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Theodore Annemann Call Me Up Sometime person calls during the show and names the card someone selected
Variations 1934 2
Keith Clark March of Time - Finale Trick paper cutting with clock face and time
VariationsAlso published here May 1936
The Jinx (Issue 20)
Royal Vale Heath Magic Squares chapter on Magic Squares, discussing
  • The Three Square
  • The Five Square
  • Odd and Even Cell Squares
  • The Eight Square
  • The Six Square
Variations 1938 911
L. Vosburgh Lyons Graphology spectators write on paper cards, performer assigns them correctly, pseudo-psychometry
Related toVariationsAlso published here Jan. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 74)
Robert Craig The Ball Point Pen Swami ink
Related to 1948
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948)
Tony Corinda, Joseph Dunninger, Maurice Fogel (3) De Profundis a color, number and city are predicted in a clear box attached to a rope, held by spectator
Variations 1958 105
John D. Pomeroy A Matter of Time forcing a time with a watch, spectator spins stem
Related toVariations 1973 37
Alan Shaxon The Invisible Card and Envelopes An invisible though of card is put in an invisible envelope and sealed in an empty visible envelope. Envelope and correct card appear.
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1976 12
Rudolf Braunmüller Plauderstunde Ted Lesley on television
June 1976
Intermagic (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Craig Karges Chek Mate bank night, spectators play for performer's fee, psychological twist, clear forcing bag
Variations 1980
Magick (Issue 265)
Ted Lesley The Glass Key keys put in glass, glass explodes keys are bent
1981 10
Al Smith (reviewer) Marked by Ted Lesley (written by Martin Breese) 1983
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 10)
Ted Lesley 1, 2 Many coin up the sleeve into glass, then same with sip of a drink
Nov. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 31)
Philip T. Goldstein Out of Sorts thought-of card (from eight) found and named with back turned
Variations 1984 5
Basil Horwitz Challenge Thought, Version II word and symbol written on cards and sealed in envelope, both are divined by performer
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1984 65
Philip T. Goldstein Humthing cards with names of different songs, chosen one is played / divined, using non-existent titles that sound plausible
Related to 1986 2
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Working Performer's Marked Deck by Ted Lesley (written by Ted Lesley) Mar. 1987
Epoptica (Issue 8)
Ted Lesley Flame Proof! fee of performer is placed inside one of several envelopes, envelopes are shuffled and performer destroys all envelopes but the one with the bills
Jan. 1988
Magick (Issue 400)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Braun, Allen Swift, Hugh Riley, Ted Lesley, Cicardi
July 1988
Magick (Issue 408)
Ted Lesley Memory Bank apparently memorizing deck and naming position of selection
Mar. 1989
Magick (Issue 419)
Ted Lesley Firefly mentally turning off TV or lamp at home of friends
Sep. 1989
Magick (Issue 428)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ross Johnson, Ted Lesley, Tommy Tucker, Marcello Truzzi
Apr. 1990
Magick (Issue 438)
Ted Lesley Book of Seven Seals using attached book mark to force page, ribbon with seal
Variations June 1990
Magick (Issue 441)
David Zver Book, Too spectator places attached bookmark in book to chose page, ribbon with seal
Inspired by Nov. 1990
Magick (Issue 448)
Ted Lesley Paper Wait sheet signed in bottom corner
Dec. 1990
Magick (Issue 449)
Ted Lesley Die Faltmünze coin in bottle, long article with multiple versions
Also published here Aug./Sep. 1991
Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Raven, Ted Lesley, Bob Brown
May 1991
Magick (Issue 455)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Haines, Toni Foster, Ted Lesley, Charlie Reynolds
Nov. 1991
Magick (Issue 463)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ted Lesley, Meeting of the Minds, Cicardi, Rudy Hunter
Feb. 1992
Magick (Issue 468)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ted Lesley, Richard Busch
Oct. 1992
Magick (Issue 479)
Ted Lesley A Brief History credit information on the Harry Devano Rising Card gaff
1992 1
Ted Lesley The Devano Rising Cards
  • Handling Technique
  • Card and Maintenance
  • Routines (also with Zodiac, ESP)
