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S. W. Erdnase Erdnase System of Stock Shuffling
  • Two-Card Stock
  • Three-Card Stock
  • Four-Card Stock
  • Five-Card Stock
  • Twelve-Card Stock--For Draw Poker
  • Euchre Stock--Four-Handed Game-1
  • Euchre Stock--Four-Hande Game-2
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1902 68
John Scarne Scarne's Triple Climax with obvious one-way backs
Related to 1933 30
Tenkai Ishida Palming One Card. Tankai's Method "Tenkai" misspelled in title
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1938 202
L. Vosburgh Lyons Black Sandwich, Red Sandwich card travels from sandwich in one half to sandwich in other half
Variations 1940
The Jinx (Issue 110)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Dunninger, Richard Himber, Zanzig, Newton Hall, Milton Kort, Stewart James
Aug. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 66)
Clyde Cairy Dick Tracy Card Trick almost the same as Fingerprint Card Trick
Related to 1945 11
Neal Elias Follow the Leader
Related to 1946 9
Paul Rosini Ace Transposition Aces on table change to indifferent cards, Aces face-up in pack, apparently by Charlie Miller see HMM Vol. 6 Nr. 10 p. 521 for credit
Related toVariations 1948/27 121
Frederick Braue Roundabout with Fred Braue on Dante, John Scarne, Milton Kort, Le Paul, Leipzig, Paul Fleming, Galli Galli, Malini, Max Katz, Charlie Miller and more
Related to Mar. 1949
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Milton Kort Kort Kard fingerprint card trick, see also p. 855 for cryptic credit information
Related to Sep. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 211)
Tony Slydini Flyaway Coin Routine to spectator's pocket four times
Variations 1951
Stars of Magic (Vol. 8 No. 3)
Milton Kort The Drop Vanish coin is dropped from the right hand into the left hand, also as a switch and as a pass
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1952 25
Milton Kort With a Handkerchief - Number Three coin is thrown into outer pocket
1952 56
Milton Kort Sucker Bluff Vanish
1952 59
Milton Kort Half Dollar to Quarter
1952 73
Milton Kort Kort Method
1952 105
Milton Kort A Method of Sleeving One of Several Coins
1952 107
Al Saal, Milton Kort Dime and Penny for the Wiseacre one of two coins vanishes, designed as magician fooler
1952 120
Milton Kort The Vagabond Coins four coins across
1952 121
Stewart James, Milton Kort Almost a Transposition transposition of dime and penny, as a kicker the dime transforms into two nickels
Related toVariations 1952 127
Milton Kort, Robert Ungewitter Third Version
1952 128
Milton Kort Copper and Silver Transposition
Related to 1952 129
Milton Kort Loading Move from thumb palm
Related to 1952 130
J. B. Bobo, George F. Wright The Gadabout Coins two in the hand, one in the pocket
Inspired by
  • "The Alleurian Coins" by George F. Wright in "The Linking Ring" 1/1950
1952 182
Milton Kort The Three Coin Trick three coins vanish one by one and appear again, the last one in the spectator's pocket, three methods
1952 184
Milton Kort, Stewart James Thieves and Sheep two extra coins
1952 208
Stewart James Almost a Transposition trasposition of dime and penny, as a kicker the dime transforms into two nickels, nickel & penny set, dime & penny set
Related to 1952 238
Milton Kort The Inferior Coin two silver one copper, copper vanishes and reappears three times, in the end there are two copper and one silver coin, copper /silver coin
1952 246
Milton Kort Vanish vanish of a steel coin, with magnet
1952 259
Milton Kort Coins Through the Table with shell and glass
Variations 1952 276
Milton Kort Removing Shell from Stack in spectator's hand
1952 278
Milton Kort The Protean Coin coin changes from copper to silver several times
1952 279
Milton Kort The Sympathetic Coin on handkerchief, one card, three silver & one copper, shell
Variations 1952 282
Milton Kort Routine No. 14 with dice cup
