gettmann Warm Up Coins three coins appear, vanish several times
  • 1. Produktion der drei Münzen
  • 1. Verschwinden der drei Münzen
  • 2. Erscheinen der Münzen
  • 2. Verschwinden der Münzen
  • Drittes und letztes Erscheinen der Münzen
2006 4
Marc Gettmann Speedfly
Inspired by 2006 9
Marc Gettmann Power Coin coin changes while dropped into other hand
Inspired by 2006 14
Marc Gettmann Tablebreaker three coins penetrate upwards at once, visual
2006 16
Marc Gettmann Imp Pass Handling
2006 17
Marc Gettmann Muscle Pass explanation and tips
2006 18
Marc Gettmann Der sichere Armbanduhrenklau during apparent vanish of coin from spectator's hand
2006 19
Marc Gettmann Ciga-Maniac with pull
Inspired by 2006 20
Marc Gettmann Alko-Geller spectator writes something on a beer mat which is placed between two other and lost in stack of coasters, information is glimpsed and divined
2006 22
Marc Gettmann Mindshaker Tripartite nicking, uncredited
Related to 2006 24
Marc Gettmann Variation der Al Baker Force (...oder die "besondere" Visitenkarte) spectator cuts off some cards, secret turnover of bottom half
2006 25
Marc Gettmann Die "besondere" Visitenkarte spectator cuts to a business card with his name on its back
2006 26
Marc Gettmann Ghost Coin coin placed on spectator's hand, then taken and vanished, it's back on spectator's hand
2006 27
Marc Gettmann Drei Gedanken - eine Lösung! three billet test
2006 28
Alexander de Cova Hopa Gimmick two cards travel into wallet, Larsen/Wright/Sellers stab forcing gaff for two cards
  • The Card to Wallet Routine
VariationsAlso published here Mar. 2014
Scrapbook (Issue 7)
Marc Gettmann Double Travel two cards travel into wallet, then into fruit and folded under table via Intercessor corner methodology
Inspired by Mar. 2014
Scrapbook (Issue 8)