  • Tips and Suggestions (doing only one rise as opposed to multiple cards)
1992 1
Ted Lesley The Berlin Bears spectator selects one of four different teddy bears, prediction of color of the bear and spectator's name, using Lesley's "The Informatico Principle"
1992 57
Ted Lesley The Psy-aid Tarot card divination and haunted deck with plate lifter method
Related to June 1993
Magick (Issue 491)
John Scarne Remote Control card travels to a spectator at back of room, bogus signature
  • Footnote to History (giving real method for "Western Union Trick")
Related to 1994
Rigmarole (Issue 9)
Lee Earle Editor's Desk: Kudos, Corrections, & Comments on Craig Karges, Jack Dean, Gene Grant, Ted Lesley, Punx, Craige Snader, David Goodsell, Bill Dahlquist, Bev Bergeron
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Toni Forster Foreword
  • Ted Lesley As Magic Enthusiast
  • Ted Lesley As Performer
  • Ted Lesley As Mensch
  • Ted Lesley As Inventor
  • Finally, About this Book
1994 xi
Ted Lesley Notes on My Life with Friends includes Werry, Punx, Bernd Martin Langscheid
1994 1
Ted Lesley Danny Ray & Marcelle
1994 15
Ted Lesley Tricks of Raised Consciousness on locator cards
1994 17
Ted Lesley The Principle principle to force one out of three cards, three marked locator cards, spectator cuts deck in his hands
1994 24
Ted Lesley The Kismet Connection spectator cuts to a card which matches card from second deck which was placed in envelope
Related toVariations 1994 27
Ted Lesley Two Decks with But a Single Thought a spectator selects card and places it unseen inside an envelope, other spectator selects same card, Kismet envelope
1994 34
Ted Lesley The More Frequent Miracle two people deal cards from shuffled decks until two cards match, matching card is predicted reversed in third deck, repeated by reversing new card and cutting other two decks
Inspired by
  • Tom Bowyer's "The Frequent Miracle" in "The Sphinx" Vol. 39, Nr. 3. P. 67. 1940.
1994 37
Ted Lesley Medium in Your Pocket medium is called during radio show, host opens new deck, shuffles, cuts and put one card inside his pocket
Inspired by 1994 42
Ted Lesley Alpha forcing a word using ABC cards, cards are shuffled and some card selected by cutting, word is formed by spectator
1994 46
Ted Lesley Nap on the Ridge winner receives the deck
1994 49
Ted Lesley, Philip T. Goldstein The Out of Sorts Variations thought-of card (from eight) found and named with back turned, two variations
Inspired by 1994 52
Ted Lesley Seer of the Trivial answer to question from Trivial Pursuit is predicted in envelope
1994 60
Ted Lesley Prediction Envelope multiple-out index envelope, content held with pins
1994 63
Ted Lesley Princess of the Opera five opera songs are divined by pianist, selection using opera tickets
  • A Theater Version
Inspired by
  • "Pick Up an Object" on "Finn John: Mentalism" video tape.
Related to
1994 69
Ted Lesley Boris Bossi and Eschi
1994 79
Ted Lesley Thoughts Untouched name and symbol written on cards and sealed in envelope, both are divined by performer
Inspired by 1994 81
Ted Lesley Black Magic method to read information of business card, card placed inside envelope, using stack of cards
Also published here
  • "Magische Welt" Vol. 27, No1. 1978. P. 27.
1994 89
Ted Lesley Dissertation on the Center Tear on the presentation of the center tear and billet reading, with several anecdotes
1994 93
Ted Lesley Raxon
1994 107
Ted Lesley Spare Change prediction of amount of coins spectator has in wallet, missing a coin in spectator's pocket is added to match prediction
Also published here 1994 109
Ted Lesley The Working Performer's Switch Pad sheet is switched while it is removed from pad, clipped corner
1994 111
Ted Lesley Border Intelligence using used writing pad as a word index
1994 115
Ted Lesley Dream Decks history and ideas for the Bagshawe / Koran Forcing deck
1994 117
Ted Lesley Symbolico deck with symbols, chosen one is divined, Koran type with pumping feature
1994 121
Ted Lesley Effects for an Invisible Author ideas with "Magic Pens", invisible ink becomes visible when drawing with other pen over it
  • The Book Test
  • Living an Dead
  • Pseudo Psychometry
Related to
  • Larry Becker's "The $5,000 Challenge Prediction"
1994 125
Ted Lesley The Mentalist's Close-up Corner on having a performing station / booth for events, people approach magician
1994 128
Ted Lesley The Mentalist's Tablecloth magnets under tablecloth, plate lifter used, to cue spectator, move objects etc.
