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Shuffling Deck with Key Card
1876 65
Shuffling with Key Card "very small risk of the two cards being parted"
1889 41
Third Method - with the aid of a wide card wide card as key card
1889 69
James J. Moren With the Mind's Eye No. 8, dressed-up key card location, blindfolded
1919/1920 35
Charles T. Jordan Placement via Key Card deck dealt into piles, key which was next to selection is at same position as selection in different piles
The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Down to the Minute Magical Effects)
Mental Telepathy deck dealt into six piles, any card chosen and lost by assembling the deck
1928 10
Eric F. Impey Tone Control four piles, two key cards on top, selection lost and found apparently via spectator's voice during him reading off all cards
1931 6
T. Page Wright Location Aces at top and bottom of both halves, spectator shuffles, selects card, shuffles again, four Aces as keys
1933 13
T. Page Wright One Way Location interlocking chain principle with one-way deck and key card
1933 13
Reversed Cards as Indicator No. 3 of "Substitutes for the Pass", secretly reversed card as key card, oops control
1935 93
Tricks with Assistant as the Medium two methods, medium divines cards or finds selections, culling key cards together
1935 21
Just a Teaser No. 45, quick shuffle in key card location
1935 41
Franklin M. Chapman Quick Trick reversed card as key card that can be cut to directly, natural break
1936 4
New Card Discovery two key cards, spectator overhand shuffles briefly
1937 32
Jean Hugard Oops Control Variation reversed key card that is accidentally discovered
1937 49
Sleeve Addition key cards are added behind the back from sleeve
1937 92
U. F. Grant A Count Down Discovery one-way backs
1937 153
Tom Sellers The One-Way Key
1937 165
Joe Berg Berg's Miracle Spread card chosen and lost cleanly from shuffled deck, later removed from face-up spread, performer locates card in another deck
1937 4
Bob Haskell Contact spectator deals row of cards, remembers last card, and deals same number of cards on all cards and collects them, performer locates selection, two keys
1937 2
U. F. Grant Reversed Key Card The "Whoops!" Control
VariationsAlso published here 1938 81
Double-Backed Key Card
1938 83
The Bottom Card Location featuring several key card placements and strategies:
Joker Discard to Locate Key
Face-Dwon Ribbon-Spread Key Placement
Face-Up Ribbon Spread Key Placement
Deal-Down Key Placement
Distant Key Card
Cardcase Load of Key Card
1938 90
The Top and Bottom Location having two key cards
1938 96
The New Pack Location key card tricks using new pack order
1938 99
George G. Kaplan The "Impossible" Location using Natural Card
Related toVariations 1938 269
Theodore Annemann Nail Nick Key Control
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1938/39)
The Twenty-Sixth Location remote key
1940 398
Herb Runge A Thought Ahead Tantalizer
Related to 1940
The Jinx (Issue 102)
Jean Hugard To Shuffle or Not To Shuffle thoughts on controls & delays, two methods for delaying control (bridge and reversed key card)
1941 9
A Reversed Card as a Key Card
1941 7
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue The Stripper Key
1941 23
Tony Kardyro Locating the Key Card thick key card
  • First Method
  • Second Method
1941 6
Theodore Annemann Locatrix selection is located behind back
1943 5
Edward Marlo The Spectator Cuts daubed key card
1945 5
Edward Marlo Daub Co-incidence daubed instead of glimpsed key card
1945 7
Edward Marlo In Lieu of Pencil daub on borrowed deck as alternative to pencil dotted key card
1945 9
George McAthy My Best Trick clever
1945 99
James G. Thompson Jr. Out of These Hands
1945 115
Bob Hummer Thot-Ography spectator remembers card and its position from top ten cards, Klondike shuffle, marked key card with needle scratch, see Collected Secrets for more references
Also published here 1945 1
James Auer Three Linked Discoveries location of three thought of cards
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1947)
J. B. Bobo A New Key Card single rough-smooth pair
1947 31
Charles T. Jordan A New Card Discovery key above and below selection and riffle shuffle, added in 1947 reprint (instead of "Just a Square of Paper")
The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Down to the Minute Magical Effects)
Remote Key
1948 73
George G. Kaplan Natural Card using numerical value on card to count to selection that fits by chance, see also page 101
Related to 1948 49
U. F. Grant Oops False Shuffle reversed card to key the bottom of deck after only-cuts-overhand-shuffle
Jan. 1949 10
Eddie Joseph The Principle Defined getting a selection to any position, with key card
1949 11
Harry Lorayne Lorayne's Mind Reading Card Trick No. 91
1950 170
Bert Feinson Behind My Back No. 131, impossible location using two key cards
1950 252
John Scarne, Henry Christ Wild Bill Hickock's Hand No. 153, poker hands are dealt, and spectator chooses one hand, and one card. After being lost in the deck, the magician finds the selected card by spelling procedure, and then re-deals the spectator's original hand.
