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Theodore Annemann The Solitaire King winning canfield solitaire with Eight Kings stack
Related to Sep. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 12)
Louis Nikola A Subtle Game arranging memorized deck stack in front of spectators
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1937 402
Al Baker A Miracle of Memory using real memory, about thirteen cards are removed
VariationsAlso published here 1941 104
Edward Marlo Miracle Location part of "Marlo's Miracle Routine"
Related toVariations 1947 14
Edward Marlo A Straight Flush part of "Marlo's Miracle Routine"
Variations 1947 16
Joe Stuthard The Mechanics of the Trilby Deck end-stripper & svengali combo
Related toVariations 1949 5
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Related toVariations 1952 34
Hans E. Trixer Photo-Memory shuffled deck, spectator names a position and performer tells the card
VariationsAlso published here 1959 308
Edward Marlo Open Prediction (Automatic Jog) Method 9
Related toVariations Fall 1969
Hierophant (Issue 1)
David Solomon, Steve Draun S-D Location two phase location
Related toVariationsAlso published here Aug. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Sam Schwartz Thot Echo two card location, straight set-up, see also p. 758 for comment by Marvin Johnson
VariationsAlso published here Mar. 1974 715
Nick Trost Intuition Card reversed by spectator in red pack matches card reversed in blue pack by magician, same position in deck as well
VariationsAlso published here 1976 7
Nick Trost Automatic Lie Speller Lie Detector with verification
VariationsAlso published here 1976 12
Ken De Courcy, Hen Fetsch Super Spell gaffed deck, spelling to any named card, count-spell
Inspired by
  • "Magic Spell" (Hen Fetsch, ca. 1950)
Related to
1980 2
Paul Harris The P.H. Break-Through deck visually penetrates card case from outside to inside
Related toVariations 1981 1
David Williamson Stabbed from the Back in the hands
Variations 1989 62
Michael Close First Application of MC Spread Double Lift, as fake side steal to impress magicians
Variations 1991 43
Steve Ehlers The Three-Card Location stack, memorized deck
Related toVariations 1994 173
Robert Cassidy Card Memory deck is shuffled and memorized, two spectator get half the deck and performer names every card
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1995 29
Tommy Wonder Elizabeth III named card predicted in clear envelope
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1996 64
Paul Harris Unshuffling Rebecca cards in incomplete faro condition reverse themself without being squared
Variations 1996 23
Michael Close The Wishing Trick named card comes to top, any card at any number, memorized deck
Related to 1996 126
Michael Close Two For Simon - Tut Tut four aces come together in deck reversed and trap selection, for memorized deck, Aronson Stack only
Variations 1996 131
Michael Close, Allan Ackerman The Invisible Deck ungaffed, memorized deck
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1996 138
Barrie Richardson The Quasi-Memorized Deck deck is shuffled, two spectator get half the deck and performer names every card after apparently memorizing
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1993
1999 93
Chan Canasta An Experiment in Memory several people select a bunch of cards each, all cards are divined
Related toVariations 2000 38
Simon Aronson The Face-Down UnDo The "UnDo Influence" control, face down version
Related toVariations 2001 6
Simon Aronson The Face-Up UnDo The "UnDo Influence" control, face up version
Related to 2001 14
David Solomon, Steve Draun S-D Location floating key
Related to 2004 92
Al Leech A Hot Card Trick chicago opener
VariationsAlso published here
  • marketed 1950
2004 10
Juan Tamariz The Three Piles three groups of cards are removed from fan, all cards are named by performer
  • First Variation (With a Medium)
  • Second Variation (Ideas)
  • Third Variation (A Classic)
Related to 2004 85
Michael Powers I.T.H. Triumph in the hands
VariationsAlso published here 2006 24
Patrick G. Redford Weary Memory
2008 6
Patrick G. Redford The Original Forgotten Ploy making an audience forget a playing card that you showed them
Variations 2008 12
