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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Theodore Annemann The New Nightmare Effect selected card vanishes and turns out to be card previously removed
Inspired byRelated toVariations Apr. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 7)
George G. Kaplan The Three-Billet Test No. 3 three different categories
Variations 1948 226
Chip Walker Torn Thought corner torn off invisible card, corner is also missing from reversed card in invisible deck
Variations 1976 31
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Reverse instantly reversing card while it is apparently outjogged
Related to 1979 46
"Magic" Christian Stelzel, Valentino Graziadei My Card Stabbing with close-up board held by two spectators, blindfold and a sheet of newspaper
Variations 1983 23
Bruce Allen The Ring and Rope with extra piece
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1984 24
Richard Osterlind The Surrounded Slow-Motion Center Tear with credit information
  • The Paper and its Preparation
  • The Mechanics
  • Comments
Variations 1986 1
José Carroll Instructions signed card appears bound in spiral-bound booklet
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1988 157
David Solomon Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem with Seven Cards
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, The New Invocation #43, Feb. 1988)
1997 19
Alain Nu Nu-Sense Hummer Monte using ring, watch and key, with prediction
Variations 2003 11
Arturo de Ascanio Antagonistic Aces
Inspired byVariations 2006 303
Jim Steinmeyer The Torn Newspaper Prediction "A New Routine and Handling for a Classic Mental Effect"
pieces added from jacket
Related to 2009 105
Alberto de Figueiredo Williamson, fuente de inspiración anecdotes with David Williamson, Williamson as an influence
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Denis Behr Stop It spectator stops dealing at predicted card, repeated twice more
VariationsAlso published here 2011 48
Alberto de Figueiredo Introducción
2013 15
Alberto de Figueiredo El Vínculo spectator cuts and remembers a card, other spectator remembers a card he sees while deck is dribbled from hand to hand, same card
2013 19
Alberto de Figueiredo El Reloj a spectator writes a time on a business card, second spectator sets watch at that time
2013 31
Richard Osterlind, Alberto de Figueiredo Center Tear
Inspired by 2013 33
Alberto de Figueiredo Behr Para Creer spectator stops dealing at predicted card, repeated twice more, impromptu version
Inspired by 2013 41
Alberto de Figueiredo Predicción a la Carta prediction on spectator's business card, card is selected, prediction match and on back of selection is spectator's name written
2013 53
Alberto de Figueiredo Con dos Barajas two decks with different backs, one is chosen and named card can not be found, it is in the other deck, with Spanish playing cards
2013 61
Alberto de Figueiredo Más Allá chosen word from magazine appears on slate
2013 73
Jim Steinmeyer, Alberto de Figueiredo The Torn Newspaper Prediction Force
Related to 2013 74
Alberto de Figueiredo Mi Juego de las Sillas para James Biss three chairs, with CDs
Inspired by
  • James Biss' "Musical Chairs" in "Messing with Minds"
2013 87
Alberto de Figueiredo Advinaciones al Cubo word from dictionary, date and drawing are divined
Inspired by 2013 95
Alberto de Figueiredo El Sueño prediction folded in wallet
2013 107
Alberto de Figueiredo 1 + 4 four cards
2013 125
Alberto de Figueiredo Cuando la Curiosidad del Espectador se convierte en Decepción on spectators wanting to examine objects, differences between close-up and stage
El Manuscrito (Vol. 7 No. 28)
Gabi Pareras Ases Flash - El Múltiple Destello Ases come to the top, four selection vanish one by one and end up face up in the deck with Aces sandwiched , transposition of selection and Aces
  • Preparación
  • Aparición Flash
  • Reordenando
  • Nuevo Flash
  • Atrapadas
  • Transposición
Variations 2014 16
Alberto de Figueiredo Las últimas anécdotas anecdotes of Arturo de Ascanio
2015 265
Alberto de Figueiredo Prólogo
2016 11
Joaquín Matas, Alberto de Figueiredo Billete a la Lima bill appears in chosen lemon, one of three, with humorous banana gag
2016 283
Alberto de Figueiredo Agradecimientos
2018 6
Alberto de Figueiredo Dedicatoria
2018 7
Alberto de Figueiredo Introducción autobiographical intro
2018 15
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias De aficionado a profesional interview, on becoming a professional magician and being an amateur
2018 24
Alberto de Figueiredo Invisible plus... plus ball thrown into audience to construct card using several spectators, card is reversed with missing corner, corner found in pocket of last spectator, Intercessor
Inspired by 2018 31
Alberto de Figueiredo El pañuelo que cambia de color color changing silk routine, silk to mouth and silk fountain finale
  • El primer cambio de color
  • Falsa explicación
  • El pañuelo rojo y la carga
Inspired by 2018 43
Alberto de Figueiredo Roland Garros one of ten spectators is chosen, prediction in form of description inside envelope, tennis themed
2018 61
Alberto de Figueiredo Caja, candado y página spectator choses several objects and a city from a stack of cards and names numbers, numbers open lock to box which has objects inside, Pegasus page as climax
Inspired by
  • Ken Dyne's "Nutcase (And The "Yes But No Principle of Doom")" in "Bairn" P. 43.
