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Unknown Experto credite! named card is missing from new and sealed deck, with risky psychological force, out with card index and deck switch Der moderne Kartenkünstler 230
Unknown Die aus dem Spiel verschwindenden Karten thought-of cards vanish, double facer deck with odd cards on one side and even on the other side Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 3) 36
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Weissagen wider Willen card written down, another spectator divines it via equivoque, it vanishes from deck and appears in envelopeAlso published here Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 11) 164
Unknown The Prize Winner two decks, one is a svengali deck Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 252
Unknown A Psychological Force miracle if ace of hearts is named Greater Magic 199
William H. McCaffrey The Prize Winner Related toVariations Greater Magic 564
William H. McCaffrey Bill McCaffrey's Prize Winner two decks, premonition, card is found in hat My Best 23
Edward Marlo II. Double Deal Vanish of named card, stacked Marlo In Spades 35
Edward Marlo III. The Named Vanish named card, reappears at named number, stacked Marlo In Spades 36
Al Baker The Jet-Propelled Card unsigned but fair selection vanishes, to nest of envelopesRelated to The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets) 391
Milton Gitlin Premonition Idea The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 288) 1153
James G. Thompson Jr. Premonition, A Prize Winner "The Little Man" Still More Miracles in Mentalism 57
Paul Marcus Two Tips for Premonition The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 363) 281
Edward Marlo The Called for Vanish any named card is missing from deck Expert Card Conjuring 103
Edward Marlo Improved Named Vanish any named card is missing from deck, sticky substance, four methods Expert Card Conjuring 116
Edward Marlo Double Out named card is either missing or odd-backed Kabbala - Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 6) 45
Edward Marlo Simple Premonition prediction in hat, card is selected from one deck, this card is missing in second deck and found in hat with prediction, gaffed The Unexpected Card Book 47
Roger Smith A Premonition - Outdone two decks, one card selected from one deck and placed aside, it is looked for in other deck but not there, the original selection is from second deck Smith's Mini-Lecture Notes No. 1 2
Karl Fulves Premonition I red and blue deck, named one is missing from wanted deck and in other one, sleeving Impromptu Holdouts 31
Karl Fulves Premonition II same effect as Premonition I Impromptu Holdouts 32
Karl Fulves One-Deck Prizewinner sleevingInspired by Impromptu Holdouts 32
Allan Ackerman Forethought Here's My Card 51
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Premonition Here's My Card 53
Danny Korem One Deck Premonition pendulum holdout The Upside Down Toppit - Volume II 20
Basil Horwitz Challenge Premonition performer puts card from a blue deck unseen in an envelope, spectator selects a card from a red deck and puts it in same envelope, when he looks through blue deck, that card is missing, both selected same card The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz 22
Michael Weber "... Just an Old Premonition" copy of 52 cards with one reversed, freely thought-of card is missing Something for Everyone 12
Eric F. Impey Mysto, The Masterpiece thought-of card vanishes, thirteen half-waxed pairs in deck, also as named vanishVariationsAlso published here
  • Original Card Mysteries, Eric Impey
A History of the Brainwave Principle 42
Theophil "Philius" Weidmann, Alessandro de Luca Das Televisions-Spiel card is selected and is missing in second deck, found in envelope Ueber das Wesen der Mentalmagie 28
Allan Slaight Guise Winner five hands of poker are redealt to same persons, spectator names missing card (Premonition) Arcane (Issue 11) 144
Jeff Busby Credit Information on "Premonition"/"Prize Winner" Arcane (Issue 11) 144
Ken Krenzel The Case of the Missing Link ungaffed memorized deck, Open and Shut Case Close-up Impact! 74
John Bannon Beyond the Pale no totally free choice Smoke and Mirrors 51
Alexander de Cova Premonition Plus Also published here Ein Profi packt aus... 68
Gerald Deutsch The Invisible Card named card vanishes, to pocket, bits of business Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16 No. 1) 2171