Patrick G. Redford Luminous Lethe Spectator forgets color of their shirt, only to remember moments later
2008 20
Patrick G. Redford Dry Memory Spectator forgets a word written on a dry erase board
2008 22
Patrick G. Redford Paper Memory Spectator forgets word written on sketchpad
2008 24
Garrett Thomas, Alex Linian, Patrick G. Redford Careless Combination Spectator forgets combination number to a padlock they set themselves. They will later remember the combination one letter at a time
2008 28
Patrick G. Redford Legitimate Combination Spectator forgets combination to lock that was set to their birth year. They will later remember it again
2008 36
Patrick G. Redford Your Personal Combination Spectator able to guess the combination to your briefcase. Ungimmicked briefcase
2008 38
Patrick G. Redford Additional Forgotten Subtleties
2008 44
David Oliver (reviewer) Hands Off Any Card At Any Number by Patrick G. Redford June 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 6)
Roberto Giobbi In-and-Out Deck Switches
  • The Pocket-Search Deck Switch
  • The Looking-for-a-Pen Deck Switch
  • The "Topless" Deck Switch (without Jacket, inspired by Elmsley's switch)
  • The Rapid Deck Switch (trouser pocket)
  • The Ninja Deck Switch
Inspired byRelated to 2013 23
Carlhorst Meier The Trojan Deck Switch card predicted in second deck
VariationsAlso published here 2013 123
Patrick G. Redford The Man Who Sold The World
2013 4
Patrick G. Redford Tiny World Spectator correctly separates three red cards from three black cards
Related to 2013 8
Patrick G. Redford Small World Spectator correct separates five red cards from five black cards
Related toVariations 2013 14
Patrick G. Redford Mad World - a variation Variation on Small world, changes the timing of the switch
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2013 21
Patrick G. Redford Perfect World Spectator matches numerical value of their cards with the random numerical order of the performer's shuffled packet, five cards each.
Related to 2013 24
Patrick G. Redford Tetrad Switch Open way of rearranging the order of four cards
2013 26
Patrick G. Redford Unexpected World Variation on Mad World - magician predicts the mistake made in the color separation
Inspired byRelated to 2013 32
Patrick G. Redford Full Routine Suggestions on how to routine Tiny World, Small World, Unexpected World, Perfect World, Mad World
Related to 2013 36
Patrick G. Redford Opposites (Still) Attract Royal Marriages, Kings and Queens pair up, not always by suit
Related to 2013 39
Patrick G. Redford Wild World Royal Marriages, but with one same-sex couple
Related to 2013 42
Patrick G. Redford Practical Applications Ideas and applications
2013 44
Patrick G. Redford Afterthoughts
2013 47
Patrick G. Redford Introduction
2014 4
David Regal (reviewer) The Ninja Tossed-Out Deck System by Patrick G. Redford Oct. 2014
Genii (Vol. 77 No. 10)
Patrick G. Redford Acknowledgements
2014 4
Patrick G. Redford Fridge Magic – An Introduction
2014 10
Patrick G. Redford Isolated Twist open prediction plot, adhesive, "hidden in intro"
Also published here
  • "Isolated Twist" (Patrick G. Redford, The Open Prediction Project, 2008)
2014 12
Patrick G. Redford Applesauce selected card at number that's generated by counting a cut-off packet
  • Variation #1: Mind Reading
  • Variation #2: Alternate Cull and Shift
  • Variation #3: Raahul's Ruse (Raahul Srinivasan)
  • Variation #4: Breather Crimp Triple Cut
2014 17
Patrick G. Redford The PGR-PM-Control for references and variations see p. 92
2014 22
Patrick G. Redford Horsefeathers magician divines card without looking through deck, then names its position in deck
  • Variation #1: The Uninformed Stooge
  • Variation #2: Scrying for Cards
2014 29
Patrick G. Redford The Evolution of A Rain King magician proves he can quickly memorize deck by naming card at named number, then proves spectator can as well
  • Multiple Card in Phase One
  • Additional Smoke
  • Using Multiple People
  • The Double MC Kraser Force
  • The Memorized Stack
  • Variations
    • Variation 1: Card Counting Combination
    • Variation 2: The Formal Performance
    • Variation 3: GT vs GT
    • Variation 4: Paul Vigil's Photographic Memory
    • Variation 5: Memory Prison
Inspired byRelated to
  • “Rain King” (Patrick G. Redford, Triangle, 2007, n. p.)
