How can I help?
If you want to help with this project, you can …
Can I somehow register and see the content of the books?
No. Accounts are only for the ones entering the content. There is no way to see the content of any publications. The site just provides references, and to look those up one must have access to the publication itself.
Since when is this going on?
The online version of this database started in August 2004. A couple of years earlier, I started with a software that only worked when installed on a computer.
Who is entering the content?
While several who started working dropped out again, a few trusted workers are helping. The main contributors besides myself are Lorenz Schär and Harapan Ong.
Can you send me a copy of a trick or manuscript?
I am not interested in trading photocopies of books or manuscripts that are rare or out of print, so please do not ask. To actually look up the items listed on the site, you'll need to have access to the publication itself.
I cannot find the book I am looking for. What now?
If you want to see the content of a specific book (except The James File), let me know - maybe I have it here and can put it on the to-do list.
What can I do when I notice a mistake?
Please let me know via! Then I'll fix it.
I know of a trick that is not listed in the Archive. Can you add it?
Additions to the Archive are always done in full publications. There are no individual entries from books that are not added from front to back. So if there is an entry that is missing, it will be added once the book or magazine that contains it is added. But not before that on its own.
What about those CARC links?
The Links to the Conjuring Arts Research Library are only useable in the CARC in NYC itself due to copyright reasons. Some of the available subscription levels at ConjuringArts provides access to some of the content.
What about offensive words?
The listings may contain offensive language, which is quoted from the source material solely for the purpose of accurately representing the entries and provide searchability based on the actual wording used in the indexed publications. We acknowledge that the use of such language is not condoned or endorsed by the Conjuring Archive in any way.