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Sid Fleischman Drunken Cocktail liquid travels from straw to straw
Variations Feb. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 79)
Sid Fleischman Card to Fake Teeth
Sep. 1941
The Jinx (Issue 148)
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Call the Witness by Robert "Bob" J. Gunther (written by Sid Fleischman) 1944 64
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther The Impromptu Floating Card card floats over palm up hands
Variations 1945 63
Sid Fleischman The Trick Without a Name signed page of a Reader's Digest is burned and reappears bound in the magazine, clever
Related to 1945 205
James G. Thompson Jr. Biographical Sketches of Contributors
  • Theo. Annemann
  • Charles Arbuthnot
  • George E. Arrowsmith
  • Roger Barkann
  • Sylvan Barnet
  • Joseph L. Barnett
  • Raymond L. Beebe
  • Eugene Bernstein
  • J. B. Bobo
  • John N. Booth
  • Tom Bowyer
  • Vynn Boyar
  • Joan Brandon
  • Fred Braue
  • John Braun
  • Lu Brent
  • R. C. Buff
  • Clyde F. Cairy
  • Loring Campbell
  • Jack Chanin
  • Frank Chapman
  • Forest V. Chesbro
  • Milbourne Christopher
  • Eddie Clever
  • Stanley Collins
  • Mystic Craig
  • Thomas J. Crawford
  • John J. Crimmins, JR.
  • Paul J. Curry
  • Del Monte
  • Harry Dobrin
  • Ronald B. Edwards
  • Bruce Elliot
  • Professor El-Tab
  • Dr. E. G. Ervin
  • Dr. Henry Ridgely Evans
  • Val Evans
  • "Hen" Fetsch
  • Thomas B. Fitzgerald
  • Dariel Fitzkee
  • Sid Fleischman
  • Joseph Harman Fries
  • Martin Gardner
  • Teral Garrett
  • Walter B. Gibson
  • Arnold L. Grubin
  • Nelson C. Hahne
  • Hathaway
  • Royal V. Heath
  • Charles H. Hopkins
  • Jean Hugard
  • Mark Jacobs
  • R. M. Jamison
  • F. H. Jeudevine
  • Maurice Kains
  • George G. Kaplan
  • George Karger
  • Joseph A. Karson
  • Wilbur Kattner
  • Gerald Lynton Kaufman
  • Howard B. Kayton, M.D.
  • The Great Kolar
  • Gerald Kosky
  • Abril Lamarque
  • William W. Larsen
  • Sid Lorraine
  • Art Lyle
  • L. Vosburgh Lyons
  • Richard F. Madden
  • Greer Marechal, JR.
  • George McAthy
  • William H. McCaffrey
  • Jack McMillen
  • Harry Mendoza
  • Orville Meyer
  • John W. Mifflin
  • Chester Morris
  • Paul Morris
  • Frederick Mosteller
  • Robert A. Nelson
  • C. A. George Newmann
  • Grady S. Nicholson
  • Dr. Cecil E. Nixon
  • Charles Walter Nyquist
  • Dell O'Dell
  • Tom Osborne
  • George Harrison Pittman
  • Julien J. Proskauer
  • Clayton Rawson
  • Ralph W. Read
  • Dolf Rudin
  • Herb Rungie
  • Ned Rutledge
  • James J. Sanders
  • Lucille Pierce Saxon
  • Sigmar - The Magician
  • Jerry Sorensen
  • Willard S. Smith
  • George Starke
  • Dr. Raymond V. Stone, SR. (RAMO)
  • Harlan Tarbell
  • DR. Franklin Taylor
  • J. G. Thompson, JR.
