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Frederick E. Jones Mind Reading, Secrets and Sealed Billet Reading on muscle reading
1911 3
Frederick E. Jones Tips on Finding the Knife tips on muscle reading
1911 8
Frederick E. Jones Second Test in Mind-Reading word in dictionary is selected and the book and a pin are hidden, performer finds objects and word, blindfolded
1911 12
Frederick E. Jones Street Drive driving blindfolded through the city and finding hidden object
1911 15
Frederick E. Jones Writing of any Combination of Figures guessing numbers, while writing them again on a blackboard, held by the spectator
1911 18
Frederick E. Jones Writing the Date of a Coin guessing number on a coin, while writing it together with spectator, muscle reading and probability
1911 19
Frederick E. Jones First Test in Reading Sealed Billets envelope is found by muscle reading, then content is revealed, electric torch
1911 20
Frederick E. Jones Second Test in Sealed Billet Reading envelope is found by muscle reading, then question is answered
1911 21
Frederick E. Jones Third Test in Sealed Billet Reading question is folded and put in an envelope, which is sealed with wax and sewn, performer finds the hidden envelope and reveals the question
1911 24
Gerald Kosky Touch-Me-Not finding hidden object, fake, code
Apr. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 59)
George B. Anderson A Mental Illusion two hidden objects are found in the audience, looks like contact mind reading, detective presentation
Variations 1949 31
George B. Anderson Card Muscles with contact mindreading
1949 42
Thought Discernment divine on which hand someone is thinking
Related to
  • Joseph Ovette's "Yogi Power"
1951 11
Ormond McGill Telepathic Card Selection finding one of five cards
1951 11
Ormond McGill The Hidden Object Test
Related to
  • Dariell Fitzkee's "Contact Mindreading"
1951 12
Ormond McGill Improved Muscle Reading headphones with metal plate on the end of the wire, two versions to find a selected card, first with sleight of hand to elicit a good spectator for muscle reading for second phase
1951 16
Pauline Hammer, Nail and Chalk Cross blindfolded performer finds hammer and nail hidden in the room, then he finds the chalk cross and drives the nail through it
1951 18
Ormond McGill Mental Impulse spectator sit in a circle one is touched on the forehead, performer knows which one, non-contact mindreading
1951 19
Theodore Annemann A Mediumistic Stunt sealed and thought of cards are divined
1952 15
Tony Corinda Part Five: Muscle Reading
  • Advanced Forms of Contact Mind Reading
  • The Copper Wire Contact
  • Action with the Chosen Object Following Location
  • When to Use Contact Mind Reading
  • The Blindfold
  • Hellstromism
  • The Blackboard Test
  • Conclusion
1958 50
Tony Corinda Glorified Muscle Reading presentation and staging contact mindreading
1960 384
Dick Johnson Ouija - Ouija idea for contact reading climax
1961 29
George B. Anderson Muscle Reading brief
1968 41
John Newman Neuman's Muscle Reading No. 415, seven tips for muscle reading, and seven tests:
  • 1) Flower Test
  • 2) Cards
  • 3) Book and Poem Test
  • 4) Typewriter Test
  • 5) Cigarette and Match Test
  • 6) without contact
  • 7) Paper Test With Writing On Paper
1972 112
Stephen Minch King of the Thought Ways
1974 12
Gerald Kosky Contact Mindreading Made Easy method learned by Ari De Leone
Magick (Issue 107)
Burling Hull The Who Dunnit Mystery four weapons in row on table, selected weapon, victim and murderer divined
1976 44
Sandy Spillman Digital Divination spectator thinks of one finger, performer divines which one
Magick (Issue 211)
Hal Weaver, Robin Weaver Quick Guide to Contact Mindreading - Part I
  • The Basic Principle
  • Make the Subject Think
  • A Process of Elimination
  • How do You Begin?
  • Where to Start
  • Discovering the Target
  • Getting the Subject to Move
Magick (Issue 233)
Hal Weaver, Robin Weaver Quick Guide to Contact Mindreading - Part II
  • Tune In
  • Only an Experiment
  • Keep a Running Record
  • End the Experiment Differently
  • Don't Fear Failure
  • Extend the Technique
  • Verbal Suggestions
Magick (Issue 235)
Thomas Alan Waters Palmystic muscle reading technique, hidden as palmistry
Related to 1981
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Omnimancy)
Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann Methods of Gaining Information for Performer for the blindfold drive
  • A: The Impression Envelope
  • B: The Stuffed Pen
  • C: Stuffed Cigarette
  • D: Contact Mindreading
  • E: Impression Notebook
  • F: (publicity with VIPs)
  • G: A Confederate
  • H: Clip Boards, Etc.
  • I: Audience Participation (with changing bag)
1984 3
Steve Beam Leftovers on an idea for finding a check with muscle reading, a very risky idea to find a selected card over the phone, John Riggs
1985 120
Sandy Spillman Something on My Mind: Contact Mind Reading on muscle reading
Nov. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 5)
Sandy Spillman Something on My Mind: Contact Mind Reading - Part 2 on muscle reading, Axel Hellstrom
Dec. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 6)
Dr. E. Raymond Carlyle, Max Abrams Kismet: Pseudo Contact Mind Reading using center tear, tips for center tear
Feb. 1995
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 8)
The Will Power Trick spectator stops at the right card when moving his finger along a fan, pulse and muscle reading
1997 2
Greg Albright Practice Contact routine to practice muscle reading, finding selected card blindfolded
Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 17)
David Berglas Contact Mindreading on muscle reading, several ways to perform it, anecdote with Paul Daniels and Dondo Burghardo (misspelled as Berkado)
2002 397
10 Rules For Muscle-Reading
Also published here
  • Joe Labéro, Wundermänner, 1933
July 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 7)
Ted Karmilovich Hellstromism tips, thoughts and suggestions for muscle reading
2016 1
Tyler Wilson Muscle Writing opposite of muscle reading, spectator follows performer's actions (hopefully)
2017 19