  • The Dung Beetle Revelations
  • The Living Dead
  • Greased Ghost (Haunted deck with plate lifter method)
  • Grand Mal Geller (spoon in bag moves and bends)
Related to 1994 132
Ted Lesley Meine Version des Hold-Out with two rubber bands looped together and attached to string, method to vanish spoon and to steal billets
Also published here
  • "Meine Version des Hold-Out" in "Magische Welt", Vol. 38, No. 3. 1989. P. 211.
1994 139
Ted Lesley Ralf and Inge Bialla
1994 147
Ted Lesley Pro-monition Premonition routine, card found in performer's pocket
1994 149
Ted Lesley Card Index with rubber bands
1994 156
Ted Lesley Alexander Adrion
1994 165
Ted Lesley New Pseudo-psychometric Exercises general comments and ideas
1994 167
Ted Lesley Technicolor Graphology spectators write on paper cards, performer assigns them correctly, pseudo-psychometry
Inspired by 1994 170
Ted Lesley Crimmerian Psychometry pseudo psychometry, method to mark envelopes during performance, blindfolded
1994 173
Ted Lesley Black Magic² Pseudo Psychometry, information written on business cards, last information is a number which is divined by doing a magic square
Inspired by 1994 177
Ted Lesley Milo and Roger
1994 187
Ted Lesley The Teleport Envelope general remarks
Variations 1994 189
Ted Lesley Serial Killer using the Teleport Envelope
1994 191
Ted Lesley Sign Onboard signed card travels to envelope, Teleport Envelope
Related to 1994 194
Ted Lesley Herald from the Invisible Realms an invisible though of card is put in an invisible envelope and sealed in an empty visible envelope, including sticker with named number, Teleport Envelope
Related to 1994 196
Ted Lesley The Sough of Horses' Wings part of chosen page appears in envelope, Teleport envelope
  • Surrounded Performance
1994 203
Ted Lesley Construction of the Teleport Envelope
Also published here
  • "Neuer Teleportations-Umschlag" in "Magische Welt" Vol. 30, Nr. 6. 1981. P. 307.
1994 211
Ted Lesley Billy McComb
1994 221
Ted Lesley News Time set time is divined by cutting news paper
Inspired by 1994 223
Ted Lesley My Telephone Directory Test three phases, with prediction finale, using a knife
Inspired by
  • Kurt Teichmann's "Telephone Directory Test"
1994 232
Ted Lesley Mind Over Meniscus with wine glass
1994 242
Ted Lesley Guiding Star prediction slip in pill box of spectator's zodiac sign
1994 251
Ted Lesley Pay Blaze performer's fee in envelope, all but one envelopes are burnt
Inspired by 1994 255
Ted Lesley Early Edition newspaper headline prediction, sent by mail in advance, several methods
1994 263
Ted Lesley Marvyn and Carol Roy - "Mr. Electric"
1994 275
Ted Lesley Mind Bender champagne glass on pile of books visibly bends, also glasses in hands of spectators are bent at the end
Related toVariations 1994 277
Ted Lesley Do the Right Thing: A Parting Word on copying magicians, stealing ideas
1994 291
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Ted Lesley's Paramiracles by Ted LesleyRelated to Nov. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 3)
Stephen Minch Paramiracles
  • Letters