  • Jack F. Trebel
  • M. Van Reese
  • Jack Vosburgh
  • Audley Valentine Walsh
  • Peter Warlock
  • Herman L. Weber
  • Bob Weill
  • William H. Wilson
  • Tommy Windsor
  • Howard H. Wise
  • Ed. Wolff
  • Michael F. Zens
1945 347
Neal Elias No Gimmick Card Spread long spread, using perpendicular card
Related toVariations 1946 18
Will De Sieve Clippo Cut and restored newspaper strip
Variations 1968 95
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Shoe That Didn't Fit Clippo routine with shoe cutout
Inspired by 1968 101
Sid Fleischman The Mind Boggler spelling and named number, glide
Magick (Issue 5)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Gunther, Kirk Stiles, Sid Fleischman
Magick (Issue 6)
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Call Me Anytime long-distance call, force
Magick (Issue 8)
Sid Fleischman One-Way Deck Revisited chalk mark on side, fan turnover
Magick (Issue 9)
Sid Fleischman Comedy Hindu Vase rope & vase, bottle covered in paper, with spectator as Do as I Do
Related to 1971
Magick (Issue 13)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Sid Fleischman, Fred Kolb
Magick (Issue 18)
Sid Fleischman The Patter Hangup
  • The Art of Silence
  • Opening Remarks
  • The Segue
  • Who are you?
  • A Cautionary Word about Words
  • How to use Patter Books
  • Gags can be Treacherous
  • Patter by the Yard - or the Inch?
  • Try it Out in Boston
  • Patter in Disguise
Magick (Issue 19)
Sid Fleischman Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
Related to 1971
Magick (Issue 27)
Sid Fleischman W. C. Fields Does a Card Trick talking with voice on record, revelation of a playing card
Also published here 1971
Magick (Issue 38)
Dr. E. Raymond Carlyle Ashes to Ashes page torn out from book is burnt and found back in the book
Related toVariations 1972
Magick (Issue 54)
Bascom Jones, Sid Fleischman Japanese Haunted House haunted box, bell rings etc, using a jap box
Related to 1972
Magick (Issue 59)
Sid Fleischman Haunted House Plus Two using Jap Box, moving silk
Related to 1972
Magick (Issue 61)
Joseph K. Schmidt Subconscious Poker II one card is controlled during the repeat-dealing of five poker-hand and appears in a Royal Flush, see also p. 840 for idea by Cushing Strout
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Dec. 1973 687
Sid Fleischman The Jump Card deck is snapped and selection jumps from center
Also published here 1973
Magick (Issue 82)
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther 'Test' Conditions number on poker chip is divined, in rattle box
Magick (Issue 131)
Karl Fulves Contacting The Spirits top card on small packet floats up, using card with hole in center
Inspired byRelated to 1979 14
David Avadon, Sid Fleischman One Man Telephone Trick prediction of serial number on answering machine of telephone
Magick (Issue 290)
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Der Telephonschocker! person called during performance, spectator hears performer's voice naming the selection
June 1981
Intermagic (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Dr. Dan J. Alessini, Sid Fleischman Script-a-Graphic presentation for divination of ESP card
Dec. 1985
Magick (Issue 362)
Mark Walker Magic's Fabulous Baker Boys "Jack and Wyman Baker: Kings of the Midnight Spookers"
Related to Sep. 1991
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Sid Fleischman Fabulous Baker Boys
  • Letters
Related to Oct. 1991
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Sid Fleischman Ghost Dollars
  • Letters
Dec. 1991
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Sid Fleischman Preface
1993 13
Sid Fleischman The World Famous Coin Swallowing Act using $1.35 locking coins set
1993 17
Sid Fleischman, Arthur Gross Another Way coins slid off magazine into other hand, magazine as coin tray, razor blade switch mentioned
1993 20
Sid Fleischman The Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper, Revisited wax on thumbnail (also in 1947 booklet), piece secretly mouthed
  • 2 (waxless method)
Inspired by
  • "The Blue Bug" (1947 booklet, Sid Fleischman & Bob Gunther)
Related to
1993 21
Sid Fleischman Harry Is At It Again box drawn on napkin, "Houdini" written inside, writing vanishes from napkin and appears on hand
1993 25
Sid Fleischman Ringbound two or three rings through pen at once
1993 27
Sid Fleischman The 31-Day Coin Trick coin tossed towards ceiling vanishes, a month later it comes down into glass
  • First Magic Meeting: The Vanish
  • Second Magic Meeting: The Return
1993 30
Sid Fleischman The Vanish coin tossed from hand to hand back and forth, then into air
1993 30
Sid Fleischman Spoon Twisting spoon moves, then has a twist in its handle, switch as spoon drops to floor
  • Tabletop Switch
1993 34
