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Henri Decremps Le Cygne ingénieux. swan in basin moves by its own, moves to letters to form chosen word, anagram method with words on cards (variation of Guyot's method)
Related to 1785 262
Divination d'un montant d'argent Divination of an amount of money contained in the purse of a spectator
1786 29
Divination d'un nom Divination of a name
1786 36
Divination du montant d'argent expliqué Divination of an amount of money contained in the purse of a spectator from p. 29 explained
1786 78
Divination d'un nom expliqué Divination of a name explained
1786 82
To name the Article taken by each of Four Persons four objects pocketed while performer is out of room, but linked to four memorized punch-marked cards
1890 87
Dr. Lynn The Thinkophone name on paper is divined, using changing ladle
Related to 1890 255
The Box of Numbers four numbered blocks put in closed box, performer divines arranged number, magnetism
1890 257
Modernes Gedankenlesen one of six knifes chosen and a target selected, medium or performer comes into room and divines knife and target, secret signs
May 1898
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Die dressierte Fliege fake fly divines things by moving on a board that has a grid with the alphabet and letters, secret (small) assistant behind board and magnet
Related to Mar. 1899
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Hänsel Kastner Die drei mystischen Zahlen one of three numbers thought-of and predicted or divined, index with three predictions
Jan. 1903
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 1)
Anna Eva Fay The Anna Fay Method apparently Fey's method of billet reading, spectator keep the billet, medium is under a sheet or blindfolded, impression device in tablets and electronic transmitter (like a phone), with assistant
1911 25
Charles T. Jordan The Letter-Mailing Mystery No. 7, stack of chips with numbers, set of envelopes, envelope and postage chosen with stack of chips are divined
1920 17
Charles T. Jordan The Mesmerized Alarm Clock No. 1, alarm clock set at any time by spectator and covered with napkin, hour divined
1920 3
Charles T. Jordan The Impromptu Mind Reader No. 8, sixteen words written on numbered papers, one chosen and divined, with memory system for sixteen items
1920 16
Edward Bagshawe The Educated Ribbon slate is covered and put on a stand, a ribbon moves up from under the cover by itself and is then shown to be in the configuration of a previously chosen design of a set of design cards
Variations 1924 19
Edward Bagshawe "Thought Precipitation" stage version, slate is covered and put on a stand, a ribbon moves up from under the cover by itself and is then shown to be in the configuration of a previously chosen design of a set of design cards
Inspired by 1924 84
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Das zweite Gesicht. No. 7, seven words or questions are written down and sealed in seven numbered envelopes
1926 29
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Mit Röntgen-Augen one of four different colored pencils is placed inside a box, divination of the color
1927 54
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Hellsehen three different colored cones, covered with thimbles and colors are divined by performer
1927 82
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Die magischen Radiokarten ring, watch and coin are taken by spectators along with playing cards, performer divines who has which object, mathematical
1927 142
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Gedankenlesen Age Cards / Calculator Cards
1927 154
Oswald Rae Psycho-Analysis performer divines card and thought of name of a spectator by holding his wrist, then spectator divines thought of card from spectator
1928 77
Tom Sellers Oriental Ashes assistant names color of burnt paper ashes, coding
1931 17
Stuart Robson Mental Coloring Telepathy in Silk six handkerchiefs, one is selected, medium enters room and knows which one
1931 49
Theodore Annemann The Color-Tell Billiard Balls several different colored balls, one is placed in a box and held by performer behind back, he divines the color
1931 51
Theodore Annemann Jimmy Valentine Opens a Safe performer cracks the code of a safe where his assistant is locked
1931 61
Tom Sellers Spook Pencils four pencils of different color, spectator writes with one of them and performer knows which color has been used
1931 5
Lu Brent A Test for Cigarettes Blindfolded magician able to tell which cigarette was selected apparently by its smoke
Related to 1932 33
Lu Brent A Test for Cigarettes Method No. 2 Same effect, different type of coding system
Related to 1932 35
Tom Sellers Pin Divination spectator pushes pin in any cigarette in a box and turns it over, cigarette found by performer
1933 5
Tom Sellers An Amazing Dictionary Feat word selected as performer is out of the room is divined by him, secret message inside pencil
1933 13
Apple, Egg and Orange spectators take objects and a number of cards each according to rules, performer then knows who has which object
1933 8
Paul Rosini The Mystery of the Blackboard information written on blackboard is divined blindfolded, see name index for attribution
Related toVariationsAlso published here Oct. 1934
The Jinx (Issue 1)
Stuart Robson Horrors!!! binary coded cards, word divined, see page 164 for comment by William Larsen and page 172 for improvement by L. Vosburgh Lyons