1952 346
Milton Kort Routine No. 15 Too Many Coins
Related to 1952 348
Milton Kort Kort Coin coin vanishes repeatedly and appears in spectator's various pockets four times
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here May 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 282)
Milton Kort Kort Klink while performer slides coin on table towards spectator, it vanishes
Related to June 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 284)
Milton Kort Color Change & Follow Up Two red decks, one changes to blue, and then a Chicago Opener style routine is performed (blue card placed in red deck, spectator picks it out from face up spread), red/blue card
Related to Aug. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 288)
Al Honeycutt Honeycutt's Honeycutter Aces transpose with Kings, à la follow the leader
Related toVariationsAlso published here Sep. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 289)
Milton Kort The Travelers (Lazy Man's Style) no palm, duplicates
Related to Nov. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 293)
Edward Marlo, Tenkai Ishida Left Hand Side Steal see Note 4 on p.58
Related toVariations 1957 16
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Koldex Deluxe ten hands, then five hands
Related to Apr. 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 7)
Milton Kort Gambling Expose long routine, including memory, poker face, false dealing demo, stacking demo, in the end cards vanish under a handkerchief except four aces
Related to May 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 8)
Milton Kort Stacking Formula as Patter
Related to May 1958
The Cardiste (Issue 8)
Dai Vernon Simple Arithmetic one of thirteen, using the Two of Clubs
Related toVariations 1960 9
Karrell Fox Dedication Milton Kort & Bob Ungewitter
1960 4
Milton Kort Kort Kards monte packet trick with color changing backs
Inspired by
  • "Amaso" (Will de Sieve, marketed)
Dec. 1961
Ibidem (Issue 24)
Milton Kort, Howard Albright, U. F. Grant A Date with Kort coin cut repeated twice, then date of coin is produced with four cards
Jan. 1962
The New Phoenix (Issue 365)
Milton Kort Foreword
1962 5
Milton Kort Kortially Yours Vernon's Variant type of effect, each person handed five cards and cards are turned face up and down (do as i do), in the end all the cards are face down except their selection
Related to 1962 7
Milton Kort The Homing Pigeon Joker tossed and caught in the deck, trapped between two selections
1962 10
Milton Kort The You Got Nothin Poker Deal Magician tries to deal the winning hand to himself, but gets a pair. But everyone else gets blank cards, so magician does win after all
1962 13
Milton Kort Cup-hola paper cup has small hole at the bottom, large coin placed in cup, manages to fall through the hole
Related toVariations 1962 15
Milton Kort Sheer Brute Strength Penny bending
1962 17
Milton Kort Half From One Produce half dollar from a folded dollar bill
1962 21
Milton Kort Miser's Dream in Reverse Sequence to vanish a few coins by placing them in pockets in mid-air
1962 25
Milton Kort Back Clip Coin tossed in air, vanishes
1962 26
Milton Kort Hand Wash Sequence Show hands empty while hiding a coin
1962 29
Milton Kort The Kort Star Coin Star, coin at each end of the fingers
1962 31
Milton Kort Gone, Again, Again and Again Four coins vanish one by one when hidden under handkerchief
1962 37
Milton Kort Cups and Balls in Miniature Cups and Balls routine done with plastic cups and balls
1962 41
Milton Kort Fake Load Pretend to put ball under cup
1962 42
Milton Kort Turn Over Load Secretly load ball in cup by turning it mouth down
1962 43
Milton Kort One Hand Cup Turnover Flourish for turning cup over
1962 43
Milton Kort Two Hand Cup Turnover Flourish for turning cup over
1962 44
Milton Kort Chromo Cups and Balls with three different colored cups and balls
1962 53
