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William H. McCaffrey The Prize Winner
Related toVariations 1938 564
An Instinct for Cards interlocking chains
Variations 1948 32
Paul LePaul A Flourish And A Pass deck spreads itself between hands
Related toVariations 1949 35
Bob Hummer Hummer's Three-object Divination Three objects switched around, spectator then thinks of one and switches the other two, magician can divine thought of object (Mathematical 3 card monte 1951)
Variations 1956 63
Edward Marlo Key Card Plus Estimation: Twelfth Method based on principle that spectator shuffles top card to bottom in small packet overhand shuffle
Variations 1962 33
Alex Elmsley Penelope's Principle bringing center card to position corresponding with number of cards in cut-off pile
Related toVariations 1994 313
Allan Ackerman Finally Matched ending phase
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1999 29
David Regal (reviewer) Matrix God's Way by John Born Dec. 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 12)
Michael Close (reviewer) Matrix God's Way by John Born Nov. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 3)
Michael Powers PM Plus two spectators cut to cards and replace the cuts, performer deals through cards and finds selections without seeing faces
  • Naming the First Selection
  • Naming the Second Selection
  • Non-Memorized Deck Procedure
  • Non-Stacked Methods
Inspired by
  • "The PM Principle" (Michael Powers, 1990 booklet)
2006 94
Michael Powers Numerical Analysis selection ends up at total of cut-off packet after mixing procedure, Penelope
  • Alternate Presentations (An Open Prediction, A Closed Prediction)
Variations 2006 106
Michael Close (reviewer) Meant to Be... by John Born Oct. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 10)
John Born Introduction
2012 7
John Born The Perfect Pick Spectator picks random card, names three cards (one of them is the card), magician divines which is the card selected
2012 15
John Born Seeking the Bridge (The Bridging Principle) divine three cards selected via riffle peek, provides different methods
  • Technique 1: with peek
  • Technique 2: with force
  • Technique 3: no peek, no force
  • Technique 4: estimation
Variations 2012 23
John Born Step Glimpse As you hand the deck out, glimpse from a step after a riffle speek
2012 26
John Born Sticking the Bridge Three cards peeked at, deck is shuffled, magician divines all three cards, chapstick daub
Inspired by 2012 33
Todd Lamanske Hands-Off Deck Switch Deck switch, uses jacket pocket and topit
Variations 2012 38
John Born Pocket Change Uses jacket pocket and topit too
Inspired by 2012 39
John Born Bridging the Deck Switch Three cards selected, shuffled, divined and located, in the process switching the shuffled deck for a memorized deck
Inspired by 2012 41
John Born Time to Shine Three glimpses using a shiny surface on a metal watch
2012 45
John Born Numerical Reverse Revisited Card peeked, lost, magician divines card, and spectator then magically predicts the location of the card
Inspired by 2012 49
Edward Marlo, John Born Incomplete Faro Control Variation
2012 49
Alex Elmsley, John Born Reverse Penelope Reverse application of the Penelope Principle
Inspired by 2012 53
John Born The Second Push Quick way of counting cards while spreading cards between hands, groups of ten
2012 55
John Born An Instinct for Cards Revisited Impossible card location, card is selected, lost, deck is shuffled, magician can still find card, includes method with memorized deck, edge marks and punch
Inspired by 2012 57
John Born The Way for One-Way Technique to get spectator to place selection back reversed in a one-way deck
2012 65
John Born Jazzing Baker Based on Al Baker's ACAAN. Has elements of improvisation with memorized deck to get a direct hit
2012 69
John Born Mind Mix Impossible card location
2012 74
John Born The Delayed Crimp Softening the corner of a card, so it can be detected while dealing onto the table
2012 80
John Born Lucky Penny Card freely selected and lost. Magician deals and stops at the selection, then reveals prediction of the selected card in envelope
2012 84
John Born, Jed B. Smith Slugged Memory demonstration for a game of poker, tracking a memorized slug
2012 91
John Born A Blackjack Bet Play blackjack, magician knows what cards are coming up, uses one way backs
2012 102
John Born Mathematical 3-Card Monte Revisited Three cards freely chosen, one is selected, three cards moved around, magician divines selection. Includes surprise finish of three cards becoming blank
Inspired by 2012 104
John Born Finally Matched Revisited Multi-phase matching effect
Inspired by 2012 113
John Born Motivation: Glued Deck Use a solid deck to stop hecklers from trying to perform with your deck
2012 123
John Born Right on the Money Card freely named, card is shown to have an amount of money written on the back, wallet has predicted the amount of money
Inspired by 2012 126
John Born Casino Card Killer Card is freely named, deck is shown to have cards written randomly on the backs, card freely named has card written on the back that matches prediction
2012 138
John Born Face Up Tabled Classic Force Cards spread on table, finger moved on top, say stop over selection, includes subtleties
Related to 2012 145
John Born, Tony Chang My Ladies Sandwich effect, red Queens appear around the selection as table spread is flipped over
Related to 2012 148
John Born Motivation: Cutting the Aces Using cutting the Aces as a running effect throughout a longer show, slowly cut to them one by one
2012 152
Steve Reynolds, Lee Asher, John Born Twelfth-Method Match card is reversed in deck as prediction, card is cut to and selected, turns out to match the prediction as its mate, includes refinements by Lee Asher and John Born
Inspired by 2012 154
John Born Riding the LePaul Flourish with the LePaul Spread, to insert a card into the spread by having card ride on top of spread
Inspired by 2012 160
John Born Watch Transpo Card slipped under watch changes places with a signed selection
2012 162
John Born Queens Prediction spectator names a card, card is found inside box, the word "NO" printed on box (for a gag) transforms into the card's name
Inspired byAlso published here 2012 168
John Born "My Cards" Words on card box change to different spectator's names
2012 173
John Born Card in Spectator's Pocket Magician divines selection, card then disappears from the deck and appears in spectator's pocket, can be done with either memorized deck or impromptu
Variations 2012 177
John Born, Tatanka Tan Card under Spectator's Shoe Signed selection appears under spectator's shoe, can be done with memorized deck or impromptu, includes variation where deck appears under magician's foot, using Aaron Fisher's Panic gimmick
Inspired by 2012 182
John Born Final Comments
2012 189
John Born About the Author
2012 191
Will Houstoun (reviewer) Seeking the Bridge: Further Principles and Techniques for the Sophisticated Magical Artist by John Born Apr. 2013
Genii (Vol. 76 No. 4)
Roberto Mansilla "You Won't Choose"
  • Artifices
card chosen with dealing procedure, gag prediction "You will not choose the Queen of Hearts", all other cards are Queens of Hearts
Inspired by
  • routine in John Born's "Meant to Be"
Related to
Feb. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 2)
Jason Dean Threesome three cards chosen, first predicted written on one side of card case, second card in case, written prediction changes into name of third card
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Feb. 2006
2022 472
John Born Onesome spectator selects a card, card is found inside box, the word "NO" printed on box (for a gag) transforms into the card's name
Inspired byAlso published here 2022 473