1950 298
Eddie Joseph The Forerunner slop shuffle triumph to set a key card a certain position for later
1951 4
Chan Canasta A Miracle Discovery three piles are made and under impossible conditions selection is found, using three key cards
Related toVariations 1953 1
Edward Marlo Roughed Pair Key Card
Dec. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 19)
Mark J. Grenier Face down Discovery deck dealt in four piles, card found in face down pile
May 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 357)
Harry Lorayne This is Mind-Reading? two key cards, spectator shuffles, out of hands selection
Related to 1962 86
P. Howard Lyons One-way, or the Other using reversed card in one-way deck for opportune miracle or as key card
Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Victor "Astor" Jamnitzky Die Lange Karte als "Lesezeichen" key card in deck with whole deck corner-shorted
1967 (ca.) 7
Basic Move 2 pretense to glimpse selection next to key card
June 1968 183
Alan Keith Prelude "Circus Card Trick" to set up key cards
Inspired by 1969 136
Gene Nielsen The Wish Upon a Tarot only using Major Arcana
Magick (Issue 46)
Arthur Finley Natural Key Card within No. 16, a card that falls at its numerical position
Related toAlso published here 1972 9
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Ace Placement No. 302, Aces inserted in fan but next to key cards apparently
1972 78
Dr. Jacob Daley Snap Crimp No. 549, "as key or locator", all Aces or red cards also
1972 154
Frank Garcia Reversed Card Idea Oops-Control
1973 108
Gerald Kosky Yore Finder two key cards and optional fishing, credit correction on page 65
Related to May 1973
Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 5)
Gene Finnell Flip Cut - 2 center section cut out and reversed, key glimpsed, then a faro brings previous center card next to key
1973 34
Grund Griff Nr. 2 pretense to glimpse selection next to key card
Oct. 1973
Intermagic (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Sam Schwartz Thot Echo two card location, straight set-up, see also p. 758 for comment by Marvin Johnson
VariationsAlso published here Mar. 1974 715
Jeff Busby 2nd Thot spectator remembers card and its position from top ten cards, Klondike shuffle
Inspired byRelated to June 1974 746
U. F. Grant B) using reversed one-way back card as key card
1975 36
Roger Smith The IF Cover Up Control #1 key card placed in break in originally lower half of IF peek, faro brings it next to selection
Inspired byRelated to 1975 2
Nick Trost Weighing the Cards
Variations 1976 19
Cy Endfield, Fred Robinson A Cy Endfield Location two key cards on two halves, spectator shuffles them together
Variations Jan. 1977
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 5)
Harry Lorayne Key Cards about key cards, with seven applications and placements
1977 152
Sam Schwartz Thought Echo two card location, straight set-up
Also published here 1977 131
Hannes Höller Klassische Prinzipien und Griffe mit Strippern Die Leitkarte (using the Stripper Cards as key cards)
1978 32
Simon Aronson It Pays to Advertise comments on the advertising cards, uses for example: key, crib sheet, as forcing gaff, ...
