181 entries in Apparatus / Changing & Switching Devices
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Voyage d'une carte expliqué Card in a box travel to another card in another box explained, box with flap
1786 86
The Reversible Canister bottle with two compartments to switch handkerchief or something else
1876 245
The Burning Globe brass globe for switching
1876 246
The Magic Coffers tin boxes for switching (e.g. beans to coffee-berries)
1876 333
Changing Caddies box with two or three lids for changing objects
1876 348
The Magic Vase and Caddy (To make peas change places with a handkerchief.)
1876 351
The Changing Cover object is switched underneath metal cover
1876 356
The Changing Ladle on a stick, to change flat objects, as card burning, paper switch or Q&A device
Related to 1876 358
The Bran Glass glass (apparently) filled with bran covered, bran changes into anything
Related to 1876 383
The Tables in use in Stage Tricks
  • The "Plain" Trap
  • The "Wrist" or "Pressure" Trap
  • The "Rabbit" or "Dove" Trap
  • "Changing" Traps
  • The "Money" Trap
  • "Pistons" (for working mechanical apparatus)
  • "Bellows" Tables
1876 437
A New Changing Card-box, an Tricks therewith
1890 121
Devono Watch-bag watch placed in bag and bag swung around to crash watch
Variations 1890 193
Professor Hoffmann Watch-Stocking lady's stocking produced from spectator, watch placed in lady's socking which is swung around to crash watch
Inspired by 1890 195
Bland A Saucepan to Cook a Handkerchief pan with secrets compartment
1890 233
Die Kartenservante No. 11, deck switch with servante behind chair
Related to 1895 80
Vertauschen eines Kartenspieles vermittelst Servante deck switch with servante behind chair
Related to 1896 176
Emil Clauß, Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Halbfertige Ideen tray for switching
Jan. 1902
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 1)
The Hat divider, introduced into borrowed top hat
1903 12
Dr. Lynn Switching Parcel in Hat using two borrowed hats to switch item, body load
1903 14
Hamley Brothers The Velvet Changing Bag
1903 81
Das Geheimnis des Wörterbuches empty billets put in hat, a page chosen in a dictionary, that page opened in another one and counted down to a word that corresponds with a number chosen from a change bag of number cards, that word is suddenly on a billet that's chosen form the hat, using force book with only two numbers to force page
Related to May 1904
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 5)
Charles T. Jordan The Card and Bag Mystery No. 30, Joker is put in envelope and pierced with thread inside a bag, it transposes with a selection, duplicate
1919/1920 77
Edward Bagshawe The Circle of Coincidence five different-colored silks are put in envelopes and attached to a star stand, five color cards are shuffled and matched up with the silks, tray to switch cards
1924 11
Oswald Rae The Mysterious Links separate links form into a chain, using a tray
Related to 1926 39
Oswald Rae A Visible Servante hat to switch decks
1928 11
Oswald Rae Switching Table flap
1928 65
Oswald Rae Clairvoyance (A Method of Answering Sealed Questions, etc., Specially Devised for Close Work with a Small Audience), envelopes on a tray, with medium
1928 82
Oswald Rae The Mysterious Links very brief, details in Oswald Rae's "Between Ourselves", separate links form into a chain with tray
Related to 1929 32
Theodore Annemann Seven Keys to Baldpate
1931 54
Oscar Weigle Fake Compartment Paper Cone
1939 60
E. D. Wolff Impromptu Change Bag folded napkin
Jan. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 76)
William Larsen, T. Page Wright The L. W. Lost Chord cut rope placed inside changing bag, knotted rope is removed and eventually restored
1941 ca. 204
Cloth Changing Bag double bag, used for number force
1941/27 292
Elusive Silks change bag routine with appearances, disappearances, color changes
1941/27 358
Tom Sellers A Colour Force change bag type
1942 8
George Armstrong The G.A. Card Changing Tray
July 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 13)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room last ideas by Annemann, on Greer Marechal building a changing bag from a hat, newspaper clippings
July 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 14)
Tom Sellers Parasol Exchange Tube
1943 8
Change-Bag Switch no motivation given
1943 12
Phil J. Flad, Jr. Lota Bowl combined with change bag, silks are wrung out over lota bowl, transform into Union Jack
Oct. 1944 76
Henry J. Young The Flat Rabbit Comes to Life change box
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1945)
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Impromptu Change Bag paper bag, for switching stuff, forcing
1945 17
Robert A. Nelson A Subtle Touch with the Change Bag
1945 18
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Cigar Change Box billet switching box, similar to Otis Manning's "The OM Billet Switching Box"
Related to 1945 23
The Jap Handkerchief Box as a switching device for a few billets