  • “Memory Prison” (Patrick G. Redford, Heptagon+, 2010, n. p.)
2014 37
Patrick G. Redford Memory Prison memory demonstration performed over phone, order noted down
Related to
  • “Memory Prison” (Patrick G. Redford, Heptagon+, 2010, n. p.)
2014 52
Patrick G. Redford Storm after one quick riffle through deck, performer names selection’s position and the cards surrounding it
Variations 2014 57
Patrick G. Redford Storm Chaser Subtle Symmetry Control while having card selected, card is not turned over
Related toAlso published here 2014 60
Patrick G. Redford The Marked Deck Option card reading demonstration with marked deck
2014 64
Patrick G. Redford Advantageous prediction matches card spectator stops dealing on, multiple outs
  • Variation #1: Nail Writer
  • Variation #2: The bold cross out
  • Variation #3: The Ambiguous Underline
2014 67
Patrick G. Redford Five Card Equivoque see also p. 76
2014 73
Patrick G. Redford Wipe-Out prediction matches card spectator stops dealing on, multiple outs using ambiguous prediction and wiping away ink, 1-0-1 stack
  • Variation 1: The Expanded Stack
  • Variation 2: No Dry Erase Impromptu Method (covering parts of prediction)
Inspired by
  • Name? (Patrick G. Redford, Free-Hand, 2004)
2014 79
Patrick G. Redford Stop Poker Tells performer deals through deck face up and, without looking, knows when he has arrived at selection
VariationsAlso published here
  • “Stop Poker Tells" (Patrick G. Redford, Square, 2010, n. p.)
2014 89
Patrick G. Redford PGR-PM-Control handling of PM Principle/UnDo Influence, also see p. 22
Related to 2014 92
Patrick G. Redford Face-Down PGR-PM-Control face-down variant of PGR-PM-Control using crimps
Related to 2014 95
Patrick G. Redford Predetermined Position PGR-PM-Control variant, brief
2014 96
Keith Fields Stop Revelation for Stage presentation idea for "Stop Poker Tells"
Inspired by 2014 97
Patrick G. Redford Card Counter performer divines card, then spectator does so with multiple cards
Also published here
  • “Card Counter” (Patrick G. Redford, Square 2010, n. p.)
2014 99
Patrick G. Redford Mental Elimination + Covert Grouping concept to get spectator to name the only card missing from deck, based on Mental Elimination concept and careful wording
2014 109
Patrick G. Redford The O. P. Spread Open Prediction plot, verbal prediction
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • "The O. P. Spread" (Patrick G. Redford, The Open Prediction Project, 2008)
2014 115
Patrick G. Redford Variation #1: Two Person Simulated Thought of Card at Number one spectator thinks of card, other spectator deals and stops at it, dual reality
2014 119
Patrick G. Redford Standing Prediction Open Prediction plot, verbal prediction, no table
Also published here
  • "Standing Prediction" (Patrick G. Redford, The Open Prediction Project, 2008)
2014 123
Patrick G. Redford Fishing In One thought-of-card divination
2014 129
Patrick G. Redford Fishing Ploys gain lots of information out of what seems like one fishing question/statement
2014 132
Dan Fishman The Dan Fishman Overhand False Shuffle
Inspired byAlso published here 2014 141
Patrick G. Redford The Double MC Kraser Force similar to MC Spread Double Lift (see Close reference), card ends as a single
Inspired by 2014 145
Patrick G. Redford Putting It All Together suggested routining for a few of the book’s tricks
2014 149
Patrick G. Redford Trick & Technique Index
2014 150
Patrick G. Redford Name Index
2014 154
Patrick G. Redford 30 Card Poker Deal three phases, no explanation
Related to
  • "30 Card Poker Deal" (Redford, Square: Four Deadly Mental Feats With Cards)
2015 106
Pit Hartling, Denis Behr Quartets controlling named four-of-a-kind in memorized deck
Related to 2016 116
Michael Kras The Kras Change Card placed face up and outjogged in deck changes with a flick
Related toVariations Oct. 2017
Elixir (Vol. 1 No. 2 (Autumn #1))
Kainoa Harbottle (reviewer) Temporarily Out of Order: The Redford Stack by Patrick G. Redford Nov. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 11)
Patrick G. Redford Introduction: Redford Stack
  • What Does It Look Like?
