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Rick Johnsson The "Too Perfect" Theory
Related toAlso published here Fall-Spring 1971
Hierophant (Issue 5-6)
Philip T. Goldstein Desire spectators write destinations on a business card, five write a place where they have been and one a place he desires to go, all cards are correctly attributed and the last, desired place is named without looking at it
Related toVariations 1976 4
Larry Becker Some Total sum prediction in envelope, close-up and stage versions
Inspired by
  • Will Dexter's "Computer Mind" in "Feature Magic for Mentalists" p. 113
Related toVariations
1978 11
Robert Cassidy The Three Envelope Test name, name of pet and drawing are put on three pieces of paper and sealed in three numbered envelopes, all is divined, technical variation of routine in The Art of Mentalism
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1995 21
Paul Harris Bat Fishing borrowed dollar bill, eight cards selected, their values are serial number of bill
Variations 1996 37
Barrie Richardson Any Card at Any Number (The Platform Version) two phases, restricted choices, faced deck
Variations 1999 267
David Berglas Musical Mindreading several instruments on stage, performer divines thought of instruments and selected song by playing it, then some rhythms are written on cards and shuffled, performer divines the order by playing them on an instrument
Related to 2002 86
Axel Hecklau "Effektiv" lochen hole travels from one piece of paper to another, black art
Inspired by 2004 25
Wonder Man Fred Vorwort des Autors
2004 15
Wonder Man Fred Einführung thoughts on mentalism, props, playing cards, electronics, using stooges, instant stooges, pre-show, impossibility, visibility, emotions
2004 19
Wonder Man Fred Booked on a Feeling on book tests
2004 29
Wonder Man Fred Das Forcieren der Buchseite thorough analysis of the forcing of a page
2004 30
Wonder Man Fred Task Force Book svengali book, to force page
2004 40
Wonder Man Fred Sliding Force forcing a page using a bookmark, gaffed book
2004 45
Wonder Man Fred Das Forcieren des Wortes: Das Lotsen-Konzept forcing a word on a page, verbal
2004 50
Wonder Man Fred Die Präsentation des Ergebnisses on the revelation of the word
2004 52
Wonder Man Fred Radical Imagination with three books, using the Task Force Book, svengali Peek book, last word appears on bill inside card box
2004 54
Wonder Man Fred Knockout Punch with multiple books, using the Task Force Books, fake cover ploy with books with different sizes, last word appears on paper
2004 65
R. Paul Wilson, Wonder Man Fred A Darkness Rises Switch switch of paper, writing appears
Related to
  • R. Paul Wilson's "A Darkness Rises" in "Twists of Fate" (DVD), 2001.
2004 72
Wonder Man Fred Der Zuschauer entscheidet on the choice of material, the audience as selecting authority
2004 75
Wonder Man Fred Sanfte Gewalt thoughts and handling details for Equivoque
  • Omnia mea mecum porto
  • Die unsichtbaren Korridore
    • Phase 1: Aus acht mach vier
    • Phase 2: Aus vier mach zwei (und manchmal eins)
    • Phase 3: Aus zwei mach eins
  • Trekantet Forhold
    • Option 1: Die Ehefrau wählt den Zielgegenstand
    • Option 2: Der Zuschauer wählt den Zielgegenstand
    • Option 3: The winner takes it all
  • Nachgedanken
2004 79
Wonder Man Fred Tricktychon spectator removes objects from pocket, selected one is predicted, repeated and spectator selects same object, repeated a third time then prediction changes
2004 99
Wonder Man Fred Der Untersuchungsaustausch tagt on the inspection of props by the spectators
2004 107
Wonder Man Fred B'Wave handling and script for B'Wave
2004 115
Wonder Man Fred Von Profis und Amateuren on full-time and semi-professional performers
2004 123
Wonder Man Fred Buffalo Bill spectator cuts the deck, removes five cards and thinks of one, card is divined
2004 127
Wonder Man Fred Three-Diction with general observations on the one-ahead principle, three objects are predicted, using playing cards, a dice and random objects, selections are shown to the performer at the end of the routine
  • Von einem genialen Prinzip und seiner gedankenlosen Anwendung
  • Zwei Essentialia
    • 1. Die Offenkundigkeit der Unkenntnis des Vorführenden
    • 2. Die eindeutige Zuordnung der Vorhersagen
  • Die Grundstruktur der Routine
  • Abschliessende Präsentation
  • Nachtrag
2004 139
Wonder Man Fred Mit den Augen der Zuschauer sehen on how the audience experience the trick and what they will think afterwards
  • 1. Wie werden die Zuschauer den Effekt erleben?
