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Charles T. Jordan The Impromptu Arranged Pack No. 9, from New Pack Order to Si Stebbins, dealing
Related to 1920 20
Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr. Copy Cat! one Si Stebbins, the other brainwave/invisible deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1940
The Jinx (Issue 117)
Bruce Elliott, S. W. Erdnase The Expert at the Card Table stacking three Aces in a four hands game, modified Erdnase System, openly shown
Inspired byRelated to
  • corrections on p. 28
Apr. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 5)
Francis Carlyle Homing Card
Related toVariations 1947
Stars of Magic (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Paul Curry New View deck in new deck order, spectator has the deck behind the back and puts one card reversed in the middle of the deck, exactly in order
Variations Feb. 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 120)
Milbourne Christopher The Cards From Pocket cased deck placed inside performer's pocket, selections are fished out very fast
Related to Aug. 1948 449
Paul LePaul Impromptu Torn And Restored Card
Variations 1949 161
Bill Simon Again! in spectator and performer's pocket, signed, duplicate
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here Jan. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 169)
George Schindler Sealed Penetration deck is sealed and put in spectator's pocket, performer fishes card out very fast
Related to Sep. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 237)
Bob Hummer Hummers Mathematical 3 Card Monte mathematical three card monte
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1951 1
Edward Marlo The Torn Card Trick two methods, see page 196 for credits
Variations 1953 178
Lu Brent A Prediction Supreme face-up card placed in face-down spread, used to count/spell to random card, which is predicted, The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1956 9
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Faro Fantasies spectators get remembered hands again, poker and bridge deal
Inspired byRelated toVariations June 1957
The Cardiste (Issue 3)
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Si Stebbins Stack
Related toVariations June 1957
The Cardiste (Issue 3)
Edward Marlo The Opening Gambit stacking a hand while dealing through the deck
Related to 1959 136
Al Leech Routine Royal
Related toVariations 1959 18
Frank Garcia The Apex Ace Aces vanish on pack, Ace of Spades comes to top three times, aces reappear face up
Related toVariations 1962 88
Dai Vernon Vernon's Aces Aces separated in four piles, brought together to top via faro
Related toVariations 1962 162
Jack Miller, Al Koran Lazy Man's Card Trick
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1962 199
Harry Lorayne Magician vs. Gambler cards to pocket finale
Related toVariations 1964 27
Edward Marlo Four Ace Location (Stacked Deck Retained) four Aces shuffled into deck and cut on top of four piles, order retained
Related toVariations 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 4 Transfers)
Edward Marlo Block Stacking
Related to 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 4 Transfers)
Edward Marlo Power Poker #1 stacking aces, everybody gets a good hand as well
Related toVariations 1964
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 6 Effects)
Al Koran The Gold Medallion prediction of number on medallion
Related toVariations 1968 11
Eddie Fields Dropsy Diddle spectator locates selection in face-up/face-down shuffled deck by dropping coin on card in a spread, "you card is under the coin" with miniature card under the coin and top change
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1968 65
Edward Marlo, Russell "Rusduck" Duck Marlo on Stebbins/Stay-Stack shuffling new deck into Si Stebbins, faros
Related to Winter 1969
Hierophant (Issue 2)
Rick Johnsson The "Too Perfect" Theory
Related toAlso published here Fall-Spring 1971
Hierophant (Issue 5-6)
