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One-Hand Roll Production ball rolls down along thumb to between thumb and first finger
1909 307
Edward Victor A Continuous Ball Production
1937 60
Edward Victor Billiard Ball Section – An Effective Vanish and Recovery ball is dropped out of fist into other hand as it makes a pass over it
1940 ca. 93
Edward Victor A Comedy Ball Move gag, thumb stuck into hole in ball, ball is false-transferred being held by thumb, after vanish it is revealed stuck on thumb
1940 ca. 95
Eddie Joseph One-Hand Production of Two Balls Together
1942 11
Walter B. Gibson Billard Ball Act
  • perfect color change
  • extra ball getaway
  • down the ladder
  • through the pocket
  • gaining white ball
  • throw color change
  • the vanish getaway
  • instant ball to silk
  • the smash change
  • quick one to four
Related to Feb. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 28)
Clement de Lion, Bengalis Manipulation's Ecke interlocked production of ball, followed by french translation "Le coin des manipulateurs"
July 1945 10
Jean Hugard Ball Magic
  • Hand to Hand Finger Transfer
  • The Roll Finger Production
  • Production of Four Solid Balls Without the Use of a Shell
Sep. 1947 347
Arthur H. Buckley The Production of a Ball from Behind the Left Hand followed by the Take Away Vanish
Also published here 1948 176
Arthur H. Buckley The Production of a Ball on the Fist
1948 179
Arthur H. Buckley The Production of a Ball Between the Two Middle Fingers from the Palm Without Aid from the Thumb
1948 182
Arnold de Biere The De Biere Production of a Ball from the Palm to the Third and Fourth Finger
1948 184
Producing a Ball in the Hand
  • 1st Method
  • 2nd Method
1952 103
Productions with the Aid of the Shell
  • 2nd Method
1952 104
Ball Production on fist
1953 126
Frank Garcia Production Moves multiple productions
1960 1
Tenkai Ishida Surprise Silk and Billiard Ball Production silk with looped thread
Also published here
  • in "Genii" December, 1959.
1974 112
Fingertip Production one-handed
1976 130
  • From your nose
  • From under hand
1976 132
Basic Multiplying Ball Moves
1976 142
Arnold de Biere Ball Production
1977 11
Tommy Wonder Move for Perpetual-Balls loading a ball in the hand, while removing one
1977 3
Danny Korem Retrieval from the UDT pendulum holdout
1978 8
Arthur H. Buckley A Buckley Production and Vanish
Also published here 1978 202
To Produce the Second Ball with shell
1978 206
Al Leech Chicaco Balls The Chicago Ball Trick And A Routine general comments, with sponge balls
1980 64
Michael Ammar Haley's Comet ball appears in flash and disappears (in topit), lighter disappears
1986 33
Michael Ammar Haley's Comet ball appears in flash and disappears (in topit)
1991 211
Arturo de Ascanio Aparición de la Bola ball appears under handkerchief
Also published here
  • "Ilusionismo" 1958.
1992 114
David Berglas Verwendungsmöglichkeiten des "Ärmelns"
  • Becherspiel
  • Billardball-Produktion
1992 11
Danny Archer Invisible ball production imaginary ball is tossed in air and becomes real as it bounces on floor
1994 2
Tommy Wonder Perpetual Motion continuous production
1996 177
Gregg Webb Wand Spin As A Production
  • The WebbMaster (Billiard Balls No. 8)
Nov. 2001
Genii (Vol. 64 No. 11)