1945 24
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley The Crystal Ball spectator sees selected word fro a newspaper clipping in a crystal ball, change bag
1947 59
Milbourne Christopher Cigarette Machine tobacco and paper placed in changing bag turn to cigarettes
Oct. 1947 359
George G. Kaplan The Trap-Door 'Kerchief silk for switching objects
1948 268
Harlan Tarbell The Tarbell Slot Board utility trey to switch or add things
1948/27 187
Eugene Gloye Magic Weaving - A Change Bag Quicke spools change into silks
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Eugene Gloye Spooks using change bag, silks appear and disappear, ghost story
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Lane Bateman Idea for Mr. Skunk Trick black and white paper changes to skunk, inside a bag
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957)
R. W. Grosholz Musical Thoughts different billets with songs, three are selected and pianist divines them by playing them on a piano
1959 10
Dr. Spencer Thornton Serial Number Telepathy one of five collected bills is selected and the serial number divined
1959 12
C. James Rainho Red White & Blue Fantasy silks change to flag, flag vanishes and appears on flag pole
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1960)
Robert A. Nelson Life Savers with an ESP Flavor bag with different flavored Life Savor candies, spectator takes one and eats it, performer divines taste
1961 11
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes brand of cigarette is divined
1961 11
Robert Harbin New Life for an Old Bag Newspaper change bag / sugar bag
1968 133
Theophil "Philius" Weidmann Der durchsichtige Changierbeutel how to build the transparent / clear forcing bag
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 6)
Syd the Sorcerer Knottery rope with three knots placed in a change bag, rope travels to Jap Handkerchief Box and only knots remain in bag
Also published here
  • Goodliffe's "Abracadabra"
1968 75
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Change Bag to force Page Number
Winter 1969
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 3rd Folio)
Fred Stocke Freddie's Funny Tie Trick comedy routine with assistant, tie is cut, then partially and eventually fully restored
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Edward G. Brown The Card Is Chosen from a Shuffled Pack in a Hat or Bag
1973 195
Edward G. Brown The Force Card Is Substituted for a Chosen Card by Means of Apparatus
1973 195
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Confetti Trick glass is filled with confetti from a box, confetti changes into rabbit, uses the Substitution Principle
1973 108
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Gobi Bowl bowl is filled with confetti from a box, confetti changes into water, uses the Substitution Principle
Also published here 1973 110
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Jewel Chest Mystery box with objects from the audience vanishes and appears again, uses the Substitution Principle
1973 112
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Linking Chain Links loose chain links link together in a glass, uses the Substitution Principle
1973 115
Patrick Page The Changing Bag handkerchiefs turn into flag
1974 62
Patrick Page The Twentieth-Century Handkerchief with change bag
1974 64
Richard Lyn Name Dropper! name is selected from clear plastic forcing bag, divined and appears on soot
Related to 1975
Magick (Issue 119)
John A. Novak Budget Saver substitute for Himber wallet, checkbook
Magick (Issue 126)
Fredric Broder Fortune's Cookies prediction of message from fortune cookies, lot of cookies in a box, several are selected
Magick (Issue 129)
Michael P. Hades Transparent Force Bag from clear polyethylene
1975 30
Gerald Kosky Super Money Passbook check changes to money, using switching folder / Jacob's Ladder
  • Instructions for Making the Folder
1975 201
Philip T. Goldstein Double Undercurrent card written down and selected card match
1976 20
Gene Nielsen Check Mate checkers in bag, spectator choses only checker with different color, forcing bag with flap
Related to 1976
Magick (Issue 150)
Patrick Page The Changing Bag routine with child, handkerchiefs appear
1976 245
Egyptian Cabinet cabinet with drawer to switch objects
1976 132
Burling Hull An Old Word Force double-pocket bag with numbered chips
1976 74
Tan Hock Chuan The Reappearing Pearls String of pearls appear in empty box
1977 39
Dennis Marks Mark's Man business cards, some with X, to select spectator
Also published here 1978
Magick (Issue 200)
Len Belcher Schlaue Spinne silks placed inside match boxes and shuffled in a bag, blue on is divined using a spider on a stick (Chinese stick), blue silk vanishes from box and appears with spider
Also published here
  • Len Belcher's "Parlour Games"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 39 No. 4)
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Card to Canary Box
1978/76 119
