150 entries in Sleeving Techniques
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The Shirt-Cuffs secret pockets in cuffs that open when shirt cuffs are removed
1903 8
The Flying Salt sleeving salt, ungimmicked
1909 320
Oswald Rae The Elusive Ring on named finger
1928 62
Thimbles - Sleeving about using sleeving in a thimble routine
1939 109
Lewis Davenport Ein tatsächliches Fingerhutverschwinden vanish of thimble, sleeving
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 1 No. 2)
The Vanishing Spoon sleeving off the table
1941 16
Eddie Joseph The Sleeve Holder small pocket near opening of sleeve to keep coin from falling out
1942 44
William S. Houghton Sleeve-Pull Sleeving coin loaded in sleeve while pulling sleeve back to seem fair
1943 44
Jay Marshall Foo pochette in sleeve for sleeving a coin
Feb. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 54)
George Starke Sleeving as an Art Part I
  • To sleeve a coin from the right hand up the right sleeve
  • Retrieving the sleeved coin
  • Using the right sleeve for a switch
Related to Mar. 1945
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 2 No. 10)
George Starke Sleeving as an Art Part II
  • Emil Jarrow & Paul Morris (Sphinx, 1937/1938)
  • One-Handed Sleeving
Related to July 1945 136
J. B. Bobo The Art of Sleeving
1947 75
Delayed Action Sleeving
1947 76
Loading Sleeve from Inside Coat
1947 79
Pulling up Sleeves after Sleeving
1947 79
Through the Table coin on table, spectator presses performer's hand on top and it penetrates table, with a misdirection sleeving
1947 81
The Catapult inertia sleeving
1947 84
Arthur H. Buckley Sleeving some methods briefly explained
1948 47
Milbourne Christopher Tobacco and Salt tobacco and salt are mixed in the hands and separated again, sleeving of tobacco
Mar. 1948
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 5 No. 10)
Jim Wheeler Sleeving a Lit Cigarette
Jan. 1949 12
"Senator" Clarke Crandall Some Gags by Senator Crandall as given to Don Alan
  • doll house cleanup set for restaurant / bar work
  • bulldog clip in sleeve, to produce a coin anytime
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950)
Jerry Hornak Mysterious Cigarette and Match Production production of cigarette and match, match is ignited on palm of the hand
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1951)
Audley Walsh Snap-Aroo with a Die sleeving a die
Dec. 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 270)
Eddie Joseph Write a Word pen vanishes and is produced from spectator's jacket
1952 31
Dai Vernon Tips for Experts - Sleeving
1957 194
John V. Hope Sugar Go sugar put in handkerchief penetrates table
Mar. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 355)
Bob Ostin Thimble Vanish
1967 180
Bob Ostin The "Peg" Coin Change coin held with peg is changed to other coin
1968 59
David Berglas 'It's Up His Sleeve' why spectator's suspect sleeving, general comments
Also published here 1969 169
David Berglas Methods Of Sleeving
  • Gravity
  • Manual Propulsion
  • Mechanical Propulsion

comments on the material of the jacket
Also published here 1969 171
David Berglas The Berglas Gravity Method For Sleeving A Small Object Invisibly pocket knife vanishes
1969 173
David Berglas Retrieving the Pocket Knife
1969 180
David Berglas Intelligent Use Of Sleeving
1969 181
David Berglas, Lewis Ganson, Ralph W. Hull The Master Move For 'The Homing Ball' moves for ball and cone
1969 182
David Berglas The Torn and Restored Tissue Paper
1969 186
David Berglas, Alex Elmsley The Cups and Balls billiard balls as final loads
1969 192
David Berglas Production and Vanish Of A Silk Handkerchief with tube or ball
1969 194
David Berglas The Vanishing Stick
1969 198
David Berglas Producing A Pen, Pencil Or Cigar from sleeve
1969 199
David Berglas, Milbourne Christopher The Autograph Hunter's Nightmare pen vanishes and appear several times, in the end it travels to spectator's breast pocket
1969 200
David Berglas Switching One Object For Another for cigarettes, nuts, knives, paddles, safety pins, coins etc.
1969 205
David Berglas Switching A Long Object
1969 207
David Berglas Production Of A Cigar
1969 214
Ball Vanish in Handkerchief sleeving
1969 31
Flip Hallema Fl!pstick wand appears and vanishes, then it changes to tube and back, wand is found inside the tube
Related to 1972 1
Patrick Page A Production Effect wand or pencil appear under handkerchief
1974 24
Gerald Kosky How to Make Change coin changes to small purse containing coins with same amount, catapult sleeving
1975 105
Tony Slydini Sleeving
1976 22
David Berglas Lecture on Sleeving
  • "It's Up His Sleeve!"
