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How to deliver out Four Aces, and to convert them to Four Knaves four cards put on the table one by one, they transform into other cards
1784 Breslaw's Last Legacy 64
The Shower of Aces deck changes into all Aces
1876 Modern Magic 97
To Change Four Cards, drawn haphazard, and placed on the table, into Cards of the same Value as a Single Card subsequently chosen by one of the Spectators optional forcing pack
1876 Modern Magic 102
Conus The Shower of Aces many aces appear at named number (faced-deck turnover at-any-number method)
1889 Tricks with Cards 110
The Transforming Sevens divided cards
1889 Tricks with Cards 137
Gordon Wigan To Change Three Cards, placed in the Pocket of a Spectator, into Three Others previously chosen
Related to 1890 More Magic 48
Die verwandelten Könige No. 40, four Kings change into four Queens
1895 Der Kartenkünstler 48
Chicagoer Kartendruckerei normal deck is shown to be all alike one by one
Oct. 1895 Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 2) 18
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die Verwandlung der vier Point-Acht-Karten four spectators each take a card, they're the Eights, those then change to Sevens and the Eights are back in the deck, impromptu double-enders
Related to 1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 54
Die wandernden Bilderkarten Jacks, Queens and Kings placed in three packets on table, they change into Eights, Nines and Tens
1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 63
Der Bube als "enfant terrible" four cards selected, they're the Eights, Eights held by spectator, four other cards placed on table, Eights returned into deck, cards on table turn out to be three Eights and a Jack, jack transformed into missing Eight and four Jacks produced from pocket
Related to 1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 84
Französische Verwandlungskarte three Fives change into Aces, kind of wide-spread divided cards
1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 136
Eduard W. Lufa Die Lieblingsfarbe three or four pairs of cards chosen, placed on small table, suit chosen, all cards change into that suit
Mar. 1900 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 3) 35
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Das Allvermögen der Frauen "Hofzinser's Kartenkünste IV."
four cards chosen, Queens removed, they change into selections one by one on table, they change back to Queens
May 1901 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 5) 67
"How Many Aces Would You Like?" deck changes into all Aces
1909 The Art of Magic 70
A Comedy of Errors Three of Hearts and Three of Diamonds change into Aces and back, center pip of Three as Ace sucker gag
1909 The Art of Magic 87
Adrian Plate The Disappearing Queen picture card removed, various spectators remember a picture card and place it between their hands, they all got the QH, QH appears elsewhere and indifferent cards in spectator's hands
1909 The Art of Magic 133
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die vier Acht four chosen cards turn out to be the Eights, they're lost and four indifferent cards change to Eights, then Jacks are produced
Also published here 1910 Kartenkünste 15
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Allvermögen der Damen four cards chosen, they're the Queens, they transpose with four indifferent cards, Queens change one by one and back to Queens
Also published here 1910 Kartenkünste 105
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Die Herz-Dame four Kings each change into Queen of Hearts and back, then four cards are counted to via named numbers, they're the Queens
Also published here 1910 Kartenkünste 142
To change Three Cards placed in the Pocket of a Spectator into three others previously chosen
1911 Modern Card Manipulation 101
Stanley Collins Ajax card selected with business card, travels from envelope to spectator's pocket and four other card transform into letter cards spelling AJAX, duplicates
1920 Deceptive Conceptions in Magic 9
Stanley Collins Just a Kard Konundrum four cards transform into four jacks then into letter cards, spelling JACK
1920 Deceptive Conceptions in Magic 21
Oswald Rae Pips and Paper paper signed and pinned on board, two selections turn blank and pips are found on paper
1926 Between Ourselves 5
Red or Black deck of all black cards becomes all red, face-up face-down alternating cards as impromptu rough-smooth principle
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 231
Leslie P. Guest The Trend of the Times face up Kings are in deck, change to Queens, story presentation
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 358
Robert Weill I'm Sorry! three spectators note cards, they are the same and become blank, then deck transforms into chart of letter (eye examination test)
1939 The Jinx (Issue 54) 387
Eric C. Lewis King of Clubs "King of Clubs" forced and name of local club appears on backs of some cards
1939 The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1939) 409
Dr. Lazlo Rothbart Coloroto four-of-a-kind changes front and back with partial rough-smooth
Also published here 1939 The Jinx (Issue 71) 481
C. R. Mawe "Like Mawe Makes" fake corners for cards, two card transform in two envelopes
Mar. 1939 Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 9) 3
Dai Vernon Solo Flight Aces as finale four cards change into Aces one by one
1940 Expert Card Technique 254
R. M. Jamison Optical Illusion odd backed card in play, face changes
1940 More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 37
George Pearce, Stanley Collins Comedy of Errors three cards turn into selection, one in pocket
Feb. 1940 Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 8) 2
Frank Travers Correcting a Mistake Aces change to Kings
1941 The Jinx (Issue 142) 800