Sid Fleischman Lady McBathtub continuous ball production with hand with is made to look like a face/puppet
1993 39
Sid Fleischman Five Minutes of Voodoo presentation for block that falls over (shifting weight)
1993 43
Sid Fleischman Coin Fade coin on palm, hand turned over and back, it vanishes, then reappears, other hand holds wrist
1993 46
Sid Fleischman The Bottle Diabolique bottle clings to rope
  • 1 Beer Bottle
  • 2 Perrier (bill around neck)
1993 48
Sid Fleischman The Bottle Fantastique bottle clings to rope, gimmick on invisible thread
1993 54
Sid Fleischman Do As I Do routine with spectator
Related to 1993 56
Sid Fleischman The Mean Magician Syndrome presentation for finger chopper
1993 58
Sid Fleischman The Longest Card Trick stop watch vanishes with gag presentation
1993 60
Sid Fleischman The Fail-Safe Rope loop in thumb tip or attached to pull
1993 62
Sid Fleischman On Professor Charles W. Fait
1993 66
Sid Fleischman Nomenclature
1993 72
Sid Fleischman A Guide to the Gallows marking system in which letters are written on back, Lesley type
1993 73
Sid Fleischman Flash Mnemonics No. 1, order of shuffled deck apparently memorized
1993 76
Sid Fleischman Jimmy Valentine Returns, Blindfolded No. 2, reading cards with fingertips
  • The Blindfold Finish
  • The Card Discovery Finish
1993 78
Sid Fleischman The Princess & The Pea No. 3, reading cards with fingertips, routine with jumbo cards
1993 80
Sid Fleischman On Thayer's Studio of Magic
1993 83
Sid Fleischman You, Too Can Have X-Ray Eyes No. 4, apparently reading a card through a piece of metal
1993 84
Sid Fleischman The Moving Lips spectator thinks of name of his card and performer names it
1993 86
Sid Fleischman The Eyes presentation for revealing a card
1993 86
Sid Fleischman The Vagrant Key marked deck for setting key card next to selection which is not read
1993 87
Sid Fleischman The World's Greatest Average Card Trick comedy routine for naming a selection
1993 88
Sid Fleischman Beating the Odds two spectators freely chose cards for value and suit, card produced in humorous way
1993 90
Sid Fleischman On Madame Houdini
1993 93
Sid Fleischman The Fabled Non-Working, Self-Working Card Trick presentation for Schmidt's effect
Inspired byVariations 1993 94
Sid Fleischman The One Card Repeat parody on Six Card Repeat, single card vanishes at knee and reappears in hand
1993 97
Sid Fleischman False Transfer and Vanish with back palm
1993 97
Sid Fleischman One-Arm McDonald Card Tricks introduction to one-handed card tricks
1993 100
Sid Fleischman The Right-Handed Card Trick No. 1, one-handed card to pocket, signed, from 1930s, one-handed only after control and palm
1993 102
Sid Fleischman Bud & Sid
1993 107
Sid Fleischman A Flourish From the 30x perpendicular card under the deck holds long spread
  • The Extender (two perpendicular cards)
Related to 1993 109
Sid Fleischman A Pocketful of Wry card turns over in cased deck, deck switch
1993 112
Sid Fleischman The Wrong Way Card Trick card trick performed backwards, card first produced from pocket and shown, then lost, then selection made, it's another card that changes into original card, selection then produced from pocket
1993 114
Sid Fleischman The Card in the Fly credit information
Related to
  • "Make no Mistake" (Sidney Fleischman, Genii, Dec. 1940)
1993 116
Sid Fleischman On Houdini
1993 119
Sid Fleischman An Aside on the Thumb Count
1993 120
Sid Fleischman Weighing the Cards No. 1, using thumb count
1993 122
Sid Fleischman The Machine Gun Color Change No. 2, continuous changes as hand passes over deck back and forth
1993 124
Sid Fleischman The Pigeon Pasteboard No. 3, card at named position remembered, it later is found at same position
1993 127
Sid Fleischman The Crimp Force gambling for seventeen
1993 129
Sid Fleischman W. C. Fields Does a Card Trick talking with voice on record, revelation of a playing card
Also published here 1993 130
Sid Fleischman On Arthur F. Bull
1993 134
Sid Fleischman A Magic Club Roast card finding routine with gags for magicians, sleights listed on post-it
1993 136
Sid Fleischman The Potato and the Card Trick humorous spelling effect, double count placement
  • Alternate Handling
1993 140
Sid Fleischman On Presentation and Literacy see also next pages
1993 140
Sid Fleischman Card Gossip person thinks of a card and whispers it to someone, who whispers it to another one but can lie, and so on, final card predicted in Brainnwave deck or other
  • The Silent Partner Option
  • The Index Option
  • Thumb Writing
1993 145
Sid Fleischman The Poor Man's Orient Express signed card to inside sand frame
1993 148
Sid Fleischman Join the A.S.C.T. Michelangelo themed revelation in which all cards are eliminated except selection
1993 150
Sid Fleischman Genii Ad "The Trick Without A Name"
1993 152
Sid Fleischman The False Shuffle - Who Needs It?