Roy Walton Travellers in Time red and black cards are separated, each half mixed face-up into face-down and top card placed into center, time machine plot, cards again on top, all cards face-down and mixed
VariationsAlso published here 1971 22
Wesley James L.S.D. Aces
Variations Nov. 1972
Epilogue (Issue 16)
Jerry K. Hartman Uppercutting the Aces Aces are cut to one at a time, last Ace changed from an indifferent card, two variations
  • Same as original, flourishy production of Aces (Lorayne move)
  • Jokers to Aces (see p. 2)
Variations 1972 1
Father Cyprian Father Cyprian's Wild Card four Jokers into four Aces
Related toVariations 1973 192
Karl Fulves Alternates exactly every other card turns over, posed as a problem
Related to 1973 20
Karl Fulves Reverse Triumph
Related to 1973 48
Harry Lorayne A Poker, or Four-Card, Switch
Related to 1973 115
Frank Thompson Any Ace Spell spelling to any Ace called for
Related to 1973 122
Edward G. Brown The Poker Hand ten cards are chosen and two poker hands formed, without looking at the cards, the spectator selects a hand, performer's hand is a royal flush
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1973 36
Darwin Ortiz, Frank Thompson Any Ace Spell Variation climax
Inspired by 1975 74
Darwin Ortiz Combination Aces free cut principle, faros
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1975 77
Darwin Ortiz Pinky Count Divider handling for forming packets of twelve cards each
1975 77
Larry Jennings All Alike Sequence
Variations 1975
Epilogue (Issue Special No 3 (Part 2))
Peter Kane Divination, Discovery, Departure cards from one deck are found in another and change into original selections
Related toVariations 1975 22
Sam Schwartz Bottom Deal Load underneath envelope (or wallet)
Related to July 1975 986
Darwin Ortiz, Marvin Johnson Magician's Sleeper Aces Hitchcock Aces
Variations 1976
Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 6)
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on Fred Kaps, Ron McMillan, Juan Tamariz, Juan Carlos, Darwin Ortiz
May 1977
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 9)
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on Mike Caldwell, Phil Goldstein, Johnny Thompson, Harry Lorayne, David Roth, Karrell Fox, Darwin Ortiz, Maurice Fogel, John and Tammy Calvert
May 1978
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 9)
John F. Mendoza Routined Poker Mental princess card trick with lie detection presentation
Variations 1978 19
Darwin Ortiz, Richard Kaufman The Arcadio Collectors four duplicate Aces
1979 82
Scott Weiser, Darwin Ortiz, Les Shore Cutting Remarks coin cut, then spectator chooses any card and this one is predicted on back of coin
Related to 1979 125
Roy Walton The Smiling Mule two parts, first gag then surprise twist, named card ends up sandwiched between aces in the middle of the deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1979 13
Karrell Fox Peek-a-Brain spectator peeks at a card and reverses it, in prediction deck the same card is shown reversed (before spectator shows his)
Related to 1979 87
Darwin Ortiz Modern Jazz Aces
July 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Darwin Ortiz Back Off! small packet handling
VariationsAlso published here Aug. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 8)
Darwin Ortiz, Patrick Cook Stapled Black Jack duplicate, one card stapled to another card
1981 160
Michael Ammar Bravo... Darwin Ortiz
1981 45
Derek Dingle Bottom Deal Load under postcard
Variations 1982 108
Derek Dingle Oil and Vinegar transformation kicker
Inspired byVariations 1982 167
James Swain Poker Interchange
Related toVariations 1982
Arcane (Issue 7)
Darwin Ortiz Poker Interchange - Handling Variation
Arcane (Issue 7)
Edward Marlo, Darwin Ortiz Block Stacking Sequence
Inspired by 1982
Arcane (Issue 7)
Stephen Tucker I Rise deck in case is placed in spectator's pocket, performer removes card, rising card gimmick
Related to Oct. 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 18)
Steve Beam Leftovers on David Copperfield, Daryl, Darwin Ortiz, Mendoza, Harry Blackstone jr.