Related to Dec. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Ted Lesley Money in Your Pocket prediction of amount of coins in spectator's wallet, missing a coin in pocket
Also published here 1995
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Lee Earle Editor's Desk: SYZYGY's Second Season on Ted Lesley, Larry Becker, Dr. Juris, Gene Urban, Graham Jolly, Marc Psiman, Satori, Richard Webster
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Alan Nguyen Bender Ender spoon seems to move under cover of handkerchief, becomes bent
Inspired by 1995
Labyrinth (Issue 4)
Christoph Borer Bank Night four envelopes, apparently goes wrong, three consolation prizes which are better than the prize the spectator wins
Related to
  • Black Magic III (Ted Lesley, 1997)
  • Eckhard Böttcher's "Bank Night verkehrt" in "Magische Perlen Band 1 - Das Beste aus meinem Routinen-Service" 1995, P. 21
Also published here
1997 14
Ted Lesley The Editor Writes
July 1997 2
Larry White The Bermuda Bottle label and coin penetrate corked bottle, wrapped inside newspaper, with variation by Ted Lesley
Related to July 1997 3
Ted Lesley Psychokinetic Banknight signed bill in one of four envelopes, several lighters, three envelopes are burnt, envelope with bill remains and last lighter does not work
July 1997 10
Ted Lesley Editorial on Tel-Aviv, Jeff McBride, Guy Bavli, Roy Oron, Lior Manor, Gerard Senehi, Caligostro, Emmanuel A. Rosen
Aug. 1997 2
Ted Lesley, Mark Garetz The Editors Write on Phil Goldstein, Tony Binarelli, Pepe Monfort, Alan Shaxon, Paul Alberstat
Sep. 1997 2
Ted Lesley The Box vibrating box, instant stooge
Inspired by Sep. 1997 11
Ted Lesley, Mark Garetz The Editors Write on Alex, Tony Binarelli, Pepe Monfort, Marvyn Roy
Oct. 1997 2
Boretti, Ted Lesley Perfect Pocket-Watch spectator sets time on closed pocket watch, performer divines it
Also published here Oct. 1997 12
Ted Lesley, Mark Garetz The Editors Write on Pepe Monfort, Mark Garetz
Nov. 1997 2
Ted Lesley Black Magic III four envelopes, apparently goes wrong, three consolation prizes which are better than the prize the spectator wins, with clever gaffed envelopes
Inspired by
  • Eckhard Böttcher's "Wrong Banknight" in "Magische Perlen Band I", 1995.
Related to
Nov. 1997 8
Ted Lesley, Mark Garetz The Editors Write on Billy McComb, KISS
Dec. 1997
Ted Lesley Foreword
1997 1
Edward Bagshawe, Al Koran, Ron Wilson, Gene "Phantini" Grant, Ted Lesley The "Dream-Deck"-Combination single card divination
1997 2
Ron Wilson, Ted Lesley David Hoy's Sensation six cards
1997 4
Harry Baron, Ken De Courcy, Ted Lesley Decisions! Decisions! spectator deals through deck and stops at random point, same card is found in performer's pocket
1997 7
Paul Maurer, Ulf "Borodin" Bolling, Ted Lesley The "Ball-Point"-Swami how to construct boon and nail-writer with ball-point
Related to 1997 14
Ted Lesley Money in Your Pocket prediction of total of spectator's coins, with kicker
1997 15
Boretti, Ted Lesley Perfect Pocket-Watch spectator sets time on closed pocket watch, performer divines it
Also published here 1997 17
Ted Lesley Teleport Professional construction details
Related to
  • Ted Lesley's "Neuer Teleportations-Umschlag" in "Magische Welt", 06 / 1981. P.307.