Sealed Card Mystery three cards in envelopes, one selected, two cards change to match
1941/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 1 199
Edward Marlo Annemann's Aces Disregarded transpo, transformation combo
Inspired by 1942 Let's See the Deck 19
Clayton Rawson Scrambled Thoughtwaves two cards are selected and deck put into pocket, cards transform into the thoughts of the spectator's (stripper, famous actor etc.) cards are eventually found and deck is normal again
1942 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 3) 9
Bob Hanko Gaglet Department
  • bit of business for the walking through a ribbon routine (Hanko)
  • deck transforms into a forcing deck gag
1942 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 17) 70
Eddie Joseph Esta Kard Mystery three cards stopped at and tabled, they change into indifferent cards which are then sealed in envelopes, they transpose with the selections
1942 Greater Card Tricks 35
Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein Le Rêve de Ben Assai - Der Traum Ben Assai's cards in four glasses, Sevens change to Queens and back
Dec. 1942 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 4 No. 12) 4
Tom Sellers You Can't Keep a Good Man Down three cards change on pack, "showing how Hitler and Mussolini tried to jump on Churchill, but Mr. Churchill came out on top"
1943 Magical Mixture 24
Shaman Bifocals eight people look at a card individually, they all see the same card, glasses presentation
Related to 1944 The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 53) 218
Jean Hugard The Dream of Ben Asai four Twos in four glasses turn into four Queens and back to four Twos
Nov. 1944 Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 6) 82
Arthur H. Buckley A Brilliant Climax (My Pet Effect) Experiment No. 28 - four selections are produced which change to Aces and back in a kick-back-kind effect
1946 Card Control 185
Warren Wiersbe Cardillusion three indifferent cards change into mates
1946 Mental Cases With Cards 9
Edward Marlo, George Sands Upside Down Kings turn face up, then down, change to Aces, placed in deck, back to Kings, Aces from pocket
1947 Marlo In Spades 50
Edward Marlo Ten Years Ago aces placed reversed in pack, change to kings, aces in envelop, double facers
1947 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 137) 550
Bert Allerton Allerton's Amazing Aces four selections cut to one by one, they change into aces
1948 Show Stoppers with Cards 3
Arthur H. Buckley Separation packet of black cards shown, some change to red, then some more, finally all
1948 The Card Expert Entertains 75
Paul LePaul Deceptive Perception five red backed cards and one blue backed card change into five blue backed cards and one red backed card
Related toVariations 1949 The Card Magic of Le Paul 135
Vern Schoneck Bluff & Challenge four aces change into jacks, aces found in pocket of performer, challenge presentation
1950 The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 213) 851
Edward Marlo Ace Opener four selections change into Aces, one with Snap-Over Change
1951 Ed Marlo's Lecture Notes 4
Don Alan Card in the Egg card is selected and miniature version found in plastic egg, all cards in deck are the same as climax
Variations 1951 Close-Up Time wit Don Alan 9
Al Leech Spot Remover picking off the pip
Related to 1952 Manipulating with Leech 28
Bill Simon Three Queens Monte with four cards, all turn into Aces
Related to 1952 Effective Card Magic 37
Bill Simon Unexpected two red aces are laid on spectator's hand and transform into black aces, then the red aces are pinched out of the deck one by one, first phase similar to Fechter's "Be honest"
Related toVariations 1952 Effective Card Magic 133
Dr. Ben B. Braude It's the Humidity pips fall of from aces, leaving blank cards
1952 The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 253) 1012
Dr. A. Ch. Wilsmann Meta Morphosen four cards change to Queens, part of description is missing
1952 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 13 No. 6) 75
Edward Marlo Ten Years Ago aces placed reversed in pack, change to kings, aces in envelop, double facers
1953 The Cardician 9
Edward Marlo Jacks to Aces jacks face up in deck change to aces
1953 The Cardician 79
Edward Marlo Christine
1953 The Cardician 104
Maurice Howarth Tarantula pips from four card vanish step by step and appear on strip of paper
Related to 1953 The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 290) 1158
Bill Simon Eye Doubt It two red Queens face-to-face change to black Twos and back
1954 Sleightly Sensational 9
Bill Simon The Flash Change four indifferent cards change into four Aces, they stick out of deck as a block and are shaken out
Variations 1954 Sleightly Sensational 11
Bill Simon 2. The Big Change Ace to Three with three dice on top, they transpose and eventually all change to Threes and back
Variations 1954 Sleightly Sensational 16
Nick Trost Jokers Wild all cards apparently the same, then become all Jokers but selection
1956 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1956) 31
Don Alan It Can't Be... three phase routine
  • Aces on table, spectator thinks of Ace, Ace pocketed, it's thought Ace, other aces are also
found in pocket, cards on table are indifferent cards
  • McDonalds Aces, spectator sits on fourth packet
  • four Aces in performers pocket change places with four indifferent cards in spectators pocket
Related to 1956 Pretty Sneaky 12
Najaros Un tour de carte: Le point de pique qui passe d'une carte sur une autre! picking of the pip type, Five changes to a Four and Two two a Three
1956 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 17 No. 1) 410
Jerry Andrus Triple Change three indifferent cards change into three selections
1956 Andrus Deals You In 149
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Chameleon Queens red Queens change to black and back multiple times (New Tens), transposition finale
