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U. F. Grant Slow Motion Bill Transposition
Related toVariations Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 109
Unknown The Phantom Safety Pin moving pin along top line
Related toVariations Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 79
Francis Carlyle Homing Card
Related toVariations Stars of Magic (Vol. 4 No. 2) 61
Dai Vernon The Trick that cannot be explained
Related toVariations More Inner Secrets of Card Magic 76
Harry Lorayne The Moving Pencil card signed on back, psychological face up spread force
Related toVariations Close-up Card Magic 158
Al Koran Double Thought spectator finds performer's card and the other way around, marked deck
Related toVariations Al Koran's Professional Presentations 89
Edward Marlo Unexpected Prediction
Related toVariations Expert Card Conjuring 88
Bascom Jones Astro-Logic! naming Zodiac signs and asking questions
Inspired byVariations The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 63) 312
Thomas Alan Waters Backdate three-digit number is predicted, pined on performer's back
Variations Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Myxtyr) 665
Edward Marlo A Problem Posed credit information
  • 35th Method
  • 36th Method
  • 37th Method
  • 38th Method
  • 39th Method
  • 40th Method
  • 41st Method
  • 45th Method (spectator shuffles before the cutting)
VariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Mar. 1965
M.I.N.T. — Volume I 135
Edward Marlo Tip - On the Unexpected Prediction
Related toVariations Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 152
Tommy Wonder The Tamed Card using double facers, sticky card, no table required
Variations The Books of Wonder — Volume 1 183
Alex Elmsley Power Poker ten cards, spectator can chose which he wands, full house and royal flush
Related toVariationsAlso published here Alex Is At It Again 2
David Solomon, Alex Elmsley The Power of Poker
Inspired byRelated toVariations Dear Mr. Fantasy 189
Paul Vigil Introduction
Diplopia 2
Paul Vigil Diplopia one thought-of (and removed) card by performer and one by spectator, performer finds spectator's card and vice versa
Inspired by
  • "Tap a Lack" (Paul Cummins, MAGIC, July 2005)
Related toVariations
Diplopia 3
Paul Vigil Foreword
Table Magic 3
Paul Vigil The More the Merrier multiple selection routine with eight cards, ends with Triumph
Classic Fantastic 5
Michael Murray Springboard spectator forms a card by compare it with his selection
  • The Knowing
  • The Killer (approach to Kenton Knepper's "Kolossal Killer")
  • Duplopia (approach to Paul Vigil's "Duplopia")
  • Springback
  • Invisible Deck Application
  • Springboard for the Stage
  • Increasing Accuracy
  • Springboard Suit Exchange for Perfectionists
  • Back Tracking
  • Other Applications
  • Watch This
  • Springboard & Letters
  • Springboard & Colours
  • Closing Thoughts
A Piece Of My Mind 164
Paul Vigil Our Kind of Gir(d)l(e) "or Playing Fast and Loose"
chain is made into a figure eight, spectator has to choose which loop is the winning loop, but can never win
Classic Fantastic 93
Paul Vigil Update three digits called out by spectators, predicted by a prediction written on a card safety pinned to the back of the performer's jacket, credit information on the plot
Inspired by Classic Fantastic 139
Paul Vigil High Five credit information on the plot
Classic Fantastic 189
Paul Vigil Epilogue
Classic Fantastic 247
Paul Vigil About the Author
Classic Fantastic 252
Paul Vigil Exordium
Classic Fantastic 1
Edward Marlo, Paul Vigil A Modified Marlo Sequence three cards
Inspired by Classic Fantastic 55
Francis Carlyle, Paul Vigil, Jimmy Grippo The Homing Card