1997 21
Ted Lesley Origami-Telekinesis bill in envelope folds itself into origami figure, using Teleport-Envelopes and Glorpy
Also published here 1997 25
Ted Lesley Goin' Back in Time page is selected, signed and placed into an envelope, eventually signed page vanishes from envelope and is back attached in the book
1997 28
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on Dick Steiner, Bruce Bernstein, Robert Heinlein, Riley G. Ted Lesley, David Ashton III
Syzygy (Vol. 3 No. 18)
Ted Lesley, Mark Garetz The Editors Write
Jan. 1998
Ted Lesley The Editor Writes on the death of Karrell Fox, Billy McComb, Roger Klause
Feb. 1998
Ted Lesley The Editor Writes
Mar. 1998
John Riggs, Ted Lesley Confabulation in the Sock brief, uses Carl Cloutier's Card in the Sock gimmick
Mar. 1998 10
Ted Lesley The Editor Writes on the Masked Magician
Apr. 1998
Mind & Magic Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Ted Lesley Origami - Telekinesis bill in envelope folds itself into origami figure, using Teleport-Envelopes and Glorpy
Also published here Apr. 1998
Mind & Magic Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on Ted Lesley
Syzygy (Vol. 5 No. 1)
Gary Freed Test Conditions card cut to, prediction is 51-on-1 gag, with actual selection on the back
Related to 1999 133
Lee Earle Lee Earle at the Editor's Desk on Derren Brown, David J. Lieberman, Richard Mark, Ted Lesley, Victor Atkins, David Dee
Syzygy (Vol. 5 No. 7)
Sam Schwartz On The Square "A Magic Square Routine"
spectator takes any row or column of a 4x4 cards layout, values added, matched number of cut-off cards
Inspired by
  • Ted Lesley Magic Square routine
Related to
2003 301
Ted Lesley Introduction
2003 1
Ted Lesley Getting to Know You thought of card vanishes and appears in pocket
2003 2
Ted Lesley What......? No Wallet? thought of card is found in outside pocket which is locked with zipper and padlock, prediction
2003 4
Ted Lesley Ultimate Water Suspension hydrostatic glass routine
2003 7
Ted Lesley Shop of Horrors cutting in thumb, after blood is washed no injury can be seen
2003 11
Ted Lesley, Eckhard Böttcher Light Bulb Spectacular card and other objects travel inside light bulb, card, bill, liquid etc
2003 15
Neil Tobin, Larry Becker, Ted Lesley The Big Game bill is located among several envelopes and serial number is divined, using the Teleport Envelope
Inspired by 2003 23
Ted Lesley The Card in the Orange card is torn and put in envelope, all but one piece vanish and restored card is found in orange, Teleport Envelope
2003 25
Ted Lesley, Alan Wakeling Alan Wakeling's Liquid Sands with different colored liquids, similar to sand of dessert
2003 27
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Ted Lesley's Cabaret Mindreading and Cabaret Magic by Ted Lesley Feb. 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 2)
Richard Kaufman Genii Speaks Chris Capehart, Matthew Field, John Carney, Harry Lorayne, Ed Duco's death, Nick Trost, Ted Lesley
Dec. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 12)
Tom Stone DacheBox various unfinished ideas for Stewart James' Sefalaljia
  • Silks from Another Century
  • Wired (featuring idea for Ted Lesley's "Mind Bender")
  • Ceiling Thoughts
  • Shivers
  • Vanishing Sefalaljia
Also published here 2011 29
David Britland The Trick That Can Be Explained Will de Sieve card
Inspired by
  • "Kismet Connection" (Ted Lesley, Para Miracles)
Feb. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 2)
Ted Lesley Münze in Flasche coin in bottle, long article with multiple versions
Also published here July 2013 15
Roberto Giobbi, Ted Lesley The First Step when a spectator comes onto stage
  • Invitation
  • The Way of the Inchworm
  • Props
  • Interactive Questions
  • One, Two, Three
  • The Lesley Ploy
2016 28
Alexander de Cova Phoenix aus der Asche
Inspired by
  • Ted Lesley's bill in cigarette routine
2016 24
Ted Lesley Teleport Envelope
Related to
  • Ted Lesley's "Mental Mind-Up"
2018 103
Brad J. Aldridge, Jeff Prace Priority Mail Teleport Envelope
  • Left-Handed
using USPS Priority Mail envelope
Inspired by Aug. 2019
Genii (Vol. 82 No. 8)
Ben Hart, Neil Kelso Fake News claiming effects in subsequent letters to the booker after leaving impossible objects behind
Related to 2020 255
David Britland Cecil Keech: A Winning Bet
  • Cardopolis
card cut to, performer divines both the card and its position
Inspired by
  • description of Cecil Keech effect, 1930s
Apr. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 4)
David Britland A Trick for Ted Lesley
  • Cardopolis
card cut to, performer predicted both the card and its position, using Will de Sieve crimped card
Inspired by June 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 6)