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Francis Haxton Preface
1954 2
Francis Haxton Conclusion
1954 8
Francis Haxton One Chance in Eight one of eight cards selected, cards in pocket are removed one by one by spectator and performer, last card is selection
1954/27 65
Francis Haxton "Inspired" card from 6-card-packet into deck, short card control
1954/27 67
Francis Haxton The One Between two unknown selected cards are pushed back reversed in the deck, one card is found between , that matches in value and suit with other cards, composite card
Related to 1957 203
Francis Haxton Coincidental
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 5)
Piet Forton 24th annual convention at Hastings 21. - 25. Sept. 60 on David Haggarty, Fred Lowe, Francis Haxton, Gus Southall, Peter Warlock, George Blake, Edward Victor, Jack Avis, Devano, Ron Mc Millan, Claude Rix, Mystic Craig, Jerry Andrus, Jack Miller, Al Koran, Johnny Geddes, Tom Harris, Alan Alan, Mila Trnka, Roberta & Hella
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 1)
John Robbins For Magicians Only double backer changes into selection, see p. 394 for idea by Martin Gardner and p. 398 for idea by Francis Haxton
May 1964 388
U. F. Grant The Bashful Queens Queen between two Jacks turns face down
Variations June 1964 391
Francis Haxton Fickle Queen see also p. 406
Inspired by Nov. 1964 400
Jean Garance IVème Festival Internationale de la Magie S. Andrea on the magic convention in S.Andrea, Sitta, June Merlin, Viviane Mireldo, Dasa & Eva, Les Mazakian, Alice, Solange, Isbecque, Mary, Jaqueline Sarvy, Elisabeth Warlock, Mi-Chi-Ko, Fred Kaps, Nevio Martini, Raimondi, Vladimiro Dei, Gilberti, Maxim, Leypold Fritz, Ily-Ko, Zefir, Billy McComb, Zelpy, Peter Warlock, Heinz & Charlotte Fischer, Onkel Peppy, Francis Haxton, Klingsor, Henky Vermeyden, Dr. Schramm
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 25 No. 5)
Karl Fulves Static Problems with Cards - No. One
selection made by stabbing joker into deck without removing selection, how to control it
Solutions: see references
Variations Feb. 1966 19
Karl Fulves Seclusion Problems with Cards - No. Two
card cut to with deck under handkerchief and replaced, also multiple cards
for solutions see references
Variations Apr. 1966 29
Francis Haxton Static two solutions
Inspired by Apr. 1966 29
Francis Haxton Seclusion selection underneath handkerchief, solution
Inspired by June 1966 40
J. W. Sarles Coercion Problems with Cards - No. Five
card reversed behind back by performer, then spectator, same card
Variations Sep. 1966 55
Francis Haxton Coercion solution
Inspired by Dec. 1966 69
Francis Haxton Last Word Four Aces spectator chooses Leader Packet
Variations 1967 186
Stewart James Smart Alexis three-of-a-kind removed, then choses a card face-down which matches
Inspired byRelated to
  • p. 77 for credit information
  • p. 88 for comment by George McLean
Jan. 1967 73
Francis Haxton Gambler's Last Chance performer holds four cards, spectator choses any card face-down, it completes Royal Flush
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here Aug. 1967 113
Karl Fulves By Any Other Name two methods (gaffed card & Elmsley Count)
Related toVariations Winter 1967
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 1st Folio)
Francis Haxton, Robert Parrish, George Henbeck Etcetera
Jan. 1968 155
Francis Haxton By Any Other Name Variation see also p. 1036
Inspired by Jan. 1968 155
Francis Haxton Odd Man Out three cards moved from one deck to another, selected one travels back, see also p. 206 & 236 for reference
Inspired by
  • "Take Three" (Peter Warlock, Pentagram)
Sep. 1968 208
Fred Lessor Nice Recovery four Aces vanish in sandwiches, reappear in deck via spelling
Variations July 1970
Epilogue (Issue 9)
Francis Haxton Jordan's 4-as-4 Count Jordan Count handling
Nov. 1970
Epilogue (Issue 10)
Francis Haxton 3-Way Split transposition of two card with a third card (joker) on the table, duplicate
Oct. 1970 370
Robert (Bob) Hess Joker Mental odd-backed joker placed next to mate of named card, joker transforms into named card