Milton Kort Dice / Dice / Dice Dice routine, multiple phase, change color, chink-a-chink, grows in size
1962 57
Milton Kort About the Author
1962 63
Don Nielsen Problem in Prophecy three different colored cups, and three different colored balls, matching, posed as problem, see p. 426 & 428 for comments and ideas
Inspired byRelated toVariations July 1965
The New Phoenix (Issue 397)
Milton Kort The Placement
1966 374
Milton Kort, Dave Hertzberg In the Well
Variations 1966 375
Milton Kort, Hugh MacLean Under the Thumb
1966 375
Milton Kort Kort's Fourth Sympathetic Coins, on handkerchief with four cardboard covers, copper transformation kicker
1966 382
Milton Kort The Mexican Gadabout Coins with purse in which coins travels back at the end, two handlings
Inspired byVariations 1966 405
Milton Kort Magnetic Stack of Quarters
1966 457
Milton Kort Paul Fox Coin Cups Routine coins penetrate cup and hand, then cup penetrates and coins remain
1966 495
Milton Kort, Walter Wilson, Ron Bauer The O-Korto Box Routine coins penetrate hand, spectator cannot place coins into box, box penetrates hand and coins remain, two routines
Related toVariations 1966 497
Milton Kort, Cass Dmuchowski Okito Change for a Half half dollar in box changes to quarter, two dimes and a nickel, two versions
1966 503
Milton Kort, Ron Bauer Gag Penetration with an Okito Box coin becomes bigger as it penetrates box
1966 504
Karl Fulves Static Problems with Cards - No. One
selection made by stabbing joker into deck without removing selection, how to control it
Solutions: see references
Variations Feb. 1966 19
Milton Kort Three Static Solutions three solutions
Inspired by Apr. 1966 30
Milton Kort Fourth Static Solution solution
Inspired by June 1966 39
Dai Vernon Vernon's Variant four cards
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1967 226
Milton Kort Silver Streak coins travel from hand to hand, then ten dimes become a dollar bill
Aug. 1968 202
Milton Kort Contrary Currency 1 $ bill and 5 $ bill penetrate, then change places
Also published here Winter 1968
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4 No. 2nd Folio)
Milton Kort A Change of Filling three selection, red twos face up in the deck, first card appears in between, then the card changes twice into the other selections
Variations 1969
The Cardiste (Issue 13)
Roy Johnson Solo Coins Through Table with four coins, glass and Okito Box
Inspired byVariations 1970 55
Roger Smith (reviewer) Off Color Card Tricks by Milton Kort Sep. 1970
Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Milton Kort Introduction
1970 3
Milton Kort, Ron Bauer Off Color Elevators with odd-backed Ace to Three
Variations 1970 5
Milton Kort Rosini's Aces Off Color Aces lost, they turn over at once, then change back color
Inspired by 1970 7
Milton Kort Four Ace Assembly assembly, then the Aces change back color as surprise
1970 9
Milton Kort Off Color Ace Deuce Trey Ace to Three removed, chosen value changes into selection, selection then changes back color
1970 13
Milton Kort Off Color Center Dealing center deal demo with Aces which change back color as climax
1970 17
Milton Kort Off Color Three Card Monte at the end the money card changes back color as kicker
1970 19
Milton Kort Off Color Mixup card pocketed, two cards chosen, one found and it has a different back color, pocketed card is then shown to be same selection and odd-backed card is the other selection
1970 21
Milton Kort The Ace In The Case three card packet placed in case, shaken, taken out and center Ace turned over, repeat, color-changing back kicker of Ace
1970 23
Milton Kort Amaso Ala Kort small packet ambitious card sequence, color-changing back kicker
Inspired by
  • "Amaso" (William H. Wilson)
1970 27
Milton Kort Oil & Water Off Color 4&4, oil and water phase, one packet changes back color as surprise climax
1970 31
Milton Kort Oil and Water Kicker (and still off-color) 4&4, Oil and Queens type climax in which one packet changes into blank cards with message, others back color
