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Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Push Through Failure face up cards shuffled in face down cards, open push-through, selection is reversed in other half, three versions, see p. 773 for correctionsVariations The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 192) 766
Edward Marlo Simple Shift Related toVariations The Cardician 58
Francis Haxton The One Between two unknown selected cards are pushed back reversed in the deck, one card is found between , that matches in value and suit with other cards, composite cardRelated to The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 345) 203
Harry Lorayne Out of this Universe some red and black sorting comes out despite real shuffles, not really OOTW effectRelated toVariations Close-up Card Magic 80
Karl Fulves Stopped Twice two prediction cards placed in deck during dealing by spectator end up next to their mates, "Gemini Twins"VariationsAlso published here Impromptu Opener 2
Alex Elmsley Face Your Brothers three selections are placed face-up in deck, face to face with matesVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 39
Pit Hartling Triple Countdown three cards at three numbers, smith's mythVariations Card Fictions 68
Denis Behr A Trick for Allen Kennedy clean two-phase center deal demo, double facers, see also page 46Related to Handcrafted Card Magic 27
Michał Kociołek You Know Better from a shuffled deck, three spectators find the mates of their cards, apparently by intuition, "Gemini Twins" with three cardsInspired byAlso published here 8 Effects and a Sleight 6
Michał Kociołek Off-Centers four Aces face up, pseudo center deal 8 Effects and a Sleight 10
Michał Kociołek, Pit Hartling Du-et two selections at two numbers, Smith's Myth, duplicateInspired by 8 Effects and a Sleight 17
Michał Kociołek Bold Collection selections appear one by one between four Kings, Smith's MythInspired by 8 Effects and a Sleight 24
Michał Kociołek Plan B two selections travel from packet to packets held by spectators, third selection is reversed 8 Effects and a Sleight 31
Michał Kociołek In Between thought of card appears sandwiched between two lost selections that were used to create that composite card (suit/value), faroRelated to 8 Effects and a Sleight 37
Michał Kociołek In Oil, Under Water 4&4, two phases 8 Effects and a Sleight 42
Michał Kociołek Colors "Miraskill" as a game, with predictionInspired by 8 Effects and a Sleight 49
Michał Kociołek, Edward Marlo MK Simple Shift Variation a technical variation of Edward Marlo's "Simple Shift"Inspired by 8 Effects and a Sleight 54
Michał Kociołek Bibliography 8 Effects and a Sleight 59
Michał Kociołek About the author 8 Effects and a Sleight 4
Karl Fulves Trap Shoot deck cut, value of top and suit of bottom card used to make up composite card, that is caught with other two cardsInspired byRelated to Prolix (Issue 10) 694
Michael Weber Ha, No Jonah multiple phases, "Reverse Jonah" approachRelated toAlso published here Ha, No Jonah 4
Michał Kociołek Mike Card Deal on extra sheet, idea with reverse Jonah cardRelated to The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 402
Michał Kociołek Out of This Solar System spectator shuffles the deck, deals it into two piles, shuffles again, the deck is separated into red and black cardsInspired by Michał Kociołek Live! 6
Michał Kociołek Double Target "Hofzinser Ace Problem" meets Marlo's "Push Through Failure"Inspired by Michał Kociołek Live! 11
Michał Kociołek Middle pseudo center deal, double-facerRelated to Michał Kociołek Live! 15
Michał Kociołek You Know Better from a shuffled deck, three spectators find the mates of their cards, apparently by intuition, "Gemini Twins" with three cards, additional handling for five cards (Royal Flush)Inspired by
  • "Four-Sided Gemini" (John Bannon, Destination Zero, 2015)
Also published here
Michał Kociołek Live! 19
Harapan Ong, Michał Kociołek Michalevator with seven cards, transposition climaxRelated to
  • "Low Riser" (Cameron Francis, Let's Get Small, 2012 ebook)
Principia 45