Also published here 1935
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1935)
Fred DeMuth A Divination with Matches number of remaining matches divined, see page 99 for improvement by Herbert R. Hood
Also published here Aug. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 11)
Tom Sellers Novel Telepathy medium divines things in boxes, one ahead
1935 18
Theodore Annemann The Telephone Drama name and telephone number are divined
Variations 1935 7
Theodore Annemann Telepathy Plus written question and name are divined ends with a picture duplication
Related toVariations 1935 13
Theodore Annemann The Mirror Reflector peeking a drawing on a slate while covering it with a handkerchief
1935 20
Theodore Annemann Pencil Reading method and two routines, divination of a calculation and spectator and performer always write the same number down
Related to 1935 23
Theodore Annemann Greta Annemann's Eyes of the Unknown writing of three face down cards is revealed in darkness
Variations 1935 8
Theodore Annemann The Impromptu Mind Reader center tear
1935 14
Fortune Telling Trick No. 21, spectator writes a question on a small card and seals it in an envelope, spectator does some cutting procedure with cards and those are used to divine the question
1935 23
Frank Lane, U. F. Grant A Trick From a Little Shot spectator puts a combination of black and white shots/pearls in a (bottomless) container, performer divines the content
1935 30
Bertram Adams The Krazy Kode word from text selected with role of dice, use of progressive anagrams
VariationsAlso published here Apr. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 31)
Theodore Annemann, Percy Naldrett The Phantom Artist celebrity chosen, large paper sheet is folded and cut, silhouette of chosen person is seen
Related toAlso published here 1937
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1937)
Oscar Weigle Alias Divination several spectators write names on slips which are later correctly assigned, one of the names divined as well
1937 11
Robert Parrish Strange Interlude words from magazine and dead name divined, subtle impression device use
1937 15
A Match Divination number of matches in matchbook divined after tearing some out and adding digits
1937 88
Dr. Edward G. Ervin One Man Blackboard Test dead person is written on a billet and burnt, name is divined
Inspired byAlso published here 1937 29
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Billet Test dead person is written on a billet and burnt, name is divined
Variations 1937 31
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Telling the Time on a Watch time on wrapped watch divined
1937 53
James G. Thompson Jr. Who Killed Mr. X? written name is divined with story presentation
Also published here Apr. 1938
The Jinx (Issue 43)
Hen Fetsch Travel Thought cities on map are thought of and written on paper, divined by medium in the dark, carbon paper
Also published here Dec. 1938
The Jinx (Issue 51)
Tom Sellers An Old Trick Simplified three spectator select a color disc and an amount of business cards, all is divined
1939 20
Theodore Annemann Mental Dollars three bills folded and put in handkerchief, one is selected and the serial number is divined, the Accessory
1939 10
Bob Weill Corker three corks with names of drinks on them, one is selected and performer divines drink while holding cork behind back
June 1939
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Frank Kelly A Telepathic Experiment number and geometric design divined
1939 116
Stewart James Pin Divination orientation of pin in closed container divined
Also published here Jan. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 75)
Dr. Lazlo Rothbart The Spectre Slate chosen object is divined, with slate, hard and soft chalk
May 1940
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 11)
Joseph Ovette Slate Message Reading three pieces of information are written on a slate and divined by performer
1940 24
Eddie Joseph Mystic Rectical picture cards with different symbols and letters on the back, alphabet is called and cards touched, last card is chosen symbol, repeated with more cards
1940 ca. 1
Tom Sellers Telepathy Simplified spectator writes something on a piece of paper and later burns it, the content is divined
1941 11
Tapping Table Objects spectator thinks of one of seven objects, performer taps them while spectator spells silently, at end of word performer taps thought-of object, progressive anagram
Also published here 1941 12
Dr. Stanley Jaks Duplex performer divines name written on billet, switch with thumb tip
Aug. 1941
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 3 No. 8)
Lloyd W. Chambers Impossible Spirit Test with lights off, magician divines names written on cards sealed in envelopes
1941 13
Al Baker The Celebrity Feat stooge codes celebrity name with playing cards
Also published here 1941 100
Al Baker The Polish Psychic number coded through name over phone
Also published here 1941 101
L. Vosburgh Lyons Call It A Puzzle six discs with a different sign on each side are thrown and turned over while spelling a word, then one disc is hidden and performer turns back, he reveals which side is up on the hidden disc
Related toVariations May 1942 29
James G. Thompson Jr. Blackout Magic writing of three face down cards is revealed in darkness
Inspired byAlso published here Aug. 1942 61
