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Mademoiselle Patrice The Chinese Rings
Related toAlso published here 1902 241
Edward Victor 6 - A "Victor"ious Vanish
1936 23
Edward Victor Author's Foreword
1937 xi
Edward Victor The Pass riffle pass handling, brief
Related to 1937 2
Edward Victor The "E.V." Colour Change from back of deck to sort of thumb clip palm
1937 2
Edward Victor The "E.V." Invisible Double Lift using a thumb count
Related to 1937 4
Edward Victor A New "Glide" out-jogged
Related toVariations 1937 6
Edward Victor Hidden Thumb Push-Off pretending to push with fingers, actually with thumb
1937 6
Edward Victor A One-Hand Force in the hands, secretly revolving half
1937 7
Edward Victor The "Book" Return control, in the hands
1937 9
Edward Victor Two "Handy" Sleights
1937 10
Edward Victor Supreme Control eight selections are discovered in different ways, key card control procedure
Related toVariations 1937 14
Edward Victor The Expert Deal four Aces, the Royal Flush
Variations 1937 19
Edward Victor Stacking the Aces thumb count
1937 21
Edward Victor A Royal Exchange twelve court cards change places with twelve spot cards, with two glasses
1937 22
Edward Victor "Sign, Please!" signed sandwiched selection, transposes with card in performer's pocket, duplicate
Variations 1937 27
Edward Victor The "Deo-Ace" Trick four Aces are placed on four Twos on table so that suits match, Ace with same suit as selection transforms into selection
Variations 1937 29
Edward Victor The Thirty Card Trick (or "Cards from Pocket to Pocket") from spectator's pocket to second spectator's pocket
1937 32
Edward Victor "A Silver Collection" four coins are produced, then they travel one by one into glass
Variations 1937 36
Edward Victor Coin Palm Subtlety same as Ramsay Subtlety, with coin held at fingertips
1937 37
Edward Victor A Vanish for One or More Coins
1937 40
Edward Victor The Changing Coin
Related toVariations 1937 42
Edward Victor, G. W. Hunter The "Super" Sympathetic Silks silks hanging from a rod, using a chair and a table, silk fall on their own
1937 46
Edward Victor A Few Words on "Angles"
1937 54
Edward Victor The "Direct Palm" Vanish
1937 55
Edward Victor The "Throw-up" Vanish
1937 56
Edward Victor The "Push-in" Vanish
1937 57
Edward Victor An Elbow Vanish
1937 57
Edward Victor An Original Colour-Change
1937 58
Edward Victor A Continuous Ball Production
1937 60
Edward Victor Thimble Sleights
1937 64
Edward Victor The Hopping Thimble from finger to finger of one hand
1937 64
Edward Victor The "Little Finger" Sleight
1937 65
Edward Victor A "Slow Motion" Disappearance
1937 66
Edward Victor A Triple Colour Change
1937 68
Edward Victor A Sleight with Four Thimbles four thimbles travel from hand to hand
1937 70
Edward Victor A New and Original Thimble Holder
1937 71
Edward Victor Cigarette and Cigar Sleights
1937 74
Edward Victor The "Closed-Fist" Vanish
1937 74
Edward Victor The "Pull-Out" Vanish
1937 75
Edward Victor The "Thumb-Pivot" Vanish
1937 76
Edward Victor The "Finger-Clip" Vanish
1937 76
Edward Victor Method of Producing a Cigarette or Cigar at the Fingertips from the Palm
1937 77
Edward Victor A Change-Over Palm
1937 78
Edward Victor Changing a Cigarette into a Cigar. (Sleight-of-Hand Method)
1937 78
Edward Victor The Magnetic Cigar cigar clings to hands
1937 80
Edward Victor "Cigar to Money" cigar pushed into the fist changes into four pennies
1937 81
Edward Victor The Diminishing Cigar
1937 82
Edward Victor "My Rope Trick" - An Original Cut and Restored Rope Routine three phases
Related toVariations 1937 84
Edward Victor An Idea for Slates - A Novel Production of Names and Drawings on Two Ordinary Slates tied with ribbon
1937 102
Edward Victor "Visiting" - An Impromptu Effect with Four Borrowed Visiting Cards borrowed business cards travel together, covered with envelopes, matrix
1937 108
Edward Victor The Cigarette Paper Effect torn and restored cigarette paper
Related to 1937 110
Edward Victor A Match Divination divination of amount of selected matches
Related toVariations 1937 114
Edward Victor A Novel Matchbox Transposition content in matchboxes
1937 115
Edward Victor A Useful "Tip" gaffed matchbox, for back palming it, angles are improved
