Written by Stephen Tucker
Work of Stephen Tucker
9 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Stephen Tucker
Language: English
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Stephen Tucker Introduction about how good this booklet is
Stephen Tucker The Forceful Touch under-the-spread force, some cards counted off into right hand, then rest spread on top
Stephen Tucker Two-faced force card in tabled spread touched, put between jokers and then turned over, forced/switched
Stephen Tucker Cover Blown Christ Force without cover card, starting with top card secretly reversed above eye-level, also as key placement
Stephen Tucker Rifforce delayed riffle force at break, first apparently spectator stopped at wrong card
Wrist Turn Glimpse
Stephen Tucker You've got to be Joking!! piece of card stuck to back of Joker, bill, menu or other item
Stephen Tucker The Elliot force "After T.S.Elliot"
multiple out writing for Three, Ten, Two or Jack of Spades
Inspired by 8
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