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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Harry Lorayne, Carmen D'Amico, Edward Marlo Instant Sandwich Catch Inspired byRelated toVariations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1, No. 1) 4
Jed B. Smith Clipped Escape although cards are fixed with paper clip Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16, No. 11) 2289
Jed B. Smith Three Before three cards between four Aces turn out to be later selected card Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17, No. 6) 2365
Jed B. Smith Really Wild Deuces four cards Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18, No. 9) 2545
Joe Rindfleisch, Jed B. Smith The Joe Blow School of Magic comedy presentation Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19, No. 11) 2713
Jed B. Smith "Upjog" Spread Pass Strip-Out Spread Pass handling Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20, No. 7) 2816
Harry Lorayne, Jed B. Smith Discrepancy Sandwich Inspired byAlso published here Personal Collection 311
John Born, Jed B. Smith Slugged Memory demonstration for a game of poker, tracking a memorized slug Seeking the Bridge 91
Harry Lorayne Discrepancy Sandwich Also published here JawDroppers! Two 200