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Jerry Andrus Comment
1956 85
Alex Elmsley Work in Progress faro mathematics, defining Out- and In-Faro, then the Binary Translocations:
  • 1) to bring top card to any position with faros
  • 2) to bring card to top with 2^x cards
  • 3) edge-marked deck with 2^x cards, bringing any card to top
Related toAlso published here Sep. 1957
Ibidem (Issue 11)
Edward Marlo The Backward Faro out-jogging every other card, with some properties, also for setting up for a "false" shuffle
Related toVariations Dec. 1957
Ibidem (Issue 12)
Edward Marlo The Faro Shuffle
1958 1
Edward Marlo Faro Aids
  • The Rock and Reweave
  • Fan Spread and Weave
  • Resquaring the Packets (three methods)
  • Cutting at 26
1958 7
Edward Marlo Observations faro as a false shuffle and other comments
1958 34
Edward Marlo Faro Notes
1958 1
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Faro Favorites on doing table and in the hand faros and John Scarne doing a one-handed faro
Mar. 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 6)
Edward Marlo Faro Straddle Shuffle definition of in and out for an odd deck
1964 3
Edward Marlo The Clocked Faro tips to speed up consecutive faros
1964 4
Karl Fulves Definition of Terms for faro transforms, Example 1-6
Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue Faro Techniques)
Karl Fulves Introduction
1971 4
Karl Fulves Klondike Notes substituting faro for Klondike shuffle and the other way around, e.g. in references
Related to 1971 5
Jerry Andrus The Farro Shuffle sanding the edges to facilitate faro shuffle & explanation of faro technique
1973 9
S. Brent Morris Introduction
1974 1
Roger Smith The Faro Sorcery trilogy #1 with list of faro related publications
1975 1
Charles Hudson On Faro Felon notes on the faro shuffle
Related to Feb. 1976
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 6)
Alex Elmsley In and Out Terminology
1977 2
Karl Fulves The Theoretical Faro definition of IO and OI as an entity and properties of IO- and OI-sequences
  • The Conjugate Pair Faro
  • The Inverted Conjugate Pair Faro
Related to 1979 6
Juan Tamariz Idea con la Mezcla Faro idea combining faro shuffle with the Multeffect deck
1980 73
Roy Walton General Notes on Weave Shuffles
1981 194
Jon Racherbaumer Faro Finesse historical comments
1982 146
Jeff Busby History of the Faro Shuffle
May 1982
Epoptica (Issue 1)
Karl Fulves Mechanical Faro shaving the ends to make faros easier
Related to 1986 20
Edward Marlo On Ins and Outs
1989 26
Al Smith The Fingertip Shuffle on selling the faro shuffle for lay people
1991 12
Jon Racherbaumer Piddlings & Pettifoggery - Revived and Revised on faro shuffling history, Karl Fulves vs Ed Marlo, credit information
Inspired by
  • Piddlings and Pettifoggery (published 1972)
Dec. 1992 1
Leo Boudreau The Mind's Eye: Faro Foolery faro shuffle with eight cards, two fans
July 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 1)
Alex Elmsley Deck Preparation for Faro Shuffles sanding corners
Related to 1994 295
Alex Elmsley Weave Corrections for Miscuts
  • Out-weave Correction
  • Out-weave Correction
  • In-weave Correction
  • In-weave Correction
Related to 1994 297
Alex Elmsley Out- and In-Weaves definition of terms
1994 303
Karl Fulves Faro Fallacy cutting in half easier than cutting at twenty-six
1995 36
Roberto Giobbi The Faro Shuffle
1998 681
Faro Types glossary of the most common faro shuffle types
  • The Partial Faro
  • The In-Faro
  • The Out-Faro
  • The Straddle Faro
  • The Incomplete Faro
1998 691
S. Brent Morris Faro Foolery intro
Feb. 1998
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 6)
Barry Price The Faro Shuffle
  • What Is It That Attracts Magicians To The Faro Shuffle?