1970 33
Milton Kort Cutting the Aces, Off Color color-changing back kicker
1970 37
Milton Kort Ambitious Like ambitious card changes back color as climax
Variations 1970 41
Milton Kort, Neal Elias Off Color Transposition two cards transpose three times, then change back color
1970 46
Milton Kort Off Color Prediction card chosen (cannot be explained like), it is predicted on a piece of paper, paper changes color, then back of card as well
1970 49
Milton Kort Credits and Thanks
1970 52
Milton Kort All Backs Finish three card transformation sequence, with all-backs phase
Nov. 1971
Epilogue (Issue 13)
Karl Fulves Impromptu ESP multiple out spelling location with small packet, for correction of procedure see reference
Related to 1971 11
Karl Fulves, Milton Kort Important! correction
Related to 1971 19
Milton Kort The O-Kort-o Box Rides Again stack of half dollars changes into dimes in box, hollow stack, O-Kort-o or Okito box
Apr. 1971
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Milton Kort Nielsen's Problem three balls and bowls in different colors, choice of ball and bowl predicted
Inspired byAlso published here July 1972 547
Milton Kort Nomad Coins: 2 three different coins under handkerchief, vanish and appear under card in stages
Also published here 1972
Magick (Issue 52)
Jerry K. Hartman A Common Mistake Vernon's Variant type of effect (Do as I do packet trick) where spectator cannot follow instructions, ending is each spectator get an Ace reversed in packet
Inspired by
  • "Kortially Yours" (Milton Kort, Kort is Now In Session, 1962)
Related to
1973 23
Milton Kort Bottom's Up coin drops through hole at the bottom of a glass that is too small, see 1994 reference for Kort credit information
Related to 1973 67
Philip T. Goldstein Social Mobility two chosen cards, red Kings sandwich one in deck, black Kings the same and first one changed into second one
Inspired byRelated to 1974 8
Francis Haxton Aces to Go
Variations Aug. 1974 777
Stewart Judah Aces & Jacks three Jacks transpose with three Aces one at a time
Related toVariationsAlso published here Autumn 1974
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 10th Folio (Part One))
Al Schneider, Milton Kort Hand Load from classic palm
Related to 1975 22
Al Schneider, Milton Kort Quick Shot three coins under glass through table, glass through table as a kicker
Inspired byAlso published here 1975 55
Milton Kort, Horace E. Bennett Four Coins Thru Table with a handkerchief
1975 35
Milton Kort The Master "Bust Out Move" also known as The "Bass Ackward" Move piece of tissue paper is stuck on queen
1978 69
Dr. Jacob Daley Chromo-Spheres different colored balls, including variation by Frank Garcia
Variations 1978 76
Bob Hummer A Rare Coin Stunt coin in closed fist, other hand on top, quick upward motion and coin lies on top of fist
VariationsAlso published here 1980 19
Camilo Vázquez Sympathetic Coins Variation using a credit card, coins change in the end
Inspired by 1981 16
Michael Rubinstein Penny-Silver Coin Transposition coin in spectator's hand changes into another coin
Inspired by 1982 87
Milton Kort Kort Aces Each spectator given packet of five cards, after following instructions, one reversed card in each packet, they are Aces, Vernon's Variant type of trick
Related to 1983 7
Milton Kort Following Elias
Inspired by 1984
Epoptica (Issue Yearbook)
Fred Kaps O-Korto For Two long routine in which coins and box penetrate hands and box shrinks so coins do not fit in any more
Related toAlso published here 1984
Arcane (Issue 11)
Albert Goshman, Tenkai Ishida Tankai Vanish "Tenkai" misspelled in title
Related to 1985 143
Roger Crosthwaite Gambler Versus Cardician dealing four hands, performer deals Aces face-up in his hand, different back color of the Aces as climax
Inspired by
  • Milton Kort's "Off-Colour Aces" in "Off-Colour Card Tricks"