Variations Apr. 1971 416
Francis Haxton Joker, Jr. ungaffed method, odd-backed joker placed next to mate of named card, joker transforms into named card
Inspired by Oct. 1971 462
Francis Haxton Nice Recovery - 2 four aces vanish in sandwiches, reappear in deck via spelling, stand-up handling
Inspired by Nov. 1972
Epilogue (Issue 16)
Ben Christopher Unlimited Elevator four Kings buried in deck, four queens one by one placed on top and attracting its King
  • Impromptu Method
Related toVariations Oct. 1972 567
Francis Haxton 5-Card Hofzinser two cards chosen from five transform into previous selections, solution to Hofzinser Problem 5
Inspired byRelated to July 1973
Epilogue (Issue 18)
Francis Haxton Impromptu Unlimited four chosen card buried in deck, joker placed on top attracts the selections to top one by one
Inspired by Sep. 1973 660
Harvey Rosenthal, Piet Forton The 5th Jack red Jacks put on table, top card of deck are also red Jack, tabled ones now black, all put on table, top card is another jack, cards on table are now Aces, see also p. 782 for improvement
Inspired by
  • trick of Piet Forton (see also Gus Southall and Francis Haxton variations in The New Pentagram)
Dec. 1973 692
Francis Haxton Aces to Go
Variations Aug. 1974 777
Francis Haxton Paired Choice in two piles of cards, two selected cards are found at the same position
Jan. 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Karl Fulves Lottery spectator chooses right card to fill a 21 hand
Related toVariations 1977 258
Francis Haxton Open Selection five cards removed from deck, of those the spectator choses two, they're the selections, two methods
Related to 1979
The Chronicles (Issue 23)
Peter Duffie The Scottish Assembly spectator chooses leader
Inspired byVariations 1993 47
Peter Duffie Once Again
Inspired byRelated to 1993 50
Francis Haxton Gambler's Last Chance No. 27, one card missing from Straight Flush, spectator finds it
Also published here 1995 49
Francis Haxton Card Force
1996 84
Milton Kort Heir to the Throne four Kings change places with four Aces, then three Kings and three Aces, then two, then one. Combination of four different tricks.
Inspired by 1999 19
Neal Elias The Nonesuch Card Prediction Again card to small number, Twirl Pass application
Inspired by
  • "The Nonsuch Card Prediction" (Francis Haxton, Pentagram)
2001 70
Karl Fulves Introduction on Francis Haxton comment about World War II, psychics on tv, David Blaine, publications by Fulves, Binary Count Notes, Futagawa Rope-Card Trick, new euro coins, magic as a living, Houdini
Related to 2002 218
Stewart James Falling Card Five cards are clipped onto bulldog clips and threaded on a rope, when pulled taut, the selected card falls off the clip while the other four remain clipped
Also published here
  • Letter to Francis Haxton, Sep 1951
2007 114
Stewart James The Tenth Variation Two cards chosen in red pack found to match two cards previously reversed in blue pack. Then the back colors of the selections change places.
Also published here
  • Letter to Francis Haxton, Feb 28 1961
2007 134
Nick Trost Spectator's Royal Flush spectator pushes card into the deck to form royal flush
Inspired byRelated to 2008 105
Michał Kociołek In Between thought of card appears sandwiched between two lost selections that were used to create that composite card (suit/value), faro
Related to 2012 37
Karl Fulves Trap Shoot deck cut, value of top and suit of bottom card used to make up composite card, that is caught with other two cards
Inspired byRelated to 2012
Prolix (Issue 10)
David Britland Easy Poker
  • Cardopolis
five-card hand is chosen, spectator removes one card and takes another one, it completes a Royal Flush
Inspired byVariations Aug. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 8)
Peter Duffie Power Trip Twisting, then Aces change to Kings, Kings dealt onto four quarters of the deck, then turned over and they changed back to Aces, then Assembly
  • A Crips Twist
  • Sudden Change to a Four-King Trick!
  • The Aces Return
  • The Assembly
  • The Kings Return to Take a Bow
Inspired byVariations 2022 112