1937 117
Edward Victor L'Envoi
1937 119
Edward Victor The "Pass" Again bottom cover pass
1940 ca. 7
Edward Victor The Kings and Tens transpo of Kings in middle of deck and Tens on top, Joker on bottom as convincer of no manipulation, uses above Pass
1940 ca. 8
Edward Victor The E. V. Semi-Circular Color Change card stolen from back of deck into gambler’s flat palm type of grip and deposited on face
1940 ca. 9
Edward Victor A Colour Change Card Effect three selections, indifferent card is changed into first selection which is changed into second and then third
1940 ca. 11
Edward Victor Reverse Back-slip card is slipped off bottom onto face of top half, used to make top half’s face card change, delayed change and instantaneous change
1940 ca. 12
Edward Victor Method of Reversing the Bottom Card as deck is placed into left hand, for application see reference
Related to 1940 ca. 13
Edward Victor A Move for the “Rising Cards” (Sleight of Hand Method) wrong card rises from deck changes into selection, finger pushes cards up from back, for applications see references
Related toVariations 1940 ca. 15
Edward Victor “Face to Face” Pack Effects (First Method) deck is openly “faced,” card rises out of deck, magician reinserts it reversed and it slowly lowers back into deck, deck is all facing same way, (note: Fig. 9 is audience’s view)
Related to 1940 ca. 16
Edward Victor “Face to Face” Pack Effects (Second Method) deck is “faced” in telescoped condition, face cards of each half are noted, one half reverses to face same way as other half, face cards verified as still the same
Related toVariations 1940 ca. 19
Edward Victor A "Fan" Card Change wrong card found is changed into selection
1940 ca. 22
Edward Victor Key Card – Spring Glimpse top half is squeezed to be sprung and bottom card is sighted
1940 ca. 22
Edward Victor Spread Switch card isolated in spread is pulled by fingers to the right and left thumb pushes out next card, see next trick for another application
Related toVariations 1940 ca. 23
Edward Victor A “Quick” Reversed Card Trick selection reverses itself in deck twice
1940 ca. 24
Edward Victor Face-up Spread Switch switch a face-down card in face-up spread, related to "Spread Switch" p. 23
1940 ca. 25
A False “Riffle Shuffle”
Related toAlso published here 1940 ca. 26
Edward Victor The Cards and Handkerchief Effect two selections rise through handkerchief, two selections “shaken” through as in standard
Related to 1940 ca. 30
Edward Victor Multiple Card Palm Behind Handkerchief brief, Palm covered by handkerchief being shaken by both hands
1940 ca. 31
Edward Victor Card Through Handkerchief – Two Cards setup to allow two cards to pass through one at a time
1940 ca. 33
Edward Victor Rising Card Gag card retreats back down into deck because spectator “stopped think of his card”
1940 ca. 34
Edward Victor The Four Mental Cards spectator thinks of one of four cards that are returned to deck, whichever one he names, magician can produce it (top, bottom, reversed or pocket)
1940 ca. 35
Edward Victor Memory Tips a few tips to easily memorize four cards instantly
1940 ca. 39
Edward Victor The Sense of Touch magician divines card by merely touching the packet
1940 ca. 39
Edward Victor ”Sighting” A Card in the Pack selection is second from bottom, bottom card is Glided back to get glimpse, bottom cover card is “convincer” for audience
1940 ca. 40
Edward Victor The Magnetized Cards (Sleight of Hand Method) 24 cards are built into giant fan in one hand and stick, un-gimmicked
1940 ca. 42
Edward Victor A Restored Tape and Ring Effect borrowed ring tied to end of ribbon, ribbon cut in center and tied back together, knot vanishes and ribbon is restored while spectator is wearing ring, “Introducing a Novel Principle”
1940 ca. 47
Edward Victor The Chinese Rings - Author’s original method of presentation eight-ring routine,
“Two advantages in the method here described are:
  • (1) That each ring is examined by the audience as the effect proceeds, before it is linked on to another.
  • (2) That the first half of the effect is performed without making use of the “key” ring, thus permitting the handing out of every ring for examination at a point half way through the trick.”