James G. Thompson Jr. Builder-Upper revelation of a writing, luminous paint
Aug. 1942 62
Eddie Joseph The Masked Helper blindfolded spectator takes coins one by one, performer divines dates, one ahead, with gag sequence in which spectator holds on to dummy wax hand without knowing
1942 63
Eddie Joseph The Writing on the Wall card chosen and some personal information written on paper, card reverses and information divined, impression with daub
1942 69
Martin Gardner Are You Psychic? performer and spectator each write down three words from a list of ten words, they match
Also published here 1943
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1943)
Walter B. Gibson 91¢ Miracle three spectators select a different color envelope each and can than put one coin out of five in it, when performer turns over and sees the remaining two, he knows who chose which coin
Related to Oct. 1943 180
L. Vosburgh Lyons Key Chart to the 91¢ Miracle
Related to Nov. 1943 198
James G. Thompson Jr. Duo-Finale three spectators think of something, write it down and seal their thought in an envelope, performer divines all three
Dec. 1943 208
Ronald B. Edwards Travel Thought two cities are divined, with cards and a map, mutus nomen principle
Dec. 1944 300
John Mulholland Wrong Way for the Answer spectator memorizes serial number of one of five bills, all five are placed in magician’s pocket and he is able to remove the four bills the spectator is not thinking of
1944 66
John Mulholland A Matter of Luck discs, each showing a different word on them, are mixed and spectator chooses one, they are mixed up in hat, magician can blindly pick out correct one
1944 82
Theodore Annemann, Percy Naldrett The Phantom Artist celebrity chosen, large paper sheet is folded and cut, silhouette of chosen person is seen
Also published here 1944 116
Hen Fetsch Travel Thought cities on map are thought of and written on paper, divined by medium in the dark, carbon paper
Also published here 1944 118
Stuart Robson Horrors! binary coded cards, word divined
Also published here 1944 125
Stewart James Black Pin Idea orientation of pin in closed container divined
Also published here 1944 127
Bertram Adams The Krazy Kode word from text selected with role of dice, use of progressive anagrams
Also published here 1944 131
Fred DeMuth A Divination with Matches number of remaining matches divined
Also published here 1944 132
James G. Thompson Jr. Who Killed Mr. X written name is divined with story presentation
Also published here 1944 162
Theodore Annemann, Paul Rosini The Mystery of the Blackboard information written on blackboard is divined blindfolded, see Jinx for attribution
Also published here 1944 253
James G. Thompson Jr. Mephisto Thot medium divines things written on papers
Also published here 1944 259
Wilbur T. Kattner The Perfect Pitch Test chords are transmitted, people hold fingers on piano keys and think of the sound
1945 206
Stewart Judah Sealed Billet Reading De Luxe card, number and city written on cards which are put in sealed envelopes, all are divined
1945 8
Fredric Kolb Dead Name Duplication name is written on a card and sealed in an envelope, performer does the same, and they match
Also published here 1945 10
Dr. H. Walter Grote Telepathy vs. Coincidence thought of card and unknown selected card is divined, written on paper
1945 11
Jack Vosburgh Colorvoyance shape or number is written down with one of three colors, both is divined
1945 25
Dr. Edward G. Ervin One Man Blackboard Test dead person is written on a billet and burnt, name is divined
Also published here 1945 28
Harlan Tarbell Postal Inspection card is placed in envelope and divined, peek envelope
Also published here 1945 30
Al O'Hagan Frame Of Mind empty frame, person is written on paper and divined, powder and glass impression divice
1945 31
Dr. H. Walter Grote Try This On Your Piano on a piano
Inspired by 1945 32
R. N. Lee Dictionary Diabolism word from dictionary is written on a card and divined
Feb. 1945 312
Don Medley This Is It! reading mind over phone, see Back Room #96 for correction
Related toVariations Oct. 1945 380
Al Cohn Mental Marvels with general comments on mentalism, two numbers thought of and divined (psychological forces), last number or word always is right
Related to Dec. 1945 171
Bob Hummer The 'snappy' Thirteen Cent Trick two nickels and three pennies, spectator can turn one sort of coins over while performer's back is turned, revelation of which coins are turned over
Also published here 1945 1
Bob Hummer The Moon Die Mystery number from one to six is thought of, three sides of a die are shown to spectator and he is asked if he sees his number, repeated three times and number is divined, without performer ever looking at the dice
Also published here 1945 2
Rapid Mental Transference divination of anything written and put in envelope, slit in envelope
1945/27 211
Edward Clinkscale, Eugene Taylor Billet Catching thought divination
Nov. 1947 557
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Devious Digits serial numbers from bills are put together and multiplied with a number (selected playing card), medium on phone divines total
1947 5
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Pennies, Nickels and Dimes two spectators remove a handful of coins from a bag with pennies, nickels and dimes, performer divines the exact amount of each
1947 18
