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Henri Decremps Prodige arrivé sur la côte d'Afrique, chez un Peuple demi-sauvage. adventure story of an island and of Helioson who could bring the water of a river back Supplément A La Magie Blanche Dévoillée 108
Henri Decremps Machine hydraulique exprimant la circulation du fang dans les veines & les arteres. hydraulic machine to simulate the circulation of the blood in the arteries, variations Supplément A La Magie Blanche Dévoillée 173
Unknown The Magic Laundry borrowed handkerchiefs are "washed" in water tub and magically dried Modern Magic 258
Unknown The New Pyramids of Egypt, or Wine and Water Trick wine and water mixed, separate again, with glass and decanter under cone coversRelated to Modern Magic 377
Unknown The Wine and Water Trick - Improved Methods wine and water mixed, separate againRelated to More Magic 375
Unknown Wine or Water - Another Method chemical More Magic 380
Professor Charles Der amerikanische wasserdichte Hut hat borrowed and hands with water and soap are washed inside, water pours out from the bottom, rest changes into flowers, it is given back unharmed Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 3) 48
H. F. C. Suhr "Vermischtes" - Das wunderbare Changement diverser Flüssigkeiten glasses with red, white and black liquid, all poured in glass cylinder, liquids remain separated, then all becomes clearRelated to Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 4) 55
Unknown Changement verschiedenfarbiger Flüssigkeiten - I. Ausführung
different colored liquids remain separate in glass cylinder, then become clear
Related to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 8) 123
Antonio Molini Changement verschiedenfarbiger Flüssigkeiten - II. Ausführung
second method
Related to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 9) 136
Carl Willmann Der präparierte Flaschenstöpsel hollow glass cork that can release liquid Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 10) 150
Unknown Atmospheric Pressure liquid remains in glass swung around, non-magical science experiment The Modern Conjurer 301
Unknown How Water Deceives non-magical science experiment The Modern Conjurer 312
Phantome Ein moderner Erfinder - 11. liquid catches fire by itself on spoon, chemicalRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 1) 10
Phantome Wie schwamm der Tote über die Donau? water poured on table, gag in which water is hit and everyone gets wet Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 2) 30
Professor Hoffmann A Borrowed Watch Reproduced from a Glass of Milk watch vanishes, milk poured from one glass to another, then watch taken out of milk, dry and functioning, two presentations Later Magic 157
Unknown A Glass of Wine in a Hat red wine poured in borrowed hat, comedy routine Later Magic 440
Unknown The Bottomless Tumbler with basic applications, stealing ball out, removing only part of the bottom so an egg stays within until glass is shaken, cover to allow liquid inside Later Magic 92
Carl Willmann Ventil-Verschluss method to seal holes in containers with liquids Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 4) 59
Joseph Michael Hartz The Wine and Water Trick wine and water mixed, they separate againRelated toAlso published here Later Magic 695
Joseph Michael Hartz The Wine and Water Trick wine and water mixed, they separate againAlso published here Magical Titbits 154
Oswald Rae Mixed Drinks stout, beer and milk are mixed in a glass bowl, with three glasses performer removes a glass of each, Sand of Dessert with liquids Between Ourselves 47
Tom Sellers Neptune's Handkerchief dry silks produced from cylinder of water covered with phantom tube Quick Tricks 17
Tom Sellers The Floating Bullet steel ball floats on water Quick Tricks 22
Robert Parrish, John Goodrum Some Glassy Ideas suggestions for using glasses with liquid You'd be Surprised 43
Unknown Colored Fluids tip Greater Magic 875
Franklin M. Chapman The Human Pump Ching Ling foo water can and magic funnel routine, water from head of spectator is pumped out from elbow Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 3) 2
Unknown Making Vanishing Ink The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 58) 419
Ten Ichi, Unknown The Fairy Fountains water fountain raises and falls at will The Magic Annual for 1938 and 1939 129
Unknown Beer Bet impromptu milk pitcher type thing with celluloid in glass to drink more The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 87) 552
Albert Russell, Theodore Annemann Separate Liquids different colored liquids remain separate, then become clear The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 119) 700
