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Unknown To Distinguish the Court Cards by Touch preparing by "bending" edges slightly upwards with knife Modern Magic 69
Unknown Rouge et noir No. 19, bridge crimp to tell whether a card is red or black Der Kartenkünstler 24
Unknown Die geheimnisvollen Würfel - two dice thrown and sum counted to repeatedly until deck is divided in two halves, they're separated in red and black
- red and black separation by performer without dice but crimp or punch instead
Der moderne Kartenkünstler 110
Jack Merlin A Routine of Sleights at the Card Table - cards in spectator's pocket, card fished out very fast
- second and bottom dealing expose
Merlin at the Card Table 2
Theodore Annemann Red or Black? Related to SH-H-H--! It's A Secret 14
Theodore Annemann Red or Black one-way backsRelated to Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 161
Nate Leipzig From the Pen of Leipzig two shuffled decks are covered with handkerchiefs, performer removes a card with each hand, they match Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2, No. 7) 1
Edward Marlo Sense of Touch crimp The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 78) 317
John Scarne Separating Red and Black Cards No. 18, Performer separates face up/down packet into reds and blacks Scarne on Card Tricks 38
George Schindler Sealed Penetration deck is sealed and put in spectator's pocket, performer fishes card out very fastRelated to The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 237) 949
Toni Koynini Can't See! "A Complete Act"
performer genuinely blindfolded, performer feels various qualities of cards
- Picture Sense (all court cards sorted out during deal-through)
- Now the Suits
- Aces High
- Reds and Blacks
- Any Card! (any number card named, performer locates it while dealing through packet)
- Out of this World (no longer blindfolded)
Toni Koynini's Card Miracles 12
Edward Marlo Sense of Touch crimp The Cardician 4
Dai Vernon Colour Separation four red and black cards are separated behind the back, crimp Inner Secrets of Card Magic 14
Edward Marlo Color Eliminator color reflects on back of other card or nail polish on fingertipRelated to Estimation 35
Paul Swinford Opus Thirteen Gilbreath Principle & Faro Shuffle, new deck order Faro Fantasy 37
Robert Page All But One CATO red black separation routine, p. 241 for further referenceRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3, No. 10) 197
Don Nielsen, Karl Fulves Nor Eyes To See With - performer finds red card in black packet behind back
- circled number on paper is divined behind back
- set time on watch revealed behind back
fiber optic tube, see also p. 320 for idea by Harold Bester, p. 644 & p. 728 for comments by Syd Bergson & Karl Fulves
Related to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5, No. 1) 291
Jack Posetary No Mirror reading colors of cards, whet thumbnail as shiner, see also p. 411Related to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6, No. 2) 389
Karl Fulves Technicolor Thought Related to The Book of Numbers 12
Karl Fulves Technicolor Thought divided deck location, then set-up for "No Mirror"Related to The Book of Numbers - Supplementary Notes 16
Fred G. Taylor Sleeper spectator notes bottom card and pockets it along with next nine cards of same color, then performer finds cards of opposite color The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6, No. 7) 419
Karl Fulves Technicolor Shuffle cutting to red cards, secret strip out condition The Book of Numbers - Supplementary Notes 19
Edward Marlo Color Sense seeing with fingertips, red / black, shuffled deck in case, reflection on card caseRelated to The Compleat Magick - Volume II (Issue 121) 602
Ted Karmilovich Red & Black performer separates red and black cards The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 221) 1102
Bob Hummer Hummer's 18 Card Mystery spectator takes eighteen cards and turns over the top two cards and cuts the pile, that step is repeated as often as he likes, then the performer takes the cards behind his back and divines the amount of reversed cardsRelated toVariations Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 7
Bob Hummer Hummer's Swindle spectator takes sixteen cards and turns over the top two cards and cuts the pile behind his back, that step is repeated as often as he likes, then the performer takes the cards behind his back and without looking reverses all cards back in order Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 7
Bob Hummer The Lonely Card CATO routine, cards turned face up, performer takes packet behind back and reverses all cards except selectionRelated toVariations Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 7
Bob Hummer The Little Moonies CATO routine, cards with moon faces printed on them, one way they are smiling held the other way the are sad, spectator marks two cards on the pack and cuts them in the deck, performer takes cards behind back, all moons are in smiling orientation except marked two Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 8