  • The Ins And Outs Of The Faro Shuffle
  • Caution, Please
2000 14
Harry Riser Chapter Three - In the Land of the Faro using only a single faro shuffle in faro tricks
2006 91
P. Howard Lyons Faro Credit faro reference, "An-Adept" (1850)
2006 32
Fred Robinson On the Perfect Faro Shuffle various tips
Also published here 2009 114
Patrick Page The Faro / Weave / Butt / Shuffle Si Stebbins to a deck where all pairs are toether
2011 115
Jon Racherbaumer On the Slant
  • Incognito (David Eagleman, 2011)
  • No Ands, Ifs, or Butts (on the Tabled Faro, with actual riffling, Volitional Table Faro)
Sep. 2011
Genii (Vol. 74 No. 9)
Pepe Lirrojo La Mezcla Faro . ¿Qué es la mezcla faro? (what is the faro shuffle?)
  • Origen de la mezcla faro (origin of the faro shuffle)
  • Tecnicismos de la mezcla faro (technical terms of the faro shuffle)
  • Clasificación según como se realiza mezcla faro
2016 8
Pepe Lirrojo Trifaro brief, on the trifaro
2016 12
Pepe Lirrojo Antifaro en Mesa on the antifaro on the table
2016 13
Pepe Lirrojo Antifaro en Manos brief, on Christian Engblom's Antifaro
2016 13
Pepe Lirrojo Tipos de Mezcla Faro faro types
  • Faro Parcial (partial faro)
  • Faro Parcial con Residuo (partial faro with rest)
  • Faro Perfecta (perfect faro)
  • Modalidades de la Mezcla Faro Perfecta
  • Faro Interior (Faro In)
  • Faro Exterior (Faro Out)
  • Faro Encerrada (Straddle Faro)
  • Faro Incompleta (Incomplete Faro)
2016 13
Bob Farmer, Tony Kardyro Treating the Cards with cashmere bouquet soap and teflon powder, also for faro shuffles
Related to 2017 56
Patrick G. Redford Tools for the Arranged Stack brief notes
  • Secretly Counting to Cards Positions
  • False Shuffling & False Cutting
  • "Messy" Faro Shuffle Technique
  • Removing/Replacing Cards
  • Keeping the Stack Out of Phase
2017 60
Michał Kociołek Faro Shuffle references
2017 vii
Ryan Murray Prologue: The Faro Shuffle
2018 ix
Ryan Murray Properties of the faro shuffle
  • Cycling Order
  • Controlling a Card to any Position
2018 x
Ryan Murray Technique preliminary remarks
2018 xiii
Ryan Murray Making the In-Hands Faro Look Natural
2018 xvii
Ryan Murray Further Variations
2018 xxiii
Ryan Murray Related Technique and Applications chapter intro
2018 19
Ryan Murray Final Thoughts
2018 47
Tom Gagnon Soaping the Faro
Inspired byRelated to 2019 339
Patrick G. Redford Faro Techniques 52-Card Straddle Faro Technique
Slip Cut Combo
Redfish Shuffle
2019 164
Steve Forte Classification
  • off-the-table
  • top to bottom
  • bottom to top
  • riffle faro
2020 257
Steve Forte The Faro Process general comments and rules regarding faro stacking
2020 258
Greg Chapman Technique, Theory and Applications discussion of the faro shuffle
  • Quality and Condition of Cards
  • Regular Cut vs Traditional Cut Cards
  • Full and Partial Shuffle
  • In the Hands vs Tabled Faro
  • In-Faro vs Out-Faro
  • Straddle-Faro
  • How to Learn and Practice the Faro Shuffle
  • Top-down vs Bottom-up
2020 11
Greg Chapman Adjustments to Correct Estimation Errors without Elmsley mention
  • Adjustment - for one card too many in the top packet during an out-faro
  • Adjustment - for one card too few in the top packet during and out-faro
  • Adjustment - for one card too many in the top packet during an in-faro
  • Adjustment - for one card too few in the top packet during and in-faro
Related to 2020 21
Greg Chapman Splitting 26/26 - Stacked Deck and Key Card Peeks
2020 26
Greg Chapman The Faro Shuffle and the Stacked Deck short comment on quartets and Si Stebbins
2020 36
Greg Chapman To Bring Multiple Cards to Specific Positions short note
2020 36
Greg Chapman A Difficult Sleight
2020 41
Greg Chapman Faro Shuffle Philosophy
2020 41
Greg Chapman More Faro Descriptions, Theory, Techniques and Routines a few faro references
2020 43
Tony Kardyro Preparing a Faro Deck soap on edges
2022 6