1985 32
Ben Harris Dazzle Change #2 ungaffed
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1986 14
Dai Vernon The Fingerprint Card Trick
Related toVariations 1987 136
John Carney, Tenkai Ishida Tenkai-esque "A Center Steal Handling", very similar to the Jack Hecht method
Related to 1991 208
Milton Kort Select Bibliography Wild Card in print
1992 79
Steve Beam Mathematical Card Trick calculator is used to find position of selection, humorous presentation
Related toAlso published here 1993 79
Steven Hamilton Editors Bit on Milton Kort, Pallbearers Review reprint, Dave Campbell, Peter Duffie
Apr. 1993
Profile (Issue 13)
Steve Draun An Okito Favorite coins penetrate hand, spectator cannot place coins into box, box penetrates hand and coins remain
Inspired by May 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Ellison Poland Foreword, Acknowledgements, Credits and Apologies
Related to 1994 x
Paul Harris, Milton Kort Moms Come and Go but a Rolex is Forever "A Revised Milt Kort Classic", 3 1/2 gag with a book page instead of cards, dial force
The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Secrets of the Astonishing Executive)
Milton Kort Foreword
1997 iii
Milton Kort Okito Less Box Routine with invisible Okito box, four coins through hand
1997 27
Milton Kort Chromo-Sphere Switch
1997 93
Karl Fulves, Derek Lever, Ralph W. Hull, Nate Leipzig Dot Com... "Tricks and stunts with numbers"
Variations 1997 123
Milton Kort Seven Come Eleven
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
solution to Hull problem "Make 11 out of four 7s"
Inspired byRelated to 1997 165
Karl Fulves The Sevens Puzzle
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
making all numbers from four sevens
Related to 1998 205
Mel Bennett More Sevens
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
making numbers from four sevens
Related to 1998 249
Robert K. Stevenson Still More 7's
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
Related to 1998 288
Milton Kort Kort's Cardinal Rules of Magic 1. It's the little things that count.
2. Always take every advantage you can.
1999 3
Milton Kort Kort's Center Steal Steal card from center of deck into left hand full palm after spectator signs card
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • Abracadabra, vol. 27, no. 695, May 23 1959
1999 5
Milton Kort How it All Began
1999 9
Milton Kort Diminishing Monte Ace, Two, Three of Spades - spectator cannot get money card (Ace, Two or Three), duplicate
1999 11
Milton Kort Routines
1999 17
Milton Kort Heir to the Throne four Kings change places with four Aces, then three Kings and three Aces, then two, then one. Combination of four different tricks.
Inspired by 1999 19
Milton Kort Magic As a Hobby
1999 29
Milton Kort Quintimodo Performer and spectator has five cards, Do as I Do effect but audience cannot get same result, diminishing number of cards, credit information on the plot
Inspired by
  • "Quasimodo" (Stephen Tucker, Abracadabra No. 2589, Sept 1995)
1999 31
Milton Kort The Straight-backed Method ungaffed variation of Quintimodo
Related to 1999 36
Milton Kort Foiling the Speech Teacher
1999 41
Milton Kort Vernon's Variant Variant Similar effect to Vernon's Variant, but with color changing back as a kicker ending (first published in Swami, Vol. I, Issue 2, Feb 1972)
Inspired by 1999 43
Milton Kort My Short Career as Master of the Locks
1999 47
Milton Kort The Off-color Twenty-one-Card Trick twenty-one card trick with a color changing back ending, done as a magician gag/fooler
1999 49
Milton Kort Meeting with the President
1999 53
Milton Kort Second Banana Ambitious Card effect with odd-colored card (card rises to second from top repeatedly), climax with deck changing to duplicates of selection, and selection becoming Joker
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Milt Kort's Card Trick" (Milt Kort, Teral Garrett's Psycho-gizmo, no. 39, Aug 1964)