1956 Classical Foursome 12
William P. Miesel The Lost Ace four cards are shown as the ace of spades, then they transform into the other three aces and the king of spades
Related to 1957 The Cardiste (Issue 3) 8
Jack Avis, Cy Endfield, Roy Walton Three From Three
  • Effect No. 1: three card location, one reversed others next to it
  • Effect No. 2: off-beat card location, pocket
  • Effect No. 3: multiple transformation
Related toVariations 1957 The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 345) 205
Heinz Gieppner Erstaunlicher Wechsel one card with red back is placed among six cards with blue backs, when shown on card with blue back is seen among six cards with red backs
1957 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 1) 466
Edward Marlo Wrong to Right two wrong cards are changed into selections
1958 Faro Notes 69
Brother John Hamman Kings Through the Table one by one, change to Aces, Kings in pocket
Variations 1958 The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M. 18
Al Leech A Double Change Aces into Kings one at a time, then back (Ireland's Card Annual 1957)
1958/2004 A Last Look at Leech 30
Al Leech Kings On The Loose red Kings change to black, then reverse and travel around in deck (Ireland's Card Annual 1957)
1958/2004 A Last Look at Leech 34
Edward Marlo Mechanical Seconds effect application: Aces change to Kings
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 90
Stephen Herald Temperamental Aces follow up for The Lost Ace
Related to 1959 The Cardiste (Issue 12) 3
John A. M. Howie 1-2-3-4 aces transform into ace to four
1959 The Cardiste (Issue 12) 6
James Steranko Aces in Abstraction Chapter Ten, A Lesson in Extraordinary Card Technique
  • Part One: Aces and Kings removed, Kings shuffled back, Aces placed in deck reversed, when deck is spread the Kings are face up and Aces have vanished
  • Part Two: Kings placed in row, deck placed on each and they change to Aces
1960 Steranko on Cards 67
Edward Marlo Clipped Aces four cards with paper clip on them transform into aces
1961 Card Switches 58
Cliff Green Prelude to the Sorcerer's Apprentice three cards transform into the Ace of Spades one by one, free handed
1961 Professional Card Magic 80
Cliff Green The Aces of Spades as a Sorcerer's Apprentice Ace of Spades is removed, three more Aces of Spades produced from air, transform into four different aces
Variations 1961 Professional Card Magic 82
Charlie Miller The Jest of the Joker or "The Joker Is A Diakka", joker placed aside, ace with three x cards on table, other aces vanish, pile becomes four jokers, joker becomes ace, then pile becomes aces again
Variations 1961 An Evening with Charlie Miller 18
Charlie Miller The Four Aces and Four Jacks Aces removed and placed on hand of spectator, change into Jacks, Aces reversed in deck
Related to 1961 The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 47
Al Leech Lost and Found Aces Aces vanish and reappear at face of four packets
Variations 1962 Close-up Card Magic 195
Harry Lorayne Push-Through Change - Effect Queens change to Aces, Aces to pocket
1962 Close-up Card Magic 206
Harry Lorayne, Dai Vernon, Sam Schwartz Push-Through Poker four cards change to complete royal flush
1962 Close-up Card Magic 207
Harry Lorayne Four-in-Hand four selections found, change to Aces, selections to pocket
1962 Close-up Card Magic 245
Edward Marlo K. M. Move as a Passer - Second Idea sequence, showing cards to have wrong back color
1962 The K. M. Move 15
Edward Marlo Ace Producer two halves rubbed face to face, aces appear (sleeve aces)
1962 The K. M. Move 17
Edward Marlo Aces to Pocket "Ninth Effect", Aces placed reversed in deck, they change into Kings, Aces from pocket
1962 Tilt! 16
Dino Mazza Climatic Flight three selected cards are shown as three times the same card, then they travel to pocket and deck consists only of Jokers
1963 The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 384) 364
Paul "Mr. Nobody" Schwab Tagrey's As-Trick four Aces placed in card stand, four selections in deck and deck thrown at handkerchief, Aces stick to handkerchief and in card stand are four selections
1963 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 24 No. 1) 12
Edward Marlo Changing of the Cards performer cuts deck in four face up piles, spectator chooses one, face cards of the other three piles are changed to match selection, faro
1964 Faro Controlled Miracles 39
Al Leech Phantom Monte all three cards change
Variations 1965 Super Card Man Stuff 51
Bruce Cervon The Proposition black card in red half, spectator should remove a red one, whole packet changes to black
Inspired by Oct. 1966 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1 No. 12) 59
Tony Kardyro "Lets Make Them Fours Instead of Five Cards" indifferent cards put on table, they change into Fours
1966 T.K's Card Change Supreme Effects 7
Harry Lorayne Double Trouble two cards change into selections
1967 Deck-Sterity 14
Peter Kane Royal Flush Flash Kings change into royal flush
Related toVariations 1967 A Card Session with Peter Kane 2
Piet Forton, Remo Inzani, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Four Disappearing Queens Change Visibly To Four Aces
Related toAlso published here 1967 Piet Forton Lecture Notes 10
Jochen Zmeck Karten verwandeln sich two cards chosen, two wrong cards found, they are put face-to-face and change to selections, partial rough-smooth
1967 Enzyklopädie der Rauh-Glatt-Kartentricks — Teil III 18
Carmen D'Amico Face Up Aces four times card changes into ace which then comes back to top
1968 Expert Card Conjuring 78
Edward Marlo, Harry Riser A Logical Procedure Aces cut to, change to Kings, Aces from pocket, inspired by "Riser's Aces" (Expert Hocus Pocus), two methods
1968 Expert Card Conjuring 132
Bob Koch Visible Poker Hand Change three acrobatic flap cards, "Zapped!"