Classic Change Bags various models and designs, Purse, Willmann, Bartl, P&L, Conradi, Abbot
1978/76 197
Card Ladle on a stick, to change card
Related to 1978/76 200
Servais LeRoy Change Tray flap
1978/76 202
Fire Globe "Caracelli Vase", object is burnt in small vase and returns unharmed
1978/76 204
Exchange Cannister two types, tube and box
1978/76 205
Coffee and Milk Cups "The Kellar Cups", cups poured with confetti change into coffee and milk
1978/76 248
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Okito Confetti to Goldfish in Water uses the Substitution Principle
1978/76 250
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Canary Effect egg transforms into canary inside temple-like box
1978/76 254
U. F. Grant Plastic Forcing Bag clear forcing bag with three compartments, brief
Magick (Issue 236)
Craig Karges Chek Mate bank night, spectators play for performer's fee, psychological twist, clear forcing bag
Variations 1980
Magick (Issue 265)
Ken De Courcy The Clever Lady Trick three cards chosen, one remembered, all cards torn in quarters, performer does same, all pieces tossed in change bag, spectator removes four pieces, they make up selection, it is restored in bag
Inspired by
  • marketed George Blake effect
1980 45
Dennis Marks Grand Strategy color chip chosen by spectator, scrambled cube solved by performer blindfolded, first chosen color then rest, cube really brute-force solved
Also published here 1981
Magick (Issue 277)
Theo "Okito" Bamberg The Bowl of Confetti and Water bowl is filled with confetti from a box, confetti changes into water, uses the Substitution Principle, with a more concrete description of Okito's Handling than in "The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs"
Also published here 1982 14
Exchange Flower Box objects in box change to flowers
1982 178
The Grande Entrance No. 100, with Nelson changing grocery paper bag
1983 28
Nelson Lyford Changierbeutel x3 intro
Also published here
  • Nelson Lyford's Notizbuch
Jan. 1983
Intermagic (Vol. 9 No. 4)
Nelson Lyford Die Juwelen des Kaisers Wang Foo routine with pearls, wine glasses and change bag
Jan. 1983
Intermagic (Vol. 9 No. 4)
Nelson Lyford, R. Waddell Die Knotenlosen Knoten silk knot routine with change bag
Jan. 1983
Intermagic (Vol. 9 No. 4)
Nelson Lyford Vollkommen Unerwartet billiard ball routine with - wait for it - a change bag
Jan. 1983
Intermagic (Vol. 9 No. 4)
Ken De Courcy Changed Aces Deck dropped into Change Bag, magician pulls out Aces
Related to 1983 20
Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann Methods of Gaining Information for Performer for the blindfold drive
  • A: The Impression Envelope
  • B: The Stuffed Pen
  • C: Stuffed Cigarette
  • D: Contact Mindreading
  • E: Impression Notebook
  • F: (publicity with VIPs)
  • G: A Confederate
  • H: Clip Boards, Etc.
  • I: Audience Participation (with changing bag)
1984 3
Bill Worsley It's a Swindle with change bag and slips of paper
Also published here Jan. 1984
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 33)
Robert E. Neale Neale's Shortchange Wallet No. 70, wallet folded from paper, can be used to switch something
Also published here 1985 121
Robert E. Neale Short Change Wallet wallet folded from paper, can be used to switch something, optional slit à la Bendix Bombshell Wallet
VariationsAlso published here 1985 2
Karl Fulves Wallethots further ideas for Neale's wallet, easier way to construct it
Inspired by 1985 8
Gene Nielsen, Jeff Busby Ultimate Transparent Change Bag credit information and basic handling
Inspired by
  • "Transparent Change Bag" (U. F. Grant, late 1950s)
1985 1
Jeff Busby, Gene Nielsen Additional Notes on the transparent change bag
Related to 1985 7
Jack Yates Choice twelve objects are put in a bag, two spectators select one each, performer divines both, then from all objects are removed and replaced in the bag, the last one was predicted
1986 10
Jack Yates Clue six spectators with cards and pens, one of them writes an X on his card behind performers back, those with red cards must speak truth, black must lie, performer finds different colored disc, murder game
Variations 1986 51
Pedro Eine humorvolle Routine mit dem Changierbeutel handkerchief penetration, then they knot inside a changing bag
Gimmick (Issue 2)
Alan Shaxon Potted Chance different colored cups, bag with silks, children get candies in the remaining cup is money
Also published here 1986 22
Pat Conway The Conway Cigarette Case metal cigarette case as switching device, can be opened by spectator
Inspired by 1987 28
Jean Garance Eine Routine mit Seidenbändern und einem Changierbeutel ribbons in bag become ribbon rings, then they link, form a large ring and disappear at the end, with child assistant
1990 6
Christoph Borer Runenmirakel one of several rune stones is selected and spectator draws symbol, performer duplicates the drawing
Also published here 1991 8
Alexander de Cova Der Mandragones Umschlag envelope in clear plastic bag used to switch items
Inspired by
  • "Perfect Match" (Larry White)
1992 83