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Date Divination assistant collects several different coins in an envelope, all dates are divined, clever subtlety
1947 32
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Tests in a Gold Fish Bowl fifteen spectators write a simple task on a paper, seal it in envelope and sign it, envelopes are selected and names read aloud, performer does the tasks
1947 38
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Behind the Eight Ball several spectators draw a colored ball from a box and spectator divines them, electronic box
1947 66
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley The Crime Doctor several spectators select a crime and write it down, performer divines all
1947 69
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Telepathy with Your Favorite Stars photograph of a celebrity is selected and hidden in a box, performer divines the celebrity by drawing him, electrical method
1947 77
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley The Open Window divination of a city, written on paper and sealed in envelope
1947 90
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Written Messages several thoughts are divined, sealed in envelopes
1947 92
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Better Than Rabbits spectators initial billets, on which they wrote song and book titles, performer divines all
1947 94
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Holding the Bag thought written on a billet and sealed in envelope is divined
1947 96
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Impressions that Stick thought divination
1947 98
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley No Privacy in a Gold Fish Bowl multiple thought revelation, written on billets in fish bowl
1947 101
Bob Hummer Instruction Sheet for Improved It's Murder with rotatable disk, spectator selects murder and victim while performer's back is turned, both are divined
Related to 1947 1
George G. Kaplan The Trance Quick-and-Dead Test living and dead test with divination of name, torn edge marking
1948 200
George G. Kaplan A Capitol Problem spectator writes name on business card which is put between two others and then in an envelope, performer divines name, hole in card for glimpse
1948 204
George G. Kaplan The Three-Billet Test No. 3 three different categories
Variations 1948 226
James G. Thompson Jr. Pocket Seance blank cards, name is divined and message appears
May 1948 601
Don Tanner One in Five five design cards chosen, then one of those chosen, assistant comes from other room and knows which one, code via position of match in match book
Oct. 1948 12
Bob Somerfeld Unsigned - Sealed - Delivered spectator sends design by mail, inspired by Annemann's "Cat Card" (?)
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949)
Bob Somerfeld Thumb Fun duplication of letters, drawing and figures, with slates
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949)
George B. Anderson "Easy Money" Mindreading matchbook and carbon paper
Variations 1949 9
George B. Anderson Torn Center Deluxe apparently failing, spectator has to write the word again, almost the same as Somerfeld's idea
Related toVariations 1949 11
George B. Anderson The "Truth or Consequences" Prediction comedy routine, prediction what spectator A does to spectator B, and performer knows their names
1949 29
John A. M. Howie Eyes Right spectator writes his name on a paper and balls it up, performer divines name but written reversed and when the paper is opened the spectator's name is also reversed with his handwriting
Related to July 1949 727
The Whispering Queen Queen of Hearts whispers to you identity of person who was secretly chosen by audience when you left the room
1949 15
U. F. Grant Coin-Ception three coins taped onto cardboard by spectator, put in envelope and then thumb tacked on wall, performer divines order of coins, gravity/balance
Jan. 1949 6
Don Tanner The Dead Return spectator writes question on card which is put in envelope, envelope burns in a flash and question is now on other side of envelope
Apr. 1949 11
Cliff Lesta Smoke Rays Handling
Inspired by July 1949 13
Don Tanner Triple Threat spectator writes current time, bill number and city on a board, blindfolded performer divines all, assistant at back of room writes same info on large slate (good luck)
Sep. 1949
Grant's Inner Circle Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 11 & 12)
Ein magisches Silversterdiner nine cards with names of different food, chosen one is divined, picture stack type
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 10 No. 5)
Harris Solomon Solomon's Minds in envelope, psychology of the divination
Mar. 1950 790
Bob Somerfeld The Sands of Time sand of different colors, chosen one is divined
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1951)
Bob Somerfeld Ripping! envelopes with items inside, selection with back turned is divined, sound reading
Variations 1951 1
Bob Somerfeld Centear movie presentation, ruse for tearing the paper
Related to 1951 6
Bob Somerfeld My Word! ABC cards, spectator takes four and has to form a word, word is divined
1951 14
Ormond McGill Mental Impulse spectator sit in a circle one is touched on the forehead, performer knows which one, non-contact mindreading
1951 19
Ormond McGill Transmitting Images of Playing Cards spectator look at a card and transmit it to the performer, who tries to guess it several times, no trick, esoteric