1983 10
Frank Simon Keep on Cloning
Inspired by 1983 79
Michael Louis Apocalypse Variations Or Additions four cards
Inspired by Oct. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 10)
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz Aug. 1984
Epoptica (Issue 6)
Daryl Martinez Diamond Bar
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here July/Aug. 1984
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 23 & 24)
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz July/Aug. 1984
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 23 & 24)
Tom Mullica Fourthright Christ Aces with four selections instead of Aces
Variations 1985 510
Louis Falanga Jim Bob Poker small packet routine, royal flush kicker
Inspired byVariations 1985 11
Pick-a-Card Poker five selections stacked into a poker hand
Related to 1985 4
Roberto Giobbi Suspens-Asse
Inspired by 1987 82
David Neighbors McHenry's Sleeper Aces two double facers
Inspired by 1987 24
Darwin Ortiz Introduction
1988 10
Darwin Ortiz The Pinky Count
1988 11
Darwin Ortiz One-Handed Tilt Setup
1988 14
Darwin Ortiz Deal Thirteen named value of a suit in order immediately center dealt
1988 14
Darwin Ortiz Introductory Comments chapter intro for "Card Table Artifice"
1988 17
Darwin Ortiz Jacks Open mock thirds
1988 19
Darwin Ortiz Braue Secret Addition Handling
1988 20
Darwin Ortiz Jackpot seconds, thirds, fourths, bottom, paritially mock
1988 21
Darwin Ortiz Jacks or Better up to fifth (mock)
Related toVariations 1988 25
Darwin Ortiz In One Deal Aces are found at specified numbers
1988 27
Darwin Ortiz Corner Crimp bottom left
Related to 1988 27
Darwin Ortiz Mexican Poker
Related to 1988 29
Darwin Ortiz Waving mark at the corners
1988 30
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Three-Card Monte real work, including bent corner
1988 36
Darwin Ortiz The Monte Throw
1988 37
Darwin Ortiz The Estimation Routine number of cards determined by feel, running the scale
Related toVariations 1988 45
Darwin Ortiz Hindu Shuffle Glimpse
1988 48
Darwin Ortiz Grand Slam dealing all Spades
Related to 1988 50
Darwin Ortiz The Vegas Shuffle Red/Black Shuffle Demonstration
1988 52
Laurie Ireland, Darwin Ortiz Red/Black Shuffle with break
Related to 1988 53
Darwin Ortiz Fast Shuffle four Aces are stacked in four shuffles, two shuffles and one shuffle
Variations 1988 58
Darwin Ortiz Four-Shuffle Riffle Stacking
1988 59
Darwin Ortiz Two-Shuffle Riffle Stacking
1988 60
Darwin Ortiz Gambler's Double Deal
1988 61
Darwin Ortiz The Twofer Shuffle stacking to hands with one shuffle
1988 63
Darwin Ortiz Cold Deck Cut Variation Variation on Vernon's Cut
1988 65
Darwin Ortiz Greek Poker poker stacking triumph, color changing deck kicker
Variations 1988 66
Darwin Ortiz Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer
Variations 1988 68
Darwin Ortiz The Ultimate Card Shark ending in New Pack Order
Inspired byVariations 1988 73
Darwin Ortiz Up-The-Ladder Variation
1988 75
Darwin Ortiz Introductory Comments chapter intro for "Legerdemain"
1988 80
Darwin Ortiz The Dream Card odd-backed "signed card" type effect, card to wallet
Related toVariations 1988 81
Darwin Ortiz Hitchcock Aces
Inspired byVariations 1988 86
Darwin Ortiz Nine-Card Location
Variations 1988 89
Darwin Ortiz Riffle Force break
1988 90
Father Cyprian, Darwin Ortiz Revelation
1988 93
Darwin Ortiz Pop-Out Cut One-Handed Forton
1988 95
Darwin Ortiz Regal Aces four "Duplicates" are produced and changed to Aces
1988 99
Darwin Ortiz Slip Cut in the Hands
1988 99
Fred Robinson, Darwin Ortiz The Cover Pass
1988 100
Darwin Ortiz Ortiz Packet Palm from a small packet
1988 104
Darwin Ortiz Slick Aces with transpo follow up
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1988 106
Darwin Ortiz Deja Vu Jokers
Variations 1988 111
Darwin Ortiz Variation of Larry Jennings' Multiple Lift Sequence
Inspired by 1988 115
Darwin Ortiz Modern Jazz Aces
Variations 1988 117
Darwin Ortiz Olram Subtlety Improved Variation on Marlo's Move
1988 117
Darwin Ortiz The Lucky Deck blank Deck gets Faces
1988 120
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Wild Card
Variations 1988 123
Darwin Ortiz Side Steal Color Change
1988 123
Darwin Ortiz Himber Wallet Switch
1988 129
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Aces Aces vanish and reappear "around" Selections
Inspired byVariations 1988 131
Darwin Ortiz The Card Warp Deck idea for getting into the trick
1988 134
Darwin Ortiz, Edward Marlo, Russell "Rusduck" Duck The Si Stebbins Secret from New Pack Order to Si Stebbins, faros
Related toVariations 1988 137
Darwin Ortiz Do as I Did two packs
Related to 1988 140
Darwin Ortiz Jumping Gemini using only four cards
Related toVariations 1988 141
Darwin Ortiz Elmsley Variation different grip
1988 142
Darwin Ortiz Back Off four cards
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1988 145
Darwin Ortiz Ultimate Interchange
1988 153
Darwin Ortiz Tabled Slip Cut
1988 153
Darwin Ortiz New Tens Routine two Tens keep changing color
Inspired byRelated to 1988 158
Darwin Ortiz Newest Tens Routine two Tens keep changing color
1988 162
Darwin Ortiz Press quotes
1988 164
Dai Vernon Vernon On Edward G. Brown's "Poker Hand Mystery" Mr. Lucky Effect
Inspired byRelated to 1988 169
Edward Marlo The Oh Henry Stack three methods, other sources mentioned
Related to 1988 138
Gary Kurtz Psychological Fusion "a.k.a. Two on One", card signed on the back fuses with card signed on the front
Variations 1988 26
Edward Marlo Red/Black Shuffle with Break
Related toAlso published here 1988 264
Shiv Duggal (reviewer) Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table by Darwin Ortiz Oct. 1988
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Fred Black Black's Stack
Variations 1989 113
Rafael Benatar ¡Fuego!