Mila Trnka Der Geheimnisvolle Becher idea for opaque cup as switching device
Also published here
  • Prager Zaubereien
Sep. 1992
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 2)
Alan Wakeling The Wakeling Top Hat changing top hat, foo can
1993 72
Jerry Mentzer Switch Calculator calculator with cover as two-way out switching device
1994 22
Alan Shaxon Versiegeltes Glück different colored cups, bag with silks, children get candies in the remaining cup is money
Also published here 1994 35
Bill Worsley So ein Schwindel with change bag and slips of paper
Also published here July 1994
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 4 & 5)
Karrell Fox The "Presto-Chang-O" Tube tube to switch or produce silks
1995 152
Stamped separating 1 cent stamps from 2 cent stamps, ca. 1930s
Underworld (Issue 1)
Karl Fulves Favorite Food No. 36, paper change bag, used to have the spectator select paper billets with his own favorite food
1995 50
Joseph M. White By the Numbers bag which contains discs with numbers on both sides, spectator selects some, total match named number, plastic forcing bag
Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Ali Cardabra Comedy Tuchverschwinden comedy silk vanish with change bag in which one side goes through bottom
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 4 & 5)
Dick Steiner The Ziploc Gizmo forcing bag made from clear ziploc bag
Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 17)
Jim Steinmeyer The Pickpocket Challenge
  • Conjuring
short-change routine with change bag, bills wrapped up in handkerchief and put in change bag transposes with blank paper bills, change bag credit information
Jan. 1998
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 5)
Jim Steinmeyer Expecting A Coincidence five decks are mixed together in clear plastic change bag, five spectators each choose the same card
Also published here
  • Strange Power and Other Problems for Magicians, 1992 lecture notes
June 1998
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 10)
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Die Herstellung how to build a clear forcing bag
Related to 1999 10
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Einige Ideen zur Handhabung handling of the clear changing bag
  • 1. Alle Fächer sind schon geladen
  • 2. Das heimliche Laden des Beutels
  • Die Wahl
  • Varianten
1999 13
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Tigris spectator selects piece of newspaper and choses a word, prediction
1999 17
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Han number, city and word is selected and all predicted on a parcel encoded in the sender's address, clear forcing bag
Related toAlso published here 1999 21
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Hoops a daisy spectator selects a zodiac card among twelve from a clear bag, it matches his zodiac sign
1999 27
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Ni Perro Ni Gatto poetry book, number, name and events are selected, written dedication found in the book for chosen event
1999 38
Barrie Richardson Alphabet Mentalism scrabble pieces in clear change bag, Trick that Fooled Einstein, followed by letter divination (tossed-out deck principle)
Also published here 1999 126
Kartenwanderung with change bag
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 2)
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Han number, city and word is selected and all predicted on a parcel encoded in the sender's address, clear forcing bag
Also published here 2000 13
Tom Stone Turbo Changebag one-handed plain change bag
Also published here 2000 12
Dennis Marks Zuschauer-Auslese business cards, some with X, to select spectator
Also published here 2000
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 4 & 5)
Wally Boyce Change Bag Chain colored loops link to a chain, routine with six children and a change bag
Dec. 2000
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 4)
Karl Fulves Kid Silks color changing silk routine with change back and two children that see different colors in in
Inspired by
  • Bruce Posgate column in New Tops
2001 150
Don Miller Waterproof Change Bag
Aug. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 12)
Donato Colucci The Traveling Egg introduction, description of bran glass
Related to 2002 153
Christoph Borer Der Zauberfreund number, city and word is selected and all predicted on a parcel encoded in the sender's address, clear forcing bag
Also published here 2003 6
Tomo Maeda Ten Socks in a Bag clear bag with socks, performer finds two of same color without looking, spectator finds two different-colored socks which match what the performer is wearing
Variations July 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 7)
Alexander de Cova Two Switch Boxes for switching decks or other items
  • The cigar switch box
  • The deck of cards switch box
2004 4
Barrie Richardson The Ambiguous Coffee Can two-sided can for two-way out, e.g. for Premonition
Also published here
  • Club 71, Winter 1999
