Written by Michael Weber
Work of Tim Trono, Michael Weber
24 pages (Stapled), published by The Journal of Psience
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Michael Weber, Tim Trono Please Note legal notice
Michael Weber, Tim Trono The Props Jastrow Illusion, six parts
Michael Weber, Tim Trono The Quick Fit wooden curved ruler does not fit into curved box and lid does not fit either, but then all fits
Michael Weber, Tim Trono The Complete Fit multi-phased routine with wooden curved ruler, curved box and more wooden pieces
  • Showing All The Pieces Are The Same Length
  • One Piece Gets Smaller
  • One Piece Gets Longer
  • The Pieces No Longer Fit The Box - One Is Too Short And One Is Too Long
  • The Short Piece Grows
  • The Long Piece Shrinks
  • The Lid Is Too Short But Grows Back To Fit The Box
Michael Weber, Tim Trono History credit information for Jastrow Illusion
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