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Dr. Lynn Dr. Lynn's Second Sight Act dead names written on papers, performer divines some, then a last one from freely chosen billet appears on arm of performer
1890 252
Words on Arm two methods, one of them ashes
1890 254
Die Geisterschrift No. 2, card burnt, ashes rubbed on back of hand, name of card appears, egg white
1895 88
Die Blutschrift der Fakire name of spectator appears on arm in red, chemical
Aug. 1895
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 8)
John Nevil Maskelyne, Professor Hoffmann The Great Dictionary Trick word appears on arm
Related to 1903 490
Charles Roe Thought Ablaze ashes on arm for card revelation
Also published here Nov. 1941
The Jinx (Issue 150)
The Numbers on the Arm ashes rubbed on arm, writing appears
1941/27 189
Eddie Joseph The Writing on the Arm named card appears on arm, index on arm
1942 32
M. Van Reese Assisted by the Dead name appears on arm, ashes
1945 213
Blood Writing sum of digits appears on arm in blood red after rubbing
Nov. 1945 165
Charles Roe Thoughts Ablaze No. 138, ashes on arm for card revelation using ten-twenty force
Also published here 1950 266
Eddie Joseph The Writing on the Palm ashes on palm, writing appears
1959 7
Blood Writing No. 34, blood message appears on arm
1983 10
Real Blood Writing No. 35, blood writing appears on arm
1983 10
Richard Osterlind Updated Ashes on Arm secret writing
1986 14
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Strange Powers question written on business card, then placed inside envelope and burnt, performer divines question and answer appears on palm using the ashes
Aug. 1986
Magick (Issue 376)
Michael Weber Thicker Than Water names written on billets, one chosen, rest burned, name appears on arm when ashes are rubbed
Also published here 1990 1
John Carney Final Trace deck wrapped in napkin vanishes, napkin is burned and on arm name of card appears after rubbing of ashes
1991 19
Michael Weber United Divinations ashes on arm, impromptu Devil's Handkerchief to force a billet
Related to 1991 86
Michael Weber Thicker Than Water names written on billets, one chosen, rest burned, name appears on arm when ashes are rubbed
Also published here 1991 11
Claude Rix Et avec une partenaire name of chosen card appears on arm of assistant
1995 115
Earl Keyser Five Cast as Eary Keyser, die is thrown and number appears on arm, with ashes
Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Jörg Alexander Weber Brandzeichen II card chosen and returned to deck, first letter of spectator's name written on paper and burned, letter burned into selection and letter appears on arm when ashes rubbed on arm
Inspired byVariations 1996 13
Henry Leslie The Card Appears on an Arm No. 5, ashes of burnt card rubbed on arm and name of card appears on arm
1999 158
Bloodlines on Arm red writing on arm appears
Related to 2000 151
Tony Bartolotta Tattoo tattoo appears on arm when it is rubbed, revealing some information, nail scratching
Discoverie (Issue 7)
Milbourne Christopher Written In Red named number appears on back of spectator's hand when rubbed, nail scratch
Also published here
  • Conjuror's, March 1948
Discoverie (Issue 8)
Wonder Man Fred Auf den Arm genommen ashes on arm to reveal selection, multiple selection
2004 265
Christoph Borer Die Geisterschrift
  • Das Verbrennen der Serviette (burning the napkin)
  • Schmutz (dirt)
  • Wo kann das Symbol aufgetragen werden? (where to put on the symbol?)
  • Wie soll das Symbol erscheinen? (who should the symbol appear?)
  • Wo ist die Geisterschrift vorführbar? ( where to perform the ashes on arm?)
  • Was passiert, wenn das Symbol gar nicht, oder zu schwach erschein? (trouble shooting)
2007 8
Christoph Borer, Reinhard Müller Historische Notizen historical comments for ashes on arms
2007 19
Christoph Borer Ein Wunder mit Spielkarten two selections, first is revealed by tearing a paper napkin into shape of card, then napkin is burnt and ashes on arm to reveal second selection
2007 22
Christoph Borer Das Runenritual chosen rune stone is revealed with ashes on arm
2007 27
Christoph Borer Allerlei more ideas for ashes on arm effects
  • Münzen (coins)
  • Gegenstände auf dem Tisch (objects on the table)
  • Namen (names)
  • Buchtitel (book title)
  • Sonstiges (miscellaneous)
2007 30
Christoph Borer Die Sterne lügen nicht zodiac symbols appear on forearm, ashes on arm, various ideas
2007 35
Markus Gabriel Die Schrift verwandelt sich word is written on arm with ashes, when rubbed word transforms
2007 39
Christoph Borer Another Card Miracle two selections, name of first selection appears on arm then wrong name appears on arm and is changed into correct selection
2007 41
Christoph Borer Nachhersagen on writing the name during the routine, ashes on arm
2007 43
Pat Perry Taschenrechner made in Italy result of a calculation appears on arm, ashes on arm
2007 46
Christoph Borer Es geistert beim Zuschauer ashes on arm, different ideas for making the word appear on spectator's arm
2007 48
Ben Hart Roots name written down by spectator, initials appear on spectator's hand when soil/dirt is rubbed onto it
Inspired by
  • "Bare" (The Other Brothers, marketed 2017)
2020 170
Christoph Borer Auf die Stirn gebrannt ashes on forehead, name of chosen card appears
2022 28