2018 71
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias El trabajo del mago profesional on being a professional magician, sectors of performing, working with agencies, pricing
2018 88
Alberto de Figueiredo El dominó child holds white handkerchief, a string and buttons, then a dominoe stone is selected from a plastic bag and string and buttons are found sewn onto handkerchief to match chosen dominoe
2018 101
Alberto de Figueiredo Rocky Raccoon card is signed and deck placed inside a changing bag, raccoon placed inside, all cards are destroyed except selection, York's razor deck
2018 113
Luis Alberto Iglesias, Alberto de Figueiredo El repertorio del mago profesional on the repertoire of a professional magician
2018 122
Alberto de Figueiredo Adivinación de la tinta four pens with different colors, one is selected and name of color written on a paper, performer divines color, three phases
Inspired by
  • a routine by Mac King
2018 129
Alberto de Figueiredo Piedra, papel o tijera rock, paper, scissors, written on pieces of paper, three names written on paper, instruction game with several phases
Inspired by
  • a routine by Looch
2018 137
Alberto de Figueiredo La bola de cristal crystal ball drawn on a business card and signed by spectator, name of chosen card appears inside ball
2018 145
Alberto de Figueiredo Los tres objetos spectator places three objects on table, instruction game with prediction in shoe
Inspired by 2018 153
Alberto de Figueiredo El bocadillo spectator writes sandwich on card, card is torn and ingredients are divined
2018 163
Alberto de Figueiredo Plata/cobre en manos del espectador copper silver transpo
2018 171
Alberto de Figueiredo Hippity hippity hop four coins from hand to hand, last two to spectator's hand
2018 179
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Magia para teatro on performing in a theatre, show construction
2018 190
Alberto de Figueiredo Back in Time back in time presentation, card in wallet vanishes and is selected by spectator, then it is signed vanishes from deck and appears back in wallet, Himber
2018 197
Alberto de Figueiredo El Comodin vale por today numbers from one to ten are written on back of Joker, spectator removes ten card and selects a number and corresponding card, card vanishes and turns out to be card used to write on the back
Related to 2018 207
Alberto de Figueiredo Post-it prediction in three-phases, cards written on post-it, as climax post-it vanishes and appears on face of third card
Inspired by
  • Rick Lax's "Going Postal"
2018 215
Alberto de Figueiredo, Cristian Ramil Doble sándwich Todoterreno progressive sandwich, then sandwiched card transforms into card which was named by second spectator
2018 225
Gerald Kosky, Alberto de Figueiredo Kosky Switch Variation
2018 232
Alberto de Figueiredo, David Solomon Detector Solomónico
Inspired by 2018 237
Alberto de Figueiredo, Gabi Pareras Atrapadas para Gabi card is selected and placed on table, four cards vanish one by one and are eventually found in the center with mates trapped in between, inspired by Gabi Pareras' "Atrapadas"
Inspired by 2018 243
Alberto de Figueiredo Mi historia con una baraja story telling deck à la Sam the Bellhop, on how he became a magician, using a drawer box
2018 255
Luis Alberto Iglesias, Alberto de Figueiredo ¿Cómo se aprende magia? on how to learn magic
2018 275
José Carroll Poosha D'Poosha multi-phase routine
Inspired by
  • routine in "Hold-out Miracles" (Jack Miller)
2019 250
Alberto de Figueiredo Dedicatoria
2019 7
Alberto de Figueiredo Introducción
2019 15
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Trucajes y el limite del engaño on using stooges
2019 22
Alberto de Figueiredo La baraja humana deck is shuffled in a bag by a spectator and then one card is reversed, all the other spectators think of a card and the one card from the person which birthday is closest to the person on stage is selected, the thought-of card turns out to be the same as the card turned over
2019 31
Alberto de Figueiredo Cuerda y Tijera rope and scissors, linking, rope cut with finger, taking off the ends etc.