1951 20
Ormond McGill A Theatrical Mindreading Act divination of an ESP sign and start of Q&A act by getting a spectator's full name with just having the initials
1951 17
Hen Fetsch Simulacrum spectator pushes needle through doll, performer knows where, voodoo
Related to Aug. 1951 942
Hen Fetsch Date Man Duplication day on calendar sheet is encircled, divination
Variations Sep. 1951 952
Bill Pugley Bill Pugley's Sight! peek method with index cards, stack with a hole
Oct. 1951 960
Milbourne Christopher Guided Thoughts two lists with rivers, performer and spectator mark all but one wit an X
1952 3
Fred Fletcher The Circle or Pass the Cards ten people are standing in a circle, all are holding a playing card and while performer looks away, spectators can pass their cards along, divination of how many passes
Feb. 1952 992
Gerald Kosky Under-Hand Coin spectator puts some coins on the table and starts turning them over one by one then one coin is hidden and performer turns back, he reveals which side is up on the hidden coin
Inspired byRelated toVariations July 1952 1039
Edward Clinkscale, Franklin V. Taylor Extra Sensory Prestidigitation three phase ESP routine, matching with ESP signs drawn on pieces of paper, mind reading of one as climax
Aug. 1952 1047
Milton Tropp A Coin Tipp simplified version of Under-Hand Coin
Inspired by Sep. 1952 1055
Ray Hyman Concepts Never Die center tear handling
Variations Oct. 1952 1062
Eddie Joseph The Calling Cards business cards with names and letters written on them, chosen one is divined
1952 29
Bob Hummer Politicians Puzzle 6x6 checkerboard, three checkers put on three D's for Democrats or three R's for Republican, spectator can spell a word with the three checkers, moving them for each letter, back is turned and politicians can be divined
Also published here 1952 (ca.) 1
Bob Hummer Mom and Pop Puzzle six checkers on a checkerboard, mom and pop are spelled several times, when performer turns over last spelled word is divined
Also published here 1952 (ca.) 2
Aage Darling A Thriller different colored cards with several words on it, spectator thinks of a word and puts all cards down, where the word does not appear, performer divines the word by reading from a crime novel, last word is the thought of
1953 16
Aage Darling Pin Up Girl Test five men select a picture of a girl and put them in envelopes, medium divines who chose which picture
1953 22
Milbourne Christopher Bases Loaded selected name of a vip is divined, performer writes names on billets and one is selected, see also p. 1115 for ideas by Vin Carey
Jan. 1953 1090
Jack Yates Clip Line newspaper clipping, some lines from top and bottom are cut away and the cross total of the remaining lines leads to a line which is divined
Related to 1954 7
Jack Yates Perfected Publicity word from publicity sheet is divined, extended anagram
1954 14
Jack Yates Astral Digit after some easy arithmetics, spectator and performer have the same number written on a slate
1954 17
Jack Yates Object in Mind divination of one of three objects, mathematical principle
1954 25
Milbourne Christopher Special Delivery several names of the members of the audience are noted, one is selected and put in envelope, performer hands envelope to owner
1954 8
Milbourne Christopher Bill Larsen's Problem numbers from one to ten on big cards, performer removes the one a spectator is thinking of
1954 13
Dr. Stanley Jaks Taped selected objects, one selected and put in a pill box which is attached to an index card with scotch tape, object is divined
Also published here Mar. 1954 9
George Sands An Oddity paper slips with numbers on each side are arranged by the spectator, see 2022 reference for credit information
Related toAlso published here July 1954 50
Eddie Joseph Sensitive Touch three marked cigarettes placed in handkerchief bag, performer divines cigarettes by touch and gives them back to owner
1954 14
Eddie Joseph Individualism borrowed business cards are divined under table
1954 21
Dr. William Weyeneth Ein Hellsehtrick famous people are named and written on pieces of paper by performer, one is selected and divined
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 15 No. 5)
Gene "Phantini" Grant A Miracle Mental Routine messages in envelopes reading routine, drawing duplication as climax, blindfolded
1955 1
Gene "Phantini" Grant Million Dollar Sealed Message Test
1955 8
Gene "Phantini" Grant Mental Music performer divines thought of song
1955 9
Gene "Phantini" Grant Miracrypto several object are laid out, thought of is divined
Related to 1955 20
Leslie P. Guest NeCRomancy white carbon paper
1955 121
Fitch Cheney Magic Montes divination of a chosen card, cards with months written on it
Dec. 1955 145
Bob Hummer D-D-D Dial A Date Deal two rows of eight cards are dealt on the table, some face up and some face down, spectator selects a name on a sheet and turns cards over corresponding to the number next to the name, performer's back is turned and when he looks at cards name can be divined
Related to 1955 (ca.) 1
Allessandro Divine Touch twelve Reader's Digit magazines, month divined behind back
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1956)
Jack Yates Thoughts Direct medium reads mind of spectator
Related to 1956 13
Jack Yates Operator Calling cards with names and telephone numbers, medium divines several numbers
1956 21
