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Henri Decremps Forcing several forcing cards in a deck, way to force one of the cards, cards with angram words
1785 265
Henri Decremps Forcing from a forcing deck, no specific method
1785 299
"Forcing" Packs one-way & three-way
1889 14
Professor Hoffmann To Force three Cards together three cards repeat itself, spectator cuts anywhere
Variations 1890 13
Forcing from Three-Way Deck having card selected from top, center and bottom, or cutting deck into three piles instead
1900 60
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Die Karte als Wandervogel chosen card travels under table cloth, inside a book and eventually in spectator's pocket
1927 84
Jack Merlin Mechanical Forcing Packs one way forcing deck, three way forcing deck, svengali pack, Evans Brown Triple-Force Pack
1927/28 23
Eric F. Impey Card at Number card at small number is forced card, cards dealt face up
1928 1
Theodore Annemann Just the Same Alike two cards selected from two decks are the same, selection process from one deck complicated with four piles and die
Also published here 1935
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1935)
Forcing Decks
1935 25
Laurie Ireland Hints for Amateurs on Forcing Cards third forcing deck
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation")
Another Diachylon Force like sticky svengali
1937 107
Various Methods of Handling the Pack
1937 245
Simple Effects 5. svengali deck as a force
1937 247
Svengali Force a bit complicated, svengali deck
1937 255
Forcing Packs Three-Way Forcing Deck plus switch
1938 450
Ralph W. Hull The Force with Pop-Eyed Eye-Popper deck
1938 531
Eddie Joseph Everywhere Yet Nowhere three cards are placed in card stand and one selected it matches selection from second deck
1940 ca. 3
Double Force with Knife using forcing deck with alternating order
1941/27 264
Eddie Joseph Your Thought Read spectator cuts anywhere and remembers face card, which is divined
1942 18
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Now! attributed to Robert-Houdin, three cards selected, three times stop by spectator to find their cards
Related to Jan. 1944 34
U. F. Grant Improved Three Way Forcing handling for forcing three cards with a three way forcing deck
1945 22
Telepathic Deck of Cards early tossed out deck versions with one card, see following entries for variations
Related to 1945/27 244
Double Slate Writing flap slates, forcing deck
1945/27 375
Milbourne Christopher Force Stab using telomatic forcing deck, deck with rubber band tossed into audience
June 1946 224
Milbourne Christopher The Card Revealed two cards are selected, name of one card appears on second card
Jan. 1947 286
Victor Farelli, David Devant Hew Devant Used to Force method to force three cards, three cards repeat itself, spectator cuts anywhere
Inspired by Nov. 1949 601
Bill Channel New Use for a Forcing Deck forcing from a three way forcing deck
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950)
Lewis Ganson "How Right You Are!" routine with mirage deck, with roughing fluid formula
  • The "Rough and Smooth" Pack
  • To Show the Cards All Different
  • To Shuffle the Cards (overhand)
  • The Force
  • To Take Two Cards as One
  • The Routine (see following items)
1950 29
Don Alan A Subtle One Way Force Deck with fifteen indifferent cards
1951 7
Eddie Joseph A Discovery and Its Possibilities two cards face-up and face-down alternating after slop shuffle, principle of always cutting to either face-up or face-down card, sorting behind back and applications:
  • A Force
  • A Natural Trick (two-pile location)
  • The Two Cards (two spectators turn over cards in jumbled deck which are divined)
1951 23
Laurie Ireland The Ireland Handling for a Jumbo Two Way Forcing Deck three parts, two forcing cards
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Theodore Annemann Dust the same alike two cards selected from two decks are the same, selection process from one deck complicated with four piles and die
Also published here 1957
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 4)
Rolf Andra Synchronism two decks, same cards are chosen
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 3)
Edward Marlo Physical and Mental performer places physical selection next to mental selection (one of twenty-six), two phases, half forcing deck, faro fan
Related to 1964 68
Albert Spackman Voodoo cards with outline of a person and x-marked on different places, spectator choses one of the cards where the person is injured, prediction
Related to 1967 167
Ace Gorham Last Call force from rough-smooth / Svengali deck
1969 23
Theodore Annemann Psychic Telepathy two-way forcing deck handling
1969 51
Roy Johnson Predictafors card at named number is predicted, 1-0-1 mirage deck
1970 21
Jochen Zmeck Mit diagonal geteilten Karten two methods to force a card from a deck with all divided cards (peek and turning a card over in fan)