1968 On the Acrobatic Cards 80
Tom Batchelor The Breakdown Routine four Fours, one is placed in the deck and other three Fours change into Threes, repeated until one Ace remains
1968 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68) 94
Theodore Annemann Four Ace Routine from "Annemann's $50 Manuscript" (ca. 1932)
aces change to kings, appear in chosen pile, queens assemble as well
Jan. 1968 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 3) 154
Robert Parrish Chango-Chango two cards change
1969 Expert Card Mysteries 31
Frank Pemper PIRA "Pemper's Improved Riser's Aces" (Harry Riser from Expert Hocus Pocus), aces cut to, change to kings, aces from pocket
1969 Expert Card Mysteries 101
Mel Brown Combination four indifferent cards turn into Aces, are lost and found again, then lost and found once more
1969 Expert Card Mysteries 137
Roy Walton Cannibal Cards with Colour Change Ending
Also published here 1969 The Devil's Playthings 37
Aldini Double-Gali Deck changes to all Four of Spades, then all Six of Clubs, then back to regular deck
1969 Roughingly Yours 23
Jerry K. Hartman Imagin-Ace-tion aces all become AS, then back
Related to July 1970 Epilogue (Issue 9) 69
Edward Marlo Changing Cards four cards change into four Aces, lapping
1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 153
Edward Marlo The Surprise Packet card in named hand shown indifferent during poker deal, they change into Aces, possible follow-up to Collins Aces
1970 Hierophant (Issue 3) 140
Allan Ackerman Everywhere and Nowhere three cards become the selection and change into aces
1970 Magic Mafia Effects 9
Jerry K. Hartman New Faces #1 (Variation 5)
three Twos and one King change into three Kings and one Two, achieves Secret Subtraction of all four cards, including the last one peeled
1970 Secret Subtraction 9
Jerry K. Hartman New Faces #2 (Variation 5)
four Twos change into four Kings in same suit order, achieves Secret Subtraction of all four cards, including the last one peeled
1970 Secret Subtraction 10
Jerry K. Hartman Aces to Aces Ace packet, two openly turned face down, then all are shown to be face down, then turned over to show they are not Aces, the indifferent cards are inserted into deck reversed, deck is spread revealing four faceup Aces
1970 Secret Subtraction 13
Ian Baxter Encore Elevators with Ace, Two and Three, transformation kicker into blank cards with message
1970 Ten on Deck 34
Milton Kort, Neal Elias Off Color Transposition two cards transpose three times, then change back color
1970 Off-Color Card Tricks 46
Paul Swinford Duo Chango selections change into their own mates
1971 More Faro Fantasy 38
Harry Lorayne Case Aces Spectator Cuts to the Aces with color changing back kicker of aces
1971 Reputation-Makers 63
Harry Lorayne Ending for Tally-Ho! four Sixes change to Nines motivated by upside-down misunderstanding
Inspired by 1971 Reputation-Makers 120
Harry Lorayne Super Triple Change four-card-packet changes
1971 Reputation-Makers 248
Karl Fulves No Sliding four aces produced, fifth ace produced, previous aces are now kings, extension
Inspired by 1971 The Book of Numbers — Supplementary Notes 10
Steve Freeman Black Aces - Red Kings transformation kicker
Inspired by
  • Arthur Hastings item, Ibidem #12
1971 Hierophant (Issue 5-6) 279
Edward Marlo This is a Four King Trick transformation kicker
Variations 1971 Hierophant (Issue 5-6) 280
Roy Walton The Finishing Touch Aces face-up with face-down deck, then they turn to Queens as climax
Also published here 1971 Cardboard Charades 31
Gaston "Gasbor" Borgeaud Les cartes qui se transforment de face et de dos transformation of backs and faces of several cards, complicated gaff with adhesives
1971 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 1) 7
Jerry K. Hartman Positranstion four-phases, two cards transpose three times, for finale they are lost in deck and two other cards are removed, they change into original two cards
Inspired byRelated to 1971 Odd Lifts 3
Jerry K. Hartman Four-gone Delusion “Apex Ace” sequence to vanish Aces one at a time, then indifferent cards are changed into Aces
Inspired byRelated to 1971 Odd Lifts 20
James B. Torncello Torncello's Aces transpose, change into other cards and raise to the top
Mar. 1971 Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 8) 6
Rick Miller, Roger Smith 4 Ace Surprise three cards placed on one Ace, other three Aces change into random cards, fourth Ace and cards on top turn out to be Kings, Aces found in pocket, with Variation by Roger Smith
May 1971 Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 10) 8
Roger Smith A's to K's four Aces turn to Kings one by one and appear in deck face up
Dec. 1971 Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 12) 7
Frank Garcia Eye-Mazing aces put on table change to kings, aces reversed in deck
Related to 1972 Million Dollar Card Secrets 18
Frank Garcia Cut the Kings spectator deals in four piles, Kings on top, change to Aces
Related to 1972 Million Dollar Card Secrets 23
Frank Garcia Dual Discovery two cards change to selected cards
Related toVariations 1972 Million Dollar Card Secrets 65
Karl Fulves Illusion Aces Aces turn over one by one between two Jokers, change to Kings
Inspired byRelated toVariations Mar. 1972 Epilogue (Issue 14) 114
Derek Dingle, Yasuo Kiga Ala Kiga Jacks change into Twos, inspired from trick by Yatsua Kiga
July 1972 Epilogue (Issue 15 (Part 1)) 120
Sam Schwartz Odd-Even-Odd four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kings
Inspired byVariations Mar. 1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 5) 505
Brother John Hamman Ace-Sational four Aces, placed face-to-face with both hands, the change places when hands are pulled apart, change to queens in the end, stripped double facers
Inspired byRelated to Summer 1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 7th Folio) 534
Roy Walton Twister two six-card packets (one red and one black) on table, spectator moves one over from one packet to the other, located, six red cards change to black
Also published here Sep. 1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 11) 561
T. Page Wright A Mistake But... two cards transform into cards which indicate suit and value
1972 The Living End 77
Jerry K. Hartman Uppercutting the Aces - Jokers to Aces four Jokers cut to in succession, all changed to Aces
1972 Packet Magic 2
Jerry K. Hartman New Faces #3 four Aces change to Kings, “this routine is a highly simplified approach to an idea suggested by Father Cyprian”
1972 Packet Magic 7
Jerry K. Hartman Off Color spectator fails to find the “odd” blue card among four red cards, turns out to be four blue cards and one red card