  • The Use of Sleeving
  • The Berglas Gravity Method of Sleeving
  • Practice
Also published here 1976 2
David Berglas Hints on Sleeving
  • A Common Fault
  • Natural Movements
  • Pulling Up the Sleeve
  • Over-Use
  • "A Whole New World of Magic"
  • Application for Sleeving
1976 7
David Berglas Cups and Balls using sleeving
1976 9
David Berglas Billiard Ball Production idea, brief
1976 10
David Berglas Other Applications ideas, brief
1976 10
David Berglas Impossible Silk Production with tube
1976 11
David Berglas Impossible Silk Vanish with sucker element
1976 12
Karl Fulves Spectators Suspecting Sleeving
1977 6
Ross Bertram Chapter Six: About Sleeving
1978 122
Ross Bertram From the Palm Proper
1978 122
Ross Bertram Sleeving from the Clenched Fist
1978 123
Ross Bertram The Toss-Back from the Fingertips
1978 123
Ross Bertram From Left Palm to Right Sleeve
1978 124
Ross Bertram Toss from Left Fingers to Right Sleeve
1978 127
Ross Bertram From the Closed Hand
1978 127
Ross Bertram Some Helpful Hints on sleeving
1978 127
Stephen Tucker Bend! key bending
The Talon (Issue 2)
David Britland Disapen pen disappears between hands
Jan. 1979
The Talon (Issue 3)
Invisible Ink No. 93, pen vanishes under handkerchief
1981 117
John Fealey Sleeve-Topit as "Fieley", idea / magician's joke, use sleeve as topit
Aug. 1981
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernard on "Sleeving"
  • On Sleeving in General
  • "Classic" Sleeving
  • As a Coin Change
  • Circular Sleeving
1982 54
Tom Gagnon A Ball Penetration ball on top vanishes and appear under it
Also published here
  • "A Ball Penetration" in "The Blueprint"
1982 56
Pen Sleeving Technique
1983 14
Dice Sleeving
1983 19
Walter B. Gibson Anmerkungen zum "Ärmeln" article about sleeving
Also published here
  • The Conjurors' Magazine, July 1947
May 1984
Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 1)
Emil Jarrow Side Throw also for his tobacco trick
May 1984
Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 1)
George Karger Pen Production borrowed pen pocketed (dropped in sleeve), then reproduced
May 1984
Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 1)
Karl Fulves Getaway IV sleeving a coin under cover of a dollar bill
1985 69
Karl Fulves Holdup valuables vanish from folded handkerchief (ungaffed) and appear from paper bag
Related toAlso published here 1987 19
Christoph Borer X Production deck of cards appears in pyro flash
Also published here 1988 2
Karl Fulves The Holdup No. 4, pen and pencil put in handkerchief vanish, reappear in paper bag, sleeving
Also published here 1988 12
Patrick Page Down the Sleeve producing object from purse frame, using sleeve
1988 10
Ross Bertram Intensivkursus Ärmeln article on sleeving, intro, see following items
Also published here
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly, 1951/1952
Apr. 1988
Intermagic (Vol. 13 No. 4)
Christoph Borer Flash Production deck of cards appears in pyro flash
Also published here 1989 14
Gary Kurtz Toss/Return Sleeve coin tossed into other hand and back
1989 13
Gary Kurtz The Inertia Sleeve
1989 17
Rocco Silano Basic Sleeving Techniques: The Vanish and Recovery described with coin
1990 10
Rocco Silano Weighting Cigarettes "Trio of Tips"
nail in cigarette to facilitate sleeving
1990 52
Rocco Silano Body Positions and Economy of Motion with sleeving in mind
1990 53
Chris Kenner Cigar Vanish
Magic Man Examiner (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Chris Kenner Sleeving wooden cigar or similar object
1992 117
Jack Miller Momentum Sleeving any small object
1992 18
Alexander de Cova Felt Tip Pen Sleeve Vanish flip stick with sleeving
Sep./Oct. 1992
Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Arturo de Ascanio Aparición de la Bola ball appears under handkerchief
Also published here
  • "Ilusionismo" 1958.
1992 114
Arturo de Ascanio Tabaco - Cigarrillo
Also published here
  • "A.M.A." N° 12, 1959.
1992 126
David Berglas Das Ärmeln
  • "Es ist in Ärmel!"