Laurie Ireland The Coca Cola Bottle and Nipple Effect liquid from bottle is filled in tiny baby bottle nipple Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1940) 5
Art Lyle French Safes using condom to cover glass with liquid, tip Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 9) 4
Bruce Elliott Elliott at the Bar deck with selection put on top of beer glass, name of card appears written into beer foam The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 127) 734
Art Lyle One Drop More bar bet The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 146) 816
Unknown Vanishing Coffee Steam steam suddenly stops After the Dessert 12
Charles "Think-A-Drink" Hoffmann Beer an Milk Beer peg drawn on paper, spigot pushed through image and beer is poured. Peg is transformed into a cow and milk is poured Our Mysteries 33
Alvin R. Plough Rehydration condensed pieces of "milk" put in water and they rise and fall for several hours The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 4) 16
Danny Morris, Doc Hurwitz, Walter B. Gibson Betcha - boiling water in a paper bag
- beer bet
- coin bet / puzzle ("One is not a nickel")
Variations The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 24) 101
Joan Brandon The Flaming Punch flame from liquid, piece for a magic bar routine My Best 292
Hen Fetsch "My Best" Club Laugh beer vanishes from paper cone, multum in parvo, gag ending My Best 301
Dr. E. T. Ackerman Wild Beer dry ice in beer, gag Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1945) 13
James Upchurch Cold Fire - The Magic Torch fake blow torch, effects with cold fire (bulb of flash light), melting metal, boiling water and more Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1945) 15
Roger Barkann, Unknown Magicana - Air Holes (wax pellets to seal air holes)
- best pencil for marking card
Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 2) 138
Fred Shadley, Harlan Tarbell Water in the Hat gag, water is poured in borrowed hat Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 41
Hen Fetsch Condenso entire content of milk pitcher is poured into small cream pitcher Milk Pitcher Magic 15
Hen Fetsch Pump Presto "human pump" routine with milk pitcher instead of Foo Can Milk Pitcher Magic 24
Billy McComb William Passes On Some Tips on thumb tips, on using milk, on the appearing cane, how to remove paint The First Book of William 36
Martin Gardner Beery salt spilled in beer rises to top, see also p. 758 The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 188) 754
Unknown I. Q. Test for Waitresses practical joke, filled glass is inverted on table Over the Coffee Cups 23
Nelson A. Demers Three Golden Pyramids of the Valley of Oom coffee and milk is mixed in a glass and covered, two other glasses where spectator can decide where he wants cream and where coffee, after they have been covered too, the liquid is separated and is found in the right glasses, with table and pyramid covers, story trick Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950) 13
Franklin V. Taylor Wet Dime! water drops fall from between two coins The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 245) 980
Ali Bongo The Printer's Nightmare water put in magazine, water comes out black and magazine is blank The Bongo Book 28
Charles Cameron The Taste Tells cards with different drinks, one is selected and all put in envelopes, right one is found and divined The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 2 52
John Bragoli Licensed Telepathy blindfolded divination of one of ten drinks written on cards The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 2 71
Roy Johnson Burst comedy routine, stack of picture and word cards, one is predicted and water appears from card Second Time Around 6
Unknown Vaya Cerveza, Amigo! beer starts foaming, gag Aprenda Ud. Magia 103
Unknown Drinking Bar Bet performer bets, that he he drink three beers quicker than the other guy drinks three whiskies Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 4) 50
Unknown Drinking Bar Bet performer bets he can drink a measure of brandy from an unopened bottle Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 4) 51
Jack Gwynne The Invisible Rainbow glass with water, colors are selected and the water turns into those colors, for stage The Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions 28
Unknown Las Ultimas Gotas bar bet, how many drops of liquid will drop from an empty bottle Magia en el Bar 41
Unknown Escritura Misteriosa name of card appears in foam of a beer Magia en el Bar 42
Philip T. Goldstein The Psychic Bartender named drink one is thought of and divined The Green Book of Mentalism 12
Karl Fulves Solid Liquid "Curiosities"