1940 ca. 56
Edward Victor Move 1. (Linking two rings.) single ring is lowered to stack of rings in hand and in continuous motion is swapped for ring that is already linked to another
1940 ca. 59
Edward Victor Move 2. (Linking three rings.) similar to Move 1, but ring appears to link onto bottom ring of two-ring chain
1940 ca. 60
Edward Victor Move 3. (Unlinking three rings.)
  • chain of three is swapped for single ring and chain of two
  • subtlety that it is still linked, then show unlink
  • chain of two swapped for two singles, then unlink
1940 ca. 62
Edward Victor Move 4. (“Matter through matter”.) false knot tied around ring with handkerchief
1940 ca. 66
Edward Victor Move 5. (“Do as I do.”) classic “rotary”-movement link
1940 ca. 68
Edward Victor Move 6. (Linking five rings.) two linked rings in hand are linked to three-ring chain in other
1940 ca. 69
Edward Victor Move 7. (The travelling ring.) top ring of chain is dragged down through all rings and is unlinked at bottom
1940 ca. 70
Edward Victor Move 8. (A bunch of keys.) all rings linked onto one ring, all rings are apparently shown separate to end
1940 ca. 71
Edward Victor Note (on routine) closing thoughts about routine, refers to reference
Related to 1940 ca. 72
Edward Victor Dyeing By Wireless white silks inside matchboxes change colors when placed on freely-selected colored plates
1940 ca. 83
Edward Victor Billiard Ball Section – An Effective Vanish and Recovery ball is dropped out of fist into other hand as it makes a pass over it
1940 ca. 93
Edward Victor Ball Acquitment showing both hands empty
1940 ca. 93
Edward Victor A Comedy Ball Move gag, thumb stuck into hole in ball, ball is false-transferred being held by thumb, after vanish it is revealed stuck on thumb
1940 ca. 95
Edward Victor Production of Four Billiard Balls utilizing the previous vanish move and comedy ball concept without revealing as a gag
1940 ca. 97
Edward Victor A “Passe-Passe” Billiard Ball Effect transpo of two different colored balls, each on a candlestick and covered with matching handkerchiefs
1940 ca. 98
Edward Victor Production of Cigars from A Purse cigar extracted from tiny purse , cigar swallowed and reproduced, then another cigar is extracted from purse
1940 ca. 105
Edward Victor Series of Sleights and Moves for the Production of Four Cigars
1940 ca. 107
Edward Victor A Vanishing Glove Effect white gloves vanish one at a time, gloves are prepared
1940 ca. 117
Edward Victor The "Pop" Thimble Vanish
Related to 1940 ca. 120
Edward Victor An Original Coin Production
  • from palm
  • from thumb palm
applied in a Miser's Dream routine
1940 ca. 121
Edward Victor The "Rainbow" Penknife penknife routine with many color changes, vanishes, and traveling to pocket
1940 ca. 125
Edward Victor A "Matter-Thro'-Matter" Penknife Effect penknife is pushed through a silk and seen penetrating an envelope on other side, silk is undamaged, prepared envelope
1940 ca. 135
Edward Victor An Impromptu Knife and Salt Trick pile of salt on knife blade vanishes and reappears
1940 ca. 140
Edward Victor The Flying Salt
1940 ca. 141
Edward Victor A Word on Tables space management regarding tables on stage
1940 ca. 144
Paul Fleming (reviewer) The Magic of the Hands by Edward Victor 1944 19
Paul Fleming (reviewer) More Magic of the Hands by Edward Victor 1944 21
Edward Victor Karten-Kolorieren color change, card is pushed with first finger in thumb palm of other hand
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 13 No. 5)
John A. M. Howie Ghost Thimble four phase thimble routine, with pencil and tin foil shell
  • Phase 1 - Pantomime
  • Phase 2 - Taps
  • Phase 3 - Pop
  • Phase 4 - Proof
Related toAlso published here May 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 281)
John Derris The Slow Motion Nudist Pack double blank deck cut into four piles, four faces are printed on a card from each pile, then each pile has the faces of the full suit, then backs are printed on all cards, normal deck with a few blank-backed cards, ends clean
Related to
  • "New Nudist Deck" (Edward Victor, Harry Baron's "My Best Card Trick", 1953, p. 20)
1956 3
Dai Vernon The Vernon Glide
Related toAlso published here 1960 82
Tony Slydini The Short Piece of Rope Variation of the Edward Victor's technique. Using another loop to be cut.