Inspired by 1989 55
Arturo de Ascanio Aunt Henriette's Aces
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1989 3
Juan Tamariz The Three Goblets' Prediction fair prediction of one card, gaffed
Related to 1989/91 245
John Bannon Play It Straight (Triumph) ordered suit reversed & distributed as finale
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1990 1
Ken Simmons Ultra-Mental Deck Routine Handling three spectators stop during deal and deal a card face-down, same cards are reversed in second deck
Related to 1990 26
Bob King All's Well... up to fifth, Kings placed on top and poker hand dealt, then Kings to other player and Aces for performer
Inspired by 1990 10
Michael Powers The Nightmare Card odd-backed version of the Dream Card Plot where the card apparently stays on the table in full sight, red/blue double backer
Inspired by 1990 5
Michael Powers A CASE of Indigestion three cards vanish between cannibal cards and are eventually found in case
Variations 1990 87
Johnny "J.J." Johnston Editorial Darwin Ortiz, The Best of Magic, fees
Sep. 1990
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 5)
Richard Kaufman Column 3 The Friendship Convention in Tokyo, Juan Tamariz, brief comments on these books: Phil Goldstein's "Focus", Bruce Cervon's "Ultra Cervon" and "The Black and White Trick", Darwin Ortiz's "The Annotated Erdnase", Sharpe's "Devant's Delightful Delusion"
Sep. 1990
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 5)
Simon Lovell (reviewer) Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz Dec. 1990
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Robert Cox What You See On Your TV Screen camera tricks
Related to Dec. 1990
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Karl Fulves Gambler vs. The Kid open bottom deal, yet the cards end up in other hand, Aces kicker
Related toVariations 1990
Swindle Sheet (Issue 3)
John Bannon Reversal of Fourtune
Related toVariations 1991 82
Edward Marlo, Darwin Ortiz Day-Dream Card odd-backed card to wallet
Inspired by Sep. 1991 1
Edward Marlo Commercial Method odd-backed card to wallet, rough-smooth Mene-Tekel
Inspired by Sep. 1991 3
Steve Beam Opening Stab prediction envelope inserted into a ribbon-spread pack, deck is shown to be in order and one card is missing where envelope was inserted, it contains the missing card
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1991 728
Darwin Ortiz On Roger Klause
1991 115
Richard Kaufman Column No 6 Tom Ransom, Jeff Busby, getting endorsements from Dai Vernon
Related to Feb. 1991
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 8)
Mike Caveney, Thomas Alan Waters, Darwin Ortiz Letters
  • Caveney: camera tricks, Harry Anderson
  • Waters: Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians and Kaufman's comments on it
  • Ortiz: on Kaufman's column 6, how easy/difficult people are to fool
Related toAlso published here May 1991
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 9)
Johnny "J.J." Johnston Editorial
Related to June 1991
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 10)
David Britland (reviewer) The Annotated Erdnase by Darwin Ortiz Aug. 1991
Opus (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Mike Caveney Mike Caveney camera tricks, Harry Anderson
Also published here 1991
Opus (Vol. 3 No. Opus Selection)
Chris Kenner In Ten City two Tens keep changing color
Related to 1992 57
James Swain The Big Stack dealt poker hand of four Aces transforms into royal flush, all other hands are shown as royal flushes as kicker
VariationsAlso published here 1992 23
Darwin Ortiz Poker Interchange - Handling Variation
1992 28
Darwin Ortiz Mental Miracle - Handling Variation allows spectator to think of any card
Inspired by 1992 46
James Swain The Capitulating Queens packet trick where four Queens change to different colored backs (Based on Gardner's "All the Conformists")
Variations 1992 49
Darwin Ortiz The Capitulating Queens - Handling Variation
Inspired by 1992 52
Vanni Bossi The Shuffle Control that Liked to Darwin Ortiz tabled riffle shuffle controls with Aces in-jogged at different positions during part of the shuffling
  • 1 - Control on Top of the Deck
    • The Second Shuffle
    • Cut and Control Over the Deck
  • 2 - Moving the Four Aces from Top to Bottom
  • 3 - Moving the Four Aces from Bottom to Top
  • 4 - Positioning Two Aces on Top and Two on Bottom of the Deck
  • Notes
1992 1
Terry LaGerould Psychic Pickpocket one of five cards thought of (the highest one), those places in spectator's wallet, it vanishes and reappears in performer's pocket, biddle trick
Related toAlso published here 1992 93
Stan Allen Can O' Worms!