Bob Hummer The Magic Separation face-up and face-down cards are shuffled, performer separates cards behind back so one pile consists of same amount of face up cards as the other (1940)VariationsAlso published here Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 9
Edward Marlo (A) Red Black Sensing mexican joe crimp Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 215
Stephen Minch Color Separation No. 8, performer separates colors by touch, punch, performer genuinely blindfolded Eyeless in Gaza 21
Dai Vernon Commanding the Colors shuffled deck is cut into piles, named color on top of each The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 192
Dai Vernon A Sticky Solution sticky edges The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 207
Dai Vernon It's a Snap snap crimp The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 210
Dai Vernon Vernon On Gilbreath The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 212
Bob Hummer Infallible Also published here Easy-to-Do Card Tricks for Children 12
Simon Aronson Color Feeling behind back, deck switch The Aronson Approach 91
Reinhard Müller Pre-World discussing precursors of OOTW and color guessing, credit informationRelated to Underworld (Issue 1) 4
Steve Beam Color Blind performer separates cards into reds and black, then blindfolded and with cards face up performer seems to miss, but separated cards of different back colors Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 2 53
Harry Riser Dealer's School - Phase One (red black separation by feel)
- Phase Two (shuffle control demo)
- Phase Three (dealing some hands, performer ends up with Aces)
The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser 144
Bob Taylor The "S" Shuffle setting bridge during riffle shuffle with one half bridged opposite to other half, red-black divination application Gambling Notes 18
Lewis Jones Red Alert One deck is dealt in four hands, colors of one hand can be divined Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 160
Roy Walton Roy Walton Presentation after two cards are selected from a packet, performer separates the colors and gets two wrong - the selectionsInspired by New Inspirations 9
Unknown Color by Touch No. 66, small packet shuffled face-up/face-down, performer names number of reds and blacks and sorts them New Self-Working Card Tricks 100
Karl Fulves, Bob Hummer Psychic Map No. 69, fifteen cards in matrix layout on table, some are turned over, covered with newspaper, performer reaches underneath and adjusts, when newspaper is removed all face-up cards are red and vice versa New Self-Working Card Tricks 104
Karl Fulves Red Control an Ace and a Two on the table, single cards dealt on Ace, pairs on Two, performer and spectator take one of the dealt piles each under the table, performer is able to match spectator's colorsInspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 5) 160
Karl Fulves The Rule For Red different handling than CATO, switching two cardsInspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 7) 262
Pit Hartling Colour Sense feeling colors through table, packet of thirteen cardsRelated toVariations Card Fictions 36
Karl Fulves Seeing Color performer deals through shuffled deck, spectator stops, selection cut into deck, performer deals some cards on the table and one to the bottom of the deck, tabled pile consists of selection and only odd-colored cards otherwise
- No Memory
Off The Books (Issue 6) 99
Asi Wind Red & Black after one riffle shuffle, some cards are dealt and the colors divined by performerAlso published here Chapter One 9
Karl Fulves Know-It-All spectator riffle shuffles deck, pair shown and spectator only tells if the colors match or not, performer knows color if they match Prolix (Issue 8) 501
Karl Fulves Stripper Notes - using stripper deck as one-way deck in tabled row
- separation by touch (face-up/face-down)
Prolix (Issue 8) 502
Michael Alec Sparkle performer deals borrowed deck into two piles, colors (almost) separated, nail polish shiner at innser surface of fingernail Prolix (Issue 8) 523
Michael Weber Power to the Performer performer separates colors Red Black 2.0 15
John Wilson Outer This World performer divines color of top thirteen cards of shuffled deckInspired by You and Me and the Devil Makes Three - Volume II 19
Chris Rawlins Pseudo three phase memory demonstration, first red black, then suits, then naming missing cardAlso published here Pseudo 1
Ryan Schlutz Strange Gift spectator gives twelve cards to performer, he knows number of red cards and sorts them under tableInspired by
  • "Buckle Up" (No. 105 in "Scarne on Card Tricks", 1950)
False Anchors - Volume One 14
Ondřej Pšenička Motion Memory Magician able to deal and separate red and black cards with face down cards The Secret of the Butterflies 74
Chris Rawlins A Bonus (Pseudo Memory) three phase memory demonstration, first red black, then suits, then naming missing cardAlso published here The Event, 2017 63
Asi Wind True Colors after one riffle shuffle, some cards are dealt and the colors divined by performerRelated toAlso published here Repertoire 37