Inspired by 1960 160
Francis Haxton Nonsuch Glide out-jogged
Inspired by June 1960
Ibidem (Issue 21)
Edward Victor, Fred Kaps Edward Victor's Color-Changing Coins (Spellbound)
Inspired byAlso published here 1960 (ca.) 1
Piet Forton 24th annual convention at Hastings 21. - 25. Sept. 60 on David Haggarty, Fred Lowe, Francis Haxton, Gus Southall, Peter Warlock, George Blake, Edward Victor, Jack Avis, Devano, Ron Mc Millan, Claude Rix, Mystic Craig, Jerry Andrus, Jack Miller, Al Koran, Johnny Geddes, Tom Harris, Alan Alan, Mila Trnka, Roberta & Hella
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 1)
Edward Victor I.O.U. signed bill in envelope changes into an IOU slip and back
1967 258
Edward Victor Papperclipped Envelope Switch
1967 259
Edward Victor, Horace E. Bennett Linking Two Rings Together
Related to
  • Edward Victor's "More Magic of the Hands"
1968 37
Unique Rope Routine multi-phase rope routine, very similar to Sands Ropesational, "... a skillful combination of moves by several magical notables, among them Edward Victor, Henry Fetsch and Eddy Taytelbaum". rope cut several times using fingers, rope is restored, rope stretches and knots slide and jump from one end to the other
Related to 1968 82
Alan Shaxon Ultimate Nudist Deck
Inspired by
  • "New Nudist Deck" (Edward Victor, Harry Baron's "My Best Card Trick", 1953, p. 20)
Related to
1970 19
Jack Avis The "Lost Ace" Trick
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Mar. 1971
Epilogue (Issue 11)
Edward Victor, Frank Butler Perfected Prophecy six cards in row, backs numbered, spectator rolls die, this card predicted, step-gaff and die with missing number, see also p. 415
Related to
  • Edward Victor (Magic of 1936)
  • Frank Butler ("Mental Magic Compendium", Magic Wand, March 1947)
Feb. 1971 404
Ken De Courcy The Jackpot Matchbox divination of amount of selected matches
Inspired by 1971 30
Edward Marlo Ambitious Swindle hidden use of Edward Victor's Color Change
Related to Oct. 1972
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Variation Of Ed Victor's Duo Aces No. 229, four Aces are placed on four Twos on table so that suits match, Ace with same suit as selection transforms into selection, transposition finale
Inspired byRelated to 1972 57
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Routine For Edward Victor's Duo Ace Effect No. 273, idea for detective story presentation
Inspired byRelated to 1972 67
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Sign Please - Another Variation - Better No. 312, sandwiched selection transposes with card in performer's pocket
Inspired by 1972 80
Edward Victor Ed Victor's Key Card Location No. 353, meant to describe the beginning of Victor's "Supreme Control"
Related to 1972 100
Edward Victor Ed Victor's Cigarette Paper Routine No. 354, note without content
Related to 1972 100
Edward Victor, Dr. Jacob Daley Ed Victor's Sign Please No. 355, signed sandwiched selection transposes with card in performer's pocket, handling without duplicate
Inspired by 1972 100
Edward Victor Edward Victor's Rope Trick (Magic Of Hands) No. 734, note without content
Related to 1972 194
Frank Garcia, Edward Victor Ambitious Opener
1973 159
Edward Victor Monte Move
1973 53
Tommy Wonder, Paul LePaul, Edward Victor Der magische Besuch as Jos Bemelmen, "cards through newspaper" done with signed business cards and close-up mat, card to envelope climax
Also published here 1973
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 34 No. 6)
Harvey Rosenthal Spellbound Handling foil rubbed against coin
Inspired by
  • "Transmutation" (Edward Victor, My Favorite Close-Up Trick, p. 32)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #2)
Edward Victor Edward Victor's Method
Also published here
  • Further Magic of the Hands (1946)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #10)
Charlie Miller, John F. Mendoza The Miller(?) Change card rises from back of deck, changes there
Related toVariations 1978 29
Horace E. Bennett Cocktail Coins four coins are produced, vanished and produced again, with glass and handkerchief, jumbo coin kicker
Inspired by 1978 33
Edward Victor Eye Count
Feb. 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Further Magic of the Hands by Edward Victor 1979 23
Edward Victor Eleven Card Trick "Retrospective"
thorough description, originally from Willane's "Methods for Miracles" series (1952/1953)