  • From the Editor
on writing anonymous reviews
Related to Feb. 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Darwin Ortiz Close-up Editorial
  • Letters
Apr. 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Mike Rogers, Marvin Garrett, Dennis Loomis, Michael Clancy, Barry Yiengst, Ken Hallgring, Anthony D. Murphy, Bill Taylor, Mac King, Darwin Ortiz, Michael Stillwell, Hank Moorehouse, Eugene Poinc, Wittus Witt, Hal Zeve, Jack A. Stroup, Max Howard, Bruce Barnett, Dennis Forel, Tweed Robinson, Tim Scarbrough Can O' Worms
  • Letters
on anonymous reviews
Related to Apr. 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Stan Allen Anonymous or Not
  • From the Editor
Related to May 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Steve Hammill, Darwin Ortiz Lectures
  • Letters
payment for lectures
May 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Michael Weber (reviewer) At the Card Table by Darwin Ortiz Aug. 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Bob King A Stack of Stacks four riffle shuffle stacking systems, assisted by a Breather Crimp
Inspired by 1993 19
René Lavand Perhaps, Some Day four chosen cards to wallet, Himber Wallet
VariationsAlso published here 1993 152
René Lavand Poker Bagatella (The Greek) Jacks to blank cards and back to Jacks
VariationsAlso published here 1993 172
Max Maven Thereby Angst A Tale
  • Parallax
Related to Jan. 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 5)
Darwin Ortiz Oil and Magic
  • Letters
Related to May 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Alex Elmsley A Problem with Duplicate Identities two cards are put on table, two selections are shown to be the same, then table cards are turned over and are unchanged
Variations 1994 166
Karl Fulves Bottom Deal Load loading card under envelope
Related to 1994 80
Darwin Ortiz Foreword
1994 xi
Mike Caveney Needle Though Arm on TV on camera tricks used in Harry Anderson's Needle Though Arm in Hello Sucker
Related to 1994 140
Jim Sisti (reviewer) Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz Sep./Oct. 1994
The Magic Menu (Vol. 5 No. 25)
Larry Jennings Back Off Sans Gaff four double-backed cards change into four Kings
Inspired by Jan. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 5)
Bob Farmer Darwin Ortiz "Mexican Poker" comments on Ortiz's routine
Related to Mar. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Darwin Ortiz Conditions: Making Your Magic Stronger
  • Identifying Important Conditions
  • The Must-Believe Test
Related toAlso published here
  • Strong Magic
May 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 9)
Bill Evans Darwinism
  • Letters
Related to June 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 10)
More Darwin
  • Letters
Related to July 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz on being left-handed
July 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Chuck Fayne (reviewer) Strong Magic: Creative Showmanship for the Close-Up Magician by Darwin OrtizRelated to July 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 11)
Cushing Strout, Bill Taylor, Darwin Ortiz Survival of the Strong
  • Letters
Related to Aug. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Robert S. Tobias Review-errs?