1993 155
Sid Fleischman The Push Through False Shuffle Made Easy No. 1, reducing friction
  • Big Tip
  • A Bigger Tip
1993 157
Sid Fleischman The Zarrow Shuffle - Fleischman Handling No. 2, cards lifted on edge for squaring
1993 160
Sid Fleischman The Carl March Shuffle back and forth, optical shuffle
Also published here
  • Magic Made Easy, 1950s, Carl March (pseudonym of Sid Fleischman)
1993 162
Sid Fleischman Sawing is believing on The Great Virgil
1993 165
Sid Fleischman How Did That Card Get In My Hand?
1993 166
Sid Fleischman The Coward's Palm No. 2
1993 171
Sid Fleischman The Fleischman Pop-Up Palm No. 3, left thumb pushes card into right palm
1993 172
Sid Fleischman The Camelback Palm No. 4, top card buckled with left thumb
1993 175
Sid Fleischman My other life
1993 178
Sid Fleischman Double Lifting comment on the hit lift
1993 179
Sid Fleischman The Camelback Double Lift No. 1, thumb count and buckling of top two cards
1993 180
Sid Fleischman The Fleischman Snap or The Wonderful One-Handed Double Lift No. 2, card snaps to the right after thumb count, optional tabling
1993 182
Sid Fleischman Piking the Card
1993 184
Sid Fleischman Thumbduggery on sleights using the thumb
1993 188
Sid Fleischman Center Stealing No. 1, dragged out by left thumb
1993 189
Sid Fleischman Bottom Stealing No. 2, left thumb action
1993 190
Sid Fleischman Color Changing
1993 191
Sid Fleischman A Crimpmeister's Crimp crimping isolated card in hand
1993 193
Sid Fleischman The Chutzpa Crimp spectator is told to crimp the card for later identification
1993 195
Sid Fleischman The Fleischman Shoot No. 2, deck is snapped and selection jumps from center
Also published here 1993 199
Sid Fleischman The One-Handed Shoot No. 3, deck held in hand, selection shoots up into the air
1993 202
Sid Fleischman Mr. Mysterious & Company
1993 204
Sid Fleischman Adventures With the Three Shell Game
  • A Tip on the Pea
  • Mind Reading with Shell
  • Bottom Up
1993 207
Sid Fleischman You, Too, Can Saw A Lady in Two "Or, Five Minutes of Comedy Suspense with a Red Ribbon"
ribbon through person
1993 210
Sid Fleischman The Lady Disrobes paddle design with woman with and without clothing
1993 215
Sid Fleischman Ring Business addition of key ring, link in which ring drops off the arm into a held ring
  • The Double Touch
  • The Mickey Mouse Bit
1993 217
Sid Fleischman, David Avadon The Fleischman-Avadon No-Switch Needle Swallowing Trick
Related to
  • Genii Review by David Avadon for clarification
1993 225
Jim Sisti (reviewer) The Charlatan's Handbook by Sid Fleischman Nov./Dec. 1993
The Magic Menu (Vol. 4 No. 20)
Jim Steinmeyer The Vicarious Cocktail
  • Conjuring
liquid travels from paper-covered glass to glass, Foo Can Cock­tail Shaker, stand-up and close-up version
Inspired by Mar. 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 7)
Mac King (reviewer) The Charlatan's Handbook by Sid Fleischman Oct. 1993
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 2)
Max Maven He Who Rags Last
  • Parallax (spelled "Parax")
on his own writing and using unknown words, using only words of max five letters
  • Brief Case
Related to May 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 9)
Mike Rogers, Ulf Morling, Kevin King, Sid Fleischman, Stacey MacKenzie, Bob Farmer Maximum Defense
  • Letters
Related to June 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 10)
Michael Close (reviewer) The Abracadabra Kid by Sid Fleischman Mar. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 7)
David Avadon The Irrestible Force Irresistible Force, finessed classic force, outs
Related to July 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 11)
Sid Fleischman Old Shoe
  • Letters
Aug. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 12)
David Avadon, Sid Fleischman Change
  • Letters
Related to Nov. 1997
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Sid Fleischman Rube Goldberg Revisited: The Card In The Apple "Including the Wonderful No-Switch Torn Corner Switch Revealed tor the First Time"