Also published here 1978 120
Karl Fulves Future Key two cards found
1979 36
Karl Fulves St. Regis Sleight II half stack used to key position of selection made from incomplete riffle shuffled deck
1979 2
Jerry K. Hartman Dup-licates
Also published here 1979
The Chronicles (Issue 19)
Graphite Match Box Daub daub on key card
Related to 1980 12
Bob Hummer Thotograhy spectator remembers card and its position from top ten cards, Klondike shuffle, marked key card with needle scratch
VariationsAlso published here 1980 25
Albert Verity As a Method of Card Control sticky coin attached to card as key card
Also published here 1980 185
"Magic" Christian Stelzel The Key-Card
1982 2
Bottom Card Locator simple key card location
1982 21
Top and Bottom Card Locator two keys and the spectator can shuffle briefly
1982 22
Edward Marlo Crimp Control seven methods to control selection with crimped deck, also key card handlings
1984 223
To Reverse a Card for a Marker KM Move type reversal to reverse bottom card during overhand shuffle, face-up key card (1937)
1985 17
The Floating Key "This is a control which without question is the best of all methods of controlling a chosen card.", key card which is both narrow and short and punched
1985 21
Edward Marlo Marked Control marked deck, key card
1988 168
Christoph Borer Thought Rise thought of card ends up on top of the deck
Also published here 1988 4
Roy Walton Mental Four four cards thought of from four packets of four cards each, found after some dealing
VariationsAlso published here
  • Genii, 1954, Vol .19 No. 3
1988 26
Edward Marlo Setting Key Card at 26 spectator shuffles deck
Feb. 1991 9
T. Page Wright The Back-of-the-Deck Detection card located by looking at backs, finger print presentation, selection behind back, reversed key card
1991 173
Shuffling with Short Card svengali principle
Also published here
  • "Koschitz's Manual" (1894)
Cheat Sheet (Issue 8)
Gary Kurtz Two Heads Are Better Than One a friend locates a card, stooged with some simple instructions
Also published here 1992 21
Roy Walton Doppelganger spectator counts to any position and remembers next card, card found and position divined
Inspired byVariations Apr. 1992
Profile (Issue 7)
Sid Fleischman The Vagrant Key marked deck for setting key card next to selection which is not read
1993 87
Vicente Canuto La presentación en la magia on presenting a trick, using key card and different ways of revealing card as an example
  • Localización de una carta elegida
    • 1.- Esconder el secreto
    • 2.- Hacer interesante el experimento
  • A) Las huellas dactilares
  • B) Usted no sabe mentir
  • C) Apuesta
  • D) Otros
1993 37
Simon Aronson It Pays to Advertise comments on the advertising cards, uses for example: key, crib sheet, as forcing gaff, ...
Also published here 1994 108
Karl Norman Follow-Up Routine Spectator selects a card, shuffles it back into the deck, selection ends up on top
1995 29
Control in a Hand-to-Hand-Spread "Location, Identification and Control with a Key Cards"
1995 142
Tabled Ribbon Spread Control with a key card
1995 143
Sam Schwartz Thot Echo two card location, straight set-up
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1995 149
Sveroni Der letzte Kartentrick spectator remembers a card at his thought of number and cuts the deck, performer tries to cut the deck that the card is back at the same position, card is then found in performer's pocket
1995 28
Group Shuffle deck shuffled in groups, yet key cards at position ten, twenty, thirty and forty retained
1995 23
Karl Fulves, Bob King The Memory Expert No. 16, number thought of, card at this position remembered, cut, performer memorizes deck, new position of selection named and card at original position as well
1995 27
Simon Aronson Floating Key Principle
1995 159
Gary Kurtz Tow Heads Are Better Than One a friend locates a card, stooged with some simple instructions
Also published here 1995 22
Karl Fulves Random Stop glimpsing selection next to key card during riffle shuffle
1996 22
Peter Duffie Sivakey Center Double Lift used to obtain key card
1996 13
Peter Duffie 3 and 1 Location four keys on top, spectator starts by dealing four hands
1997 10
Albert Verity Eine Karten-Kontrollmethode sticky coin attached to card as key card
Also published here 1997
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 1)
Dick Koornwinder The Koornwinder Card Control key card with glue dots, reprinted from 1972, how to cut to it and how to control a selection with it
Also published here 1998 10
Jeff Busby As a Substitute for a Top or Bottom Key using edge-marked card instead of a standard key
Related to 1998 65
Ellis Stanyon A Subtle Deal to Find the Chosen Card No. 34, excuse to spread through deck and glimpse card next to key
1999 50
Ellis Stanyon The "Key" Card Forcing and Self-shifting Pack No. 20, having a piece of metal around one end of a card (similar to paper clip) as key card
  • The "Waterfall" Shuffle (with the key card)
  • Dispensing with the "Key"
  • "Bridging"
  • To Force any Two Cards (performer cuts apparently randomly)
Related to 1999 203
Ellis Stanyon Description of the Pack No. 1
1999 213
Ellis Stanyon Two Chosen Cards Found Together No. 17, using the long card as key
1999 221
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note table spread force with pencil dotted card, using it a key otherwise
Inspired by 1999 271
Al Baker Out On Location Card chosen and lost freely. Magician asks for value of card, then card is successfully located. Multiple key card type of trick.
