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Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Al Mann, Russ Burgess, Mark Popelsky, Norm Ross, Bob Cassidy, Dan Blackwood, Herb Dewey, Bob Baker
June 1982
Magick (Issue 307)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Baker's Shared Thoughts, Richard Webster
June 1985
Magick (Issue 352)
Bob Baker Mind-Reach stack of postcards, cut to card is divined, Svengali principle
June 1987
Magick (Issue 391)
Bob Baker The Damned Near Impromptu Book Test trimmed rubber finger tip
1991 5
Ford Kross Kross Roads on Cassidy, Larry Becker, Bob Baker, Richard Busch
Dec. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 6)
Ford Kross Kross Roads on Richard Webster, Ray Hyman, Larry Becker, Kreskin, Bob Baker, James Randi, Richard Busch, Marcello Truzzi, Bob Cassidy, Riley G. Matthews
Nov. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 5)
Ford Kross Kross Roads on Travis Nelson, Richard Busch, Bob Baker, Adolphus, Jack Johnston, Lee Earle
June 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 12)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Ted Lesley, Richard Webster, Terry Nosek, Bob Baker, Uri Geller, Alain Gesbert, Ralph Monserrat, MOTM
Mar. 1995
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 9)