  • "Ambitious-like" (Milt Kort, Off-color Card Tricks, 1970)
Also published here
  • Genii, vol. 32, no. 4, Dec 1967
1999 55
Milton Kort The Quinine Caper About trick of putting finger in quinine (terrible taste) and secretly licking other finger
1999 63
Milton Kort Kort's Color-changing Deck Two red decks, one changes to blue, and then a Chicago Opener style routine is performed (blue card placed in red deck, spectator picks it out from face up spread)
Related to 1999 65
Milton Kort My Sensational Poison Swallowing Act
1999 71
Milton Kort Security Express four Aces vanish from between red Jacks, appear between black Jacks in middle of the pack
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • New Pentagram, Vol. 2 No. 12, Feb. 1971
1999 73
Milton Kort My Shortest Professional Engagement
1999 77
Milton Kort, Jack Avis Matcho Spectator freely selects one of four blue cards, magician deals out four previously placed red cards below the blue ones, the chosen blue card matches the corresponding red (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 1, no. 8, Oct 1969)
Related toVariations 1999 79
Milton Kort Citizen Kort
1999 85
Milton Kort The Courtright Connection Spectator selects two cards, revealed to be black Jacks, which are then used to sandwich red Jacks
1999 87
Milton Kort What Would You Do? Milt's way of dealing with spectators who want to shuffle the deck in the middle of a poker deal
1999 93
Milton Kort That Darned Ace spectator names any Ace, performer does twisting with four cards, Kings turn over one by one but fourth one is named Ace, suit matches missing King
Inspired by
  • Karl Fulves problem
1999 95
Milton Kort Maintaining a Reputation
1999 101
Milton Kort Card to Shoes Selected card travels to left shoe, then right shoe
Related to 1999 103
Milton Kort More Kort Luck in the Service
1999 107
Milton Kort Travelers Without Palms Lazy version of Travelers
Inspired byRelated to 1999 109
Milton Kort Putting on the Gloves
1999 113
Milton Kort Svengali of the Phone Lines Card selected, random person called on phone names selection, then spectator names any number, card appears at number (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 1, no. 1, 1969)
1999 115
Milton Kort To Paraphrase Sam Spade The cheaper the magician, the gaudier the patter.
1999 121
Milton Kort Kort's Copper and Silver Transposition (The Director's Cut) No gimmicks
Related to 1999 123
Milton Kort, L'Homme Masqué L'Homme Masque's Coin Load Handling From thumb palm
1999 125
Milton Kort The Sterling Shelf Force Harold Sterling and Bob Ungewitter
Related to 1999 129
Milton Kort 51 cent Metamorphosis (Originally published in F. William Kuethe's Journal of Necromantic Numismatics, vol. 7, no. 1, Oct 1972) Copper silver transpo with handkerchief roll/fold
1999 131
Milton Kort A Free Ring with Every Purchase Harold Sterling
1999 135
Milton Kort Korting Rylander's Silver and Copper Three silver coins transpose with three copper coins (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 4, no. 4, 1972)
Inspired by
  • (Paul Rylander, The Sphinx, vol. 49, no. 11, 1950)
1999 137
Milton Kort How I lost the Break
1999 145
Milton Kort The Invisible Toss Magician pretends to do false transfer, but coin is shown to have transferred
1999 147
Milton Kort The Night Bobo Missed Milt Kort pranking J. B. Bobo
1999 149
Milton Kort Going, Going, Going, gnioG, Gone Coin through hand four times, then vanishes (sequences include those by Felicien Trewey, Jose Frakson)
Inspired by 1999 151
Milton Kort What Sleeve? How to deal with accusations of sleeving
1999 157
Milton Kort First Out of the Gate four coins produced under corners of handkerchief on table (first published in Precursor, no. XXI, Oct 1988)
1999 159
Milton Kort A Daley Occurrence Milt Kort meeting Dr. Daley
1999 163
Milton Kort Cuckoo's Coin Coin vanishes repeatedly and appears in spectator's various pockets four times