Related to 1972 Packet Magic 8
Jerry K. Hartman Four-gone Delusion II alternate ending for “Four-gone Delusion” see reference, four indifferent cards buried face up in deck, deck is spread to reveal four Aces face up
Related to 1972 Packet Magic 60
Jerry K. Hartman All or None four Jokers change into the Aces
1972 Packet Magic 61
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Illusio No. 147, transfer cut of bottom card to top used for: same card shown repeatedly and tabled, tabled cards then complete a four-of-a-kind with selection
1972 Jacob Daley's Notebooks 39
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Another Double Cross No. 189, back color of several cards changed one by one, they change back to original color
Inspired by 1972 Jacob Daley's Notebooks 46
Karl Fulves A Curious Problem four Aces and Eight change to four Eights and Ace
Related to 1973 Packet Switches (Part One) 6
Karl Fulves Observe two aces from four transform
1973 Packet Switches (Part One) 16
Father Cyprian, Frank Garcia Instant Change four of a kind changes to aces, triumph phase
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 22
Karl Fulves Camouflage four fives change to aces
Variations 1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 44
Father Cyprian King Kut cut to kings which change to aces
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 46
Al Leech, Frank Garcia Ace Faroleros lost and found Aces, change to Kings, Aces found again
Inspired byVariations 1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 59
Frank Garcia Crazy Aces Aces change to Kings, Aces are cut to
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 62
Frank Garcia Ace Spectacular ambitious phase with aces, then kings turn over and change to aces via Larreverse
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 71
Father Cyprian, Frank Garcia Flash Flush Aces transform in Royal Flush
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 84
Frank Garcia Whimsy Aces apparently magician is caught, surprise transformation
1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 124
Father Cyprian Father Cyprian's Wild Card four Jokers into four Aces
Related toVariations 1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles 192
Harry Lorayne Half-Force Aces spectator cuts to the aces, they change to kings, aces produced from anywhere
1973 Rim Shots 23
Derek Dingle Color-Full aces lost and found, color changing backs, change to kings
1973 Rim Shots 90
Ken Beale Color Confused monte effect from top of deck in which cards keep transforming
Inspired by
  • effect in Ibidem #26
Mar. 1973 Epilogue (Issue 17) 153
Karl Fulves Straight Across aces and 2C, 3C, 4C, aces become A-4 of clubs, other cards 5-7 of clubs
Mar. 1973 Epilogue (Issue 17) 160
Brother John Hamman Odd-Even-Odd two odd and two even cards change place, two then change to Jacks
Related toVariations July 1973 Epilogue (Issue 18) 164
Francis Haxton 5-Card Hofzinser two cards chosen from five transform into previous selections, solution to Hofzinser Problem 5
Inspired byRelated to July 1973 Epilogue (Issue 18) 168
Edward G. Brown, Ralph W. Hull The Intelligence Quotient Test Improved several phases, first ace has to be guessed, the three cards are added with the same suit and suit has to be guessed
Inspired by
  • Ralph W. Hull's "Intelligence Quotient Test" in "The Testament of Ralph W. Hull" 1945
1973 The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 84
Harvey Rosenthal, Piet Forton The 5th Jack red Jacks put on table, top card of deck are also red Jack, tabled ones now black, all put on table, top card is another jack, cards on table are now Aces, see also p. 782 for improvement
Inspired by
  • trick of Piet Forton (see also Gus Southall and Francis Haxton variations in The New Pentagram)
Dec. 1973 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 2) 692
Jerry K. Hartman About Face I Hofzinser Ace Problem, the other three Aces change to match the value of selection
1973 Means & Ends 21
Jerry K. Hartman About Face II Hofzinser Ace Problem, all four Aces change to match value of selection
Also published here 1973 Means & Ends 22
Jerry K. Hartman Invisible Cut Plot change to Al Leech's Lost and Found Aces
Inspired byVariations 1973 Means & Ends 23
Jerry K. Hartman Caught Red Handed Collectors with four Aces and three selections, then Aces change back color
Also published here 1973 Means & Ends 51
Martin Lewis The Card Player's Nightmare Packet of five Aces of Spades change backs to 5 different backs
Also published here 1973 Magick (Issue 87) 432
Roy Walton The Image Makers any two card placed between black Aces turn into red Aces, repeated several times then all four cards change to Queens
VariationsAlso published here 1973 Card Script 10
Roy Walton Pushover cards turn face up in deck and change to Aces
VariationsAlso published here 1973 Card Script 17
Roger Smith Joker's Miracle solution for Hofzinser's problem nr. 1 "Die Farbenwahl" (Choice of Color), eight cards transform into chosen suit
Inspired by Jan. 1973 Necromancer (Vol. 2 No. 1) 1
Edward Marlo Lost Collectors collector cards change to blank cards at the end
1974 The Unexpected Card Book 14
Edward Marlo Needed a Title aces transform to tens and to aces, tens from different pockets, standing and sitting version
1974 The Unexpected Card Book 186
Jerry Mentzer Four and One Revisited basically Hamman's Mystic Nine with five cards
Inspired by
  • Nick Trost's "Four and One Trick" (Linking Ring, July 1957)
1974 Card Cavalcade II 132
Jerry Mentzer Odd Color Four and One basically Hamman's Mystic Nine with five cards, color changing back kicker of selection
Inspired by
  • Nick Trost's "Four and One Trick" (Linking Ring, July 1957)
1974 Card Cavalcade II 136
Hank Wocjik Flourish Aces two cards change at once
VariationsAlso published here 1974 Card Cavalcade II 177
Derek Dingle Riddle's Aces Ace cutting, to Kings transformation, Aces in pocket
VariationsAlso published here Mar. 1974 Epilogue (Issue 20) 188
Karl Fulves Matching Miracle with red and black ace to four, as a climax black cards transform into red cards, first face exactly as "Napoleon"
Related to 1974 Close-Up Mental Magic 37
William Larsen, T. Page Wright Trick #5 two cards change, Two Card Monte sequence with impromptu double backer
Also published here
  • in "Random Conceptions with Cards" (ca. 1930)
Sep. 1974 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 11) 790
Martin A. Nash Kings Incognito combo, see p. 443 for additional crediting
Variations 1975 Ever So Sleightly 53
Paul Diamond Diamond Aces four cards are shown as duplicates of selection, transform to aces