Inspired by Classic Fantastic 64
Paul Vigil Three New Throws formed in the air
  • Throw One (Lose/Lose)
  • Throw Two (Lose/Win)
  • Throw Three (Win/Lose)
Classic Fantastic 106
Paul Vigil High 5.0 five poker hands dealt, four spectators remember one card in their packets, cards redealt, performer reads minds of four spectators
Inspired by
  • "Gimme Five" (Simon Aronson, MAGIC, Aug. 2009, p. 62)
VariationsAlso published here
  • "High 5" (Paul Vigil, MAGIC, Nov. 2011, p. 64)
Classic Fantastic 201
Ross Johnson Ross Johnson's Addition - A Perfect Illusion card to wallet addition
Variations Classic Fantastic 213
Paul Vigil High 5 Remix last card to envelope in wallet
  • An Impromptu Handling: Sans Wallet
Inspired by Classic Fantastic 215
Paul Vigil The Lazy Man's Card Trick presentation to reveal selection on top
Inspired by Classic Fantastic 240
Paul Vigil Think Stop performer counts mentally backwards, spectator says stop, then performer names number which is position of card
Classic Fantastic 243
Paul Vigil From Your Pocket, Sir deck put in spectator's pocket, spectator pulls out selection, credit information
Inspired by Classic Fantastic 245
Colin McLeod Here Comes Someone divination of three cards, one just thought of from a bunch of cards
Inspired by
  • Paul Vigil's "Here Comes Everyone"
Divine 40
Paul Vigil Introduction
The Doors of Deception xv
Paul Vigil Prepare to Enter setting up for the act
  • Paraphernalia
  • Main Deck Setup
  • Pocket Management
The Doors of Deception 1
Paul Vigil Opening introduction to the audience
The Doors of Deception 11
Paul Vigil Determined Choice one of six items chosen and predicted
Inspired by
  • "Mind Control" (Bill Abbott, 2004)
  • "Hypnotic Choice" (Dealer's Item)
The Doors of Deception 13
Paul Vigil Center Tear Presentation as a follow-up to previous routine
The Doors of Deception 24
Paul Vigil, Jimmy Fingers Free Will of Order three items, spectator decides how they are distributed to three locations, this is predicted, with credit information on the plot
Inspired by
  • "Free Will of Order" (Jimmy Fingers, 2006)
  • "Free Will" (Deddy Corbuzier & Paul Richards)
The Doors of Deception 27
Paul Vigil 3-Card Monte multiple phases, credit information on fake index monte routines
Inspired by
  • "Catch 33" (Lee Asher, 2003, 2013)
The Doors of Deception 41
Joey Burton, Paul Vigil Sosi Switch
Inspired by
  • "Sosi Switch" (Joey Burton, Catch 33)
The Doors of Deception 57
Joey Burton, Paul Vigil Kaiser Con
Inspired by
  • "Kaiser Con" (Joey Burton, Catch 33)
The Doors of Deception 51
Paul Vigil Thou Shalt Not Steal "or The Mona Lisa Money Trick"
Inspired by
  • "Be Switched" (George Hample, 1985)
Related toVariations
The Doors of Deception 71
Paul Vigil The Mind-Melding Magician! Chicago Opener credit information
  • Phase 1: A Pseudo-Interpretation
  • Phase 2: Come Together
  • Phase 3: Outta Left Field
Inspired by
  • "Mind Reading Magician!" (Bill Malone, DVD Here I Go Again Vol. 2, 2007)
The Doors of Deception 87
Paul Vigil Tabled Hindu Force tabled running cut, with "top or bottom?"-decision
The Doors of Deception 97
Paul Vigil Transposition vs. Transformation & Visual Changes
The Doors of Deception 102
Paul Vigil The Phantom Returns "or Ripping the Fabric of Space-Time"
safety pin pinned through handkerchief and ripped out, repeats
  • Phase 1: The Fabric of Space-Time
  • Phase 2: You Decide
  • Phase 3: Lies are Made from Whole Cloth
Inspired by The Doors of Deception 103
Paul Vigil Copper/Brass/Silver asymmetric transposition, transposition with spectator holding a coin, the coins vanish
  • Phase 1: Three Wise Men & the Setting Sun
  • Phase 2: An Unwitting Examination
  • Phase 3: Going, Going, Gone!