Inspired byAlso published here 1999 165
Milton Kort A Great Magician Arrives at Sterling's
1999 169
Milton Kort Delayed Arrival Four coin production with delayed last coin
1999 171
Milton Kort The Other Leipzig Stories about Leo Leipzig, Nate Leipzig's brother
1999 175
Milton Kort The Downs Palm Switch
1999 179
Milton Kort My Lesson from Paul Rosini Milt Kort fooling Rosini
1999 181
Milton Kort The Nomad Coins Three different coins fly from hand to hand, pocket to hand, hand to under card
Inspired by 1999 183
Milton Kort, Dave Hertzberg In-the-Well Steal Handling
Related toAlso published here
  • Magic & Spells Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 4, 1972
1999 184
Milton Kort Private Advice from Senor Mardo
1999 189
Milton Kort Zinc's Mystery Box Al Zinc
1999 195
Milton Kort Nomads in the Dunes Three different coins under handkerchief, vanish and appear under card in stages (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 10, no. 11, Jan 1979)
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1999 197
Milton Kort We Developed This Policy During My Days at Sterling's Work tricks to death
1999 201
Milton Kort Two From Four Equals...? Four coins under handkerchief, one coin travels to pocket, other coins disappear
Inspired by 1999 203
Milton Kort The Plum Fooling monte hustler with one-way card swindle from John Scarne
Related to 1999 207
Milton Kort The Okorto Box Routine Coins in coin box penetrate out through hand, then box penetrates hand
Related to 1999 209
Milton Kort Box Switching Technique
1999 213
Milton Kort Flat Palming Technique For coin box
1999 215
Milton Kort Sometimes Luck isn't Enough
1999 229
Milton Kort CoBoxGo Coins vanish from box, box then vanishes (uses handkerchief)
1999 231
Milton Kort Meeting Marlo
1999 235
Milton Kort CoBoxGo 2 Half dollars in box transform into pennies, then box vanishes
1999 237
Milton Kort A Central Compliment Ed Marlo and Carmen D'Amico
1999 241
Milton Kort The Invisible Okito Box Four coins penetrate through hand one by one (presented as Invisible Okito Box for magicians) first published in The New Tops, vol. 34, no. 2, Feb 1994
1999 243
Milton Kort Milt's First Principle of Magic HAVE FUN!
1999 251
Milton Kort Kort's Dice Switch Improved palm technique
1999 253
Milton Kort An Invitation Declined John Luka
1999 257
Milton Kort Cups & Dice Six phased routine, like Cups and Balls but with pairs of coloured dice and colored cups
1999 259
Milton Kort The Ammonia Scam
1999 267
J. B. Bobo Traveling by Boxcar Pair of white dice transpose with pair of red dice
Variations 1999 269
Milton Kort Kort's Drugs
1999 271
Milton Kort No Caboose Transposition of pair of red and white dice, no extra dice required
Inspired by 1999 273
Milton Kort Magic: A Practical Application
1999 275
Milton Kort Changing Trains Red dice transpose with white dice, then change to green
1999 277
Milton Kort Kortchanged
Related to 1999 279
Milton Kort Quick-change Crap Skill demo to switch dice
1999 281
Milton Kort The Cash Register Caper Ron Bauer
1999 283
Milton Kort Milt's Back-palm Gag Pseudo expose of backpalming dice
1999 285
Milton Kort My Bright Idea
1999 287
Milton Kort, Somerset Kort Wanna Try? (or The Razor's Edge) Vanish and appearance routine with sharp razor blades
1999 289
Milton Kort The Literature
1999 297
Milton Kort Kortospheres Three ball trick with different colored balls
Inspired by 1999 299
Milton Kort Improved Pop-Up Move Improved handling of the classic Pop-Up move for Three Ball Trick
1999 302
Milton Kort Cardini's Wish
1999 313
Milton Kort Pen-etration Pen penetrates handkerchief twice, then vanishes
1999 315
Milton Kort Bob Lund's Shameful Expose
1999 323
Milton Kort Contrary Currency Bills transpose, penetrate and transform
Related toAlso published here 1999 325
Milton Kort My Shameful Expose
1999 333
Milton Kort, Don Nielsen Precognitive Cups & Balls Predict color of ball chosen, prediction in one of three cups