1975 Card Cavalcade 3 5
Roy Walton Tricky Tuition fake explanation, spectator places four black cards among twelve red cards in position for a deal, when cards are dealt, those cards change to Queens
Also published here 1975 Card Cavalcade 3 67
Jeff Busby Travelling Transmutators Aces twisting phase, r/b transpo phase, transformation, reproduction of Aces
Related to 1975 Card Cavalcade 3 73
Larry West Four of a Kind four random card change to duplicates of selections, then to the appropriate four of a kind
1975 Card Cavalcade 3 136
Harry Lorayne Ultra Aces to Kings on deck, aces change to kings as kicker, two variations
1975 Afterthoughts 27
Harry Lorayne Ultra Potpourri applications for the Ultra Move, also with both hands
Inspired by 1975 Afterthoughts 31
Derek Dingle The Regal Royal Flush "duplicates" are produced and changed to Royal Flush
Variations 1975 Afterthoughts 66
Gene Maze Bust-Out! aces dealt to table, other hand changes to aces and aces to straight flush
1975 Afterthoughts 105
Jerry K. Hartman Pushover cards turn face up in deck and change to aces
Inspired by 1975 Epilogue (Issue Special No 1) 237
Jerry K. Hartman A Fine Hand five random cards are exchanged according to spectator's wishes, royal flush
Inspired by 1975 Epilogue (Issue Special No 1) 241
Ken Krenzel, Roy Walton, Bob Ostin Light & Heavy Card odd-backed card sinks in a small packet, faces transform
1975 Epilogue (Issue Special No 2) 247
Larry Jennings The "Changling" Routine quartet transforms multiple times when single card is exchanged
1975 Epilogue (Issue Special No 3 (Part 1)) 257
Edward Marlo The Four Ace ... er ... Queen Trick
1975 Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue) 22
Trevor Lewis A Las four cards are selected, they change into the queens
Feb. 1975 Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 6) 69
Peter Kane Divination, Discovery, Departure cards from one deck are found in another and change into original selections
Related toVariations 1975 A Further Card Session with Peter Kane 22
Karl Fulves No-Gaff Wild Card top few cards of deck change into duplicates, those then into royal flush, wild card changes back color
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 1 19
Karl Fulves Without A Trace sandwiched card changes, then sandwich cards
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 1 24
Karl Fulves Condition Red five black cards counted face-down on table, four of them change to red except selection
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 1 53
Karl Fulves Illusion Aces VI Aces turn over one by one between two Jokers, change to Kings
Inspired by 1975 Methods with Cards — Part 2 147
Roy Walton Satan's Mirror five cards turn blank when moved over a mirror, eventually they turn back to normal cards
Also published here 1975 Some Late Extra Card Tricks 3
Roy Walton Same Again Please coincidence trick where cards change to match others
Also published here 1975 Some Late Extra Card Tricks 16
Karl Fulves Kards - Slippery Sevens repeat transposition between Two and Five of Spades, then they chane into red Sevens
Related to Oct. 1975 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 12) 1062
Peter Kane The Poker Hand same as "Royal Flush Flash"
Related to 1975 The Magic of Francis Carlyle 155
Jerry K. Hartman Wild Kingdom I Four Twos and the Ten of Spades, the Twos change to complete Royal Flush in Spades
Related to 1975 Card Fare 25
Jerry K. Hartman Wild Kingdom II Four twos and Ace of Spades, Twos change to Aces, then change to Royal Flush in Spades
Related to 1975 Card Fare 25
Jerry K. Hartman Transfourence I Four Queens change to four Kings, then placed in different parts of the deck where they change back to Queens
Variations 1975 Card Fare 27
Jerry K. Hartman Good Lookers Four Queens change to four Kings, then placed in different parts of the deck where they change back to Queens, same effect but different presentation from Transfourence
Inspired byAlso published here 1975 Card Fare 28
Jerry K. Hartman Transfourence II Four Queens and four Kings, Queens change to Kings, but Kings change to Aces
Inspired by 1975 Card Fare 29
Roy Walton Die Ebenbildner any two card placed between black Aces turn into red Aces, repeated several times then all four cards change to Queens
Also published here Nov. 1975 Intermagic (Vol. 3 No. 1&2) 6
Roy Walton Schiebereien cards turn face up in deck and change to Aces
Also published here Nov. 1975 Intermagic (Vol. 3 No. 1&2) 7
Edward Marlo This is a Four King Trick Aces change to Kings
1976 Marlo's Magazine — Volume 1 59
Roy Walton, Paul Swinford A/Rainbow
  • Three For Ascanio
small packet then deck change back color
Also published here 1976 Epilogue (Issue Special No 4) 288
Karl Fulves Substitutes seven black cards, four of them change to Aces
Variations 1976 Epilogue (Issue Special No 4) 296
Brother John Hamman Magician vs. Gambler ten card poker deal, hands transform multiple times, gaffed
VariationsAlso published here 1976 Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 1) 11
Edward Marlo Jumping Jacks selection caught between sandwich cards as deck is tossed on table, sandwich card transform
Related toVariations 1976 Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 10) 135
Edward Marlo, Arturo de Ascanio The Blocked Ascanio for thick blocks, aces change into kings
1976 The Ascanio Spread 24
Bob Haines Four Gone Conclusion two selected cards, four top cards are shown to be all alike, two of the disappear, the two left are now the selected cards
May 1976 Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 9) 256
Roy Walton Inflated Ace face-up Ace in center of deck changes to three kings, another King comes from center to top
Also published here Sep. 1976 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 1) 303
Roy Walton A Martian Plot story trick, black kings backs change color, they find their mates and the color of the back changes back
Also published here Sep. 1976 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 1) 304
Philip T. Goldstein Fingertip Poker
1976 Classic Tackler 5
Philip T. Goldstein Differential four Aces transform into Kings
1976 Classic Tackler 8
Philip T. Goldstein No-Gaff Differential four Aces transform into Kings
VariationsAlso published here 1976 Classic Tackler 10
Philip T. Goldstein Snap Differential four Aces transform into Kings
Related toAlso published here 1976 Classic Tackler 11
Jerry Andrus Super Change with Four Cards
1976 Andrus Card Control 48
Bernard Bilis Red Mood Selection travels from between black Jacks to red Jacks. Jacks then change back color, then selection changes back color too.