The Doors of Deception 121
Paul Vigil Fair Game with prediction sent to spectator's phone as text message
Inspired byRelated to The Doors of Deception 141
Paul Vigil The Unexpected Wild Card fair selection matched by packet of duplicate prediction cards, on repeat the prediction packet changes to match new selection, "trick that cannot be explained"
Inspired by The Doors of Deception 159
Paul Vigil Using Equivoque in "The Trick That Cannot Be Explained" strategy to get down to five cards
Inspired byRelated to The Doors of Deception 162
Christopher James Rose, Paul Vigil The Five-Card Force one of five cards forced
The Doors of Deception 163
Paul Vigil Deck Switch: Out with the Old
The Doors of Deception 175
Paul Vigil, Bill Abbott The Octopus Deck two spectators think of cards in spread, then two selected with tossed-out deck procedure
  • Phase 1: Up Close
  • Phase 2: Furthur
Inspired by
  • "The Octopus Deck" (Bill Abbott, 2008)
The Doors of Deception 197
Paul Vigil, "Senator" Clark Crandall Vigil's Pump Sequence
The Doors of Deception 206
Paul Vigil, Bascom Jones Astro-Logic cold readings and Q&A
Inspired by The Doors of Deception 216
Paul Vigil Unwilling Participants how to handle them during fishing sequences
The Doors of Deception 220
Paul Vigil Tossed-Out Deck with the Octopus Deck
The Doors of Deception 220
Paul Vigil The Premonition card predicted in wallet
The Doors of Deception 221
Paul Vigil Two Minds with But a Single Thought two spectator's read each other's mind
The Doors of Deception 221
Paul Vigil Ultra-Mental Deck (a.k.a Invisible Deck) combination with Octopus Deck
The Doors of Deception 222
Paul Vigil Devano Rising Cards combination with Octopus Deck
The Doors of Deception 222
Paul Vigil A History of Influences: From the Bank to the Pump credit information
The Doors of Deception 222
Paul Vigil Cards 1-0-1 credit information
The Doors of Deception 224
Paul Vigil The Divided Card credit information
The Doors of Deception 225
Paul Vigil Sympathy (for the Devil) Cards "or Cartas con Simpatia Diabolica"
two packets end up in the same order, despite mixing procedures, one packet mixed again and its order typed into phone, performer's phone rings
  • Part 1: My Condolences
  • Part 2: Can You Hear Me Now?
Inspired by
  • "DealFlipDropCut" (Howard A. Adams, OICUFESP Vol. 6, 1980, p. 15)
The Doors of Deception 227
Paul Vigil Closing
The Doors of Deception 245
Paul Vigil Acknowledgements
The Doors of Deception 247
Paul Vigil About the Author
The Doors of Deception 248
Ondřej Pšenička Diplopia on Steroids Diplopia done with Butterfly Cards, magician and spectator each pick of a card, then find each other's card, uses Butterfly cards
Inspired by The Secret of the Butterflies 82
Paul Vigil, Unknown Forcing from a Bank
  • faro fan, one of twenty cards thought of
  • secret incomplete faro peek
The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 177
Paul Vigil ICON Redux "A Multi-Phase Mental Coin Routine"
  • Phase 1: Spinning is Everything (heads or tails predicted)
  • Phase 2: A Penny for your Thoughts (coin after elimination process predicted)
  • Phase 3: Heads Up (date on a chosen coin predicted)
  • Phase 4: Eye-Con (coin bends)
  • Phase 5: A Supplementary Continuation
  • Phase 6: Folie à Plusieurs
  • Afterthoughts
  • Further Thoughts (incorporating Yigal Mesika's "Electric Touch")
  • Notes
Icons 1
Ryan Plunkett Versatile Transpo two borrowed bills transpose, index, with Jeff Corn/Bob McAllister gaff
Inspired by Distilled 131