Written by Stephen Minch
Work of Joe Rindfleisch
33 pages (Paperback), published by Magico Magazine
Illustrated with drawings by Gregg Webb
Language: English
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Joe Rindfleisch Acknowledgements
Dan Harlan Introduction
Joe Rindfleisch !panS
Inspired by 1
Joe Rindfleisch Rubber Rabbit with secret second rubber band
Joe Rindfleisch Thnap! doubled rubber band penetrates (spectator's) thumb
Joe Rindfleisch Rubber Necking rubber band through neck
Joe Rindfleisch Likewise Kneed rubber band through leg
Joe Rindfleisch Slurp! rubber band moves into hand and vanishes, band around wrists, hand as puppet
Inspired by 8
Joe Rindfleisch One-T(w)o-One one rubber band becomes two and one again
Related to 10
Joe Rindfleisch Twentieth Century Bands rubber band appears (actually) linked between two other bands
Joe Rindfleisch The Way They Make Them piece broken off rubber band, they become two rubber bands, then dozens of little bands appear
Joe Rindfleisch The Jo-dan Link
Inspired by 17
Joe Rindfleisch Remote Link spectator holds bands between fingers
Inspired by 20
Joe Rindfleisch A Marriage of Convenience
Inspired by 22
Joe Rindfleisch On Again, Off Again brass ring penetrates rubber band
  • First Penetration - On!
  • Second Penetration - Off!
  • Third Penetration - On Again!
  • Fourth Penetration - Off Again!
  • Fifth Penetration - On Once More!
  • Sixth Penetration - Spin Off!
  • Seventh Penetration - Off on Command!
  • Final Phase - Link and Restoration!
Inspired by 25
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