Walter B. Gibson Clip Color four different colored cards are cut into different amount of pieces and sealed in envelopes, chosen color is spelled and found
Also published here 1956 200
James G. Thompson Jr. Two Minds Get Together several things written on business cards are divined by performer, living and dead test
Also published here 1956 37
The Nine Mystery coins placed in a Q shape, spectator counts clockwise and anticlockwise, predict the endpoint of the count
VariationsAlso published here 1956 59
Bob Hummer Hummer's Checker Trick Spectator moves three checker pieces around on the board via spelling, magician can divine the starting positions of the checker pieces
1956 62
Bob Hummer Hummer's Three-object Divination Three objects switched around, spectator then thinks of one and switches the other two, magician can divine thought of object (Mathematical 3 card monte 1951)
Variations 1956 63
Jack Yates Yates' Four-Object Divination three matches facing one way and one match facing the opposite way. After moving matches around, magician correctly can divine which is the reversed match without looking
Inspired byAlso published here 1956 66
Franz Holl Der Spiegel als Hellseher three spectators select object while performer is outsider, divination of each, using playing cards
Also published here
  • in "Aladin"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 17 No. 1)
Lane Bateman Arizona Quickie Mental Routine 20 pictures cards, some are selected and divined, code using assitant
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957)
Allessandro Color Divination wooden dowels with different colors, colors are divined behind back
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957)
Don Tanner, John Murray Street Guide Test with street guide booklet, thought written on piece of paper and wrapped up in book
Apr. 1957 199
Tony Corinda (1) "Get-outs Gallore" written word is divined, with outs
1958 33
Tony Corinda (2) Reconstructed Evidence a thought of shape is drawn by a selected color, both are divined, blindfolded
1958 36
Tony Corinda (3) The Whispering Buddha revealing facts of a person, that were whispered to a Buddha statue
1958 37
Tony Corinda (2) Paranormal Precognition one of five symbols is drawn on a blackboard and divined by the spectator
1958 41
Tony Corinda (1) Sujan Location colored card is divined
1958 43
Bob Hummer, Al Koran Note Under Cups three cups, bill hidden under one and the cups exchanges after a pattern
Inspired by 1958 140
Tony Corinda (4) A Gem of Mental Magic blindfold and center tear
1958 149
William P. Miesel Vacation Time imaginary trip
July 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 10)
Dr. Spencer Thornton Thorntonism people write information on different billets, selected one is divined, method to switch billets with a magazine
1958 1
Dr. Spencer Thornton Transmission by Contact divination of drawing, slate
1958 25
James Torry Slated for Action ideas with children's toy called Magic Slate
  • ESP Revelation
  • Before Your Eyes
  • Suggestions
Related to 1958 217
Werner Krämer-Orlano Mentalzeichen cards with symbols and colors and box with two wheels with same attributes, wheels are turned to select card
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 5)
Tony Corinda (2) The Centre Tear (Corinda Variation) in depth instruction
1959 166
Tony Corinda (1) The Lady is a Mindreader medium gets thought of card, date on a coin and date of birth
1959 263
Tony Corinda (7) The Third Man two telephone books, with medium
1959 268
Tony Corinda (27) Cryptopsychism medium reveals word, code
1959 298
LaVerne Duvall Four Count Telepathy three spectators write different things on a paper and seal them in an envelope, while performer is not in the room, when he returns he divines the content and the spectators who wrote it
1959 13
Ernest LePell Mental Pad Idea price tag idea for Nelson's Mental Pads
1959 18
Robert A. Nelson Fortune Telling by Cards with gypsy fortune telling cards, card is divined
1959 30
Robert A. Nelson Publicity Feature object put in safe are described
1959 33
Sydney Bergson Psychiatrix comedy drawings, stack some are selected and divined
Inspired by
  • Roger Price's Droodles
1959 33
Eddie Joseph Thought Interception (or Starology) chosen word or object is divined, among several objects one is chosen and on a chart with different letters spectator has to check in which column first letter of his object appears (binary method), several variations
  • Close-Up Presentation 'A'
  • Close-Up Presentation "B"
  • Close-Up Presentation "C"
  • Close-Up Presentation "D"
  • Close-Up Presentation "E"
  • Club Presentation
  • Stage Presentation
  • Two Person Presentation
  • Additional Effects
  • "Think of your Age"
1959 1
Jack Yates Vier Gegenstände three matches facing one way and one match facing the opposite way. After moving matches around, magician correctly can divine which is the reversed match without looking
Also published here 1959
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 20 No. 2)
Fredric Kolb Dead Name Duplikation name is written on a card and sealed in an envelope, performer does the same, and they match
Also published here 1959
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 20 No. 6)
Cyro Think of a City several cities are written on a slate, one thought of and performer divines it by marking an X next to it, moving part
1960 60