Aug. 1998
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 12)
David Avadon Nouvelle Soirées Fantastiques: Avant-Gatherings
Related to Sep. 1999
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 1)
Sid Fleischman, Elliot Gorton Home Shows
  • Letters
Related to Oct. 1999
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 2)
Richard Hatch Searching for Erdnase on the identity of "The Expert at the Card Table"
Related to Dec. 1999
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 4)
Sid Fleischman Erdnase Writes
  • Letters
Related to Apr. 2000
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 8)
Sid Fleischman The World's Closest Close-Up Trick writing on a grain of rice, card prediction on rice
  • Do It Yourself
July 2000
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 11)
Sid Fleischman Magic's Second Most Notorious Trick on writing on the inside of a boiled egg
  • The Fleischman Solution
Related toAlso published here Dec. 2000
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 4)
Christopher Fouquet In Jestation
  • Letters
Related to Feb. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 6)
John Moehring, Chris Wasshuber, Sid Fleischman, Dennis Patten, Bob Loomis The Egg Trick on writing on the inside of a boiled egg, comments by various people
Related to May 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 9)
Sid Fleischman The Ghost Maker: Life with the Francisco Spook Show Arthur E. Bull
Related to June 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 10)
Tom Johnston, Michael Woolf, Bryce Bosworth Eggs, Isinglass, and Rope [and it's not a law firm]
  • Letters
Related to July 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 11)
Bill Pitts Spook Era
  • Letters
Related to Aug. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 12)
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther The Baking Powder Can stealing an egg from baking powder can
Related to
  • Top Secrets, Fleischman and Gunther, 1947, p. 13
2002 31
Sid Fleischman Magic's Second Most Notorious Trick message written on skin of hard-boiled egg when peeled
VariationsAlso published here 2002 251
Tom Conley Conley's Mindless Egg card chosen, three eggs on table, one peeled and name of card is on hard-boiled yolk inside, second egg has miniature deck with selection reversed and third egg folded selection inside
Inspired by 2002 252
Sid Fleischman The Beast with Five Fingers severed hand moves along spread and locates card
Related to Jan. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 5)
Mick Hanzlik Second Hand
  • Mail
Related to Feb. 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 6)
Sid Fleischman H2 Oh! Oh! And Other Parodies "Cut- and-Restored Water"
June 2002
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 10)
Sid Fleischman It's a Trick
  • Mail
performer's answering machine divines card
Nov. 2002
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 3)
David Avadon Sid Fleischman: The Abracadabra Kid
June 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 6)
Sid Fleischman MMM and Other Insider Whimsies Including The World's Most Boring Card Trick
Feb. 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 6)
Sid Fleischman, John Moehring In His Words: Sid Fleischman
Related to May 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 9)
Finally Sid Fleischman youth photograph
May 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 9)
Steve Bryant, Daniel Waldron Double Hits
  • Mail
Related to June 2003
Magic (Vol. 12 No. 10)
Grace Ann Morgan The Infamous Non-Working Self-Working Card Trick Joker stabbed between two cards, suit and value of cards above and below used to compose new card, it is found in pocket
Inspired by 2004 16
Michael Close (reviewer) Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini by Sid Fleischman Oct. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 10)