seesaw set-up with two filled glasses, ruler and pencil, it swings when water is pushed and thus water is apparently solid, physics
Inspired by
  • Martin Gardner's "Science Puzzlers"
The Chronicles (Issue 12) 1182
Tieneblas PK sugar cube floats in coffee The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 197) 982
Unknown Coffee and Milk Cups "The Kellar Cups", cups poured with confetti change into coffee and milk More Classic Magic with Apparatus 248
Martin Gardner Boiling Point "Curiosities"
cold water in glass starts to boil
The Chronicles (Issue 15) 1211
Unknown Crash - Diving Submarine raisins in club soda rise up and down, physics Elastrix 38
Unknown The Ghost and the Arrow arrow reverses when viewed through glass of water, physics Elastrix 40
David Britland Drinking Spell spelling through cards, names of liquidsInspired by The Talon (Issue 6) 81
Michael Selwyn Heat cold coffee becomes hot again The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 276) 1378
Thomas Alan Waters Thinky seven glass vials in envelopes, spectator finds the one filled with inkInspired by
  • Orville Meyer's "Think Ink" in "Magic in the Modern Manner"
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Octasm) 334
Dr. Peter Moffat Drip milk tumbler as blood transfusion device, attached to spectator, tumbler fills with blood Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 19) 362
Jim Kleefeld Put a Lid on It plastic drink lid, bumps on lid depress one by one The Minotaur (Vol. 2 No. 2) 11
Michael Weber, Michael Close, Eric Maurin Coffee Machine time machine presentation while drinking coffee, sugar packet is restored, coffee free of sugar and spoon vanishes from mug and is resting dry on the table again Life Savers 15
Harald Kurz S - Speisefarben food coloring to color liquids or flash strings Hardcore 36
Diabelli Trank des Grauens "2" with three filled test tubes, aluminium ball is placed in last one where liquid starts to react as proofRelated to
  • "Trank des Grauens" in Diabelli's "Liber Äquinox"
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 32
Karl Fulves Water Fall "four psychic tricks" No. 4
water glass on slate, water spills over when no one is looking, secret squirting lighter
Rigmarole (Issue 3) 31
Slydini Water Leak paper on pencil used to catch drops of water from apparent leak in ceiling Rigmarole (Issue 5) 53
David Harkey, Eric Anderson Torque coin gets hot, is dropped into drink which boils, bendsVariations Ah-ha! 12
David Harkey, Eric Anderson Torque II coin gets hot, is dropped into drink which boils, becomes lump of silver Ah-ha! 14
Simon Lovell The Infamous Submarine Card gag routine in which glass of beer is spilled all over the place as a deck of cards is put inside Simon Says! 236
Ali Bongo Vodka Surprise beverages written on backs of cards, named card and beverage is predicted Lecture Notes - Geneva 2002 5
Al Baker Strip Tease wet tissue paper is dryed in hand, thumb tip & finger tip The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magazines) 603
Al Baker Two Ideas of Al Baker ideas for the penetration of one glass through another filled one The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magazines) 605
Michel Huot Acid Trip sugar stirred into coffee, it starts bubbling and lower part of spoon has apparently dissolvedInspired by Seven By Michel Huot 23
Ted Lesley, Alan Wakeling Alan Wakeling's Liquid Sands with different colored liquids, similar to sand of dessert 2003 U.S. Master Class Notes 27
Stewart James Sefalaljia One-man miniature spirit cabinet

Phase one: ball and glass placed in cabinet. When cabinet opened, ball is magically inside the glass now
Phase two: Handkerchief tossed inside the cabinet knots itself
Phase three: Finger ring of spectator magically threads onto a piece of rope that has both ends outside of the cabinet
Phase four: cigar placed inside the cabinet lights up and smokes itself
Phase five: Bottle of milk placed inside cabinet, liquid slowly disappears
Related toAlso published here The Essential Stewart James 31
Robert Kraft Refractive wand in glass of water is straight despite physics Prolix (Issue 6) 357
Tyler Wilson Splash roulette routine with three coffee creamers, two empty and one full Reinventing the Real 128
Patrick Page Milk? beer comes from milk bottle Magic Page by Page 295
Michael Weber, Tim Trono The Drink that Schooled Einstein predicting how much a spectator will drink, The Trick that Fooled Einstein The Session 2015 3
Michael Weber The UnMixologist presentation of "Making Things Right" in which cocktails are matched with garnishes via diagram instructionsRelated to Making Things Right 11
Unknown Yet Another Bar Bet liquid in conical glasses Hidden Agenda (Issue July 21) 209