  • Letters
Related to Aug. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Lance Pierce Sweet Irony
  • Letters
Related to Oct. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Joseph K. Schmidt "Clumsy Joe's" Riffle Shuffle Run-Up exploiting a reversed card
Related to 1995 49
Darwin Ortiz Foreword on what's worth publishing and difficulty
1995 11
Darwin Ortiz The Psychotronic Card combo
Variations 1995 14
Darwin Ortiz Spread Steal one of four cards on deck
1995 14
Darwin Ortiz Against all Odds spectator puts card in correct position in new pack order, actually Steve Beam's "Opening Stab"
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1995 20
Darwin Ortiz Signature Effect signature jumps from card to card
Inspired byVariations 1995 23
Darwin Ortiz Four to One four Kings with Ace of Spades
Inspired byVariations 1995 33
Darwin Ortiz Elmsley Count with deck in hands
1995 33
Darwin Ortiz The Unholy Three cards from one deck are found in another and change into original selections
Inspired by 1995 39
Darwin Ortiz Beyond Sleight of Hand
Related toVariations 1995 44
Darwin Ortiz Blockbuster
Related toVariations 1995 49
Darwin Ortiz Table Edge Half Pass
1995 50
Darwin Ortiz Biased Pressure Fan reverse fan version
Related to 1995 51
Darwin Ortiz Nulda's Revenge without pack
Variations 1995 54
Darwin Ortiz The New Hitchcock Aces
Inspired byVariations 1995 58
Darwin Ortiz Kartenkunste
Related toVariations 1995 65
Darwin Ortiz Pickup on South Street from Wallet to Wallet, Mullica
Related to 1995 70
Darwin Ortiz Bottom Deal Load loading card under wallet
Inspired byRelated to 1995 72
Darwin Ortiz The Marker
Inspired by 1995 76
Darwin Ortiz Underspread Force
1995 77
Darwin Ortiz Time and Again
Inspired by 1995 86
Darwin Ortiz Pocket Deck Switch classic switch
1995 88
Darwin Ortiz Table Reverse Double Undercut
1995 90
Darwin Ortiz Blind Aces performer blindfolded by spectator's hands from behind (human blindfold)
Inspired by 1995 95
Darwin Ortiz Gambler's Cop
1995 95
Darwin Ortiz Museum Piece
Inspired by 1995 103
Darwin Ortiz Harry in Your Pocket cased deck is in pocket, card fished out very fast
Inspired by
  • Roberto Giobbi's "Faster than Lightning" in "Gambler's Dream"
Related to
1995 113
Darwin Ortiz Time Piece elaborate routine
1995 116
Darwin Ortiz Waving mark at the corners
1995 117
Darwin Ortiz The Phantom Card signed card at two positions at the same time
Inspired by 1995 124
Darwin Ortiz The Showdown with card to wallet and folded to key case
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1995 128
Darwin Ortiz Bold Fusion creating a double facer
Inspired byVariations 1995 139
Darwin Ortiz Beat the Dealer short blackjack routine
Inspired by
  • "Blackjack Puzzler" (Johnny Piatt, Hugard's Magic Monthly, June 1956, p. 441)
1995 146
Darwin Ortiz Gambler's Double Deal
1995 147
Darwin Ortiz The One-Handed Poker Deal skill demonstration
1995 149
Darwin Ortiz Corner Crimp Handling index corner
1995 149
Darwin Ortiz Face-Up Centers
Inspired by
  • "This is Centers (?)" (Milt Kort's lecture notes)
1995 155
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Poker Deal travelling signatures
Inspired by 1995 159
Darwin Ortiz Stripper Switch similar to slide-under
Variations 1995 161
Darwin Ortiz Mr. Lucky spectator chooses all the cards in play
Related toVariations 1995 167
Darwin Ortiz Packet Cop Switch
Related to 1995 169
Darwin Ortiz Pick-A-Card Poker with to-Royal-Flush-Transformation
Related to 1995 172
Darwin Ortiz From the Cellar bottom deal demonstration with sucker element
Inspired by
  • Micky MacDougall's "Confounding the Critics" (Card Mastery, p. 37)
Related toVariations
1995 175
Darwin Ortiz Darwin's Bottom Runup System
Related toAlso published here
  • Genii, Mar. 1993
1995 178
Darwin Ortiz The Cross faro stacking, transformation
Inspired byRelated to 1995 180
Darwin Ortiz The Sting stacking & culling demo
Inspired by 1995 184
Darwin Ortiz Slip Triple Cut tabled
1995 185
Roberto Giobbi The Lucky Coin spectator locates a chosen card with a coin, selection is predicted on back of coin
Related toVariations 1995 241
Simon Aronson The S. A. Combination "Self Adjusting", spectator touches force in spread, it apparently does not leave sight, under-the-spread force
  • A. The Force Procedure
  • B. Application to the Open Index (spectator touches named card)