Alexander de Cova Premonition Plus briefAlso published here Seminarnotizen Steyr 1993 12
Peter Duffie Two Decks But With a Single Thought two prepared decksInspired by Duffie's Card Compulsions 209
Peter Duffie, Dave Robertson Vanished Or Gone Spectator thinks of any card, card is shown to have vanished from the pack / word GONE is printed on the backInspired by Effortless Card Magic 142
Roberto Giobbi Premonition Handling brief Card College - Volume 4 936
Roberto Giobbi A Case for Premonition one unprepared deck Concertos for Pasteboard 56
Karl Fulves Further Notes on the Premonition effectRelated to Hofzinser's Card Tricks 75
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Domination Of Thought #1 performer tables card, spectator thinks card from another deck, it disappears and the prediction card on table is correctVariations Hofzinser's Card Tricks 73
Karl Fulves Domination Of Thought #2 card removed by performer and wrapped in handkerchief, card thought of from second deck vanishes and travels to pocket, wrapped card is also thought-of card Hofzinser's Card Tricks 76
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Three Powers three chosen cards vanish from deck, arrive in pocket, deck vanishes (in topit type space) and appears in pocket, three selections rise one with corner torn off that visible restores, a card is shot with pistol into candle Hofzinser's Card Tricks 146
Dave Campbell Simplex Premonition impromptu versionInspired by The Dave Campbell Legacy 55
Dave Campbell Dave's Premonition card not named but built from two consecutive cards in the deck by taking suit of one and value of the otherInspired by
  • "Thinking Out Loud" (Steven Hamilton, The Crimp #10)
The Dave Campbell Legacy 47
Dave Campbell Thought Anticipated card chose from face-up blue deck and put on table, sealed red deck opened and counted, the selection is missing and tabled card turns out to be red-backedAlso published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 14 No. 12, April 1959
The Dave Campbell Legacy 155
Larry Jennings Slow Motion Card To Number selected card to any number, first vanish of card is shown, two methods Up In Smoke 56
Alberto de Figueiredo Con dos Barajas two decks with different backs, one is chosen and named card can not be found, it is in the other deck, with Spanish playing cards Magia Demente 61
Helder Guimarães Post-Monition named card missing from deck and in prediction envelope Nephelococcygia 29
Helder Guimarães The Art of Premonition number up to ten named and card chosen using it, card is only one missing from deck and found in prediction envelope with number on backInspired by
  • "Silent Running" (Ben Harris)
The Veriloquent 5
John Hostler Cryptical Envelopment card thought-of from fan is divined, then is shown to be missing from deck and inside tabled envelopeRelated to Magnum Opossum 134
Bob Farmer Octogone with more restrictive choiceInspired by The Bammo Gaffus Maximus 74
Bob Farmer The Bammo Oblivion Deck freely named card becomes double-blank card in deck, other three cards of same value are thereRelated toVariations The Bammo Gaffus Maximus 51
Bob Farmer Equivoque Digression restricted choice, equivoque discussion
- Force 13 Cards
- Force 8 Cards
- Force 8 or 13 Cards
- Force 26 Cards
- Force 13 Cards
The Bammo Gaffus Maximus 61
Bob Farmer The Bammo 50% Oblivion Deck single deck versionInspired byRelated to The Bammo Gaffus Maximus 70
Bob Farmer The 25% Oblivion Deck almost freely named card becomes double-blank card in deck, other three cards of same value are thereInspired by The Bammo Gaffus Maximus 70
Bob Farmer The Tele-Psychic-Omatic Deck thought-of card (one of thirteen) is not in deck, it has become a blank card, peek-pairsInspired by The Bammo Gaffus Maximus 77
Alexander de Cova Präsentationsideen presentational ideas for chair test
- Denkhüte
- Regiearbeit
- House of Cards
- The More Frequent Miracle
- Premonition
- Sherlock Holmes
- Numerologie
- Banker's Dream
- Mental Epic
Ultimate Chair Routine 39
Christoph Borer Die Todeskarte card is named, position of card reveals amount of years spectator will live, card is missing Mentale Notizen 184
Bob Farmer The Bammo Brain Bamboozler two spectators think of a red and a black card, both cards vanish and are removed from the pocket before they are named, using version of John Kennedy's "Mind Power Deck"Inspired by
  • "The Divine and Conquer Deck" (Leo Reed)
The Bammo Brain Bamboozler 1