1976 Close Up, French Style 22
Harvey Rosenthal Camouflage Camouflaged as an observation test, king between aces, then one ace between kings
Inspired by 1976 Close-Up Sampler — Part 1 2
Harvey Rosenthal Odd-Even-Odd Again four odd and four even cards on two piles, on the odd side are then the even cards and on the other side the four kings
Inspired by 1976 Close-Up Sampler — Part 1 12
Alan Shaxon Twisted Psychometry three cards change into selections, with a display board
1976 Practical Sorcery 23
Roy Walton Trigger Happy four kings on top change places with face up ace in the middle, finally backs change colors
Also published here 1976 Trigger 7
David Berglas Jokers Wild three selections, three jokers turn into selections one by one, sample card turns out to be third selection
1976 The David Berglas File No. 1 41
Roger Smith Everybody Cuts the Aces Another Ending see reference, surprise transformation of Kings into Aces as Kings are produced again from deck
1976 Smith's Mini-Lecture Notes No. 2 3
Derek Dingle Illusion Aces Aces reverse between two Tens and change to Kings
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1976 Innovations (Issue 3) 1
Piet Forton Four Aces Go to Court four card change, one visibly with snap-over change
Related toVariations 1976 Lecture Notes 1 6
Rick Johnsson Armchair Travelers Aces travel to pockets and change back color, seated
1976 Practical Impossibilities 25
Dan Tong, Rick Johnsson The Japanese Aces quartet transformation, seated
1976 Practical Impossibilities 103
Edward Marlo Marlo's Impact combo using Aces, envelopes with holes, Kings, pockets
  • 1st method
  • 2nd method (With No Gaffed Envelopes)
Inspired byVariations 1977 Marlo's Magazine — Volume 2 11
Edward Marlo K.M. Double Exchange changing two tabled cards plus variations
1977 Marlo's Magazine — Volume 2 298
Edward Marlo Transposition - Transition - Reproduction fours to fives, combo
1977 Marlo's Magazine — Volume 2 322
Larry Jennings Numerical Aces Aces change to Ace through Four
Related toVariations 1977 Larry Jennings on Card & Coin Handling 30
Karl Fulves Scramble Gamble four cards change Ace of Hearts to make Royal Flush
1977 Packet Switches (Part Four) 222
Karl Fulves The Error Corrected four red cards change to black to match selection
1977 Packet Switches (Part Four) 228
Karl Fulves Game Planned
1977 Packet Switches (Part Four) 244
Karl Fulves And Counting with tranformation kicker
1977 Packet Switches (Part Five) 289
Gene Maze Hand To Hand Toss top two cards of two piles tossed across, they change
Related toAlso published here 1977 Packet Switches (Part Five) 300
Joe DeStefano Incognito Joe
Inspired by 1977 Any Second Now 260
Bill Okal All the Same three cards are shown different, then the same
1977 Card Cavalcade Four 5
Fred Robinson Double Denial two cards selected, two different cards shown, both turn into selected ones in the hands of the spectator
Mar./Apr. 1977 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 7&8) 387
David Carré Just Changes production, change of backs and faces
June 1977 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 10) 416
Doug Alker Oh No, Not Another Ace Trick backs of four Aces change
Inspired by July 1977 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 11) 438
Andrew Galloway One-Two-Three-Four Aces
Inspired byRelated to Nov. 1977 Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 3) 492
Philip T. Goldstein Brimstone Elevator color change climax
Inspired byAlso published here 1977 Scattershot 7
Philip T. Goldstein Snap Collectors Snap Differential with collectors finale
Related toAlso published here 1977 Scattershot 16
Philip T. Goldstein Transfourmation aces transform into king, then backs change too
Inspired by
  • Jerry K. Hartman's "Transfourence" in " Card Fare"
Also published here
1977 Scattershot 17
Paul Harris Easy Royal Spectator names any Ace, performer takes out four cards and shows each card to be an Ace of Spades, packet then multiples into five cards and shown to be Royal Flush in Spades
Inspired by 1977 SuperMagic 97
Stephen Minch A-Ten-Tion prediction on table, three cards removed, two spectators are shown the cards, one sees three Threes of Hearts, the other three Sevens of Hearts, prediction card is Ten and the three cards change to other Tens
Also published here 1977 Creations of a Magical Madman 23
Allan Ackerman Blanks - Selections - Aces four blanks transform into duplicates of selection, then aces, ungaffed
Related to 1978 Here's My Card 70
Allan Ackerman Variance Variant with transformation kicker
Related toVariations 1978 Here's My Card 90
Roy Walton, Larry Jennings, John A. M. Howie Nosferatu
Related to Jan. 1978 Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 5) 510
Philip T. Goldstein Sidewinder three cards change front and back, with a sidewinder card
Also published here 1978 The Phil Goldstein Convention Lecture 9
Philip T. Goldstein Sidewinder three cards change front and back
1978 A Transatlantic Lecture 8
Erhard Liebenow Liebenow's Aces selection is found and four touched card change into aces
1978 Liebenow On Cards 4
Erhard Liebenow Your Favorite Value, Please! spectator names a value, performer cuts to the Aces, then the Aces transform into his selected value
1978 Liebenow On Cards 10
Karl Fulves Pocket Cards red Twos change place with black Tens and back, two methods, "Tens Routine"
1978 Transpo Trix 13
Karl Fulves Transeven two cards transform, designed as end of transposition sequence