  • 2. Was werden die Zuschauer als Tricktechnik für möglich halten?
2004 148
Wonder Man Fred Yesterday several songbooks on stage, one song is selected and predicted
Related to 2004 157
Wonder Man Fred MVUA multiple books, sound of rain as final revelation
2004 176
Wonder Man Fred Zu Sehr Perfekt on the Too Perfect Theory
Related to 2004 184
Wonder Man Fred Three Envelope Test tip for handling the envelope in Cassidy's routine, routine is not explained
Inspired by 2004 190
Wonder Man Fred Watch Out! handles on two watches are twisted unseen, they end up set at same time
2004 193
Wonder Man Fred Fan-Tastic spectator removes a group of cards and performer names all but three, second spectator selects a card from different deck which matches one of the remaining cards, one card is divined by calling friend of performer and last one matches prediction in box
  • Das Finden einer Karte durch einen Zuschauer
  • Die telefonische Wiedergabe der Karte
  • Die Vorhersage der letzten Karte
2004 209
Wonder Man Fred Mir muss es Spass machen on having fun
2004 217
Wonder Man Fred I'm Looking Through You reworking a "Coin Deck" to function as a peeking device
2004 221
Wonder Man Fred Watch Me Come Undone on performing in impromptu situations
2004 223
Wonder Man Fred Impromptu Newspaper Prediction prediction of newspaper, page and word
2004 227
Wonder Man Fred, Barrie Richardson Any Card At Any Number variation on Richardson routine, using fingers of spectator to form a number
Inspired by 2004 233
Wonder Man Fred Casablanca prediction and coincidence effect with names of actors and playing cards, in connection with ACAAN
2004 235
Wonder Man Fred Aschenputtel oder Phoenix aus der Asche ashes on palm
  • Grundlagen
  • Das Anbringen der Asche
  • Der Fotograf und sein Modell
  • Durch Misserfolg zum Erfolg
2004 237
Wonder Man Fred Pariser Schuh' unn Bernemer Fiess on "be yourself"
2004 247
Wonder Man Fred Trans-Parenthesis prediction on cellophane of card case changes into prediction of second card, signed by spectator
2004 249
Wonder Man Fred Setzen, Sechs! sum prediction using ruler
Inspired by 2004 257
Wonder Man Fred Auf den Arm genommen ashes on arm to reveal selection, multiple selection
2004 265
Wonder Man Fred My Desire spectators write destinations on a business card, five write a place where they have been and one a place he desires to go, all cards are correctly attributed and the last, desired place is named without looking at it, variation
Inspired by 2004 268
Wonder Man Fred The Center of My Heart thoughts on the center tear
2004 271
Wonder Man Fred No Way Out on having outs
2004 274
Wonder Man Fred Bat Fishing borrowed dollar bill, eleven cards and scrabble pieces are selected, their values are serial number of bill
  • Tempora mutantur
  • Von der Bühne zum Tisch
  • Die Auswahl des Geldscheins
  • Die Wahl der Ziffern durch Karten
  • Die Wahl des Buchstabens
  • Der Austausch des Geldscheins
  • Der Ablauf der Vorführung
Inspired by 2004 278
Wonder Man Fred Headline Prediction oder Headline Production on the headline prediction, sent by mail
  • Die massgeblichen Kriterien
  • Die Herstellung gleicher Umschläge
  • Der Austausch
2004 289
Wonder Man Fred Respekt on being respectful towards the spectators
2004 303