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Unknown To make a Card vanish from the Pack, and be found in a Person's Pocket stuck to back of hand
1876 Modern Magic 46
Unknown Moisture Palm card clings to hand when pressed on top of tabled deck
Aug. 1896 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 8) 115
Martignoni Die Verwandlung einer Karte selection clings to another card via moisture, tossed in the air and caught before unload on deck
Apr. 1898 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 4) 54
Arthur "Dr. Avon" Kollmann Der Apparat zum Anfeuchten der Finger sponge apparatus to moisten fingers, can be attached to table
Oct. 1898 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 10) 154
Julius Kupka Die mystirieuse Karte "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
card is apparently not in one half of the deck, but then it is, card stuck to back of hand with moisture
Mar. 1899 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 3) 36
T. Page Wright Six Card Trick card vanishes in six-card packet and reappears
1933 Page Wright's Notebook 16
Ralph W. Hull Three in One Card Trick card vanishes from packet and travels to named position into other packet, duplicate, saliva
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 294
Unknown The Eclipse Vanish one of five vanishes, saliva
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 341
Jack Merlin Jack Merlin Wax Technique
1938 Greater Magic 57
Paul Rosini Saliva Sorcery. I peeked at card disappears and reappears reversed
1938 Greater Magic 258
Paul Rosini Saliva Sorcery. II card vanishes from packet and reappears in pocket
Variations 1938 Greater Magic 260
Unknown Impromptu Location saliva
1940 Expert Card Technique 322
Unknown Wheels within Wheels saliva used as daub
1940 Expert Card Technique 327
Unknown Moistening a Card
1940 Expert Card Technique 418
Henry Hardin The Dissolving Card one of five
1940 The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 97) 599
Harry W. Burger Inevitable one of 16 cards fairly chosen and lost, then found
1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 113) 670
The Great Merlini Name Your Poison spectator decides how selection is found: turns over, is spelled to or travels to pocket
Also published here 1941 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 132) 758
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue The Kittyhawk Card from packet to reversed into deck, double facer
1942 Prepared Cards and Accessories 4
Eddie Joseph The Jumping Location card cut to, remembered and replaced, deck hit on table and selection jumps out
1942 Greater Card Tricks 15
Eddie Joseph Rapid Transit three cards selected, they travel into three envelopes (actually hanging behind), one duplicate
1942 Greater Card Tricks 81
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Dealing Thirds second deal & saliva
Related to 1943 Tricks and Sleights 28
Edward Marlo The Marlo Miracle saliva
1945 The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 78) 319
Edward Marlo IV. Saliva Methods A. Cut Method
B. In Spread
C. The Peek
1947 Marlo In Spades 36
Unknown Saliva Double
1948 A Devilish Miracle 2
Cardini, Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig, Francis Carlyle, Martin Gardner, John Scarne The Initials Will Tell No. 38, Initials of chosen card appears on spectator's palm (sugar + pencil)
1950 Scarne on Card Tricks 68
Clayton Rawson In One Second Flat saliva, two cards are found
Also published here 1950 The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 196) 783
Bill Woodfield Simplo saliva method
1950 The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 206) 823
Edward Marlo The Marlo Miracle saliva
1953 The Cardician 7
Tony Kardyro "Hot Weather Handy" card through table, card sticks to back of wet hand
1955 Kardyro's Kard Konjuring 23
Tony Kardyro Hot Weather Hand Supreme or I'm Allowed One Mistake "My Favorite Trick"
card is seen to be stuck at back of hand
Inspired by
  • "Hot Weather Handy" (Linking Ring, Hocus Pocus column)
1955 Kardyro's Kard Konjuring 24
Tony Kardyro The Magic Genii card sticks to back of wet hand
1955 Kardyro's Kard Konjuring 25
James Steranko Saliva Vanish reversed card vanishes
1960 Steranko on Cards 89
Edward Marlo Impromptu Steal of a Card card stuck to another card the is removed
1961 Card to Wallet 25
Dai Vernon A Vernonesque Quickie one of two indifferent cards changes into selection
1961 Professional Card Magic 152
