Written by Docc Hilford
Work of Docc Hilford
44 pages (Stapled), published by Docc Co.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Docc Hilford What Is Real Time Mentalism?
Docc Hilford Preface
Docc Hilford Strangers in the Night - Revisited living-dead-test with friends and one lover, performer does a reading of named persons, a divination of initials and finds corrects billets
  • The Story Begins
  • Modus Operandi
  • Love Notes
  • The Clandestine Dance
  • The Invisible Stranger
  • One Step Ahead
  • A Clever Ploy
  • Startling Revelations
  • A Composite Sketch
  • Act Deux
  • A Shocking Climax
  • Behind the Curtain
  • The Stranger Unseen and Exposed
  • Unseen
  • Exposed
  • Selling Strangers in the Night In the Afternoon
  • Booking the Luncheon
  • Here's a Great Way to Increase Income
  • Don't Miss this Tip
Inspired by
  • Docc Hilford's "Strangers in the Night", 1990.
Docc Hilford Epilogue
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