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Allan Ackerman The Spectator Refuses to Cut to the Four Aces Related toVariations Magic Mafia Effects 7
Bruce Cervon Fast Flush royal flush production, pivot revelation, five methods
- Fast Flush Finish
Variations Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 45
Paul Harris Grasshopper Card vanishes between two Kings, travels to between another two KingsVariations SuperMagic 23
Edward Marlo More Miracle Card Changes different variations (including tabled)Related toVariationsAlso published here Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 149
Allan Ackerman Variance Variant with transformation kickerRelated toVariations Here's My Card 90
Allan Ackerman Card Case Collectors faro, no contactRelated toVariations Here's My Card 17
Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer Swivelleroo Plus flourish cut around swivel action, credit informationRelated toVariationsAlso published here CardMagic 28
Norman Houghton Trinity three cards alikeVariations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 9) 389
Michael Powers Four Card Monte Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 11) 557
Allan Ackerman Short All-Backs Routine Quick 3-WayRelated toVariations Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Clubs) 7
Steve Skomp The Shrinking Deck credit correction on page 612, additional credit and sources to Sheldon Waldman and Walt RollinsRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 9) 529
Martin A. Nash Fast Stack one shuffle and some cuttingRelated toVariationsAlso published here Best of Friends 74
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Powerful Magic by Michael Powers The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 12) 112
Brother John Hamman The Signed Card Variations The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 14) 125
Michael Powers Mike's Dwarf Related toVariations A Close-Up Kinda Guy 37
Steve Biller Mr. Biller's Wild Ride twisting with transformation kicker and cards to case, pockets, under spectatorVariations A Close-Up Kinda Guy 40
Paul Harris Extra Special Close-Up Kinda Guy Bonus Effect combination of "Shrunken Twilight" and "Mike's Dwarf"Inspired by A Close-Up Kinda Guy 88
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Powerful Magic by Michael Powers Epoptica (Issue 5) 261
Dave Walker Holy-Holey moving hole, with red and blue back cardsInspired by
  • Michael Powers' "Holy Terror"
Fork Full of Appetizers - Book 2 67
Ken Simmons Additions to a Change unload into centerInspired byRelated to Riffling the Pasteboards — Again! 38
Ken Simmons Audacious Transposition card isolated from deck transposes with card in deckRelated toVariations Riffling the Pasteboards — Again! 43
Darwin Ortiz The Dream Card odd-backed "signed card" type effect, card to walletRelated toVariations Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 81
Michael Powers Evolution four Kings change to all backs to four Two of Clubs to the four Aces with patter about the history of cardsInspired by Top Secret Stuff 1
Michael Powers Quick Four Way Count variation of Quick 3-Way to show a packet of apparentely four (really five) cards as all the sameInspired by Top Secret Stuff 2
Michael Powers The Nightmare Card odd-backed version of the Dream Card Plot where the card apparently stays on the table in full sight, red/blue double backerInspired by Top Secret Stuff 5
Michael Powers Bonus Plot variation of Brother John Hamman's Signed Card where the card is odd backedInspired by Top Secret Stuff 8
Gary Ouellet, Michael Powers Touch Three Cards two cards are selected and lost in the deck, a third card is turned over and the chosen cards found next to it Close Up Illusions 142
Michael Powers Incredible Coincidence card freely chosen, prediction card in pocket is same card, optionally odd-backed, red/blue double backer Top Secret Stuff 23
Michael Powers Merlin's Answer four Twos shown, they change into four black Twos, then into Kings, Twos shown in deck sandwiching a selectionInspired by
  • "Metamorphosies" (Jacob Taub, CardTreats)
Top Secret Stuff 28
Michael Powers Trinity Two-as-Four Sequence Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 29
Michael Powers CARDial Infraction one shuffle and cutting, second phase with Marlo/Gardner kickerInspired by Top Secret Stuff 32
Michael Powers Unexpected Visitor selection travels from one sandwich to another
- The Pure Version (no extra card)
- Bonus Effect (card travels back to original sandwich)
Inspired byRelated to Top Secret Stuff 35
Michael Powers Misplace Your Bets performer cuts to four-of-a-kind one by one, spectator cuts small packet onto each card, top cards shown to be same four-of-a-kind, bottom cards changed to Twos or something else, two effect variationsInspired by Top Secret Stuff 40
Richard Kaufman, Michael Powers Swivelleroo Plus Variation flourish cut to produce a card, preparing a double turnover ("Long Distance Double")Also published here Top Secret Stuff 41
Michael Powers C.C.C.P. "Card Case Collectors Plus", cased collectors, then deck in case and three selections travel from Aces between Jacks in center of deckInspired by Top Secret Stuff 45
Michael Powers Secret Interlace Move for Collectors, Biddle interlacing Top Secret Stuff 45
Michael Powers King T.U.T. "Totally Unbelievable Transpo", card isolated from deck transposes with sandwiched card in center of deck, signedRelated to Top Secret Stuff 51
Edward Marlo, Michael Powers More Miracle Card Changes with unload under top card of deckRelated to Top Secret Stuff 52
Michael Powers Flushing Out the Queens royal flush production, pivot revelationInspired by Top Secret Stuff 9
Michael Powers The AT&T Trick "ambitious-twist-transpo"
Ace to Four set aside, ambitious sequence with selection which is left outjogged, twisting routine, last card transposes with outjogged selection
Top Secret Stuff 13
Michael Powers Squeezing the Jacks twisting routine with four Jacks, they change into Aces, Jacks are found in different placesInspired by Top Secret Stuff 16
Michael Powers Whether Forecast spectator deals into two piles and stops anywhere, sum of top cards predicted, each pile dealt into two piles, top cards are Aces, Aces change into Royal Flush, re-deal principle Top Secret Stuff 21
Michael Powers Varying Variance Variant small packet ambitious card with four kings and a two, as a kicker the cards change to four twos and a KingInspired by Top Secret Stuff 54
Michael Powers Photo Surrealism four blank faced cards change one by one into the first selection, then all at once into the second selection Top Secret Stuff 57
Michael Powers The Fly a signed selection sandwiched between two black queens travels between the two red queens altough both pairs are secured by rubber bands, with color changing back kickerRelated to Top Secret Stuff 60
Michael Powers FOURclosure spectator selects Queen of Hearts but magician finds Queen of Spades, then changes it to Queen of Diamonds, then Clubs and finally Hearts Top Secret Stuff 63
Michael Powers Introduction Top Secret Stuff iii
Michael Powers Introduction The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 2
Michael Powers The Impossible Travellers McDonald Aces & Open Travelers combo The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 15
Michael Powers Extension disassembly add-on The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 19
Michael Powers Pun pen up the nose The Minotaur (Vol. 5 No. 3) 13
Michael Powers Dull/Bright Gaff idea to do the effect with two copper coins Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 12) 2592
Michael Powers, Ron Bauer The Powers' Payoff "Presentation Three", bill changes into "Inverted Dollar" with center upside downInspired by
  • "Inverted Dollar" (Mike Powers, Close-Up Variety Pack)
Bar Bill Stunt 18
Michael Powers The Spectator Collects Collectors routine, spectator cuts Queens into middle of deck, instantly collect three selections The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 94
Michael Powers The 7-Card 21 Card Trick with spelling
- Telephone Method
7-7-7 52
Mark Ennis The Uninvited Guest card from one sandwich to anotherInspired byRelated to Lessons in Card Mastery 221
David Solomon, Michael Powers 21 Card Trick with PM Power Also published here
  • "21 Again" (Linking Ring, Feb. 2009)
Solomon's Secrets 120