Also published here 1999 335
Milton Kort Potter's Bar Jack Potter
1999 339
Milton Kort The Egg and mIlt Egg Bag with normal handkerchief instead of gimmicked bag
Also published here 1999 341
Milton Kort The Tel-Twelve Mystics
1999 355
Milton Kort Umgowa! Vanish small elephant toy (first published in Mantra, vol. 1, no. 10, Jan 1976)
1999 357
Milton Kort Aboard the Schooner
1999 363
P. Howard Lyons Sevens from Elevens
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
Related to 1999
The Fine Print (Issue 10)
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) Kort by Milton Kort (written by Stephen Minch) Dec. 1999
Genii (Vol. 62 No. 12)
Milton Kort, Ron Bauer Fake Ring Removal ring apparently removed from finger, gag
2000 4
Ron Bauer In The Well Vanish
Inspired by 2000 10
Philip T. Goldstein Fourthright
  • The Other Month
four odd backed prediction cards, one is selected by spectator, then pack is cut in four piles and one top card matches the selected prediction card
Inspired byAlso published here Dec. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 12)
Michael Close (reviewer) Kort by Milton Kort (written by Stephen Minch) Jan. 2000
Magic (Vol. 9 No. 5)
Karl Fulves, Jack Avis One Chance in Four No. 60, four Aces with numbers on back from different deck, packets dealt in front of each according to chosen number, at this position a match occurs
Inspired byRelated to 2001 90
Philip T. Goldstein Fourthright four odd backed prediction cards, one is selected by spectator, then pack is cut in four piles and one top card matches the selected prediction card
Inspired byAlso published here 2002 3
Milton Kort The Egg and Milt Egg Bag with normal handkerchief instead of gimmicked bag
Also published here 2002 122
Philip T. Goldstein Fourthright four odd backed prediction cards, one is selected by spectator, then pack is cut in four piles and one top card matches the selected prediction card
Inspired byAlso published here 2003 1
Milton Kort 1917-2003
Sep. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 1)
Al Schneider Three Halves Through
  • The Schneider Technique
three coins under glass through table, glass through table as a kicker
Also published here Mar. 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 3)
Milton Kort All-Outs Think-Of-A-Card one of nine, using a Three-spot to locate card
Related to 2005 2
Milton Kort Corner Crimp Removal while displaying card
2005 7
Al Schneider Squeeze
  • The Schneider Technique
Inspired by Dec. 2006
Genii (Vol. 69 No. 12)
Andrew Galloway British Gadabout Coins with purse
Inspired by 2006 39
Nick Trost The Out of Place Aces Aces lost in deck, spectator names any Ace, performer does twisting with four cards, Kings turn over one by one but fourth one is named Ace, suit matches missing King
Inspired by 2009 481
Nick Trost The Slippery Aces four Aces vanish from between red Jacks, appear between black Jacks in middle of the pack
Inspired by 2009 482
Tom Gagnon Technicolor Elevator odd-backed, using Gagnon Spread Control, split-back card
Inspired byVariations 2011 104
Max Maven Fourthright four odd backed prediction cards, one is selected by spectator, then pack is cut in four piles and one top card matches the selected prediction card
Inspired byAlso published here 2012 2
Kainoa Harbottle Never Too Many Coins
  • By Means of Metal
on routining
Related to Nov. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 11)
Milton Kort Drop Vanish coin is dropped from the right hand into the left hand
Also published here 2020 47
John Carney Multiple Drop Vanish
Inspired by 2020 53
Michael Rubinstein Kort's Drop-Vanish as Click Pass
Inspired byRelated to 2020 216
Michael Rubinstein Fan Click Pass double click pass
Inspired byRelated to 2020 238
Tom Gagnon Technicolor Elevator Revisited odd-backed, using Gagnon Spread Control, one deck corner-shorted
Inspired by 2022 176