1978 Transpo Trix 30
Karl Fulves An End To It two cards transform, designed as end of transposition sequence
1978 Transpo Trix 31
Karl Fulves Redder Red two cards transform, designed as end of transposition sequence
1978 Transpo Trix 33
Karl Fulves That Was No Lady four Queens and three Kings transpose, then change into three Queens and four Kings
1978 Transpo Trix 43
Karl Fulves Kaleidoscope Ace through Four of Hearts removed from two different decks, performer reverses a card in each pile, they're named values and have transposed backs, optional transformation kicker
1978 Transpo Trix 50
Frank Garcia, Father Cyprian Additional Uses for the "Hole" 1. changing four Kings to Aces
2. card transforms underneath sponge hole
3. card shrinks underneath sponge hole
1978 New Stars of Magic (Vol. 1 No. 11) 16
Christian Scherer Die Asse des Magiers four aces are produced several times, then they transform in a named quartet and help to locate another named quartet
1978 Eine Handvoll Kartenkunststücke 33
Christian Scherer Trickspiel-Poker five ace of spades or removed from deck and change into royal flush, second royal flush is produced
1978 Eine Handvoll Kartenkunststücke 84
John F. Mendoza Guessing Game guessing game with four Kings, they change into Tens
1978 The Book of John 39
John F. Mendoza Have You Ever Heard Of? four-card montes with Ace through Four which change into four Aces
1978 The Book of John 47
Hannes Höller Gamblers Stolz four selections turn into aces and selections are produced from inner breast pocket
1978 Einfach Wunderbar — Wunderbar Einfach 85
Jerry K. Hartman Wile Card Four Jokers change to Ten, Jack, Queen, King of Spades to form a Royal Flush with a tabled Ace of Spades
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1978 Loose Ends 26
Jerry K. Hartman Second Blush Blue jokers change to red, then change back
Inspired byAlso published here 1978 Loose Ends 72
Lin Searles The Color-Blind Crossroader five cards, one has different back, all backs change, gambling story
1978 Lecture Notes 7
Roy Walton A Changeable Nature red Ace face up in center, changes to other red Ace, then both red Aces, then black Aces, then all four Aces, then Tens, then Kings are reversed in Center
Also published here 1978 The Spread Half-Pass 21
Edward Marlo Multiple Visual Change four cards held in spread change one by one visibly to aces, using the "sliding alignment" technique
1979 Marlo's Magazine — Volume 3 90
Harry Lorayne Black and Red Aces black aces on top and bottom change to red
Jan. 1979 Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 1) 146
Tom Gagnon The Forgetful Gambler riffle stack demo with second Marlo/Gardner Phase and optional color changing back kicker
Related toAlso published here Mar. 1979 Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 3) 172
Paul Gertner Black Jack patter routine with four ace kicker
Related to June 1979 Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 6) 214
Roy Walton Walton's Universal universal packet
Also published here 1979 Card Cavalcade Finale 5
Harry Lorayne Strange Harmony values of three selections add up to previous selection, they transform into mates, see also reference for color-changing back kicker
Related to 1979 CardMagic 9
Richard Kaufman Number Nine Blue values of three selections add up to previous selection, they transform into mates, then back color of deck changes, colorchanging back addition
Related to 1979 CardMagic 12
Gene Maze A Maze ing four aces change to blank cards, another blank card has now all four Ace indices
1979 CardMagic 15
How to deliver out four aces, and convert them into four knaves. four times glide, Richard Kaufman's transcription of Reginald Scot's card section
Related to 1979 CardMagic 62
Richard Kaufman Hofzinser Predicts the Collectors three interlaced cards turn out to be later selections, collector quartet changes into Nines as climax
1979 CardMagic 100
Richard Kaufman A Phoenix of a Different Color version with color changing back finale
Inspired by 1979 CardMagic 147
Walt Lees Four Card Surprise card is selected, three other cards transform into the cards with the same value
Jan. 1979 Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 1) 629
Piet Forton, Remo Inzani Triple Flip three black cards transform into three red cards
Feb. 1979 Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 2) 639
Juan Tamariz Black Days seven black cards, selected one found, rest changes red
July 1979 Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 7) 705
Jerry Sadowitz The Bermuda Triangle card and faces of three cards vanish
July 1979 Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 7) 707
Peter Duffie Collectors Seminar Aces change to royal flush as a kicker
Sep. 1979 Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 9) 734
Karl Fulves Sic Transit commentary
Inspired by 1979 The Nyria Effect 49
Karl Fulves Crypto Poker eights and an ace placed between two card cases, they vanish, in one case reappear aces and an eight, posed as problem
1979 Cryptology 103
Philip T. Goldstein Newts four kings change into tens and aces and backs turn from red to blue to green
1979 Goldstein's Gallery 1
Philip T. Goldstein Contagion I five black cards and one red card, when red card touches black card, they turn over and turn into red cards
1979 Goldstein's Gallery 10
Philip T. Goldstein Contagion II Contagion I with different colored backs
1979 Goldstein's Gallery 10