Related toAlso published here 1995 232
David Malek Jacks Done Better false dealing demo up to fifth, with surprise ending, performer deals himself Aces instead of Tens
Inspired by 1995 8
David Malek The Double Cross dealing a good hand to the confederate but performer has a better hand as a kicker
Related to
  • Darwin Ortiz's "The Bottom Deal Demonstration" in "Darwin's Deceits"
1995 14
David Malek The Yellow Kid all backs with four cards and gambling demonstration, Himber wallet
Inspired by 1995 19
Ian Keable-Elliott (reviewer) Strong Magic by Darwin OrtizRelated to Jan. 1995
Opus (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Darwin Ortiz From Darwin Ortiz
Related to June 1995
Opus (Vol. 5 No. 4)
Roberto Giobbi From Roberto Giobbi
Related to June 1995
Opus (Vol. 5 No. 4)
Steve Mayhew Mayhew's Middle Deal Miracle deck shuffled face-up into face-down, all face-up cards are "center-dealt" out of the deck leaving only face-down cards, suggests a few variations, see Carpenter references for "a different write-up of this effect"
Related toVariations 1995
Labyrinth (Issue 3)
Darwin Ortiz The Spectator's Prospective
  • Stronger Magic

  • Words, Words, Words
  • Effect and Method
July 1995
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 11)
Darwin Ortiz Making Dollars And Making Sense
  • Stronger Magic
Aug. 1995
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 12)
Darwin Ortiz Picking Assistants
  • Stronger Magic

  • Helpers Who Hurt
Sep. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 1)
Darwin Ortiz Suspense vs. Surprise
  • Stronger Magic
Related to Oct. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Darwin Ortiz The Magic Scene
  • Stronger Magic
Related to Nov. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Brian Wendell Morton, Darwin Ortiz Status Quote?
  • Letters
Related to Dec. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 4)
Darwin Ortiz The Illusion Of Impossibility
  • Stronger Magic
Related to Dec. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 4)
Michael Close (reviewer) Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz
reviewed together with Mac King
Dec. 1995
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 4)
Paul Cummins The Bottom of the Barrel pseudo bottom deal demonstration
Inspired byAlso published here 1996 32
, Darwin Ortiz Gambler's False Triple Cut
1996 392
Stephen Hobbs (reviewer) Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz
Winter 1996 38
Bill Malone Leap of Faith variation of Paul Harris' "Las Vegas Leaper"
Variations 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Las Vegas Close-Up)
Michael Close, Roy Walton The Smiling Mule any named card appears in sandwich, memorized deck
Inspired byRelated to 1996 143
Darwin Ortiz Introduction
1996 v
James Swain The Airmail Card Triumph done with signed card, this card is then removed from wallet with different back design and stamp
Inspired byAlso published here 1996 1
James Swain Perfect Triumph ambitious card with joker, joker put in breast pocket, Triumph with all cards face-down, when spread face-up the deck is in new deck order with joker reversed and selection in breast pocket
Related to 1996 41
James Swain, Darwin Ortiz Hitchcock Aces
Inspired by 1996 94
James Swain Something for Nothing new deck order show, shuffled a few times, poker hands dealt, straight flushs and royal flush for performer
Inspired by 1996 167
James Swain, Darwin Ortiz Finale for the Capitulating Queens vanish of signed card to wallet
Inspired by 1996 182
Baltazar Fuentes Deja Vu Jokers II
Inspired by 1996 9
Wolfgang Sommer Leicht + Stark all cards of one color turn over
Inspired byAlso published here 1996 148
Jim Sisti (reviewer) Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz Jan./Feb. 1996
The Magic Menu (Vol. 6 No. 33)
Mike Rogers, Hank Lee Dealers
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Magic (Vol. 5 No. 5)
Darwin Ortiz Logic And Drama
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Jan. 1996
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 5)
Darwin Ortiz A Logical Premonition presentation
Jan. 1996
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 5)
Darwin Ortiz Doing What Comes Naturally
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Feb. 1996
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 6)