  • El primer enlace
  • El primer desenlace
  • El corte con los dedos
  • La recomposición
  • La cuerda sin extremos
  • Los extremos vuelven a la cuerda
  • El enlace final
Inspired by 2019 43
Alberto de Figueiredo Misión Imposible with board held by two spectators, blindfold and a sheet of newspaper
Inspired by 2019 61
Alberto de Figueiredo Pompones a cuatro manos sticks connected then thread is cut a la Benson
2019 73
Alberto de Figueiredo El viaje de los espectadores photographs of spectators are made before the show and printed, two are selected and they travel from one envelope to another
2019 85
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Géneros y especialidades
2019 98
Alberto de Figueiredo Los pañuelos y la caja routine with two children where handkerchiefs should travel to box, several handkerchiefs turn into a big one, using break-away fan and comedy wand, Clatter Box
2019 109
Alberto de Figueiredo, Mago Kayto, Óscar Rui Cubos locos children's routine for Bewildering Blocks, four cubes and one tube
2019 121
Alberto de Figueiredo Viajeras para niños three cards travel, using two handkerchiefs, routine for children
2019 133
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Sobre magia y concursos on competitions
2019 142
Alberto de Figueiredo El Ocho Americano paper to money then figure eight game
  • Fase 1: La demostración
  • Fase 2: El papel a billetes
  • Fase 3: La primera apuesta real
  • Fase 4: La falsa explicación
  • Fase 5: Los dos espectadores
  • Fase 6: El más sencillo
  • Fase 7: El gran final
2019 149
Alberto de Figueiredo Rutina de una moneda one coin routine, then coin changes to bigger coin and then to jumbo coin
2019 167
Alberto de Figueiredo Homenaje a Tony Toon dice stacking routine, dice penetrate cup, table and hat, bills appear in cup and jumbo die appear under hat as finale, with variation
  • Los apilamientos
  • Los momentos mágicos
  • El sombrero y la carga final
  • Cómo apilar
  • Sin cargador
  • La rutina todoterreno
2019 179
Alberto de Figueiredo, Luis Alberto Iglesias Sobre la práctica y el ensayo on the practice and rehearsal of magic
2019 202
Alberto de Figueiredo Predecir y transponer prediction on business card of two cards, followed by a transposition, duplicate
2019 215
Alberto de Figueiredo Del revés selection reverses several times, entire deck as climax
2019 225
Alberto de Figueiredo, Edward Marlo Vóbex more or less same move as Marlo's Convincing Control Reverse, instantly reversing card while it is apparently outjogged
Related to 2019 230
Alberto de Figueiredo El edificio card comes to the top, deck transforms into Omni Deck
2019 235
Alberto de Figueiredo La carta a la cajita using John Kennedy's Mystery Box
2019 245
Alberto de Figueiredo Entre tus manos four cards are touched while deck is spread face up between the hands, one of the four cards is selected and the others transform into the other three cards with the same value
2019 257
Alberto de Figueiredo Las cartas viajeras three cards travel to packet of ten cards, with repetition where cards vanish visibly
2019 265
Alberto de Figueiredo, Arturo de Ascanio La carta antagonista instead of selection, performer keeps producing Ace of Spades, four Aces of Spades then turn out to be the four Aces and selection is found in card case
Inspired by 2019 279
Alberto de Figueiredo Coincidencia de dos two decks same card is selected
2019 289
Alberto de Figueiredo Memorización de la baraja card is removed and placed inside spectator's pocket, then packet cut and shuffled, performer memorizes packet and knows colors, repeated with suit and eventually entire deck, missing card is named as a climax
  • Primera fase: Los colores
  • Segunda fase: Los Palos
  • Tercera Fase: Todas las cartas
  • Encore: falta una carta
2019 297
Alberto de Figueiredo La agenda impromptu birthday book, spectator stabs ID in shuffled deck, card next to it matches card written in book at his birthday
2019 309
Alberto de Figueiredo, Román García Instrucciones (para realizar un milagro) signed card appears bound in spiral-bound booklet
Inspired by 2019 319
Friedrich Roitzsch Nine Card Monte Revisited
Inspired byRelated to
  • Alberto de Figueiredo, 52 Infieles, p. 114
2023 53