  • A List of Properties of the Redford Stack
2017 14
Patrick G. Redford Card Location card is either one of two
2017 15
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Stack
  • Setting the Stack: An Outline
  • The Redford Stack Order
2017 24
Patrick G. Redford Getting Into Redford Stack from Si Stebbins
2017 28
Patrick G. Redford Stacking Si Stebbins just Stebbins order
2017 30
Patrick G. Redford From New Deck Order NDO to Si Stebbins to Redford Stack
2017 32
Patrick G. Redford Notes on the Ten Card Poker Deal Chinese Shuffle Stacking to Si Stebbins in process
2017 38
Patrick G. Redford An Impressive Clocking Demonstration Chinese Shuffle Stacking to Si Stebbins in process, several phases
2017 39
Patrick G. Redford Stack Transformers methods to transform Redford Stack to other arrangements
  • Redford Stack to Stebbins
  • Red-Black Alternating Stack
  • Red-Black Shocked Order
  • Stack to Stebbins Stay Stack
  • Stack to Redford Stay Stack
  • Stack to Suited Order
2017 45
Patrick G. Redford Tools for the Arranged Stack brief notes
  • Secretly Counting to Cards Positions
  • False Shuffling & False Cutting
  • "Messy" Faro Shuffle Technique
  • Removing/Replacing Cards
  • Keeping the Stack Out of Phase
2017 60
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Super Card short, punched and marked card
2017 62
Patrick G. Redford Rapid Memorization Major Memory System
  • Applying this System to Playing Cards
2017 66
Patrick G. Redford "Quasi-Memorized" Deck Techniques chapter intro
2017 73
Patrick G. Redford Cast deck is shuffled and divided, performer knows which cards are where and all are named, arranging stack in front of spectators
  • Verity
  • Openly Stacking the Deck
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • With Three Participants and Three Packets
  • Theatrically Useful (But NOT Impromptu) Method
  • Final Thoughts
Inspired by 2017 74
Jean Hugard, Patrick G. Redford A Subtler Game arranging memorized deck stack in front of spectators
  • Forcing Four Cards and Distributing Four Piles of Cards
  • Calling Cards by Way of Elimination
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
Inspired by 2017 78
Patrick G. Redford Cast Off three spectators cut a pile and remember one card, performer names all cards held by spectators and ends with selections
Inspired byRelated to 2017 82
Patrick G. Redford Card Locations chapter intro
2017 89
Patrick G. Redford Spelling Cards built-in spelling cards in the Redford Stack
2017 90
Patrick G. Redford 9 Interesting Locations comments of position of some cards in Redford Stack
2017 91
Patrick G. Redford Gambling Demonstrations chapter intro
2017 95
Patrick G. Redford "Any" Poker Hand Called For To Dealer using the Redford Stack, various hands
  • Restack Technique
  • Five Hands Dealt: Called Hand goes to Dealer
    • One Pair
    • Two Pair
    • 3 of a Kind
    • + Full House
    • + Flush
    • + Royal Flush in Hearts
  • Four Hands Dealt With Winning Hand to Dealer
    • *Straight
    • *Flush
    • Four of a Kind
    • Straight Flush
    • Royal Flush in Spades
  • Dealing Hands to Different Seat Positions
  • Thoughts and tips to Remember The Deals
  • Final Thoughts
2017 96
Patrick G. Redford Progressive Poker all players have good hands, using Redford Stack
2017 102
Patrick G. Redford Blackjack: The House Always Wins with five players, using the Redford Stack
2017 104
Patrick G. Redford Partner Poker partner gets winning hand, two phases, back to Redford stack
  • Completely Restoring the Stack
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • A Faro Shuffle Variation
  • Variations that Destroy Half of the Stack
  • With a Full House Instead
2017 108
Patrick G. Redford, Edward Marlo Bridge Deal or Rummy Deal suits dealt to four players
Inspired by 2017 114
Patrick G. Redford Faro-Effects chapter intro
2017 119
Patrick G. Redford King Me Kings face up land next to each other after shuffle, another shuffle and selection is between Kings, third shuffle and two more selections are between Kings and first selection, faro sandwich