Related toVariations 1979
The Chronicles (Issue 14)
Frank Garcia, Edward Victor Supreme Control four selections found via Christ Aces procedure
Inspired by 1980 68
Edward Victor, Father Cyprian Thumb Count Double Lift
Related to 1980 14
Ken Brooke Edward Victor's E-Y-E Trick letter cards
Also published here 1980 150
Ken Brooke A Clip of a Climax for Edward Victor's "EYE"
Also published here 1980 154
Jon Racherbaumer The Static Vector Change faced deck with jogged halves, face cards of both halves change
Inspired by 1982 29
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Move credited to Edward Victor
July 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 15)
Al Koran, Edward Victor Koran / Victor Number Force see Al Koran's Jackpot Coins
Related to Nov. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Edward Victor Eye Count
June 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 26)
Edward Victor Victor Count Variation
May 1985
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 10)
Edward Victor Diminishing Card Trick with confetti finale
1985 21
Karl Fulves Little One unequal ropes, knotted, knot slides to other end and back, one rope shrinks in process, performed at table
Inspired byRelated to 1986 15
Paul Swinford The Deo-Ace Trick Revisited four Aces are placed on four Twos on table so that suits match, Ace with same suit as selection transforms into selection
Inspired byVariations May 1986 44
Dai Vernon Five Coins and a Glass full routine
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1987 191
Edward Victor Victor's False Shuffle
Also published here 1987 23
Edward Victor The Eye Count
1987 155
Edward Victor A New Glide
1987 47
Edward Victor A Further Changing Coin Effect
1988 82
Edward Marlo Glide Variation bottom card outjogged, also as block glide at end of article
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, May 1965
1988 157
Edward Marlo Latest Deo-Ace Tricks four Aces are placed on four Twos on table so that suits match, Ace with same suit as selection transforms into selection, three methods
Inspired by Nov. 1988
Inside Out (Issue 5)
Edward Victor Undercount from Top of Deck with sound
1988 49
Edward Victor, Edward Marlo Tilt
1989 24
Edward Victor Victor Rope Trick No. 46
Related to 1990 92
Edward Victor Eye Count
1990 70
Ken Brooke Errare Humanum Est! letter cards, E-Y-E
  • Der Büroklammer-Klimax
Also published here Oct. 1990
Intermagic (Vol. 15 No. 4 & 5)
Bobby Bernard, Justin Higham Spread Switch
Inspired byRelated to Jan. 1991
Technomagic (Issue 7)
Edward Victor, Jon Racherbaumer Finessed Victor Change
1992 109
Edward Marlo, Charlie Miller, Edward Victor Marlo's Visible Victor Change as bottom card is transferred to top, credit information on page 115
Related toAlso published here 1992 112
Jon Racherbaumer On Ring and Rope Routines credit information on using an extra piece, Edward Victor, Larry Becker, Bruce Allen
Related to Mar. 1992
Swipe (Issue 4)
Richard Kaufman Inner-Workings several credits are discussed
  • J. N. Hofzinser
  • Edward Victor
  • Henry Hatton and Adrian Plate
  • Alex Elmsley
Related to Dec. 1992
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Edward Victor Riffle Pass Cover
Related to 1994 162
Edward Victor The E-Y-E Count
1994 196
Ian Keable-Elliott (reviewer) The Magic Of Edward Victor's Hands by Edward Victor (written by Rae Hammond)
"Something is rotten in the state of publishing"
June 1995
Opus (Vol. 5 No. 4)
Mac King (reviewer) The Magic of the Hands Trilogy by Edward Victor
reviewed together with Michael Close
June 1995
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 10)
Mac King (reviewer) The Magic of Edward Victor's Hands by Rae Hammond
reviewed together with Michael Close
June 1995
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 10)
Al Mann The Swords of Toth Part 5 names in envelopes are taken home by performer, after a couple of days name is revealed
Related to Mar. 1995
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 9)
Tommy Wonder, Paul LePaul, Edward Victor Winged Signatures "cards through newspaper" done with signed business cards and close-up mat, card to envelope climax
Also published here 1996 80
Edward Victor EYE Count
1996 128
Al Leech, Edward Victor Paintbrush Change
1997 171
Joe Mogar Half a Trick clean production and vanish, half-thimble gaff