1972 6
Edward G. Brown The Use of Special Forcing Packs
1973 195
Tony Cole Copy Cat two decks, performer puts one of his in the spectator's and vice versa, they both are placed next to their mates, see also p. 830 for comment by Roy Walton
Dec. 1973 689
Eric Williams Forcing from Mirage Deck counting face-up
Summer 1974
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 9th Folio)
Paul Maurer Zweifache Voraussage two rows of eight cards, prediction of two cards and chosen positions, on business cards
Inspired by
  • Stewart James' "Three Times Lucky"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 36 No. 1)
Edward Marlo Forcing from a Bank ten force cards
Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles)
Will Dexter Forcing from a Forcing Deck comments
July 1978
Intermagic (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Karl Fulves Forcing from Half-Forcing Deck also from half Monte Cristo
1979 2
Richard Lyn Color-X prediction of a symbol card, forcing deck
Magick (Issue 232)
Paul Rylander Sight Unseen divination of three cards
Magick (Issue 237)
John Fedko Tri-Psi as John Fedco, three cards are divined
Magick (Issue 268)
Richard Kaufman Quadruple Fingertip Cards to Pockets duplicates and four-way-forcing deck
1981 140
Fredric Kolb Time Warp card is stopped at, same card is in performer's wallet as prediction
Magick (Issue 277)
Marvyn Roy Five-Star Psychometry five spectator's select a card each, all are divined with a reading
Magick (Issue 299)
Juan Tamariz Cartomagia sin Tecnica routine with Svengali deck, starts and ends with a normal deck, first one cards is located then two, similar strategy as in Neither Blind nor Silly
1981 35
Bill Wisch Faro Fan Force faro fan with half forcing deck
Related to 1981 13
Paul Hallas Forcing a Date with Cards
Sep. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 12)
Pascal Monmoine The Irresistible Force half forcing deck, pressure fan, variations with predictions
May 1984
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 6)
Stephen Tucker The Chase forcing subtlety for forcing deck, removing pencil-dotted indifferent cards from spread
Mar. 1984
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 35)
Robert Cassidy Shake Up half of the deck is placed inside a paper bag and mixed, half forcing deck
1984 51
Tom Bowyer Svengali Routine selection made, card divined, then it turns over, then appears at named number and at randomly spelled card, spectator stabs next to it
1985 28
El Encantador The JC Legacy divination of three selection, three-way forcing deck
Oct. 1985
Magick (Issue 358)
Mike Schwartz Never Miss Card Trick instructions on tape recorded, humorous revelation of card
Nov. 1986
Magick (Issue 380)
Carl Herron Insider spectator selects a card which with prediction cards completes a straight, half forcing deck
Sep. 1987
Magick (Issue 395)
Marvyn Roy X-Ray card selected under the table is divined
July 1988
Magick (Issue 408)
Karrell Fox "Elimacard" deck cut in two piles, one half eliminated, rest again cut in two piles, repeated until one card remains, selection
Related to 1988 100
Roy Johnson Take Three forcing three cards with three way forcing deck
Also published here 1989 12
Richard Osterlind Mind Leap prediction of name and playing card, signature on slips
Variations Nov. 1990
Magick (Issue 448)
Aldo Colombini, Davide Costi Alamo
Nov./Dec. 1991
Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Roy Johnson Nehmen Sie 3 Karten! forcing three cards with three way forcing deck
Also published here June 1992
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 1)
Ken Brooke The Ken Brooke Routine with Joe Stuthard's Trilby Deck - Part Two edited reprint from Brooke's magazine "Routine" (1950), Triumph with End Strippers, two selections (one only thought of) from two piles end up next to each other
Nov. 1993
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Hal Barlow Choice and Chance prediction of two cards, one selected above and one below table
Sep. 1993
Magick (Issue 494)
Russell Deffenbaugh Card Force half forcing stack, faro fan
Feb. 1993
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 8)
Barry Stevenson Casual Force half forcing deck
July 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 7)
Guy Hollingworth The Cassandra Quandary card placed in envelope is actual later selection
Related toVariations 1999 264
Barrie Richardson The Du Maurier Force force handling with Svengali deck
1999 219
Chuck Smith The Regular Double-Fan force application, also for half forcing deck
2000 12
Christoph Borer Mery spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulum
Also published here 2000 25
Simon Lovell Blind Man's Bluff spectator finds cards in deck, rest is secretly blank, cards are predicted
Inspired by 2000 85
