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Karrell Fox, Edwin, Michael Hooper, Jeffery Atkins Kolor-Kamera camera shown empty, silks change color inside, card silk suggestion
1976 119
Father Cyprian Psychogenic polaroid camera effects
  • Psychogenic #1 (performer vanishes from picture)
  • Psychogenic #2 (performer holds card, but on picture the performer is invisible)
  • Psychogenic #3 (performer with card appears in picture)
  • Psychogenic #4 (transparent image of performer appears in picture)
  • Psychogenic #5 (later selection appears in picture)
  • Notes (signed selection appears in picture)
Related to 1979
The Chronicles (Issue 20)
Karrell Fox A "Seer" at Roebucks serial number of sealed camera called out, see p. 154 for method
1979 123
Steve Beam Camera Tricks FISM Flash gag
1985 155
Jerry Andrus Moving Writing cut-out paper letters are filmed, they move around and end up in perfect configuration
1985 54
Steve Dusheck Flasher flash cube flashes by itself
1993 105
Jack Dean Affinity polaroid picture of couple placed inside envelope and mixed with other envelopes, envelope is found by spectator
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 12)
Andrew Mayne They Only Come Out at Night picture made of person with polaroid camera, person is not in the picture
1998 81
Eric T. Dockery No Camera Trickery three phases, a “No Camera Trickery” sign is torn and restored in flash of fire, a camera is produced, a signed card vanishes and reappears folded inside camera
  • variation to have card in camera with different colored back, implying spectator’s signature traveled to camera (p. 30)
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Sleeving technique camera dropped down sleeve from inside jacket and held at elbow to be produced later
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
David Acer Camera Payphone photo with flash made in public payphone booth
July 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 7)
Tom Stone Camera Gag film is pulled out of camera
Also published here 2009 10
Tom Stone Camera Gag film is pulled out of camera
Also published here 2010 22
Lionel Gallardo Anécdota del cambio de cámara de fotos del espectador story of changing of pictures on spectator's camera
2021 233