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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
David Roth Winged Silver Coins Across
Variations 1985 57
David Roth The Original Chinese Coin Assembly No-card coin assembly, hands as only cover
Variations 1985 65
Michael Ammar Shadow Coins performed on the floor, using four coins
Inspired byVariations 1995 1
Harapan Ong Avi Yap Short artist introduction
2021 4
Avi Yap Monarch Chink a chink, barehanded coin Matrix, multiple phases
Inspired by 2021 7
Avi Yap Sticky Dislodge Dislodging shell from tabled coin using sticky palm / base of thumb
2021 9
Avi Yap Three Coin Monte Copper Silver Brass, guess where silver coin is, asymmetrical transposition. Ends with all three becoming silver coins
2021 17
Avi Yap Monarchs with backfire
2022 2
Avi Yap Sticky Dislodge base of thumb picks up shell with natural stickiness
2022 4
Avi Yap Instant Travels instant assembly phase, two shells
2022 11
Avi Yap Winged Silver three coins across, discussion of Roth's and Ponta's version in Endnotes on p. 32
Inspired by 2022 18
Avi Yap Open Handed Friction Palm coins dumped onto table, one rests in finger palm
2022 22
Avi Yap Click Pass with extra coin
2022 26
Avi Yap One Handed Coin Vanish
  • Gimmick Version (loop coin)
    • Vanish
    • Reproduction
  • Sleight of Hand Version
    • Clean up
  • Other Uses
2022 34
Avi Yap, Mott-Sun Modified Harada Hold brief
Inspired by
  • "Harada Hold" (Mott Sun, DVD Monster)
2022 48
Avi Yap One Handed Transformation
2022 49
Avi Yap Three Fly Routine incorporating one-handed coin vanish with loop coin
2022 49
Avi Yap Contact Change copper coin visually changes to silver once it touches a silver coin, in-the-hands
2022 54
Avi Yap 3 Coin Monte guessing game with silver, copper and brass coin, all change to silver, csb gaff set
2022 57
Avi Yap Threaded
Inspired by
  • "Charming Chinese Challenge" (Troy Hooser)
  • Ponta the Smith's routine, DVD Sick 2
2022 60