  • With Three Selections
  • An Easier Force Position for Three
Inspired byVariations 2017 120
Patrick G. Redford The KM Poker Deal follow up for King Me, straight flush deal, two hands, using the Redford Stack
2017 124
Patrick G. Redford Tut Tut Tut Aces turned over in the deck, after a shuffle Aces are found in pairs, next shuffle all Aces are together and after last shuffle selections are trapped in between, faro method
Inspired by 2017 126
Patrick G. Redford The Aces Have It! two selections end up between face-up Aces, repeated
2017 128
Patrick G. Redford Observations of Faro Patterns Faro shuffles and the Redford stack
2017 130
Patrick G. Redford Generic Memorized Deck chapter intro, memorized deck magic not dependent to specific stack
2017 135
Patrick G. Redford Velleity named card ends up on top of the deck which is secured by spectator, selection is bent
  • The Bend and Convincer
  • The Cleaning Up
  • Further Advice on Controlling the Called Card
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • Final Thoughts
Related to 2017 136
Patrick G. Redford What's The Catch? named card is removed while cards are dribbled on table
2017 144
Patrick G. Redford Twain two spectators get half the deck and exchange one card, both cards are into the halves, one card is divined, and then performer names other card and exact position with cards next to it as well
  • First Selection Revealed
  • The Second Selection
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • Restoring the Pack
  • The Two Participants Shuffle
  • The Real Shuffle
  • The Deal Through and Stop Presentation
  • Revealing the Exact Location of the Second Selection
Related to 2017 146
Patrick G. Redford The Ninja Tossed Out Deck with three cards
  • The Routine
  • The Reveals
  • Working in a Close Up Environment Versus on Stage
  • Performing with Stebbins
  • Allowing the Spectator to Shuffle
  • Destroying All Evidence of a Stack Without Touching the Cards
  • Performing Without a Stack
  • Prophecy Voice Application
2017 150
Patrick G. Redford The Ninja Glimpse Box deck inside case
2017 150
Patrick G. Redford More Redford Stack Tricks chapter intro
2017 165
Patrick G. Redford O.F.M. deck cut in 10 piles and spectator remembers a card from any pile, performer memorizes the deck and names position of selection, repeated but this time performer names position before spectator names the card
Inspired by
  • Moe's move-a-card plot in "Moe and His Miracles with Cards"
2017 166
Patrick G. Redford Twegen two spectators get half the deck and exchange one card, both cards are into the halves, one card is divined, and then performer names other card and cards next to it as well, deck ends up in suited order
Related to 2017 172
Patrick G. Redford "Sushy Rookie" - The Any Card Spelled to Stack
Inspired by
  • "Magic Spell" (Hen Fetsch, ca. 1950)
Related to
2017 176
Patrick G. Redford Temporarily Out of Order multiphase matching routine, mates of entire deck match at the end, then deck is dealt into four hands and separated by suits in order
  • Phase One: Coincidence
  • Phase Two: Mind Reading
  • Phase Three: Mix and Match
  • Phase Four: Amnesia to a Total Coincidence
  • Phase Five: An Encore - Participant Deals into New Deck Order
  • Further Thoughts & Variations
  • First Phase with Si Stebbins Instead of a Memorized Deck
  • Final Thoughts
Inspired by 2017 178
Patrick G. Redford It's About the Story... "Three Story Deck Routines" chapter intro
2017 197
Patrick G. Redford The Fate of Jack and Sally with the Redford stack
2017 198
Patrick G. Redford Club "754" with the Redford stack
2017 202
Patrick G. Redford Lady of the Night with the Redford stack
2017 206
Patrick G. Redford The Loaded Deck "Marked, Stacked and Trilby!" Trilby deck combined with Redford stack
  • Red & Black Instant Separation & Re-Mix
  • Riffle Shuffles
  • What's Missing?