Related to
  • Willane's "Methods for Miracles No. 13 - Edward Victor's Thimble Manipulation"
1997 143
Edward Victor Popping Off plop sound for vanish
Related to 1997 183
Edward Victor Jogged Glide brief
1998 75
Peter Duffie The Enigma of the 7th Card small packet turns over magically except selection
Inspired by
  • "Sympathetic Reverse" (Edward Victor, Willane's Methods for Miracles Number 8)
Also published here
1998 10
John Carney Silver and Glass
Inspired by 2002 96
John Ramsay, Edward Victor Popping Sound with Thimble
2002 354
Roy Walton Speaking Volumes
Related to June 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 6)
Ken De Courcy Continental Coin Trick "The Original Triple Change Spellbound"
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here
  • Mac's Monthly, Vol. 3 No. 3, January 1947
2004 366
Andrew Galloway Coins of the Realm four coins are produced, then they travel into glass one by one
Inspired by 2006 58
Edward Marlo Marlo's Visible Victor Change as bottom card is transferred to top
Also published here Aug. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 3)
Peter Duffie, Edward Victor Riddle of the 7th Card small packet turns over magically except selection, small-packet adaption of Edward Victor's "Sympathetic Reverse"
Also published here 2007 440
Edward Victor E-Y-E Count
2008 79
Edward Victor E-Y-E Count
Oct. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 10)
Dani DaOrtiz Kaps on Coins on Fred Kaps' video and notes "Kaps on Coins", translation of
  • Cambio de color de monedas, de Edward Victor
  • Rutina con la caja Okito
Also published here 2009
El Manuscrito (Vol. 2 No. 8)
Bill Malone, Edward Victor Edward Victor Count Variation
2010 152
Dr. Jacob Daley The Affable Aces four Twos face up on table in a row, four Aces cut to and placed on corresponding Twos, Ace with same suit as previous selection changes into the selection
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Genii, Aug. 1941
Nov./Dec. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12)
Dai Vernon The Eight in the Side Pocket sandwiched selection transposes with card in performer's pocket, Seven/Eight pseudo duplicate
Inspired byAlso published here Nov./Dec. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12)
Enzo Lorenzo Las 11 Cartas de Edward Victor study of Edward Victor's 11 Card routine and it's influence on the routine by José Carrol
Related to 2012
El Manuscrito (Vol. 5 No. 19)
Enzo Lorenzo, José Carroll Las 11 Cartas de Edward Victor (adaptación de Pepe Carrol) variation on Carrol's Eleven Card Trick
Inspired by 2012
El Manuscrito (Vol. 5 No. 19)
Edward Victor The EYE count
2014 176
Alan Shaxon My Early Influences
  • Ernest E. Noakes
  • Edward Victor
  • Robert Harbin
  • The Great Levante
  • Raoul
  • Maurice Fogel
  • Al Koran
  • John Booth
  • David Nixon
2014 51
Alan Shaxon Ultimate Nudist Deck evolved version of routine from 1970
Inspired by
  • "New Nudist Deck" (Edward Victor, Harry Baron's "My Best Card Trick", 1953, p. 20)
Related to
2014 130
Roberto Giobbi, Edward Victor The Glide
  • The Classic Glide for Standup Magic
  • Variation ("A New Glide" handling)
Inspired by 2016 84
Edward Victor Spellbound Change
2017 193
Denis Behr Haunted Herbert haunted deck into three directions, ends relatively clean
  • Tabled Handling
  • In-the-Hands Handling
Inspired by
  • "The Haunted Pack" (Edward Victor, Further Magic of the Hands, 1946)
Related to
2018 74
Edward Victor First Card Location description of location of first card only
Related to 2019 67
Carlos Vaquera, Edward Victor A Hell of a Poker Game four Aces with Royal Flush kicker
Inspired by 2019 57
Jack Carpenter, Edward Victor Visual Change No. 1 - The Sweep Change injogged card changes visually
Inspired byVariations 2020 6
Jamie Masterson The Open Wave Action technical variation
Inspired by 2020 14
Larry Jennings The Alpha Control featuring a spread transfer switch
  • One
  • Two
Related to 2020 405
Fred Kaps Kaps Variation of Victor's Color Change
Also published here 2020 47
Edward Victor Ramsay-style Color Change (Move F)
2020 131
Edward Victor Thumb-Palm Color Change (Move H)
2020 155
David Britland Jackpot Coins credit information, Al Koran, divination of amount of selected matches
Inspired by Feb. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 2)