Len Belcher Radiopathy writing duplication on slates by medium, slates in bags
1960 62
Tom Sellers One Ahead Number Effect five spectators write a number and their initials on cards, cards are put in a box performer divines all
1960 67
Corvello Caught Thoughts thought is divined, written on cigarette paper, carbon in cigarette box
1960 75
Gerry Findler Those Mystic Signs Again eighteen signs, with easy number mnemonics
1960 95
Howard A. Adams Gruesome name chosen from list is divined
Variations Dec. 1960 237
Harlan Tarbell Postal Inspektion card is placed in envelope and divined, peek envelope
Also published here 1960
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 21 No. 1)
Lane Bateman Some Ideas on Tricks on Ultissimo and Loki's Locket
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1961)
Robert A. Nelson Life Savers with an ESP Flavor bag with different flavored Life Savor candies, spectator takes one and eats it, performer divines taste
1961 11
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes brand of cigarette is divined
1961 11
Fredric Kolb Business Card Telepathy symbols drawn on business cards, selected one is divined
1961 15
The Amazing Maurice Mental Currency one of four bills is put in an envelope, performer divines which, olfactory method
1961 17
The Amazing Maurice Maurice's Handy Andy impression method with envelopes and a note pad, carbon paper
Related to 1961 20
The Amazing Maurice Newspaper Ad Test five ads are cut from a newspaper and put on a board, one is selected and divined by performer
1961 23
The Amazing Maurice License Plate Numbers cards with license plate numbers and states, one is selected and performer divines ten digit number and state
1961 25
Eugene Gloye Ultra-Psyc two versions, prediction of thought of words, probability force ideas
Jan. 1961 240
Ernest Heldman Some Gruesome Comments simplification of Adams routine
Inspired by Feb. 1961 245
Thomas Alan Waters Subliminal Imagery with Ishihara color plates, spectator sees a correct number where he cannot see one
Also published here Mar. 1961 247
Thomas Alan Waters Addenda to "Mystery of the Blackboard information written on blackboard is divined blindfolded
Inspired by Aug. 1961 269
North Bigbee Ribbon Kno four different colored ribbons with safety pins, color is divined behind back and blindfolded
Sep. 1961 273
Ernest W. Brady Remembering Things to Come several poems, thought of word is divined
Dec. 1961 284
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks Markierungstrick divination of year and name, both written down by performer and spectator on cards, with card stand, glimpse with mirror
Also published here 1961 36
Dr. Stanley Jaks Röntgenaugen selected objects, one selected and put in a pill box which is attached to an index card with scotch tape, object is divined
Also published here 1961 60
Dr. Stanley Jaks Der Block von "Lefcadio" blocks with letters are moved, without looking performer divines amount of moves
Inspired by
  • Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein's "Der Name des Freundes" in Charly Eperny's "Das Rohnsteinbuch 4", 1959
Also published here
1961 69
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks Kuvert-Mysterium several spectators get an envelope, three cards are added and total written on a fourth card, those cards are put in one envelope along with a ribbon, color of ribbon, total, fourth card and person holding the cards are divined
Also published here 1961 71
Dr. Stanley Jaks Jaks neuster Hellsehtrick message on performer's forehead is divined
Related to 1961 83
Dr. Stanley Jaks Das Codetelegramm word from text selected with role of dice, use of progressive anagrams
Also published here 1961 112
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks Fingerhutmysterium six thimbles covering six objects, performer knows which thimble was lifted
Also published here 1961 160
Howard A. Adams Tenvelopes three digit numbers are divined, with small envelopes
Mar. 1962 295
Dr. William Weyeneth Die geheimnisvolle Cigarettenschachtel glimpse of number inside a cigarette case, numbers on paper
Related to 1962
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 23 No. 5)
Nate Leipzig The First Born Child maiden name of a woman tells if first born was a boy or a girl, esoteric
1963 138
Sid Lorraine A Backward Spell divination of a word on a small billet, folded and clipped, N.C.R Paper
Apr. 1963 343
Gerald Kosky Authors cards with famous authors on them, spelling, author is divined
Also published here Nov. 1964 401
Dr. William Weyeneth Ein magisches Juwel chosen design in envelope is divined
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 4)
Ben Maghy Experiment mit Gehirnsubstanz cards with numbers, spectator thinks of a card and removes all cards wich have the number on it, spectator quickly looks through the cards and sees which number appears on all cards, different presentation for classic effect calculator / age cards using bottles
Related to 1965
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 26 No. 6)
Al Baker Silk Divination spectator touches silk while performer is out of the room, performer knows which one, assistant
May 1966 34
Joseph Dunninger Out for Number Divination
Aug. 1966 50
Dennis Patten Peep-O word divination, written on a paper covered with the drawer of a matchbox
1967 181
James G. Thompson Jr. Blackout Magic classic one ahead routine, with reading in the dark presentation