  • Quick Double Count
Inspired by 2017 213
Patrick G. Redford Utilities chapter intro
2017 219
Dan Fishman Dan Fishman's False Overhand Shuffle
VariationsAlso published here 2017 220
Patrick G. Redford, Dan Fishman The Redfish Face-Up False Shuffle
  • Shifting Multiple Cards From the Top to the Bottom
Inspired by 2017 224
Patrick G. Redford OCD Cut four packet cut, acts like a straight cut
2017 228
Patrick G. Redford CDO Cut three packets
2017 229
Patrick G. Redford PGR Cut four packets
2017 230
Patrick G. Redford Two Deck Switches... and A Force chapter intro
2017 237
Patrick G. Redford The Ninja Deck Switch
Related to 2017 238
Patrick G. Redford The Interchange Force two decks same card found reversed in center, deck is switched in process
Inspired by 2017 240
Patrick G. Redford Stacking Into Effects by Others methods to bring Redford stack to position to perform following routines
  • 26! - Caleb Wiles
  • Candy - Chris Mayhew
  • A Pale Blue - Ben Blau
  • Chaos - Mandelbrot's Revenge - Pit Hartling
  • Ultimate Hold'Em - Jack Carpenter
2017 249
Patrick G. Redford Weightless Introduction
2018 5
Patrick G. Redford A Light and Heavy Imagination Trick Description:
  • Phase One: Spectator is unable to lift up the deck from performer's hand
  • Phase Two: Spectator is unable to remove deck from its box
2018 9
Patrick G. Redford The Light & Heavy Card Box
  • Phase One: Spectator is unable to lift up the deck from performer's hand
Variations 2018 10
Marc Salem Push-Ups Alternate handling for Light & Heavy Card Box
Inspired by 2018 23
Patrick G. Redford Hypnotic Pull
  • Phase Two: Spectator is unable to remove deck from its box
Variations 2018 26
Patrick G. Redford Further Thoughts & Variations
  • Overstuffing Method
  • Roughing Method
Inspired by 2018 36
Patrick G. Redford Stop Smoking Spectator unable to pull cigarettes out of its box. Later, when attempting to smoke one, it tastes horrible and spectator suddenly hates smoking
2018 42
Patrick G. Redford Credits & Inspiration
2018 46
Tom Gagnon Umpteenth Open Prediction using Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired by 2019 82
Patrick G. Redford Introduction
2019 12
Patrick G. Redford Redford Stack In Review Quick overview of the Redford stack - how to get into stack, how to get into Si-Stebbins, and so on
2019 20
Patrick G. Redford Ace Spell Magician spells to four Aces in succession
2019 24
Patrick G. Redford 4agon Conclusion Magician finds wrong four of a kind, then changes them into the correct four of a kind containing the selection
2019 26
Henry Christ, Jim Turnpaugh, Patrick G. Redford The Fabulous Aces Henry Christ Aces with Redford Stack
2019 30
Patrick G. Redford Ultra-Mental Memorized Deck Invisible Deck / Ultra Mental Deck with memorized deck, can be any stack but Redford stack has advantages
Inspired byVariations 2019 40
Patrick G. Redford Turnabout Is Fair Triumph Cards are shuffled face up and down. Spectator names a card, deck rights itself except named card
Inspired by 2019 46
Patrick G. Redford, Dan Fishman The Redfish Shuffle Convincer
2019 47
Patrick G. Redford Perspicacity Spectator can determine which card has been added into another deck after a quick flick
2019 52
Patrick G. Redford Hot Travelers Named and selected cards travel from a red deck to a blue deck, multiple phases
Inspired by 2019 56
Patrick G. Redford Duncical ACAAN Spectator able to cut a card to any position of their choosing
2019 64
Patrick G. Redford Your Luck Is In The Cards Kruskal principle, spectator finds the mate to a selection
2019 70
Patrick G. Redford The Perpetual Birthday Card Birthday Book with Google Calendar, card at birthday matches the card placed in card box
2019 76
Patrick G. Redford Velleity Plus Named card ends up on top of the deck under spectator's hand, selection is bent. The card then returns back to the middle of the deck in a position of spectator's choosing
Related to 2019 88
Patrick G. Redford Never Going To Give You Up Lie detection, followed by identifying the cards held by spectator, then identifying thought of card
