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Jack Yeager The Yeager Four Ace Trick self-working, dealing three cards on each ace, putting piles together and dealing again, chosen heap contains aces Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949) 16
Karl Fulves Chronologue on Dover's "Self-Working Card Tricks" and how it came to be The Chronicles (Issue 28) 1343
Karl Fulves Push Thru Poker two Twos and an Ace shown in spread, Twos pushed through other two cards one by one, then change into AcesInspired by
  • coin idea from Dr. E. G. Ervin ("One From Two", Self-Working Coin Magic)
Deceptive Practices 27
John Riggs Self-Working Rising Business Card loop The Magic of John Riggs 13
Derek DelGaudio High Five! five people remember the highest card in a poker hand, they're punch dealt in one hand
- Self-Working Version
Derek DelGaudio 9
Harapan Ong, Takanobu Ishida The Famous Eight-Card Mystery Self-working trick, card is cut to and remembered, packet is shuffled and dealt, ends with finding card and also the four Eights Wabi-Sabi 22