1999 11
Jerry Mentzer Two Keys
  • As a Locator
  • As a Force (one of two)
2000 53
Nick Trost, Mike Rogers Heavyweight No. 5, performer cuts off same number of cards as spectator
Inspired by 2001 7
Karl Fulves Jack Finds Your Card No. 27, deck cut into two piles, spectator shuffles two together and remembers top card which is put in other pile, performer looks through shuffled pile, two key cards
2001 42
Chan Canasta Effect three piles are made and under impossible conditions selection is found, from Fred Taylor's notes
Related to 2001 24
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Impossible spectator shuffles after replacement, selection between two key cards
2002 85
Steve Beam Piling On multiple key cards
2004 99
William Goldman Winged Key stripper card as key card
2005 11
Christoph Borer Thought Rise thought of card ends up on top of the deck
Also published here 2006 89
Jack Avis A Dotty Location location with four distributed marked key cards
2006 48
Sam Schwartz, Roberto Giobbi Thot Echo two card location, straight set-up
Also published here 2006 21
Roberto Giobbi The Fingerprint challenge location with fingertip theme, sunken key
2006 76
Jerry K. Hartman Replicut four cards randomly cut to, spectator chooses one and buries it in deck, magician cuts other three back into deck and then cuts to selection, uses marked key card
2007 148
Two simultaneous Key Cards
2007 267
Jerry K. Hartman Keynoted two cards selected and lost in fair manner with magician’s back turned, magician divines both cards or knows when to stop as cards are dealt
Variations 2007 359
Arthur Finley Natural Key Card a card that falls at its numerical position
Also published here 2007 29
Spectator Shuffles with Keys on Top & Bottom piles have key cards on top and bottom each, spectator shuffles them together
2009 33
Ben Train The Trinity Concept control concept for three cards with partial set-up, multiple presentations
Related to 2012 28
Shane Cobalt A Trick for Chuck a Jack at top and bottom of two halves, riffle shuffle retains a Jack at top and bottom
Inspired by
  • Charles Jordan
2012 2
Alexander de Cova Zur Leitkarte using double-backer as key card
Related toAlso published here Feb. 2014 488
Alexander de Cova Key Card using double-backer as key card
Related to Mar. 2014
Scrapbook (Issue 7)
Alexander de Cova Tipp zur Leitkarte using double-backer as key card
Related toAlso published here 2015 211
Ricky Smith Some Applications on using the punch as key card and for various poker deals, punch as pure marking system
2017 63
Xiaobo Zhou 浮动关键牌 (Floating Key) Discussion on floating keys and a principle to locate cards, called the X-27 principle
Related to 2018 10
Xiaobo Zhou 降落伞/JLS 找牌系统 (Parachute Card Location) JLS: Jazz Location System. Describes a system used to locate cards and perform The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
  • 1. Dead Cut to the Selection
  • 2. Name the Position of the Selection
  • 3. Impromptu 1-20 ACAAN
2018 43
Yves Carbonnier Contrôle de Quatre Cartes au Mélange Français key card placement of four cards, overhand shuffle
2019 96
Ryan Schlutz Cut-Shuffle-Cut sequence to keep a key card next to a selection during in-the-hands riffle shuffle and cut sequence
2020 112
Ryan Schlutz Other Ways to User the GAP Principle
  • Borrowed Deck Handling - Key Card
  • Borrowed Deck Handling - Multiple Key Cards
  • Borrowed Deck Handling - Multiple Key - Mental Selection
2020 122
Scott Baird Peeked Key Triumph Control face-up/face-down incomplete faro condition
Nov. 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 11)
Claude Impériale Two Birds One Stone two cards chosen, one divined with memory feat, the other named as well
Inspired by
  • "Spaced Out" (Roger Golde, Card Treks, 1981)
Jan. 2024
The Hermit (Vol. 3 No. 1)