Chris Wardle Odd One Out deck mixed up in a hat, spectator chooses one and puts it into an envelope, it is predicted (eventually), using double-faced deck with same card on back of each (Hofzinser)
2000 19
Christoph Borer Das Svengali-Spiel
  • Das Svengali-Spiel (general comments)
  • Das Forcieren einer Karte (forcing a card, spectator shuffles deck)
Also published here 2002 10
Christoph Borer Giant Count reinvention of "Dr. Jaks Kartenbluff", selected card is shuffled into the deck and cards put in inside jacket pocket, small number is named and on that position performer produces a jumbo card which has the same value as the selection, with a half forcing deck
Related toAlso published here 2002 11
Robert Cassidy Any card at any number with three-way forcing deck
2004 165
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Unmöglich three cards are selected and replaced, three people shuffle three decks and deal cards until spectator stops them, selections are found
Related to 2004 71
Christoph Borer Svengali
  • Das Svengali-Spiel (general comments)
  • Das Forcieren einer Karte (forcing a card, spectator shuffles deck)
Also published here 2006 83
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulum
Also published here 2006 145
Christoph Borer Die Handhabung eines halben Forcierspiels the handling of a half forcing deck
1. Verwendung als Normalspiel (using the normal cards)
2. Das Spiel auffächern (faning the deck)
3. Das Spiel ausbreiten (spreading the cards)
4. Das Spiel durchblättern (spreading through the cards)
5. Das Spiel auf dem Tisch ausbreiten (spreading the cards on the table)
6. Das Spiel vordribbeln (dribbling the cards on the table)
7. Das Spiel mischen (shuffling the deck)
2007 9
Christoph Borer Die Force einer Karte forcing from a half forcing deck
1. Mit dem Spiel in den Händen (in the hands)
2. Das Spiel liegt auf dem Tisch (on the table)
3. In den Händen des Zuschauers (in the spectator's hands)
2007 11
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulum
Also published here 2007 15
Christoph Borer Double Transposition red and blue deck, two selection interchange in decks
2007 24
Thomas Otto Spectator Card Stab spectator stabs deck, wrapped in paper, half forcing deck
2007 35
Christoph Borer Svengali Die Svengali Force (spectator shuffles Svengali deck and cuts to force card)
2007 37
Christoph Borer Challenge Peek three cards are divined, half Al Koran deck
2007 37
Stephan Kirschbaum Schoko-Stopp spectator stops at any card, chocolate written back of selection, then repeated and in prediction envelope is a piece of chocolate found with the selection as a miniature card attached
2007 41
Christoph Borer Ein Wunder mit Spielkarten two selections, first is revealed by tearing a paper napkin into shape of card, then napkin is burnt and ashes on arm to reveal second selection
2007 22
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulum
Also published here 2007 17
Trevor Lewis Rising Cards routine for Jumbo rising cards, three cards
2009 126
Helder Guimarães, Charles Reynolds Force of Nature using group of mis-index cards, two handlings
Inspired by
  • "Force of Thought" deck (Charles Reynolds)
2011 22
Helder Guimarães Psychological Bank Force as deck is riffled through, bank of forcing cards
2011 24
Bobby Bernard Forcing from Svengali Deck
Dec. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 12)
David Redondo La Copa Adivina selection is found by placing a glass on spread cards partial forcing stack
2012 41
Bruce Bernstein Into the Infinite tossed out deck, three people write their cards down, all cards are divined on billets, then two billets are burnt and card on remaining billet is found predicted in envelope
Also published here 2012 63
Bruce Bernstein A Matter of Time matching routine, envelopes with cards are dealt and one is selected, card inside matches selection from deck, 13 variations also with other objects, going back in time presentation
2012 189
Doug Edwards Regular and Complete convincer for the use of a one-way forcing deck
2013 53
Albert Spackman Forcing from a Forcing Deck
Related to 2013 87
Christoph Borer Christoph Borers Strategie handling for Svengali Deck in hands of spectator
June 2013 28
Joaquín Matas La Ranita
Inspired by 2014 169
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulum
Also published here 2016 217
Christoph Borer Borers Frechheit handling a Svengali deck
Also published here 2016 73
Johnny Thompson Brainweave Force Deck faro fan
2018 105
Christoph Borer Das Drei-Karten-Wunder prediction of three cards, half forcing deck
2018 175
Christoph Borer Borers Frechheit handling a Svengali deck
Also published here 2018 48
Lorenz Schär All Bags off-beat prediction written on a bag, 51 cards selected
2019 97
Kyle Leon Spot-On spectator stops dealing at predicted card
Inspired by
  • "Signs" (Joshua Jay)
Dec. 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 12)