  • Die Berglas-Schwerkraft-Ärmel-Methode
  • Das Üben
  • Das Wiedererscheinen des Füllers
  • Ärmeltips
    • Ein häufiger Fehler
    • Zu häufiger Gebrauch
Also published here 1992 7
David Berglas Verwendungsmöglichkeiten des "Ärmelns"
  • Becherspiel
  • Billardball-Produktion
1992 11
Sleeve recovery obtaining object from sleeve
1994 2
Bob King, Carl Cloutier Sleeving Method
1995 5
Flick Sleeving lighter flicked upwards
1995 29
Sleeving move sleeving a spoon
Labyrinth (Issue 4)
Ross Bertram, Emil Jarrow Sleeving Techniques of Ross Bertram and Emil Jarrow general comments, described by David Ben
Winter 1996 11
Ross Bertram The Bertram Stick Sleeve for ring on stick
Winter 1996 12
Emil Jarrow The Jarrow Sleeve Subtlety pulling up sleeves despite using them
Winter 1996 12
Steve Beam Sleeving
1997 187
Joe Mogar Sleeving Thimbles - A Primer
  • Sleeving From The First Finger
  • Sleeving From The Second Finger
  • Multiple Vanish from the Second Finger
  • Producing from the Sleeve
1997 188
Delayed Action Sleeving from fingertip rest
1998 32
Pen Sleeving
1998 12
Sleeving from Back of Fist
1999 156
Joshua Jay A Perplexing Pen Production using sleeve as a holdout
Also published here 1999 37
Sleeving technique inserting item into sleeve from inside jacket, holding at elbow until ready to produce
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Sleeving technique camera dropped down sleeve from inside jacket and held at elbow to be produced later
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Joshua Jay Perplexing Pen Production using sleeve as a holdout
Also published here Jan. 1999
Onyx (Issue 6)
Chuck Smith Sleeving Techniques several tips on sleeving, retrieving sleeved objects and practice methods
2000 16
Dr. E. M. Roberts Sleeving Technique
2000 16
Pen Sleeving
Aug. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 8)
Sleeving technique coin dropped from sleeve into hand
2001 10
Dr. E. M. Roberts, John Carney Cigar Sleeving
Related to 2002 49
Alexander de Cova Die Technik des Ärmelns sleeving method
2003 25
Christoph Borer Das Spiel erscheint deck of cards appears in pyro flash
Also published here 2003 5
Alexander de Cova Another Bar Stunt lighter vanishes, sleeving technique
2004 19
Snap Sleeve with a lighter
2005 6
Rick Merrill The Sleeving Technique for pens
Also published here 2005 25
Rick Merrill On Sleeving "The evolution of an idea along with some advice"
  • The History
  • Thoughts on Sleeving
  • Thoughts on the Shirt
Also published here 2005 34
Christoph Borer Flash Production deck of cards appears in pyro flash
Also published here 2006 62
Christoph Borer Ärmel on sleeving techniques
2006 167
Christoph Borer Ärmel Aussenseite on using the outer side of the sleeve for producing and holding out objects
2006 170
The History of Sleeving credit information
July 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 7)
Arturo de Ascanio A Color Change Using Regular Knives
2008 50
Curtis Kam Sleeves and their use in coin magic
2008 71
The Sleeving Technique for a pen
Also published here 2009 3
Rick Merrill On Sleeving
  • The History
  • Thoughts on Sleeving
  • Thoughts o the Shirt
Also published here 2009 12
Miguel Ángel Gea Mangas on sleeves and sleeving
  • Introducción e influencias
  • Tipología del enmangue
  • Consideraciones psicológicas y constructivas de la magia con mangas, y una obviedad
    • Consideraciones psicológicas
      • Ten cuidado
      • Indumentaria
      • La desaparición de las mangas
    • Consideraciones constructivas
    • Una obviedad
  • Técnicas de enmangue
    • Enmangues a partir de otras técnicas
2009 141
Miguel Ángel Gea Tras el enmangue thoughts on what to do after sleeving, sleeving multiple objects
  • "Pase del sonido pr doble enmangue"
  • Doble forro
  • Separar espacios
2009 152
Miguel Ángel Gea Mangas trucadas various ideas for gaffed sleeves, holes to steal coins
2009 159
Miguel Ángel Gea Desenmangues study on how to get coins out of sleeve
  • Naturalidad dinámica
  • Desenmangues sentado
2009 165
Miguel Ángel Gea Remangado study on using sleeves, when rolled back
  • Ideas psicológicas: la "sensación de remangado"
  • Remangándote
  • Remangado
2009 169
Karl Fulves Holdout Secrets - Part Four on sleeving, see following items
Related to 2010
Prolix (Issue 7)
Bob Ostin Ostin's Sleeve Holdout managing two items in one sleeve
Inspired by 2010
Prolix (Issue 7)
Patrick Page Big Money Aces performer locates the Aces, then a Jumbo coin appears under the fan of Acea
2011 64
Patrick Page The Sleeve Dropper with applications for
  • The Expansion of Silver
  • With a Purse Frame
  • The Miser's Dream
  • With a Deck of Cards
  • Using Other Objects
2011 133
The Sleeve Dodge
2011 169
Shane Cobalt Sleeving for Dummies Sleeving handling in the context of vanishing a coin
2012 18
Loading Sleeve from Inside Coat
2012 30
Pen Sleeving Technique brief
2012 35
Pulling up Sleeves after Sleeving
2012 36
Rafael Baltresca Desaparición enmangada pen vanish, sleeving
El Manuscrito (Vol. 6 No. 23)
Rafael Baltresca Desaparición Enmangada retrieving pen from sleeve
El Manuscrito (Vol. 6 No. 26)
Tommy Sköld Sköld Production hands shown empty, pen propelled from sleeve into hand
June 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 6)
Arthur Finley Flibbertigibbet coin vanishes, loaded back in hand from sleeve, credit information on sleeve load while taking something out of inside pocket
2018 277
Michael Lair Expertalk: Michael Lair on Sleeving "Cross Sleeve", with wand
Also published here
  • MAGIC, June 2005
2022 412
2023 83