2005 39
Barrie Richardson Marble Memories marble distribution taken by spectators divined, clear change bag
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Vibrations, May 2004
2005 150
Christoph Borer Der Zauberfreund number, city and word is selected and all predicted on a parcel encoded in the sender's address, clear forcing bag
Also published here 2006 26
Christoph Borer Runenmirakel one of several rune stones is selected and spectator draws symbol, performer duplicates the drawing
Also published here 2006 148
Christoph Borer Runen-Wunder selected rune stone is divined
Also published here
  • Runen-Mirakel in "Seminar 1997"
2006 151
Tom Burgoon Burgoon's Balloons routine in which spectators always get the same-colored balloon from a change bag
Nov. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 11)
Tony Bartolotta Signature Collection spectator choses a half-card from clear plastic bag, some others tossed up and performer catches matching half-card with a deck while riffling it, prediction card in wallet, then a different card is chosen and signed on back, card in wallet then has the signature on back, Himber wallet, clear forcing bag
Prolix (Issue 3)
Alan Wakeling Persia silks appear, change and fuse in changing fez
  • Notes (Jim Steinmeyer)
Sep. 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 9)
Karl Fulves The Flip Wallet two cardboards with ribbons, Jacob's ladder style, construction and several application, two-panel flexagon
Related to 2008
Prolix (Issue 5)
Karl Fulves, Robert E. Neale McKinney's Switch Device "Flexible Switching"
paper model of flexagon switching wallet
Related to 2009
Xtra Credit (Issue 3)
Tom Stone The Quiz Show classic Frank Lane comedy quiz show with final loads
Also published here 2009 7
Carl T. Dreher The Sorting Hat paper clips link in hat, presentation about sorting hat and which college the kids will attend
May 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 5)
David Acer The Sock Catcher sock travels from dryer into change bag, then initialed coin does
  • Part One: Sockgate
  • Part Two: Coingate
Oct. 2010
Genii (Vol. 73 No. 10)
Tom Stone The Quiz Show classic Frank Lane comedy quiz show with final loads
Also published here 2011 244
Tom Stone Turbo Change Bag one-handed plain change bag
Also published here 2011 246
Robert Cassidy, Erik Jan Hanussen The Hanussen Switch Bag switch bag, double sided Devil's Handkerchief
2013 130
Switching Box used for business cards here
June 2014
Genii (Vol. 77 No. 6)
George Sands Sun and Moon - Comedy Tie and Rope Routine comedy routine, cut and restored tie
Also published here
  • George Sands' "54 Years of Magic: Volume 5" 1991.
2014 79
John Gaughan The Card Ladle
  • The Chamber of Secrets
on a stick, to change flat objects
Related to Dec. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 12)
John Gaughan The Coffee Vase and Bran Bowl
  • The Chamber of Secrets
glass (apparently) filled with bran covered, bran changes into anything
Related to Jan. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 1)
David Kaye This Time... I Absolutely, Positively Know That One!
  • The Expert at the Kids' Table
change bag in magic sets
Mar. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 3)
Tom Stone Triptych of Bafflement
  • Lodestones
borrowed finger ring vanishes from one silk, small locked box vanishes from another silk, in a change bag appears the box with the ring inside
Feb. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 2)
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 16: Triple Match performer reads spectator thinking of three pieces of info written down by audience (social security number, a playing card and two geometric shapes), performer divines them all
Also published here
  • Roy Miller’s Mental Montage
2017 103
Nadia "Lou" Schürmann, Christoph Borer DIe Hexenprobe Kurotsuke effect with stones
2018 131
Kurt Freitag It's In the Bag spectator chooses a card and a rubber band color, both have been predicted, clear change bag
Sep. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 9)
Alberto de Figueiredo Rocky Raccoon card is signed and deck placed inside a changing bag, raccoon placed inside, all cards are destroyed except selection, York's razor deck
2018 113
Alberto de Figueiredo Los pañuelos y la caja routine with two children where handkerchiefs should travel to box, several handkerchiefs turn into a big one, using break-away fan and comedy wand, Clatter Box
2019 109
Mike Pisciotta The Devil's Lunch Sack paper back as switching device
2020 3
Joshua Jay Change Bag Results on clear plastic changing bags
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2005
2022 427
Jeremy Meadows Making a Clear Plastic Change Bag with lighter
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2005
2022 427
David Regal Brown Paper Change Bag
  • Material Concessions
switching device made from paper bag, application to change loose wooden pieces into assembled 3D puzzle
Feb. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 2)