Charlie Miller The Eight Card Trick two piles of four cards each, a card travels from packet to packet, repeat, saliva
1961 An Evening with Charlie Miller 34
Harry Lorayne The Sloppy Card Trick saliva for control, selection appears on named number up to ten
Variations 1962 Close-up Card Magic 42
Dai Vernon Another Smear gum from envelope
1962 Early Vernon 55
North Bigbee Simpel Spell
1962 The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 371) 312
Nate Leipzig Palm Up card sticks to palm
1963 Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 188
Edward Marlo Saliva Card Vanish
1968 Expert Card Conjuring 95
Joseph K. Schmidt Some Notes on the Rising Card Trick saliva rise
Related to
  • Martin Gardner, Jan. 1949 of Hugard's Magic Monthly
1968 The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 22
Joseph K. Schmidt The Improved Saliva Card Rise
1968 The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 23
Edward Marlo The Variant Fingertip Peek applying substance to peeked-at card with right second finger
- The Baisc Method
- Daub Variant
- Saliva Variant
- Adhesive Variant
Variations 1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 74
Edward Marlo Wet Line Vanish or Control selection vanishes or is controlled, saliva handling
1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 88
Edward Marlo The Vanishing Card peeked card vanishes, reappears at chosen number, saliva
1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 116
Jack Posetary No Mirror reading colors of cards, whet thumbnail as shiner, see also p. 411
Related to Dec. 1970 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 2) 389
Tommy Martin Puzzling Color Change using spittle to glue cards together
1972 Million Dollar Card Secrets 106
Unknown Card on the Wall saliva
1972 The Living End 7
Clayton Rawson Name Your Poison spectator decides how selection is found: turns over, is spelled to or travels to pocket
Also published here 1972 The Living End 134
Jimmy Grippo Double Lift Teaser saliva
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 160
Clayton Rawson In einer einzigen Sekunde saliva, two cards are found
Also published here Oct. 1974 Intermagic (Vol. 2 No. 2) 37
Karl Fulves Moisture Steal card sticks to back of hand
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 3 198
Dai Vernon Card Vanish Card that was peeked at vanishes from deck , uses saliva
1975 Magic With Faucett Ross 220
Frederick Braue Count-Down Reverse featuring automatic third deal (saliva), stop trick with face-up card, spectator stops one before
1978 Fred Braue on False Deals 34
Philip T. Goldstein A Dollar ungaffed coins
Inspired by
  • "Spirit Cartography" (Braue, Hugard's Magic Monthly, April 1949)
1978 The Chronicles (Issue 9) 1148
Karl Fulves Reflections saliva on thumbnail for impromptu shiner
Inspired byRelated to 1979 The Chronicles (Issue 16) 1220
Walt Lees, David Carré Travellers Without Luggage
1981 Four Professional Card Tricks 26
Ross Bertram Saliva tip
1983 Bertram on Sleight of Hand 248
Max Malini Moisture Double Laydown moisture through breathing
1988 The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 23
Edward Marlo Palmed Saliva handling saliva
1991 The Olram File (Issue 4) 1
Max Malini Moisture Double Laydown moisture through breathing
1992 The Olram File (Issue 11) 8
Martin Gardner Saliva Card Rise with handkerchief
1996 New Card Rises 36
Pablo Domenèch La Carta Colgada selection appears among ten cards at chosen position
1996 La Magia de Pablo Domènech 39
Unknown The Rising Cards saliva and handkerchief
1997 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 8) 1
Dai Vernon The Vanish of a Card peek technique, using saliva or glue stick
1998 Card College — Volume 3 513
Ellis Stanyon To Vanish One of Five Cards No. 16, saliva
Variations 1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 42
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note more detailed routine for the vanish of one of five cards
Inspired by 1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 42
Max Malini Malini's Color Change Subtlety card can be removed singly after change
Also published here
  • Daley Notebooks
Nov. 1999 Genii (Vol. 62 No. 11) 33
Christoph Borer Double Transposition red and blue deck, two selection interchange in decks
2007 Der Stoff aus dem die Wunder sind 24
Roberto Giobbi Wet Behind Your Fingers how to moisten the fingers when one has dry hands
Jan. 2007 Genii (Vol. 70 No. 1) 16
Justin Higham Bar-Top Rising Card one-sided plunger
2012 Non-Automatic Card Tricks 22