Written by Roger Smith

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5 pages (Stapled), published by American Institute of Magic
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Roger Smith Basic Maxi-Twist suggested as a problem by Wilbur Kattner, four Aces turn over one by one 1
Roger Smith K-S Move #3 very similar to Ascanio spread, ends with four-card fanAlso published here
  • "K-S Supplement"
Unknown Double Lift Reverse to set up for Twisting phase, as in Vernon's original 1
Roger Smith K-S Move #1 reverse count of cards from end grip into left hand fan, last card double 1
Roger Smith K-S Move #2 five-card packet spread as four cards from right-hand end grip into left handAlso published here
  • "K-S" (1971)
Roger Smith Maxi-Twist 1-2-3-4 transformation kicker into Ace through FourVariations 2
Edward Marlo ATFUS brief 2
Roger Smith Maxi-Twist 1-2-3-4-5 Aces change into Ace through Five as finale 3
Roger Smith Maxi-Twist All Backs twisting with all backs kicker 3
Roger Smith Maxi-Twist Ala Color backs change to different cards as finale 4
Roger Smith Maxi-Twist and the Kings twisting the Aces, three of the Aces change to Kings, deck cut, Aces reversed in center with fourth KingRelated to 4
Roger Smith Off Color Maxi-Twist same effect with color-changing back kicker of AcesRelated to 4
Roger Smith Another Variation twisting the Aces, three of them change to match selection 4
Roger Smith A Few Notes and Comments on Maxi-Twist and the Ascanio Spread vs. K-S MoveRelated to 5