Inspired by 1967 46
James G. Thompson Jr. Embers billet in envelope is burnt, divination of word
1967 48
Ned Rutledge Singin' in the Brain people summing songs in their heads, performer divines them, spectators write songs down, as a climax two people think of same song
Also published here 1967 55
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge Telastrophy Jr. with tricolor pen, three things written on blank cards, match perfectly with what performer has written
Also published here 1967 58
Walter B. Gibson Zum Dessert: Buchstabieren spectator thinks of one of seven objects, performer taps them while spectator spells silently, at end of word performer taps thought-of object, progressive anagram
Also published here 1967
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 28 No. 1)
Raymond Hafler Color Mental three safety pins with colored beads, performer divines color behind back
June 1968 186
Peter Alexis Triple Telepathy two spectators write word on face-up deuces in deck, "ghostlike piece of paper" appears in almost dark room from cased deck, performer divines words
Dec. 1968 231
George B. Anderson Impossible Mindreading apparently member of audience interrupts performance by thinking a number, person has to raise hand
1968 12
George B. Anderson Tuning In on a Mindreader word is written on slate and erased, divination of word, oiled chalk
1968 19
George B. Anderson A Guide for Word Divinations puns/lines to use for divining each letter of the alphabet
1968 20
J. Pickstone Elizabeth Arden number divination, with a mirror
1969 51
Charles Cameron The Taste Tells cards with different drinks, one is selected and all put in envelopes, right one is found and divined
1969 52
John Bragoli Licensed Telepathy blindfolded divination of one of ten drinks written on cards
1969 71
Albert Spackman Miniature Rapping Hand miniature doll hand in box rapping and answering questions, different routine ideas,
  • word and card divination and with spirit slates
  • stop trick with cards
  • whistle put into the box and the hand moves and the whistle blows
  • gipsy thread is restored in the box, while hand moves
  • in conjunction with "The Thing"
  • card turnover

Related to 1969 74
B. B. Koch VIP names written on cardboard strips, medium divines chosen strips, see also p. 264 for suggestion by Jules Conway, see p. 308 for reference
Related to Apr. 1969 250
John Adams Red, White & Blue Mental Effect with assistant, spectators chose an object in the room while performer waits outside, assistant points to various objects with a wand, eventually performer reveals object, effect is repeated
1969 3
David Robbins Another "Telephone" Effect objects are named over phone
1969 11
Eddie Joseph Secret Ballot spectator makes an X next to a name on a list, then an X to all the others, first name is divined, lipstick on pen
1969 274
Eddie Joseph Thought Reflection three spectators each chose a name, then they pocket an item (from five on the table) according to a list that matches the names with the items while performer is out of the room, then he divines the chosen names and articles, remaining items are key
1969 287
Alan Shaxon Triple Reading three cards in envelopes, color, number and amount of lose change is divined
Related to 1970 43
Alan Shaxon Card Mentalism for Two four people select a card and card is put in envelope, then one envelope is chosen, medium knows who's card it is and reveals it's identity
1970 46
Alan Shaxon In Person! MC trick, a name is chosen from a booklet containing artists as well as his telephone number, the number appears on a slate, the picture of the artist in a frame and the artist performs next, forcing the artist
1970 70
Peter Brooke Dates three spectators with coins, a fourth coin is introduced and each spectator finally selects one, dates divined
Inspired by
  • "Hofzinser Variation" (Karl Fulves, Abra #1205)
Jan. 1970 311
Peter Alexis Effigy spectator writes down body part, performer divines it via figure on slate, voodoo presentation
July 1970 347
Don Nielsen, Karl Fulves Colorvision Revisited two color vision sets, three-phase matching routine
July 1970 349
Art Spring Divining Cup numbered slips with information written by spectators in cup, performer divines contents, slips secretly burned via flash paper
Oct. 1970 367
Robert Parrish Duplex Slates color, food and city written on slate by different spectators, then put in envelope, another slate (signed by spectators) is used by performer to divine choices
Winter 1970
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 4th Folio)
Milton Twin Echo geometric shape written on pad by first spectator, then a word by another, performer tears and burns both pieces, impression via sharp pencil, perhaps "D. Milton" (Fulves pseudonym)?
Winter 1970
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 4th Folio)
Frederick M. Shields Astro-Sphere / The Perfect Circle instead of Living and Dead Test zodiac divination
Inspired by 1970
Magick (Issue 3)
Paul Mauerhofer Im Dunkeln ist gut Munkeln medium in other room divines chosen photos, luminous paint
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 31 No. 1)
Francis J. Baker, Ron Baillie In the Sands cardboard box with sand, spectator writes ESP symbol in sand and shakes sand, assistant recreates sand drawing
Inspired by
  • idea in Pentagram from Ron Baille, ca. 20 years ago
May 1971