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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Geoffrey Latta, James Swain Collecting the Vanishing Aces Aces vanish one by one from top of deck, collect cards
Variations 1981 45
Eric T. Dockery Each of Four Ace to 4 change into a selected and pocketed card one by one
Apr. 1990
Apocalypse (Vol. 13 No. 4)
Eric T. Dockery Please forget your card! for one spectator
Nov. 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 11)
Jack Carpenter Pocket Interchange one by one the four Aces change into the Kings that were previously placed into pocket, Aces are shown to have jumped to both pockets (two in each), then Kings instantly vanish and are produced from both pockets, all Kings and Aces can be signed
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1995
Labyrinth (Issue 3)
Larry Jennings, Steve Ehlers, Eric T. Dockery, Jack Carpenter Pocket Interchange Revisited handling variations of "Pocket Interchange" (see reference)
  • Dockery's Finesse (small touch)
  • Ehlers' Display Sequence (updated handling to set up)
  • Jennings' Reset Sequence (variation of entire Interchange sequence)
  • Final Observations (see p. 12)
Inspired by 1995
Labyrinth (Issue 5)
Eric T. Dockery The Golden Chain Endless Chain done in the hands, spectator’s choice always catches on performer’s thumbs, finale is done in spectator’s hands
  • The Basic Technique (p. 5)
    • The Display Position
    • The Starting Position
    • The Right Thumb - No Catch (p. 7)
    • The Right Thumb - Catch
    • The Left Thumb - No Catch (p. 8)
    • The Left Thumb - Catch
    • Pulling the Chain Free
  • Advanced Subtleties (p. 9)
    • Displaying the Cross
    • The Pull-Out Variants (p. 10)
    • On the Spectator's Thumbs
  • Notes & Credits (p. 12): bonus idea for routine
Related to
  • Decennial Prelection lecture notes (Scotty York, ca. 1980)
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery The Rose rose sticker stuck onto card’s face, Ambitious Card sequence with it, real rose is produced from card and sticker is gone, uses dupe
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery Rose production production of rose on deck
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery Hot Sauce vanishes and productions with colored sponge balls (referred to as “peppers”), chili pepper is produced and then changed into small tabasco sauce bottle
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery The Genie Bottle “Genie Vase”, wand hangs from bottle and bottle hangs from wand, spectator is allowed to pull hard on the wand, flash of fire from bottle for finale
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery No Camera Trickery three phases, a “No Camera Trickery” sign is torn and restored in flash of fire, a camera is produced, a signed card vanishes and reappears folded inside camera
  • variation to have card in camera with different colored back, implying spectator’s signature traveled to camera (p. 30)
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery Repeat Card to Envelope two signed selections, first appears inside envelope taken from wallet, after failing to find second one, first envelope is shown to be resealed and second one is inside
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery Paddle Routine Notes couple tips to make knife paddle routine (see reference) more deceptive and more practical
Inspired by
  • "Tricks with Common Objects - Knives" (Edwin Sachs, Sleight of Hand, 1877)
Labyrinth (Issue 10)
Eric T. Dockery Triple Decker Sandwich three phases
Inspired by 2012 65
Eric T. Dockery One-Card Tilt Finesse
Also published here
  • Precursor XIII, 1986.
2012 68