Related to
  • "Sy-Fry" (Woody Aragon, Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks)
2019 92
Patrick G. Redford The Hunt Story trick involving hunter, trapper and an inn
2019 98
Patrick G. Redford Echo Chamber Magician divines two selected and thought of cards
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2019 108
Patrick G. Redford Three Echos Echo Chamber with three selections
Inspired byRelated toVariations 2019 114
Patrick G. Redford Echolocation Magician correctly divines position of two selected cards, third card vanishes, spectator is sitting on the third card
Inspired byRelated to 2019 116
Patrick G. Redford The Redford Echo Index Card Index to produce cards for Echo tricks
Related to 2019 122
Patrick G. Redford The Invisible Echo Index Advanced Echo Index
Related to 2019 124
Patrick G. Redford H.A.A.R.P.S. Pseudo memory demo, magician can name position of selected card, along with the order of about half the deck
Inspired by 2019 128
Patrick G. Redford Storm Chaser Subtle Symmetry Control
Also published here 2019 128
Patrick G. Redford Memory Phantom Card that spectator sees in the deck vanishes, found in card box
2019 134
Patrick G. Redford Level .05 Deck vanishes, one half at a time, leaving only a named card
2019 144
Christian Grace, Ollie Mealing, Patrick G. Redford Level Four Spectator names any four of a kind. First card travels to pocket, then half the deck travels to pocket to find second card, then the rest of the cards travel leaving the third card in hand, then last card is on top of the deck in the pocket.
Variations 2019 148
Madison Hagler Cards To Pocket Version using three selections and Level One gimmick by Christian Grace
Inspired by 2019 150
Patrick G. Redford Redford Quartets Quartets for Redford Stack
Related to 2019 151
Patrick G. Redford Transformer Deck Switch (Cards to Box) Card case appears around the deck, uses Level One Gimmick by Christian Grace
Related to 2019 154
Patrick G. Redford Meltdown: Cards Into Box Deck melts into box half by half, leaving selection outside box, uses Level One gimmick by Christian Grace
Inspired byRelated to 2019 160
Patrick G. Redford Faro Techniques 52-Card Straddle Faro Technique
Slip Cut Combo
Redfish Shuffle
2019 164
Patrick G. Redford Stack Safe Poker Triumph Triumph, produces Royal Flush at the end, multiple phases, maintains order of deck (works best with Redford and Aronson)
Inspired by 2019 166
Patrick G. Redford ... This Means War! Cut high card, spectator keeps winning. Play game of war with spectator, magician always wins.
2019 180
Jed Brooks, Patrick G. Redford Queen Me Card thought of from group of five. Queens face up land next to each other after shuffle, another shuffle and selection is between Queens
Inspired by 2019 188
Patrick G. Redford Half Stacked Faro Half stack with faro shuffle, has some advantages and observations
2019 190
Patrick G. Redford, Nick Trost Semi-Automatic Lie Detector Reworking of Nick Trost's classic Lie Detector
Inspired by 2019 194
Patrick G. Redford The Solitaire Si-re Play Solitaire, whoever holds the lucky coin always wins, deck can be shuffled (disproves Annemann's claim that Si Stebbins can never win Solitaire)
Related to 2019 208
Patrick G. Redford Stab Your Mate Joker is stabbed next to selection, next to mate of selection, and spectator is also able to do it
Inspired by 2019 212
Patrick G. Redford Stack Safe Decurtait Control Card glimpse, control and false shuffle all together, does not destroy stack
2019 218
Patrick G. Redford Goodnight Elizabeth Elizabeth IV, but spectator is able to correctly guess both cards in a clear folder
Inspired by 2019 224
Patrick G. Redford F.A.L.S.E. Shuffle Tabled false shuffle, can spread on table push interwoven halves together
2019 244
Patrick G. Redford Afterword
2019 249
Brad Henderson (reviewer) Photographic by Patrick G. Redford Aug. 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 8)
Tom Stone Flatworm Fry one spectator forgets a card he saw, while another spectator who didn't see it "remembers" it
Inspired by 2024 6